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My 5 Essential Steps To Planning My Instagram Feed

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There are more than 8 million accounts on Instagram using business profiles. So, all these businesses are using social media platforms to get in touch with their target audience, engage potential customers, and strengthen their brands’ reputation on the market. What is more, more than a half of the Instagram users are between 18 – 29. This means that you have a lot of work to do if you want to reach this segment of clients. Plus, with the increased popularity of Instagram, you now have an incredible opportunity to engage with your fans and increase your sales.

However, Instagram is more than just posting attractive images. You need a constant feed if you want to stand out of the crowd. The Instagram feed is your account’s business card. So, you will use it to draw your followers’ attention and encourage them to visit your profile, start following you and order your products. Furthermore, planning the Instagram feed is often forgotten by many marketers. Keep reading this article and discover the essential steps to follow for a constant Instagram feed.

5 Essential Steps in Planning an Instagram Feed

When a potential customer visits your profile, the first thing he will see is your Instagram feed. So, if you want to catch his attention, this is the element you should focus more. You should make your customers curious to see more than just one photo and check your website to discover more about you. However, you will have just a few seconds to convince your followers order your products. This means that you need to focus your attention on planning your Instagram feed.

Gather your content on Instagram

When you plan your Instagram feed, the first step you should follow is collect all the content you want to post. This will help you plan your feed for many days ahead. On the other hand, if you create your own content, you can organize regular “shoot days” which will help you create new content for several weeks. This is an efficient method to help you maximize your time and it will also be a good exercise to learn how to plan better your activities.

What is more, if you gather chunks of content, this doesn’t mean that you should post one photo every day. If you want to be really efficient, you can post several photos at a time and make your Instagram account more appealing to your followers. All you have to do is just determine the order you want to post them. Your photos need to tell a story. So, deciding which is going to be your posting order can make the difference between you and your competitors.


As we already mentioned, your Instagram feed is your account’s window. Therefore, when someone visits your profile, he should immediately understand the story behind and become part of it. When a user decides to follow your Instagram account, he will first take a look over your entire profile and then decide which are the posts that interest him the most. This means, that you should be consistent in your posts on Instagram and keep consistency when it comes to aesthetics. Below you can find some elements you need to consider:

Colors – if you analyze the profiles of your successful competitors, you will see that they are consistent in their color theme. Even though the content might change, you need to keep a consistent color palette and get your followers used to your theme.

The content behind your content – when you choose the photos you want to post on your Instagram account, you need to decide on which niche you want to focus. Do your research and discover what engages your followers the most and stick to those pieces of content. You will see that when you are creative, your efforts will be rewarded.

Be a professional – if you do your own shooting, you need to take this job very seriously. Your followers won’t like bad quality images. So, if you want to have more followers, you either choose top quality photos or you do it yourself in a professional way.


Before you publish your content, you need to preview it, check how it looks and decide whether it meets your followers’ criteria. Therefore, you can check if it respects your color theme and responds to your followers’ requirements. When you publish more photos at a time, you can successfully use a grid preview tool. It will allow you check how your selected photos look together and present your story. Furthermore, it also allows you to change the order of your photos if necessary.

The grid tool will also help you keep the aesthetics line. Thus, you can choose to post the photos that share the same color palette and so you will create an attractive aesthetics for your profile. Moreover, you can also create patterns that will attract your followers even more. For instance, you can choose to post a quote in every fifth photo.

Create the mosaic tile effect

This is a very cool marketing strategy that attracts many followers nowadays. A mosaic tile effect appears when you cut your photo in 4,6,8, or how many pieces you want. You will then upload them on your Instagram feed and thus create the original photo. By adding the mosaic tile effect, you will show your followers that you are creative, and you put all your efforts to surprise them.

Plan everything ahead

Once you decided about aesthetics and other effects you could use to attract your followers, it is time to plan your next steps. Your Instagram feed should tell the story of your brand. So, before you post the first photo, you should already think which is going to be your next post and so on. You need to determine your objectives and establish what you want to obtain from Instagram. Thus, your Instagram feed should focus around these objectives. Your followers want to see consistency. Therefore, if you plan everything in advance, you will keep a consistent line in your Instagram feed and show your professionalism.

Having an Instagram account is not difficult. However, it is not enough to just create your Instagram profile and post some photos from time to time. If you want to get the best out of it, you need to plan and ensure a constant Instagram feed. Your followers need to know that you are preoccupied about your image and you do everything you can to stay connected with them.

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