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Why Your Business Account On Instagram Needs A Professional Bio

Why Your Business Account On Instagram Needs A Professional Bio

If your business has an Instagram presence, there are several elements within your business profile that you need to chop and change. The bio is one of those elements.

Instagram allows a maximum of 150 characters to users for filling up the bio sections. That’s 150 characters to sum up your business and everything it stands for.

But how do you go about writing a professional Instagram bio, and why it is important in the first place? To find out the answers to these questions, read on.

Your Instagram business profile bio: Why it matters

Even though 150 characters seems like too short a length to write anything elaborate, the fact is that through a well-written bio, you can convey the following things to your target audience:

  • What your business is
  • What your business sells
  • Why the target audience should care about what the business is and what it sells

Simply put, a well-written Instagram bio will help your business to establish its brand presence on the platform. Establishing a brand presence is vital, as it will result in greater brand awareness, i.e. your target audience will know of your business’ existence. After all, if your target audience doesn’t know about you, the chances of them buying your products and/or services are slim.

Additionally, Instagram has also become a great place for businesses to be found. For instance, an Instagram user may discover your business through a hashtag or a Stories share. In such a scenario, if the user finds your content interesting, there’s a high chance that the user will visit your Instagram for business page. This is where a professional bio can work wonders in creating a good first impression. An average bio that fails to leave a mark on the user’s mind will likely leave a negative impression.

So, when creating an Instagram bio, you need to ensure that those 150 characters manage to convey the personality of your brand and the business’s unique value proposition to users. Read on to know more about the elements that an Instagram bio consists of and how you can tweak them for boosting your business’ presence on one of the world’s largest social media platforms.

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The elements of an Instagram bio

An Instagram bio consists of several sub-elements, and optimizing all those sub-elements will go a long way to ensuring that you have a pro bio. Let’s take a closer look at what those elements are:

  • Username and name: The Instagram username is your identity on the platform and it appears as ‘@handle’. The username is located at an Instagram for business profile’s top, making it one of the most prominently visible elements when a user visits your profile. However, the name is the full name of your business and it appears below the username. For example, if your business’ full name is ABC Company, that’s your Instagram name as well. The Instagram username could be @ABC or some other username of your choice.
  • Profile picture: The visual identity of your brand needs to be established as well, and you can do this by choosing a profile picture that’s relevant to the business. Of course, the picture should be visually appealing. Most businesses opt for product photos, brick-and-mortar locations, or brand logos for their profile pictures. So, take your pick, but ensure that you select a high-quality photo. The profile picture is located in the top left-hand corner of your Instagram for business page.
  • Bio section: Next comes the most important sub-element – the bio section. This is the 150-character space that you have to fill up to tell your target audience about your business, its products, and/or services, and why your page should be followed. We’ll give you more detailed information on crafting a high-quality Instagram bio later.
  • Website: Instagram is notorious for not letting its users add clickable links. However, the website section in your Instagram bio is an exception to the rule. Most commonly, this section is used to include links to the business’s official website. However, you can experiment and post links to new products and content in this section as well (one at a time, of course!). The website section is located immediately below the bio section.
  • Category: This is an optional sub-element that you can switch on or off. If switched on, you can use this section to specify the type of business you own. For example, an entertainment company or a restaurant. We recommend keeping this sub-element switched on, as it’ll save you some space in the bio section for other details. If this option is switched off, you’ll have to ensure that the category of your business is mentioned clearly in the bio section.
  • Calls-to-action: Business accounts on Instagram have the option of enabling call-to-action buttons, which allow users to take action without leaving your Instagram page. These buttons will also help you save some bio section space.
  • Contact info: If users want to get in touch with your business, this is the sub-element they’ll be looking for. It consists of call and email buttons that users can click to connect with your business in a matter of mere moments. Once again, we recommend making the most of this space as it will save you some much-needed space in the bio section.

How You Can Write An Instagram Bio To Boost Your Instagram Presence

How you can write an Instagram bio to boost your Instagram presence

Sure, Instagram for business doesn’t give you much scope in terms of the length of your bio. However, there’s also a pro to the 150-character limit – if you make your bio catchy, memorable, and relevant to both your business and your target audience, Instagram users are bound to take notice. But how do you get your bio to have those qualities? That’s what we’ll help you answer through the following tips:

  • Make it easy to read: The easier your business’ bio is to read, the quicker your target audience can process important information. This information includes what your business’ product offerings are and why it’s wise to choose you ahead of your competitors. Numerous businesses have bios on Instagram that incorporate vertical bar or pipe characters to space information out in a simple yet symmetrical manner. Line breaks and emojis as bullets are also popular. However, you should remember that these characters will also take up the character count. So, be efficient with your use of vertical bar-type characters.
  • Bring your brand personality to the fore: Brand personality consists of the tone and language you use when representing your business. For instance, some businesses have a laidback, easygoing type of brand personality. For such businesses, the use of casual tone and language in their marketing campaigns and strategies will be relevant. However, if your business has a more serious and formal personality, it would be wrong to use casual language. Instead, it would be ideal to stick to a formal tone.
  • Create bios based on your goals: You can edit your Instagram bio section as much as you want. However, instead of randomly altering the bio just because you can, set goals and create bios best on them. For instance, if you’ve recently launched a flagship product, you can set a goal of promoting the product. So, based on that goal, your bio can have information that primarily pertains to the product you’ve just launched. Whatever happens, make sure that your bio section doesn’t get stagnant.
  • Keep changing the website section: As we’ve previously mentioned in the article, the website section of your Instagram bio allows you to post a clickable link. You should ideally use this section to complement your written bio with the appropriate link. For instance, if you’re promoting a recently-launched product, it would be great to include a link that directs your target audience to the page where it can be purchased.
  • Use relevant hashtags: Hashtags are incredibly potent tools on Instagram, which is why you should make the most of them by including relevant ones for your bio. Through clickable hashtags, you can direct your audience to other relevant content. You can also create branded hashtags and ask audiences to post with those hashtags. This results in the creation of a lot of user-generated content, which you can collect for more Instagram marketing innovation in the future.
  • Don’t forget to include the right keywords: While Instagram searches are driven by hashtags and not keywords, you might think of keywords as unnecessary for your Instagram bio. However, the fact is that including a few keywords commonly used by your target audience won’t hurt. These keywords will come in handy during keyword-driven user searches, giving your page a higher chance of being found than other pages that are entirely reliant on hashtags.


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