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Your Guide to Creatively Re-sharing Story Mentions for Instagram Marketing

Your Guide To Creatively Re-Sharing Story Mentions For Instagram Marketing

It was back in August 2016 when Instagram announced the launch of the Stories feature. Since then, it has become one of the social media platform’s most popular features, especially for brands invested in Instagram marketing campaigns. There are multiple benefits that brands can derive from properly using the feature, such as:

  • Better brand visibility
  • Lead generation
  • Improved reach and user engagement
  • Enhanced brand transparency
  • Repurposing blog content
  • Marketing benefits through Instagram Story ads.

Over the years, the Stories feature has been tweaked considerably, and now, users can mention other users in their Instagram story posts. For instance, if you’ve collaborated with a brand or an influencer, you can be mentioned in a story posted by the brand/influencer. The best thing about this is that when you’re mentioned in a story posted by someone else, you can re-share it as your story using Instagram’s mention sharing feature. Similarly, if you mention another Instagram page in your Story post, that page can display the post as its own story as well.

In this article, we’ll take you through some of the most creative ways to make the most of your Instagram mentions through the Stories feature. But first, let’s look at how you can mention and tag people on an Instagram story post. So, without any more delays, let’s get this article started.

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Mentioning and tagging people on Instagram Stories: How you can do it

If you want to mention other people on Instagram Stories, there are two ways you can turn to.

The first one involves adding text to your story post and tagging the username of your choice. Here are the steps you need to take if you want to mention other users using this method:

  • Find the ‘Aa’ icon within the Story Editor interface and tap on it. It should be visible on the screen’s upper right corner.
  • Next, type @ and enter the username of the Instagram page you want to tag in the post. As you start to type, Instagram will automatically come up with suggestions. Once your intended page appears in the suggestions, tap on it for selecting it.
  • To finish the process, an underline will be added to the username by Instagram.

You can also mention users using a second method – the mention sticker. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Find the sticker icon within the Story Editor interface and tap on it.
  • At this point, you should see the @Mention sticker. Select it.
  • Start typing the username of the Instagram page you want to tag in the post. Similar to the previous method, you can select the intended page after Instagram shows you the automatic suggestions.

In each story post, you can mention or tag up to 10 Instagram users. However, please remember that you can’t mention or tag another user once you’ve published a Story.

How To Creatively Re-Share Story Mentions For Instagram Marketing

How to creatively re-share story mentions for Instagram marketing

Now that you know how you can mention others in your Instagram Stories (and how you may be mentioned by others), it’s time to get into the core subject of this article. Read on to know how you can creatively re-share story mentions for effective marketing on Instagram.

  • Encourage followers to tag your page in their Story posts: If you’ve got loyal followers on Instagram, you can put that loyalty to good use on the marketing front. Your free followers would love to feature on your official brand story posts, and if you’re good at persuading your audience to mention your page on their Stories, you should get a great response. After all, on Instagram, everyone wants attention, and a little time in the limelight is tempting. Of course, if you’ve got hundreds of followers already, it can be difficult for you to mention everyone who mentions your brand on their posts. You can rely on the expertise of your social media manager to pick the posts that showcase your brand at its best.
  • Share user-generated content: Instagram is one of the best content creation platforms right now, and users often come up with killer content that brands can use. For instance, if a follower creates a compelling Story post that also features your products in it, you can make the most of it by sharing Instagram story using the @mention feature. This would do two things – one involves your brand, and the other involves the user who created the content. For your brand, it would be similar to an advertisement. Only, in this case, the advertisement would come for free from a talented content creator on Instagram. For the user, it will result in greater exposure. If the exposure comes through your brand, the user is sure to turn into a loyal follower who you can count on to create more killer content in the future.
  • Run Instagram contests: In recent years, the popularity of Instagram contests has soared, and for good reasons. Contests on Instagram offer both brands and influencers the opportunities they need to explode on the platform. All in all, Instagram contests are marketing opportunities that you simply can’t afford to turn down in today’s times. For instance, you could do giveaways. While participation criteria for giveaway content are generally simple, there’s no rule that says you can’t make it somewhat complex. You could combine this with user-generated content sharing. Here’s how you can do it – share your favorite user-generated content and ask your followers to share it as well. Pick the winner from the followers you do as you ask and share the content with their respective followings. If you’re looking to rapidly increase the number of Instagram likes and views, there’s nothing better than running contests.
  • Mention guests who attend your brand’s events: If your brand recently organized an event or a webinar, which was organized by prominent names in your niche, you can make the most of their presence at the event on Instagram. All you need to do is upload a post that tells your audience about your event and its guests. Before posting it to Instagram, simply use the @mention feature to tag the people who attended the event. Once it’s posted, encourage those guests to re-share the post on their respective Instagram feeds. In terms of brand exposure and awareness, this can work wonders for you. It can help you discover members of your target audience who probably didn’t even know that your brand existed.

Best practices for re-sharing Instagram Stories posts

Simply knowing the most creative ways to re-share mentions on Instagram Stories isn’t enough. If you want to make the most out of Instagram’s @mention sharing feature, you’ve got to adopt certain practices, such as:

  • Don’t miss sharing any Stories posts your brand is tagged in: Imagine this. 10 followers created Instagram Stories posts featuring your brand. However, your social media manager only picks two followers’ content for sharing on your feed. Sure, the two followers who you mentioned will be super happy with the fact that your brand’s official Instagram handle shared their posts. But what about the other eight who were ignored? Ideally, you shouldn’t miss out on sharing any posts that your brand is tagged in. Previously in this article, we mentioned how it could be difficult for social media managers to include every post that mentions your brand. However, that would only stand true for your brand if it already has a considerable following on Instagram. If your following is still limited, share every Story post that mentions you.
  • Share regular post mentions as well: If you thought you could only share Instagram Stories posts that mention your brand, think again. You can also share regular posts in which users have mentioned your brand. Many users on Instagram also use hashtags to mention brands, so don’t simply be on the lookout where your official page has been tagged. Adding a post to a Story is simple. Simply select the paper airplane button located below the post you’d like to add. Next, tap the ‘Add post to your Story’ option. Before posting the Story, remember to customize it as you’d want your post to enhance the original post to some extent, right? You can customize the post by using GIFs, hashtags, stickers, mentions, and text. Finish the process by tapping the ‘Your Story’ option, and the post will be shared as your Instagram Story.
  • Make your branding stand out when re-sharing: There’s nothing bad about re-sharing mentions. However, before you re-share, you’ve got to ensure that the post carries your branding elements. This will enhance brand awareness and integrate other users’ posts seamlessly into your brand experience. Not incorporating your branding elements can make it seem like you’ve simply shared someone else’s post without putting much thought into it, which won’t be appreciated by your target audience.


So, that’s almost it for this article. We hope you can take advantage of Instagram’s @mention feature and make the most of it through creative re-shares. Before we bid you goodbye, we’d like to remind you of the advantages of a service like Mr. Insta – an Instagram marketing tool that can give your Instagram page the edge over your competitors. The service allows you to buy Instagram comments and Instagram followers.

Your Guide to Creatively Re-sharing Story Mentions for Instagram Marketing by Mr. Insta Team,
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