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How To Use Discounts To Ramp Up Your Instagram Marketing And Generate Instagram Followers?

How To Use Discounts To Ramp Up Your Instagram Marketing And Generate Instagram Followers?

Instagram is the biggest social media platform in the world right now with the most active users. It boasts all major celebrities and brands. Many people have made their businesses successful only by using this platform.

It gives your business amazing reach which you can use to drive conversion and drive up sales on your website. With Instagram adding the shop feature to their platforms it has become more business-friendly than ever. 

One should take advantage of the fact that Instagram is now promoting people to have businesses on the platform. The introduction of reels means that there is going to be a more organic reach of content. Using the reels feature you can get millions of people to view your content and more often than not people will buy your product too.

One interesting way to lure buyers is to offer discounts, it is often portable to reduce your margins for some time. The money you lose will be made up by the number of people that buy your product. This is a very effective strategy that can boost your followers and sales too. 

It gives the people a discounted product, which makes them think that they are getting a great deal. This tactic works for both of you as you can offer a great product for a discounted price which makes your customer base happy too. 

Using discounts in tandem with these tips can help you get a large following in no time. 

Content Production

Your content must be top-notch and must have great quality, in these times you will have to post multiple times too. It is because with people being online 24×7 you should engage with them as many times as you can.

Not only this makes your brand visible but it also firmly imprints your business into people’s minds. People can see your post once and forget about you. But if you are posting twice a day you will be in people’s faces as soon as they open Instagram. This way you can imprint yourself into their memory. Your discounts will come off as very attractive and being aware of your brand people will be more than happy to shop from you.


With the seamless integration of Facebook and Instagram cross-promoting, your discounts and businesses have never been easier. Use this to your advantage and show that you have a discount on your products or services on all platforms. With billions of users on all the platforms combined it has never been easier to reach such a large number of people.

The internet is a great leveller, it democratizes the playing field for big and small brands alike. This is great news for smalls and new businesses. You have the potential to outdo bigger brands with the organic reach of reels.

Cross-promoting brings more attention to your discounts and sales. It is a great way to expand and reach out to your demographic. 

People-centric content

People love to see other people in content. You do not need a celebrity or an amazing looking person to be in your content. These days people want relatable representation in the media so that they feel closer to the product.

You can showcase your products in everyday applications so that people have clear ideas as to how they can use them. People like knowing what they can do with your product and how it would translate into their lives.

Branded and industry tags

You can create your own hashtags and get people to use them to get discounts or special offers. This way not only you can reach a wider audience you also give them an incentive to use your hashtag.

An Industry hashtag is something that your niche already uses. You can use these to make your brand synonymous with the hashtag and people will like you just through the association itself. 

This tactic works great for people with limited marketing budgets. You can generate buzz around your products and sales without having to spend a lot on ads. Use it on a regular basis to gain a following. 


Tag brands or followers or locations whenever you can. This gets people excited and most people who must be in the area mentioned get excited too. This is a great way to engage with people and make your sale more appetizing to them. 

It also generates a lot of buzz in local circles and growing big in smaller circles then going international is always a great strategy. You can even tag a few ardent followers so that they know that they are appreciated. 

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Onsite posts

You should share your products and how people are using them in a daily setting on your website too. This way not only do you make a rapport with the people you also show your appreciation towards them.

A good review also makes the new customer trust you more easily, with trusted credentials the new customer has peace of mind. You should work on these aspects when you are offering a discount and ask the people to tag you when they buy your stuff.

Onsite Posts


You should not have your feed designed in a way that you are just uploading everything that is coming to your mind. Stick to an aesthetic and make sure that all your posts adhere to the same theme.

It is not easy to find a niche that you are fulfilling but if your discount’s theme is in tandem with your niche you will have problems finding new followers. People on Instagram go more aesthetics as compared to other platforms. So it is important that you establish an aesthetic so that your sale or discount does stick out for no reason.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are a great way to reach out to a big audience and gain recognition. With custom discounts tailored with the influencer’s name in the coupon, you can make each influencer’s audience go to your page and convert some of them too.

Influencer marketing is growing strong in 2021 and like vlogging, it is only going to get better. You should definitely try to capitalize on such things and make your product reach an even wider audience.

This type of marketing works as the person is putting their weight and reputation behind your discount. This not only gives it instant credibility but also makes your product look more genuine. Influencer marketing has seen great results and can be said to be a great tool for anyone looking to get the word about their business. Not only do you gain people’s trust you also gain a lot of followers this way.


Everyone likes free products and you can host a contest or a giveaway to get more brand recognition. It gets the people excited and you get a lot of publicity for not a lot of money.

Ask people to tag their friends to get a chance at winning something. This way you get more engagement but also more content for your feed. People love showing things that they win in a contest or giveaway. This boosts your credibility and also subsequently brings you more followers in the long run.

Reels and Stories

Whenever Instagram releases a new feature its organic growth is off the chart. You can take advantage of this fact and promote your offers and discounts. Not only do you get more followers but also better engagement. 

Such a tactic is great for getting more people to visit your page and drive more conversions. Reels and stories can get you a lot of followers. Post a reel every day and multiple stories a day so that the algorithm recognizes your efforts. These are low-cost tools that have great returns.

Instagram offers make your branding and brand much more enticing than others. It is a great way to lure in more prospective buyers and get the recognition that you need to have a successful business.

Ad Campaign

With Instagram and Facebook now being emerged, it is easier than ever to have a dedicated ad campaign for your brand. Discount marketing is a great way to get Instagram followers and Instagram likes. 

With platforms getting more entrepreneurs’ engagement than ever, it is best to spend some money and stand out from the crowd. You get a wide reach when you use both organic reach and paid ads. You should anyway use paid ads for your discounts and sales as it gets you more followers.

Instagram when used correctly can give your brand the boost that it needs. It is a great initiative for anyone looking to get their brand more recognition and followers. Getting them is not as hard as it seems but you need to be consistent and devise a strategy beforehand to get it right. You might become viral and get millions of followers but slowly and steadily your base will grow. Later on, this customer base will convert to a loyal customer base which will get you more profits in the end.

How To Use Discounts To Ramp Up Your Instagram Marketing And Generate Instagram Followers? by Mr. Insta Team,
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