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How to Maintain Good Relations with Instagram Influencers to Help Your Business Grow

How To Maintain Good Relations With Instagram Influencers To Help Your Business Grow

Creating and maintaining relationships with influencers on Instagram should be an essential part of your strategy if you want your business to grow. As a new brand on the platform, it is important to make a good first impression among the Instagram influencers so that they happily accept collaborating with you. Forging a good relationship with them is even more important if you are considering long-term collaborations with the influencers. A long-term collaboration can benefit your business in multiple ways. It could help in bringing in more authentic endorsements and consistent user engagement, besides adding value to the product.
The advantages of collaborating with the influencers are many; however, the influencers also want to derive some value from collaborating with the brand. In this era of internet marketing, many brands are seeking to collaborate with influencers, so they have no dearth of options to choose from. It is dependent on the brands to provide them value in the relationship. So how can you go about doing that? In this article, we will take a look at some tips which will help you in connecting with influencers and building a meaningful relationship with them.

Tips on forging a meaningful relationship with the Instagram influencers

Influencer marketing is the best tool on Instagram for business success. The biggest advantage of collaborating with influencers is that it provides your business or brand with the visibility it needs. However, building and maintaining relationships with influencers takes significant time and effort. Before you ask an influencer to collaborate with you, you need to develop a connection with them. Following are some of the things you should keep in mind to build and maintain a relationship with them –

Identify the influencer that suits your brand

The first step of the process is identifying the influencers on the platform. The influencers should be suited to your brand, and you should not just choose them based on their follower count. It would be difficult to build a relationship with an influencer if they are not from your niche. For starters, you would not get the results you need as the target audience will not match your brand.

The audience demographics is the primary factor that should go into identifying the influencer that is most suited to your brand. Besides this, you should also look into the type of content the influencer produces and get a sense of their personality. After obtaining the necessary information about the influencers from your niche, you can start the process of narrowing down the choice. You need to consider which influencer would be best suited to market your brand.

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1. Make sure that the influencer likes your brand

It would be much easier to build a good relationship with an influencer who already likes your products. When you reach out to such an influencer, they will find it exciting to collaborate with you. The easiest way to find such an influencer is by user-generated content (UGC). When your customers on Instagram tag your product in the images, you will be able to find an influencer among them. This method allows you to build relationships with the nano and micro-influencers organically so that they bring growth to your business.

2. Provide value to the influencers

If you want to develop a meaningful connection with the Instagram influencers, it is important to provide value to them in some way or form. When you propose a collaboration to the influencers, they tend to consider if it is a valuable proposition for them. An influencer is not always looking for monetary returns. A value proposition, in this case, refers to whether the brand has the necessary passion and dedication that will drive them to success. They want to examine whether the business is worth investing time and effort in. When you come up with a valuable plan for the influencer, you will be able to earn their confidence and give them a reason to share your product.

3. Plan the reaching out message

There is never a dearth of choices among brands and businesses for influencers to collaborate with. If you reach out to an influencer with a generic message, you decrease your chances of creating a lasting impression on them. Most likely, they get numerous such emails with generic messages in them. This is why it is important to optimize your reaching out message so that you can stand out from the crowd. It is best not to beat around the bush and get straight to the point that explains why you want to collaborate with the influencer. You should try to inform them why they are the best choice for marketing your business. Ultimately, you should try to convey through the introduction message that you have a genuine interest in collaborating with them.

Identify The Influencer That Suits Your Brand

4. Convey your expectations openly

When you collaborate with an influencer, some disagreements are bound to happen if you are not open about your expectations with them from the get-go. Having them agree on a few of the primary requirements is not enough. When you hold on to expectations that you have not communicated to the influencer, it can harm your relationship with them in the long run. In collaboration, it should not just be about what you want from the relationship. You should also consider what the influencer is expecting from the partnership. You should try to clearly state the number of pieces you want from the influencer and the time that you want them to be delivered. This can be a great opportunity to ask the influencer about their expectations as well.

5. Discuss the details of the marketing campaign with the influencer

Before or even after working out all the details of your marketing campaign, you should discuss with your influencer and invite their opinions on the matter too. After all, the influencer is the key to reaching out to your target audience, and there is no better person to advise on those matters. Experienced influencers who have worked with many brands know what their audience responds to. You can discuss with the influencer the ways to drive better engagement. While working out the details, make sure that you provide a call-to-action that stays true to the personality of the influencer and is conversational. Besides this, you would also have to define the campaign and caption tagging to popularize the hashtag related to the brand. You can vastly improve your relationship with the influencer by inviting their opinions, rather than just using them as a marketing tool.

6. Give creative freedom to the influencers

If you want to provide a pleasant experience to the influencer through your partnership, it is best to provide them with some creative freedom for marketing your brand. When the influencers design some aspects of the marketing, the target audience will most likely believe in the authenticity of the sponsored advert. In this way, you will be able to drive engagement on Instagram for business success.
Influencers are essentially creatives, as it is their job to come up with interesting content for their followers. As a brand, you need to remember that having full control of the promotional campaign will make it less effective. When you enable the influencers to interact with their followers using their own voice, you will be able to make the campaign more appealing to the audience. It also shows that you trust the judgment of the influencer, which in turn makes a positive impact on your relationship.

7. Connect with your influencers on other mediums

After connecting with an influencer, you might follow their content on Instagram regularly; however, this often does not last for long. If you want to forge a meaningful relationship with the influencer, you should try to be consistent in keeping in contact with them. You can do so by following them on various other platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Most influencers look for a genuine connection and communication. When you interact with their social media profiles from time to time, it shows that you value your relationship with them.

8. Seek authenticity in collaborating with the influencer

If you want your campaign to be effective, it is best to seek authenticity in the marketing process. This is especially important if you are collaborating with multiple influencers. If the influencers marketing your brand use the same kind of content and caption, the posts will not seem genuine. The promotional content should look like testimonials rather than a commercial.

9. Share the content of the influencer smartly

After the influencer shares a post regarding your brand or a particular product, you can repost it on your own Instagram business account. However, instead of just sharing the post, you can try to recommend the influencers account to your followers as well. This will help in strengthening your relationship with the influencer as you provide value to them in return.


With these tips and suggestions, you will be able to build and improve your relationship with the Instagram influencers. This will not only help you in fostering a better connection with them but also drive your business to success. You can also use some other methods for helping your business grow on Instagram. Mr. Insta provides a range of premium Instagram services that can help business accounts in growing their followers, views, likes, and other metrics. You can also choose to buy Instagram Impressions. The Instagram Impressions and Reach service helps in pushing your content towards the “viral” effect. It allows you to take a look at how many people have seen your post, and it also helps in increasing your ranking through the hashtags.

All the services provided by Mr. Insta guarantee 100% safety and privacy. We never ask for your account passwords to deliver services to increase engagement on your account. The results of the services start within 24 to 72 hours after placing the order, and they continue until the delivery is complete. The Mr. Insta customer service is also available for its customers 24/7 to answer any queries they may have. If you want to drive engagement to your account, opt for our premium services today!

How to Maintain Good Relations with Instagram Influencers to Help Your Business Grow by Mr. Insta Team,
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