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How to Make Your Instagram Profile Stand Out from Others?

How To Make Your Instagram Profile Stand Out From Others?

Instagram recently crossed the one billion mark, making it one of the most popular social media platforms there is. On average, 63% of users log in at least once in a day, and 500 million people use Instagram stories. Marketers are gaining a lot of perspective with this channel with at least 200 million real Instagram followers visiting a business profile, and nearly 62% of users becoming more interested in a product or a brand after watching Instagram stories. The statistics for this social media channel are so attractive that it is expected to see immense growth in the years to come.

Instagram offers plenty of opportunities to its users, from helping them earn as an influencer to expand their small-scale business. But a question may arise, how can Instagram users increase their visibility with billions of users? How can you, as an avid Instagram user, make your Instagram profile stand out from others? Read on to find out!

Know your audience

You may be a brand, big or small, or an influencer with a good number of Instagram followers, or even a commoner who wants to showcase some talent and stand out amongst the crowd. No matter who you are, the most vital aspect to consider before you open an Instagram account is who your audiences are. Your account must appeal to your audiences and draw their attention, and invite them into your world. Unless you know who your target audience is, you cannot reach out to the right viewers, and you will not receive the exposure and the visibility you deserve.

Work on your profile

Your profile is the first impression that you create on your audience, and it must be enticing enough to make them click-through to your site. Here are a few things you can do to improve your Instagram profile that will help you stand out in a crowd of millions of users.

  • Profile picture: It is the first thing that people will notice. Make sure that your profile picture is clear, and represents you or your business. Do not use something you found on google images. Your profile picture will show up on your Instagram followers’ feed when you share content as well as on the news tab, which your followers see when they get a notification.
  • Your bio: Your Instagram bio will tell people who you are. If you want to tell people what you share on Instagram, your bio must be as attractive as it can be. Remember, keep it short and to the point, enough to entice the reader to follow you. A scattered bio will drive them away.
  • The link: It is the most important aspect of your profile and a place you would want your audience to go to. It is a connection that, when kept alive, helps in driving more audiences to your profile.

Choose a consistent color theme

Before you get into any advanced engagements, the first thing you must do is to choose a basic color theme or a color palette for your Instagram account. Hashtag, stories, and other engagements can help you pull in more audiences, but without a consistent color theme, your images may look like a jumbled pile of amateur pictures of disconnected moments of life. You can make your images and videos look like a curated collection when you make use of a color theme.

When you choose a color or a color palette, make sure that you are consistent with the lighting as well. You can make a great impact on your audience by limiting yourself to key filters. Use the same apps and filters to edit all the photos you post on Instagram. Did you know that the most used filter that highlights, brightens, and adds a subtle depth to the image is Clarendon?

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Have a theme

Having a color scheme or a color palette that compliments the images you post on your profile is vital. It helps declutter your content to make them look consistent and professional. But how well will a color palette fare if you do not have a theme? A theme refers to the subject matter of your content.

Having a specific theme helps you with developing an audience base as well as to nurture your hashtag. Additionally, you can stay on track, get more Instagram likes, and build more followers. Developing a theme as soon as you open an Instagram account helps you to be consistent, which is a difficult aspect of posting on social media platforms. If you are not a business, choose a theme you are passionate about, and everything will flow in the set path. If you are a business, make sure that your theme is consistent with your brand, product, and services.

Edit before you post

Editing is the most important process of photography. You don’t need a costly camera to get a great picture. All you need to do is edit to be able to stand out. Real Instagram followers love to see something new and creative. There are a ton of apps that can help you perfect your images, make them attention-grabbing when someone is scrolling through them. Remember, a lot of improvements add up to perfection.

Make use of hashtags and stories

Hashtags are the best way to search on Instagram, and if you want to be found, you must make use of hashtags. They give meaning to the image you are sharing as well as increase exposure. There are a bunch of tags that you can use and increase your visibility, comments, and Instagram likes on this social media platform.

Instagram launched stories in 2016 to be used as an ongoing highlight of your profile. Stories offer a lot of features, from taking polls to the swipe-up option for links to the content. It is one of the easiest ways to grow on Instagram.

Post regularly

Consistency is the key to growth on any social media platform. If you want to make your Instagram profile stand out from the others, then don’t forget to post regularly. The more images you post after you optimize, the more exposure you get using hashtags. You will also receive more comments and likes if you have interesting posts. Posting regularly will ensure that you appear on other people’s feeds more regularly.

Be a curator

Many Instagram users have a niche theme and post very little content, and others are super targeted Instagram accounts that share content on a few different topics. The theme can be hairstyling, a particular breed of dog, skincare, wardrobe malfunction, and so on. By being a curator of these niche content, you can brand yourself as an expert and grow a super targeted Instagram following. You become an influential content curator by sharing highly targeted information to a devoted group of real Instagram followers.

Don’t hold back from commenting and liking

Instagram is a community that relies on your involvement. You can have great content and yet not receive as many likes as you expect. One of the reasons why is because many people on Instagram are reciprocal. These people may comment and like your images if you like or comment on theirs. As much as it sounds immature and unprofessional, if you think about how it works for your good, you may prefer being more active. When you comment on someone’s feed, your profile is seen as being very active. You can attract attention and gain more followers using other’s Instagram feeds.

Geo-tag is very useful

Geo-tag is a great way to make your profile stand out! People not only search for places on Instagram, they also like to stop-by at restaurants, stores, and tourist spots if they like what they see. You can attach your image to a specific location, and if you own a store or a restaurant, it is a great way to attract more customers. If you think geo-tag is not helpful to you if you are not a part of a business, then think about this! You can reach out to local businesses that you think have potential, gather a following of locals, and become an influencer for these businesses. It can help you increase your foot traffic.

Tag others

Did you know that tagging others is a great way to appear on their feed and on their profile page? You can tag people in your image or even in the comment. You can also ask people for their opinion and ask them to tag people your content reminds them of. This may make your post viral as well if the content you post is interesting and has the capacity to grab attention. Tagging is the best way to find more visibility on this social media platform.

Every tip mentioned above has some influence in ensuring that your Instagram profile stands out. All you need to do is pull all these elements together and create a profile that can have a deep connection with the viewers. Instagram is a powerful tool as long as you know how to use it to your benefit.

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