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Using IGTV Series to Grow Your Audience & Sell Your Products

Using Igtv Series To Grow Your Audience &Amp; Sell Your Products

Instagram has been the go-to social media app for most people in recent years. You can share pics and videos there and have a growing audience day by day. Instagram was founded with the purpose of capturing the moment but as a business, you can use it to expand your reach and create brand awareness. 

The new “IGTV” feature is the long-form video format that Instagram uses. This was to keep users on the app for longer and have much more content on the app itself. The one-minute time limit can be rather limiting and the 30s reels even more.

With the onset of IGTV, many people say it is the most complete app in recent times. It opens up avenues for topics that could not be discussed in a short form. 

Here are few reasons why you should have an IGTV Channel

Increase Visibility

Instagram is the biggest social media platform with the most active users in the world. As with all social media, it is great for businesses to promote themselves and constantly be in the public eye. 

You can get more converts and traffic to your brands and sell a multitude of products with your IGTV Channel. With online viewership growing every year at an alarming rate it is best you use this boom to your gains. 


Educating and entertaining your audience at the same time is the best way to engage them in a long video. Not only you can tell them more about your product but also tell them about how it is better than the rest.

Edutainment has a rise in its popularity and is a sibling of the infotainment category. People are entertained and at the same time get their doubts cleared about the subject at hand. This is the reason that most of the video marketing campaigns in the 90s and 80s were so effective. 

People are interested in knowing how your products can make their life easier or how they incorporate them into their lives. If you are able to send this message across they will be lining up to buy your products or services. 

More Engagement

A new platform being released means that its organic reach right now would be off the charts. Hop onto this trend and you can get many more conversions with your IGTV videos. 

Video marketing has been the “King of Marketing” for a long time and this does translate to IGTV as well. You now have more creativity and can show your audiences how your product/service works in real-time itself. It is definitely a tool you want to use to engage with your audience and see how they react to you and your business. 

More engagement means more conversion- it is as simple as that. Most people interacting with the videos will not buy your service outright but it is important that you leave a lasting impression. Because when they need a product or service that you provide the first name to come to their minds would be yours. 

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Community Building

If you want to be in business for a long time then it is important to note that your customers are like a community. If they are satisfied with your work they will come back to you again and again because you have made a community of people that they trust. 

This trust and credibility play a huge part in sales and how the public views your business. The connections that you build in the community play a vital role in referral marketing. 

Combining the best of Instagram videos and Youtube, IGTV is going to be a very beneficial platform for businesses and influencers alike. The long-form keeps the users engaged for a longer time but also clears all of their doubts at the same time. 

IGTV Series

IGTV series is a great way to make educational videos that cater to a variety of people. A series detailing what you are selling makes you look more credible and you can explain what you will be doing for them in great depth. 

They are like playlists that have related videos together in one folder. It makes your brand look more organized and streamlined and anyone needing in-depth can find the info easily. 

An IGTV series can be a regular occurrence on your channel which people can follow like a television program. This keeps you users engaged and excited for something that will be uploaded or part of a bigger picture. 

Igtv Series

Here is how you create an IGTV series

It is very easy and quick to make an IGTV series, all you have to do is upload the video that you want to share to Instagram TV. Then you will have to either upload a pic for the thumbnail or use one of the frames in the videos. 

On the next screen, you can see the “Add to Series” option. Here you can either add the video to an already existing series or make a new one altogether. 

After this, all you need to do is feed in the name of these series and a short description of it. The title needs to be short yet catchy and describe the essence of the series in a few words. It is best that you work with a copywriter on this to maximize the impact of the video. 

Here are few tips for creating a high impact IGTV Series

These are few simple points that may seem obvious but will help you in the long run in creating high performing series.

Cohesiveness is Key

Your series will be a mess if they are not connected to each other. You will need a strategy in place so that people can come and watch your videos regularly without feeling lost. For example, if the videos are connected to each other and have a recap of the last video then people will be more comfortable with them.

Your audio and video should be done well but it does not mean it should be very formal. People have embraced the informal or casual side of things and it makes your business more relatable too. Great narration helps too and keeps the people engaged. Make the videos in such a way that you cover a lot of depth but also give examples of how it might be beneficial to people watching. 

You will have to treat these videos like a T.V. series season and give them something to root for. Break the videos down into small and digestible chunks so that people can watch them at any time and any place. 


Getting views cannot be left on organic reach itself. You will have to promote your videos whether you like it or not. Promotion does not mean that you are running ads on the platform it can simply mean putting up a story on Instagram itself. 

Sending to various influencers and asking them for a shout out is also a good marketing strategy. If someone shares your story to their stories section it is good practice to reshare that. It brings credibility and openness to your brand image.

You can just share a preview of the video and let people go to the video from there. Or you can share the video across your various social media and link it back to your IGTV channel. 

Get their Attention

Share a screenshot of the video where it gets interesting or where there is some great information. In the age of social media, people have very small attention spans and if you do not get their attention in a moment you have lost them. 

Look up some IGTV series covers by popular brands and businesses and take notes. Most of them are bright and very eye catchy. You will instantly see what the video will be about and how the brand is associated with it. Bright covers will do well on almost every platform. Take inspiration from people and businesses around you and implement it into your own videos.

Be wary of the length of the video

Just because you have a long-form video format available does not mean that you max out the time limit every time. Even though the video is long, it should be precise and to the point. This way you get real Instagram followers and your growth will be steep. 

Filler content will chase away your audience and it will be hard to regain them. Make the videos as long as they need to be. Be prepared and always have everything planned when you are on video. 

Instagram followers and Instagram likes have gained a new meaning in these modern times and can be said to be the new currency. Having them on your side will increase the chances of you becoming more recognized and trusted by the public. 

IGTV series gives you the opportunity to maximize your conversion and get the customer that you have been looking for. Follow our tips and you will see an increase in your stats immediately. 

Using IGTV Series to Grow Your Audience & Sell Your Products by Mr. Insta Team,
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