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Your Guide to Rebranding Your Instagram Business Account

Your Guide To Rebranding Your Instagram Business Account

You are looking at your Instagram and realize that you do not have as many followers as you would like. You like your content, but it is not engaging many viewers. You hope to achieve growth in your business using social media, and decide that you want to take a different approach. In this article, we shall look at some ways in which you can rebrand your Instagram so that you can get the maximum number of Instagram likes and followers for your brand.

Why should you use Instagram for business?

Research suggests that there are more than 25 million Instagram business accounts in existence. In 2019, brands spent almost $7 billion in advertising on Instagram, which is much less than what they are spending this year. Contrary to what most people think, every organization or business can benefit from advertising on Instagram. Strategic organizing and creative input helps gather most Instagram followers, which boosts engagement between businesses and their audience.

Having an Instagram account can be influential in many ways. Most young clientele tend to search for organizations on social media channels to learn more about them. Establishing an account lets people know you exist and are open to doing business with them. Ideally, an Instagram channel interested in growing quickly should post at least five to 10 times each week. Even if you are unable to post content consistently, you should at least have a profile picture, your business name, contact information, and some photos to showcase your brand. Not having such information may lead your potential clients to seek your competitors instead.

When your users know that you are on Instagram, it generates credibility and trust. People will know that you are a genuine organization and consider you valuable. Likewise, offering good quality products and prompt service might motivate people to tag you on Instagram and give you a shining review. When people hear from other buyers about you, that will make them trust you more and try your products.

Instagram can also help you sell your products better. While sharing content, tag your offerings and use hashtags. You can also generate more traffic for your website by directing users using the toggle sharing option on Facebook or Twitter. Being authentic and consistently sharing content helps build your online reputation and improve your search engine optimization ranking.

You can also use Instagram for building a professional network. Know your competitors by following their content and forming collaborations with them over time. This is also a great platform to attract new talent who can learn more about your work through your social media presence.

Factors that can enhance the appeal of your Instagram account

Now that we understand the impact Instagram can have in promoting growth for your brand, let us look at some of the features that you should specifically focus on. The first element is the theme which serves as the foundation for your Instagram presence. Developing a theme separates your Instagram account from those of your competitors. It also gives your brand a unique voice.

You may find it challenging to post content which resonates with your theme every time. You can overcome this inhibition by focusing on the big picture and developing content which has some resemblance to each other. Use one filter for all content or adopt the same editing technique for each post. You could also incorporate a consistent color or photo frame. In this manner, your Instagram will start to feel more like an extension of your brand.

Once you have decided on a theme, selecting content becomes easier. Envision how you want others to see your brand and what you can do in social media to achieve that. Make a list of photos and videos that you want to show your target audience and think of how you can make it appealing to them. For inspiration, look at the Instagram pages of your competitors and other organizations that have achieved millions of followers.

Within your content, the voice that communicates the message needs to be consistent. Having a specific tone and style of saying things will enable your audience to know and relate to your brand. Think of what your audience expects from you, and choose the voice that you think will connect with them the best.

Steps for rebranding your Instagram

Social media has a huge proximity to people unlike traditional advertising channels. The success of any social media account used for business depends on using a carefully constructed narrative consistently. Customers may be dissuaded from following a certain brand if it fails to connect with them in an authentic manner.

Though rebranding may seem daunting to many at first, those who wish to achieve success in social media marketing will benefit from using Instagram. Here is a list of steps that can make the Instagram rebranding process more organized and effective:

Steps For Rebranding Your Instagram

  • Develop a plan: When trying to give your business a new direction, it is helpful to develop a strategic outline of what you want to accomplish and how you plan to get there. For an Instagram rebranding project, design a PR strategy mentioning your new vision. Formulate a daily content schedule listing the information that you want to share each day. Articulate goals that you want to attain such as the number of real Instagram followers or Instagram likes within a specific time frame and try to achieve these goals to the best of your capabilities.
  • Implement a visual space virtually: Visual brand boarding is arguably one of the most helpful techniques that allows you to rethink how you can bring a brand alive visually. Even organizations that are unable to invest in a graphic designer can benefit from thinking about this concept strategically. The best way to do this is to engage in an exercise where you look at the various logo elements your brand currently has and sort them into various combinations. For instance, choose specific colors and language and brainstorm ways to use them differently.

    The initial visuals which you can create will speak the most about your rebranding and reveal the new direction which you are giving to your Instagram account. Tools like Photoshop, Illustrator or Canva can help you develop these visuals. Implement them on other platforms first to see how your audience responds to them.

  • Establish a re-brand tone: As a brand, you can continue to experiment with your previous visual content after launching the rebranding. This will help you to gather and build on your marketing collateral which you can use to showcase your new branding efforts. Use new creative elements and interesting captions to establish your tone.

    A survey revealed that 93% marketing professionals found a new customer after posting a video on social media but nearly 75% of them are reluctant to post a video again. Creative materials like YouTube videos are popular across all generations and can help communicate information in meaningful ways. Sharing them on your Instagram feed can also help with building customer loyalty thereby making videos great assets for rebranding.

  • Interact with your audience: With any rebranding project, it is usual for your regular audience to feel perplexed at first. There is no reason to worry–your audience will gradually get used to your new social media presence. Remember that in your initial rebranding phase, you may receive many questions from audiences. It is important to stay engaged so that your audience continues to trust you. Respond to every comment, email, DM, and text. Be sure to thank your followers for their Instagram likes. The more interactions you have with your audience, the more likely it is that they will like and share your content.
  • Introduce changes gradually: A crucial thing to remember about human behavior is that most people usually do not like change. Updates to your logo, profile picture, and the aesthetic of your Instagram feed may draw concerns or even criticism. In such cases, do not hesitate to move forward with your rebranding goals in a gradual manner. Your audiences will eventually learn to adapt with your new style and Instagram persona.

    A challenge with rebranding that you may encounter is your engagement level could begin lowering at first and people may be unfollowing you. This can be highly discouraging and it might make you think that you are probably not doing things correctly. However, remind yourself the reason for rebranding in the first place, and that the decision to change things was conscious and purposeful. You are attempting to create a special niche which would allow you to connect with your target demographic. The disappearing followers will eventually reappear as long as you are being consistent and intentional with your marketing efforts.

  • Connect with influencers and other established organizations: Social media is mainly about interacting with others and building a community. There exists an online community that is relevant for you since it comprises your target audience. You can locate this community by engaging with people and brands that they are following.

    Monitor relevant hashtags, like and comment on appropriate Instagram posts. Follow individuals who are participating in online discussions. You will start getting noticed by these individuals who may have an interest in your content. Further, you could partner with an influencer whose followers may be interested in your brand. You can adopt this approach even with a small budget by connecting with someone who could represent your brand and advertise it among a diverse clientele. This could help build the credibility of your brand and, gradually, its popularity.

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