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The Best Instagram Marketing Tools You Need to Get in 2020

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Instagram has seen massive growth in the number of users and today it is about more than just nice food pictures or other visually appealing content. Instagram has become one of the most powerful platforms for social media marketing, and businesses are increasingly using it to promote brand awareness, increase sales, and drive business profits to the next level. Its increasing popularity, though, has also meant that businesses have to work a lot harder to gain and retain the attention of their Instagram followers, find ways and means to increase their Instagram likes, and propel their business towards growth through a plan to build more real Instagram followers.

The task is not as easy as popular Instagrammers make it look. Growing your Instagram account is about more than just making consistent posts or ensuring your posts are visually appealing. Careful planning and a strategy is necessary to achieve the results you’re looking for, and these tools for Instagram marketing can help you do just that. But before getting into what the specific tools are, it’s important to understand that different tools serve different purposes. While one may help you increase the number of Instagram followers you have or get more Instagram likes, another may be solely suited for scheduling tasks, so you need to know which tool to use for what in order to be able to reap the benefits of it. Let’s get right into it!

Growth tools

Maximising sales on Instagram requires your business to experience growth so that you have access to a higher number of real Instagram followers, receive more engagement and Instagram likes, as well as continue to grow the number of your Instagram followers. The following growth tools can help.


Contests are crucial to experiencing growth on Instagram and ShortStack allows you to do just that. Hashtags and comments in contests can be run, and can get approval for user-generated content. With the use of contests involving hashtags, you get access to all content posted by users making use of the contest hashtag, and voting/sharing options can be used to flaunt your user-generated content. The rights management feature of the tool also makes it possible for you to feature user-generated content in your advertising once you’ve received the user’s permission. Even comment based contests can be managed and winners chosen using ShortStack, helping you to grow the number of your Instagram followers.

Ninja Outreach

With Ninja Outreach, you can distinguish between the true influencers who have real Instagram followers as opposed to those who automate the number of their Instagram followers. Connecting with real influencers and collaborating with them to promote your brand will give you access to their real Instagram followers, raise brand awareness, and drive business growth.


Shorby works as a bio link tool for your Instagram account, allowing you to have a “SmartPage” that contains all the necessary links that your Instagram followers can just click on while you get access to links that have received the most clicks since uploading. The Messenger link feature can also be used for the purpose of lead generation.


With the help of Yotpo, you can generate more ratings/reviews for your brand, helping you to boost traffic and business sales by making effective use of permitted user-generated content in business advertising.

Visual editing and content tools

Visuals are a huge part of what makes Instagram so popular, so it’s important to be on top of your visuals and content creation game to get more Instagram followers, and these tools can help you do just that.

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With VSCO, you can post eye-catching visual content using high-quality filters that are sure to get you more Instagram followers andInstagram likes.


While not suitable for all branded posts, Prisma’s artistic filters can help to boost your posts with some creativity so that you can create not just visually appealing, but also engaging content.

Hashtag tools

Hashtags are a big part of what makes your content click on Instagram, paving the way for you to get more Instagram likes and Instagram followers by associating your content with the content of the same hashtags. Using the right hashtags can help you experience growth, so it’s worth understanding which hashtags work and which ones don’t.

Photerloo’s Instagram Hashtag App

Find the right hashtags for your content with an AI-driven approach by Photerloo’s Instagram Hashtag App. All you have to do is upload the content you want to and let the free-to-use Photerloo’s Instagram Hashtag App recommend the best hashtags to use for the post. Then, copy them and get ready to see the results.


Toptager also helps you find hashtags that are the most popular and relevant to your posts, but you have to be careful not to use # or any space while searching, or else the tool will not function.


With All-Hashtag, you can get to choose from among the top, live, or random hashtags for your content based on keywords search and generate the right hashtags for your post.

Scheduling tools

Plan posts and other content on your Instagram account better with the right scheduling tools like:


Later allows you to schedule visual content and remain organized through use of a social calendar. It can even support unlimited media, available for direct upload via Dropbox or Google Drive. Paid plan options also allow you to access analytics that can help you keep track of the number of Instagram followers,Instagram likes, and growth. Grid preview option makes visual content management easier, and you can even add unique links through, increasing the post’s targeted traffic and therefore, likelihood of conversion.


With Sendible, you can schedule your videos and images displayed on a social media calendar for posting at a particular time or at intervals determined in advance. A social media inbox is also available for you to keep track of comments and mentions with a CRM built-in and capability to report Instagram analytics.


As the name suggests, ScheduGram is also a powerful scheduling tool that can help you plan the posting of your Instagram content while also offering a choice to be notified via email when the post is ready.


Tailwind not only allows for the scheduling of posts, but also provides detailed analytics relating to engagement, profile metrics, virality, and trend reporting. It can even recommend the right hashtags, provide you with hashtag lists, and offer a Chrome browser extension.

Buffer Publish

Buffer Publish is another great scheduling tool and also provides access to information from basic analytics and link shortening features. Bulk uploads, however, need to be made using the BulkBuffer tool.


With Hootsuite, you can schedule your posts for Instagram as well as other social platforms, with the feature of adding streams on posts, hashtags, and scheduled posts on Instagram. It even allows for overseeing, planning, managing, and analyzing engagement data you’re your Instagram account to keep track of your Instagram likes and Instagram followers.

Monitoring, analytics, and reporting tools

Besides the apps already mentioned above, that also have analytics features, other monitoring, analytics, and reporting tools include:


Ink361 gives you access to data and recommendations on improving your growth on Instagram. Data generated can be location, time, filter, hashtag, or even like/comment specific. You can even track competitors and other accounts to make sure you’re striving to stay ahead of the competition.


With Crowdfire, you can find out what time will be best suited for an Instagram post, find your target audience, monitor the number of Instagram followers you have, and choose the right hashtags for your posts.


With Awario, you can get notified via email whenever a keyword/hashtag you’re tracking is detected by the tool. Keep an eye on your competition, track your mentions, connect with influencers, and uncover growth and sales opportunities through this simple, but effective tool.

Social Insider

With Social Insider, you can have a comparison of profiles, get information about post engagement on profiles, post types that offer the greatest engagement, frequency of posting and engagement received, monitor hashtags that increase engagement for you and your competition, as well as track growth over time.

Selling tools

The right selling tools can help you get conversions directly and increase sales from your real Instagram followers. Here are some great selling tools you can use:


Like2Buy makes shopping possible on your Instagram feed, resulting in direct conversions, where buying a product is possible with just one tap. Revenue data from products and clicks can be analysed to provide useful insights.


With Have2Have.It, the bio link is used to direct people to your product portfolio, simplifying the selling process. Your Instagram followers can even comment directly on a “shoppable” post if they’ve installed the app and through, conversion analytics, you can monitor sales.


Showcase also utilises the bio link to lead people to a shoppable gallery that’s been customised, allowing you to make more conversions from your targeted customers. Now that you’re aware of some of the best Instagram marketing tools you can use, which ones are you looking to include in your 2020 plan?

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