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What Your Brand Can Learn From These Popular Instagram Accounts

What Your Brand Can Learn From These Popular Instagram Accounts

Gaining more Instagram followers and Instagram likes for the content you post is an objective worth working towards as a business. With new features added to the platform often, there’s a whole range of options you can choose from, which can assist you with creating interesting content that drives engagement and business growth. Captivating the attention of Instagram users with your content would, in turn, increase the number of real Instagram followers you have.

Devising great content is a necessity, and to give you an idea of how you can go about it, here are some business accounts on Instagram across industries that have experienced tremendous growth with their efforts.

Food & restaurant brands

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers (@freddysusa)

While the Instagram feed of this restaurant chain features the delicious food they serve, what sets them apart is their highlighting of the owner, Freddy. Such a strategy gives authenticity to the brand and brings about a community feeling.

Highlighting the important people in your business, whether the owner, CEO, founder, or even employees who keep the business going, is a great way to help others connect to your business at a personal level. It also is a great opportunity to showcase your business’ culture. Having a Story Highlight for official parties, celebrations, and outings certainly adds to the personal touch element.

Sprouts Farmers Market (@sprouts)

Sprouts Farmers Market doesn’t shy away from portraying their produce in a feed filled with rainbow hues. As a grocery store committed to healthy eating, it does a great job of using colour and patterns for content.

One shade is typically used by them for over six to nine posts before moving onto the next colour in the sequence. The result is a visual celebration for users who end up on their feed, which automatically intrigues users and fetches more Instagram followers.

Take advantage of colour to set your feed apart from the rest. One or two hues that represent your main theme can be included in posts so that the photo posted stands out when viewed. Utilise grid previews to verify if your vision would come to life through your grid before deciding to publish.

Matt Adlard – Topless Baker (@mattadlard)

Previously called Topless Baker, Matt Adlard is Instagram’s baking influencer whose desserts are only made more beautiful through the use of incredible thumbnails. His stories keep his Instagram followers interested, while his bio draws attention for describing himself as a self-taught baker who constantly learns new recipes.

The authenticity in his stories comes through as he records the whole process of trying a new recipe and sharing the journey as well as results – even if it’s a massive fail. His success is driven, in part, by the fact that his creations look spectacular. Moreover, although he seems like a pro at baking anything on the first try, his Stories humanise him and help his Instagram followers connect at a more personal level.

Humanise your brand through your content and share behind-the-scenes content that encourages real Instagram followers to stay on your page.

Chipotle (@chipotle)

Food pictures are a big win on Instagram, but Chipotle has managed to take it up a notch through posts of screenshots as well as their own memes that showcase the personality of their brand as well as their food appeal.

If your brand has a humorous and light personality, your posts should represent it too. Instead of just concentrating on the visual appeal of your uploads, add some personality through the use of memes, funny photos or videos, or even screenshots from Twitter.

Beauty & fashion brands

Lush Cosmetics (@lushcosmetics)

Lush is popular not just for its products but also for its efforts towards environmental conservation. They don’t shy away from showcasing eco-friendly products and production processes and also tying up with charities that empower sustainable lifestyle choices.

Consumers today are motivated to support socially-conscious businesses, so use Instagram as a platform to depict how your brand is helping out local and global movements as well as charities and NGOs. It’s sure to get more Instagram followers interested in you.

Teva (@teva)

Teva benefits from posting user-generated content to showcase their all-terrain sandals. Doing so also throws light on all the different places where people are wearing sandals without having to spend a lot on content creation efforts.
Come up with a hashtag that your customers can use, and request them to tag your brand in pictures taken with your products. You’ll easily get access to a library of user-generated content, and you can select the posts that are well lit for your own feed. Posting user-generated content also holds more credibility since it shows others that users love your product.

Ring Concierge (@ringconcierge)

Ring Concierge, a diamond jewellery brand, does a lot more than just illuminating its gorgeous diamonds to grab attention and get more Instagram followers. They make use of Instagram’s shopping features to the fullest by tagging available products in every photo. Users even get to see the different usages of products tagged multiple times and buy what catches their attention.

Utilise Instagram’s Shopping tool to showcase your products, ease the shopping experience for your Instagram followers, and kickstart your growth in terms of sales volumes.

Health & fitness brands

9Round (@9roundofficial)

9Round, a kickboxing gym with numerous franchise locations, gets more Instagram followers by posting blogs as well as pictures of people making use of their exercise centers. The call-to-action in their bio is great as it mentions how the fist workout at the gym is free, which allows people to try it out before joining kickboxing. There’s also a link included that directs users to a contact form for them to sign up for the free session.

Links in bios that direct users to deals, offers, and incentives are a great way to pull people in and get them to take action instantly through clicks as well as sign-ups. So leverage them to the fullest to get the most out of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Lululemon (@lululemon)

Lululemon, a workout apparel company, aims at inspiring people to exercise through their feed by showcasing their products through groups. Such a strategy lies in their favour and gets their Instagram followers to think about how their products can be used in daily activities.

Showcasing products in action is a great way to inspire Instagram followers to buy them as they make for more interesting posts when compared to a simple image that features just the product.

Insta Blog 6 2

Interior design & home decor brands

IKEA (@ikeausa)

IKEA has gained popularity over the years for its products as well as arrows directing customers to showcase rooms, giving them the experience of a mini road trip. On Instagram, it portrays its creations through pictures, with the last sentence of the caption reading, “Shop our Instagram pictures,” which directs users to a link. Their landing page has links for all these images and can guide visitors to the specific product page on their website.

Make use of tools to add links in bios and create landing pages for your offerings instead of just linking to your brand’s website. Specific product links to the relevant website page can help users get in touch directly with what they see in your Instagram feed and ease the user experience.

West Elm (@westelm)

West Elm, a furniture store with multiple locations, uses user-generated content, IGTV, visually-appealing photos, as well as Story highlights to drive engagement and promote business growth. Their Story highlights boast home tours, vertical tutorial videos, and swipe-up links directing viewers to full tours included on their website.

Use Highlights to save your most critical stories so that your Instagram followers can also view them and take advantage of features such as IGTV to make quality videos that attract your target audience. Incorporate tutorials so that users get a detailed how-to video break-up of your products and are motivated to use them.

Travel brands

Expedia (@expedia)

Expedia, a travel service website, makes use of user-generated content and stock photos of places around the world in their feed. They also encourage contests and major giveaways through their Instagram, thereby driving audience engagement.

Contests and giveaways are a great way to draw the attention of your Instagram followers and promote business growth. Entry requirements such as liking, following, as well as tagging friends in your posts can help you gain more real Instagram followers, gather maximum Instagram likes, and build brand awareness.

JetBlue (@jetblue)

JetBlue shares flying snapshots as an airline company and uses the hashtag #WingCrushWednesday to share user-generated content every Wednesday, which includes a portion of the JetBlue airplane wing. Besides involving customers in this strategy, they also benefit from greater brand recognition.

Coming up with a hashtag that enables you to post recurring content will ease the process of content creation since there’s a theme being followed. Further, it’ll also keep your audience interested and guessing about what you’re about to post next.

You can utilise tips from their efforts and adapt them to suit the needs of your business to maximise growth.

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