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How to Use Instagram Views to Encourage More People to Like Your Posts

How To Use Instagram Views To Encourage More People To Like Your Posts

The only way to get bigger on Instagram is to make sure that people are seeing your content and most importantly, engaging with it. Simply put, views alone aren’t enough to get your Insta game up to speed. You need positive engagement in the form of likes as well. Even though Instagram has been running tests around hiding public likes, the fact of the matter is that likes are still available for the public to see.

So, if you have an Insta page that has views but isn’t faring too well as far as likes are concerned, read on. In this article, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to make sure that your Instagram posts aren’t just viewed, but liked as well. So, without any further delay, let’s get this article well and truly started.

1. Host a giveaway

Giveaways have become one of the best methods for Instagrammers to very quickly gain views, likes, and followers. It’s not too difficult to arrange for a contest and you can very quickly amass a lot of likes if the criteria for entry involves liking a particular post. However, you must remember to keep your giveaways simple. Make it too elaborate, and you won’t get a lot of Instagram engagement on your post.

You could also ask followers to like and tag two or three of their friends, who also have to like your post to be eligible for the giveaway. Remember to think through your giveaway carefully before doing it. The ideal time to hold a giveaway contest is when you reach a certain landmark on Instagram. For example, you could do a giveaway when you reach 1000 followers on the platform.

2. Draw your inspiration from successful Instagrammers in your niche

As a new Instagrammer, it can sometimes be difficult to decide on the posts to be published. The most common fear is this – “people might not like what I’m about to post”. It’s important that you don’t let this fear get to you. If you do, you’ll forever be second-guessing yourself, which will slow down the progress of your Instagram page.

Instead of giving in to fear and doubt, it’s best to take a look at the competition and see what your competitors are doing. Carefully observe the posts that have garnered the most Instagram likes and the ones that with a lukewarm reception. Once you’re done with your observations, it’s time to take what you observed and turn it into reality. More often than not, what works for your competition will also work for you.

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3. Add a call to action on every post

A lot of new Instagrammers make the mistake of not including calls to action (CTA) in their images. The fact of the matter is that if you want other Insta users to engage with your posts and like them, you’ve got to ask them to take action. Sure, even if you don’t include a CTA, you might get a few likes. But you’re bound to notice the difference when you do include CTAs.

You should also include CTAs across all your videos and all other Insta features that you use. For example, including CTAs in Instagram Stories is a very potent way of quickly getting your posts not just noticed, but liked as well.

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4. Use hashtags on each of your posts

Including hashtags across all your posts is vital for being successful on Instagram. If you’re posting something popular, you can refer to several lists on the internet that mention the top hashtags to use for Instagram likes. However, if you’re sharing something that’s very specific to your niche, you should choose some uncommon hashtags to make your post stand out.

A common mistake made by many Instagrammers is that they sometimes tend to include 20 – 30 hashtags in every post. We highly recommend you steer clear of this habit, as Instagram is known for punishing users and brands who include too many hashtags in one post. Typically, they ‘shadow ban’ such posts, i.e. the posts aren’t automatically recommended even to followers. So, when including hashtags, only choose 5 – 6 of them and no more.

5. Share your Instagram posts on other platforms

These days, no brand or influencer can really grow if they stick to just one social media platform. That’s why most established brands and influencers are consistently active on a variety of social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. So, if you have a Facebook or a Twitter account, you should also share your Instagram posts across those accounts as well. Also, remember to include CTAs on those platforms encouraging your followers and/or friends to find your Instagram page and follow it.

You should also apply some intelligence when sharing Instagram posts on other platforms. For example, if your Insta page has anything to do with news and/or politics, the best social media platform for sharing your posts is Twitter. This method is incredibly effective at quickly raising the number of Instagram views, likes, and follows.

6. Don’t forget to tag the location

It’s vital that you tag the location from where you’re publishing your Instagram post. Many Insta users often perform location-based searches and if they do the same for your location, there’s a high chance that your post will show up in the results. Even users searching for content from other niches may take an interest in your page if they come across your post.

Using the location tag is one of the best ways to get organic Instagram engagement. If your Insta page deals with travel, hospitality and/or food, you simply must tag your location. A lot of people will stumble onto your page, and if your content is good, there’s no reason why your posts won’t get a lot of new likes.

7. Make the most of trending memes

Memes have revolutionized internet humor, and these days, a lot of brands and influencers are putting their thoughts across through them. However, before you go forward with meme-based posts, you’ve got to make sure that your audience can digest them. For example, if your audience is on the older side, it’s best to steer clear of memes as many members of your audience might not get the point. However, if you have a young audience, there’s every reason for you to publish meme-based posts.

When you connect to your Instagram audience through memes, the audience will automatically respect your brand because of your pop culture knowledge. Meme-based posts also tend to garner more views and likes than straightforward posts.

8. Weave words of wonder

Many people are of the opinion that Instagram is all about photos and videos. However, a lot of people forget that with every image and/or video, captions can be added. If you write your captions well, you can provide detailed information about the post. If the information is engaging and has some value to provide to audiences, they’re sure to appreciate your effort and leave a few likes.

Writing high-quality captions is essential if you’re sharing a story-based post. If you aren’t very good with words, you can also hire a copywriter to do the job for you. These days, there are many copywriters who specialize in Instagram posts. These writers can also conduct keyword research on your behalf and include the right phrases and hashtags that will help users find your posts more easily.

9. Deliver variety through your content

Instagram was, at one point in time, a photo-sharing app only. However, as the years have passed and its popularity has skyrocketed, it has incorporated a variety of features that brands and influencers can use to deliver their content. Apart from the standard photo-sharing features, Instagram offers Stories, Reels, and IGTV – all of them unique features that provide something different.
For example, Stories is great for directing people towards a particular post for increasing Instagram views. Then there’s Reels, a feature that’s similar to how TikTok works. There’s IGTV as well, a separate Insta app that allows users to upload long-form videos. So, to maximize engagement, you should mix it up and deliver a vast variety of content to audiences. This way, your audience will always stay curious as to what’s coming their way next.


So, these were some of the best ways to encourage people to like your posts. Of course, not all viewers will be motivated to like your posts, no matter what you do. However, these tips will make sure that the chances of engagement increase drastically.

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