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Instagram Growth Tools To Use In 2020

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Did you know that every day over 200 million Instagram users visit a business profile in search of product/service related information? This indicates the huge potential for business growth and revenue generation.

But the fact is, business growth is possible only when companies take mindful decisions to leverage such a favorable situation.

Luckily for us, there are tools available that help companies grow their visibility and reach. Using these tools, brands can effectively monitor their Instagram campaigns and make the right decisions that ensure conversions and profits.

The top 8 Instagram growth tools to use for your campaigns

Instagram growth tools are designed to help brands implement Instagram marketing strategies the right way and secure engagement, leads, and conversions. Here, we give you the list of the eight best tools every marketer needs to use to ensure a successful Instagram campaign:

1. Mr. Insta

Brands that have a large number of buyers and social media accounts that have a large number of followers are found appealing by the masses. The belief behind this is simple – “If so many people like it, it must be good.”

That’s why one of the keys to growing on Instagram is to build your follower base. But it can take a really long time to organically generate an audience and followership—time which brands don’t have given the intense competition.

This is where Mr. Insta comes in. This is a social media growth tool that delivers highly-targeted free Instagram followers to brands of all sizes and from across industries. Once you register with them, Mr. Insta will give you a steady list of qualified and genuine followers who are the most relevant to your brand. A list of followers is shared every day for the duration of your plan. In fact, Mr. Insta sends a higher number of followers than paid for to its clients, to ensure that the promised number of followers are delivered to you, even if potential unfollows happen. The tool has a massive Instagram profile base, and it filters out relevant profiles based on their interests, Instagram posting preferences, and past buying experiences on the platform.

Not just followers, you can also purchase Instagram likes from Mr. Insta. The tool has both free and paid packages; plus, they have premium services that deliver subscribers, likes, comments, and more for other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, and more.

2. Hashtagsforlikes

It’s been found that using 1 hashtag in a post will increase the number of likes a post receives by 70%. So, it’s safe to say that hashtags are really important on Instagram. But, how do we know if the hashtag we plan to use is the right one? After all, hundreds of hashtags trend each day. The tag will be effective only if it is relevant to the audience, and it’s been used the right way.

This is where Hashtagsforlikes comes in. It is a hashtag tracker, and it tracks each hashtag to determine its usage rate on Instagram. The trending hashtags, relevant to the user’s industry, are then shared, and companies can use this information to create posts that will have the widest reach, visibility, and engagement.

The biggest benefit of Hashtagsforlikes is that it updates its list of trending hashtags every time a new tag trends. So, you’ll receive suggestions that are up-to-date. You also benefit from analytics reports that tell you which tag is trending in which geography, allowing you to customize your Instagram marketing campaigns accordingly.

3. Shorby

Great backlinks help educate and entertain your audience. They speak of your subject matter authority over your industry. This is why you need to include premium-quality links in your Instagram posts.

Shorby is the go-to tool in this instance. It is a link generation tool that allows users to create clickable Instagram links and messages which can be sent to users. This is a great tool, since it helps you sidestep Instagram’s limiting rule of 1 link per Bio.

Once you create your Shorby account, you can create unique links for each of your blogs, web pages, messengers, social profiles, and more. This link can be pasted on your Instagram bio. When a follower clicks on the link, they will be re-directed to your Shorby account, where the relevant post will appear in a list of all your posts that have a Shorby link. So, by using one link, you can showcase your entire content repository within seconds. Visitors can navigate to your other pages/platforms using these links.

4. Easil

Did you know that Instagram stories have an 85% completion rate? This means, 85% of all brand stories posted on Instagram are watched fully, start-to-finish by viewers. This speaks volumes about the importance of stories to a company’s Instagram campaigns.

Easil is a video creation tool that specializes in the creation of Instagram stories and IGTV videos. The tool comes loaded with thousands of single image and multi-image templates for Instagram brand stories. The tool also has a built-in editor which you can use to load and edit images and videos stored in your device.

Easil also has a dedicated text effects feature which you can use to type text and design it to suit your story’s needs. Each set of templates is industry-tailored and you can find templates for numerous industries.

The best feature of the tool is team sharing. Now you can collaborate with your design team to develop engaging Instagram stories for your marketing campaigns. Easil also facilitates the creation of brand kits and style guides.

5. Google Forms

Customer feedback is incredibly important in ensuring brand growth. When you seek audience feedback, you gain clarity about the effectiveness of your Instagram campaigns. You can use this information to make the necessary changes to your campaign and make the prospect’s journey more enjoyable.

There’s no better tool to help you in your journey to seek feedback, than Google Forms. Capable of supporting an unlimited number of surveys and an unlimited number of respondents, Google Forms will not only collate data, but will map the data onto a survey sheet and analyze the results for you. Backed by Google’s state-of-the-art research analytics tools, Google Forms will give you in-depth insights about the brand perceptions, needs and preferences of your Instagram followers.

You can customize each form with your company’s logo and add images and videos for greater effect. The tool allows you to insert & share the survey link across platforms.

But, the best thing about this tool is that it offers all these features completely free-of-charge.

Mr.insta Free Instagram Followers

6. Crowdfire

Consistency is an admirable quality. Especially so for brands posting on social media.

For example, imagine you post every Friday at 8 PM GMT. You do so for months. Your viewers and followers expect the content from you at that time. They may even wait for your content each week. Imagine if you one day stop posting like usual. You publish your content on a random day and at random times. This can be irritating to your audience and soon, you may find yourself losing followers.

This is where a tool like Crowdfire helps.

Crowdfire is a social media scheduling tool that helps you plan the posting calendar and automate the publishing of your posts. You can either directly share content from your other websites/platforms or use the content discovery tool on Crowdfire.

The tool is very helpful in customizing posts for different social media platforms. So if you see a Facebook/LinkedIn post that you’d love to share on Instagram, Crowdfire can help you customize the post.

Crowdfire comes built with an analytics tool that helps you track the performance of each published post.

7. Social Blade

Almost 90% of marketers confirm that influencer marketing generates the highest level of ROI compared to other marketing channels. And Instagram happens to be the number 1 choice of platform for influencers. In fact, most of the branded content consumed on Instagram today is created by influencers.

One way to increase your followership and grow your business on Instagram is to partner with influencers. Social Blade is a tool that is immensely helpful in bringing together brands with influencers who are most relevant to them.

Social Blade is a massive repository of influencers and reputed content creators from across the world. Once you log onto the Social Blade website, you can see the Top 50 and Top 100 content creators by platform, country, industry, genre, uploads, views, shares/streams, etc. This way, you can find and select the influencer who is most suited to your brand’s requirements.

Once you partner with the influencers of your choice, you can easily communicate with them through the tool, share project details, collaborate on post creation, and track the engagement received by post on publication.

8. Keyhole

Just implementing the Instagram campaign isn’t sufficient to ensure business growth. True growth comes when you review the performance of these campaigns, identify the problems, and make the required improvements. This is where a tool like Keyhole comes in.

Keyhole is an Instagram analytics & reporting tool that provides comprehensive insights about the performance of the brand’s various Instagram campaigns – this includes influencer campaigns and hashtag campaigns. The tool helps you measure every aspect of engagement – views, likes, comments, shares/streams, follows, and unfollows. You can get insights both for your regular Instagram posts, as well as your stories.

Keyhole has a built-in dashboard that is plugged-into platform APIs and this provides real-time insights about your Instagram posts. This helps you course-correct on-the-go. The tool provides highly-detailed and automated reports that can be shared in PDF format.

Keyhole allows you to fill-in 5 years’ worth of metrics in its database. You can use this to calculate the performance and ROI of long-term Instagram campaigns.

Wrapping up

Instagram growth tools can increase the reach and effectiveness of your campaigns. Use the above tools and pave the way to roaring Instagram marketing success.

Instagram Growth Tools To Use In 2020 by Mr. Insta Team,
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