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Instagram DM and How it Can Help Your Business

Instagram Dm And How It Can Help Your Business

Getting real Instagram followers isn’t an easy task for a business. If you want a loyal base of Instagram followers who can give you more Instagram likes on your posts and increase engagement rates, you have to utilize various features of the platform in the best manner possible. Instagram DM is one such feature you should be making use of. While Direct Messages (DM) may seem simple and straightforward, they make it possible to reach out to a much larger audience and engage with them in a more targeted way.

If you use Instagram as part of your social media marketing strategy and are looking to experience business growth, making use of Instagram Direct Messages is a great step to take. Here’s your guide to using Instagram DM to grow your business.

What can be sent/received via Instagram DM?

Through Instagram DM, you can send as well as receive:

  • Messages – individually or to as many as 15 people in a thread
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Voice messages
  • Video calls
  • Create or be in a group chat

How can you use Instagram DM for your business?

To reward top Instagram followers

If you’ve managed to gain some real Instagram followers, you’ll realize how valuable they are to your business. They help to drive up engagement rates for your brand’s account by constantly engaging with your content. They also contribute to more Instagram likes on your posts, regularly share your posts, and also offer support/feedback in the form of comments on your posts. They’re likely to be the ones helping to spread the word regarding your company by advocating for your brand. Instagram DM can be a great way of getting in touch with them and letting them know how much you appreciate their support. Through Instagram DM, you can send photos, coupons, promo codes, or even request for their mailing address that you can send their coupons to.

While you’re at it, though, make sure you remember to send links separately for users to easily access the link since you won’t be able to embed any clickable link into your Instagram DM.

To get in touch with influencers from the industry

Influencer marketing is a great way for you to promote the growth of your brand. An influencer promoting, featuring, or reviewing your brand’s products can help to boost your sales and increase brand awareness. Influencers, however, may be difficult to get in touch with via Instagram DM since many people may be reaching out to them through DMs. You need to set yourself apart from the rest by offering them some value. Try to establish a connection by giving them a reason to want to collaborate with you. Get familiar with their accounts as well as the type of content they usually post – both on Instagram and their other social media platforms. Once you understand their interests, values, and writing style, you can pitch something that’s in line with what they resonate with. This way, you’ll also be in their good books by showing them that you value them enough to do your homework before approaching them. Getting them interested in collaborating with you can help you reach out to the large number of Instagram followers they have.

To give exclusive updates

Behind the scenes, footage can help personalize the experience for your Instagram followers and make them connect with your brand at a more personal level because they feel special. Instagram DM can help you do the same. If you plan to launch a new product/service, you can use Instagram DM to let a select group of your Instagram followers know about it. They can get an exclusive look at what’s in store and can even benefit from early offers. If you’re doing this though, you’ll want to give them clarity on what can be shared, especially when it comes to promo codes or passwords. Using Instagram DM to give exclusive updates can be a show of appreciation for your Instagram followers, which encourages them to continue supporting your brand.

To run competitions

There are many creative ways that you can use Instagram DM to run competitions and boost engagement:

  • Post a photo describing the competition and mention code. Give a coupon/discount/prize to the 15 people who DM you first, mentioning the code.
  • Send a coupon code/details on entering a drawing via DM to the 15 people who first comment on a photo you post.
  • Request that participants send you a DM with reasons for why they should win along with a picture or video that can be posted by you later.

To generate leads

There’s so much happening on Instagram all the time. How can you make the best use of the platform to generate leads for your business? Well, Instagram DM can help you there, but you need to do your research well first. Search through hashtags, trends, and location tags to identify people who could be potentially interested in your business. They can be interested in a similar area that you work in or may even be facing an issue that you can help offer a solution for. Getting in touch with them via Instagram DM with relevant information can help to create a personal experience and generate leads to promote your business growth.

To make use of user generated content

Happy customers may use Instagram to post reviews of your products. Their review is worth much more to your business than any claim you make about your product simply because other potential buyers are likely to trust them more since they don’t have any motive to promote your products. In these situations, you can reach out to such customers using Instagram DM and ask for their permission to be able to use their comment/photo in the form of testimonials or case studies for commercial purposes of your business. They’re easy and quick, without adding to an additional step over email, such as opening a link or downloading an attachment of the post in question.

To request reviews of your products/services

If you come across an Instagram follower or user who has posted something positive about your products or services on the platform, you can always get in touch with them via Instagram DM by linking your page on the review site and requesting them to leave a review there.

Ultimately, regardless of what you use Instagram DM for, the aim is to nurture long lasting relationships with your Instagram followers and provide better customer care that can lead to higher sales conversions in the future and promote business growth.

Tips When Using Instagram Dm For Your Business

Tips when using Instagram DM for your business

Keep your notifications on

If you want to connect at a more personal level with your Instagram followers, it’s important that you’re accessible to them and present in the chat. Reply promptly and maintain consistency in order to drive engagement and nurture long-lasting relationships.

Avoid group messaging

The whole point of using Instagram DM for your business is to establish a more personal connect with your Instagram followers. The purpose is defeated if you send out the same message to a group as people aren’t likely to feel valued. Group messages also make it possible for people to see each other’s responses and this may prevent individuals from freely expressing themselves, especially if they don’t know the others in the group.

Autoresponders are a bad idea

While Instagram does allow you to set up autoresponders so that you can thank new Instagram followers and welcome them, using them is a bad idea as they lack the personal touch of a genuine message.

Make a personal connect

Although this seems obvious, it’s important to remember that just contacting someone via Instagram DM doesn’t mean it’s personal. Get to know your recipient before you DM them. It can help you reach out to them in a way that’ll sustain their attention and result in a fruitful connection.

Show some consideration

Reach out only when it’s absolutely essential. You don’t want to end up just crowding up your recipient’s inbox with your DM.

Selling is overkill

People may like to buy new products but that doesn’t mean they enjoy being sold things. Pitch your products only if you’re specifically asked to do so. Otherwise, stick to emphasizing how both parties can benefit and how you’ve reached out because you value the recipient’s opinion, knowledge, feedback, or support.

Don’t cold message

While Instagram DM can be used to reach out to anyone, it’s best to stick to people you’ve already had an encounter with, or those who are engaging with your content on Instagram or on other social media platforms. By doing this, you’re raising the likelihood of your message being received more warmly.

The seemingly simple Instagram DM can be used to do a lot more than just send a message. It can serve as a means for you to connect with new Instagram followers, maintain relations with old ones, as well as deepen connections to help you grow your business. It’s up to you to decide how you want to use it – just be sure to bear in mind the tips mentioned above.

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