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How to Ensure Your Instagram Comment Section Doesn’t Look Spammy After Buying Instagram Followers

How To Ensure Your Instagram Comment Section Doesn’t Look Spammy After Buying Instagram Followers

If you’re an individual who’s looking to make it big as an influencer, you’ve got to tap into the massive potential of Instagram. However, starting from scratch on Instagram is a tough task. Even if you post content daily, it’s still going to take a lot of time and effort for you to amass a following that’s strong enough to give you fame and fortune. That’s why a lot of aspiring influencers are choosing to buy Instagram followers these days.

Buying followers on Instagram is one of the best ways to quickly scale the Instagram ladder. One of the problems that comes with buying followers on Insta is that a lot of spam appears in the comments section. In this article, we’re going to advise you on how you can steer clear of the spam even if you do purchase followers on Instagram.

1. Prevent random accounts from following you

A lot of Instagram spam comes from random accounts that follow you. When you buy followers on Insta, there’s a high chance that a lot of random Insta accounts will start following you. While some of these accounts may belong to real individuals, others may be bots, and it’s the bots that do the spamming more often than not. Typically, such accounts post abusive and inappropriate content, but there are ways through which you can put their activities on your page to bed for good.

For starters, you should change the privacy settings of your account and make your account a private one. After you do this, you will get follow requests every time another account or page wants to follow you. You can check out these pages individually to figure out the pages that are genuine and the ones that are fake. By doing this, you have total control over the pages you want as your Instagram followers.

You should also turn off follow suggestions on the platforms. Follow suggestions work like this – your account, along with other accounts from similar niches, will be shown to people who may be interested in what you’ve got to offer. While keeping follow suggestions enabled may grant your page more exposure, it also increases the chances of random accounts following you and leaving spam comments across your posts. So, we recommend turning off your follow suggestions to steer clear of accounts that are likely to spam your Instagram feed.

Another option you have to prevent spam followers from leaving their mark is to report them and block the accounts. When you hit the ‘Report’ option on Insta, a dialog box opens up asking you the reason why you’ve reported the account. If you’re reporting an account primarily because of spamming, choose the ‘It’s spam’ option in the dialog box. The moderators at Instagram will check the reported account, and if other accounts have reported it as well, they will block it within a few days.

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2. Put an end to spam likes

Accounts that are notorious for spamming are also likely to leave spam likes across your posts. While spam likes won’t do as much damage as spam comments, it’s still wise to do away with them for good. Again, the answer lies in stopping spam followers from following you in the first place using the steps we mentioned in the previous point.

However, if you’d like to keep your account public but still want to avoid spam likes, you’ll have to identify the spam accounts. Once you’ve identified the accounts, you should report them. If you have a lot of spam followers, this will be a time-consuming process. However, at the end of the day, it would be worth it as it would help you to steer clear of spam likes and comments in the long run.

Stop Your Followers From Posting Spam Comments

3. Stop your followers from posting spam comments

Now that you know how to avoid Instagram spam likes and followers, it’s time to take a look at what you can do to steer clear of spam comments.

  • First, open the ‘Settings’ page and head to the ‘Privacy’ section.
  • Next, go to ‘Comments’.
  • In the ‘Comments’ page, you’ll come across plenty of comment customization options. For instance, you can block certain users from commenting on your posts. There are comment filtration options as well, which you can use to avoid comments containing inappropriate or abusive content.

The comment filtration options are particularly beneficial for Instagram business pages. Spam accounts often follow Insta business pages and promote their own dubious businesses through spam comments. You can filter such comments so that no other business can advertise its products and/or services across your posts.

4. Avoid spam mentions and tags

Spam mentions and tags may also make things difficult for you on Instagram. However, there are ways through which you can deal with spam mentions and tags as well. If you don’t want your page mentioned and/or tagged in spam posts, you can do the following:

  • Open the ‘Settings’ page and go to the ‘Privacy’ section.
  • Next, open the ‘Tags’ page.
  • On the ‘Tags’ page, you can choose the accounts that can mention or tag your account.
  • You can also turn on manual tag approval, i.e. if another account wants to tag your page, it will have to first be approved by you.

You can also make changes to existing tags. For example, if the manual tag approval setting is turned off and your page is mentioned or tagged in a post that isn’t to your liking, you can remove the tags or hide them depending on your preference.

5. Steer clear of spam DMs

There are many Instagram spammers who use the platform’s DM feature to spam other pages. The messages typically feature content that requests other pages to become their brand ambassadors or to like and/or follow their content and pages. Once again, Instagram provides some helpful features that allow users to put a stop to spam DMs for good. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go the ‘Privacy’ page from your Insta Settings
  • Next, head on over to the ‘Messages’ section.
  • Proceed by choosing to receive DMs only from the pages you follow.

It’s also important that you keep an eye out for the pages that you decide to follow. For example, if you’re following an Instagram page which is notorious for spamming, you’ll still get DMs from it even after you’ve blocked dubious Instagram followers. So, in such a scenario, you should first unfollow the spam page and then make changes to your DM settings.

Types of Insta spammers and how spamming can affect your Insta page

When spamming first started on Insta, it was relatively simple and there wasn’t much in terms of variation. However, as Insta got bigger and bigger, spammers started to find more innovative ways than before for spamming other users of the app. In this section, we’d like to tell you about the types of spammers that you can expect to encounter on Instagram, and how their activities can affect your page. There are roughly three types of Insta spammers:

  • Those who spam aggressively: These types of spammers typically display a lot of aggression in their behavior. They typically start following you and immediately start sending DMs, posting spam comments, and tagging and mentioning your page on their posts. Occasionally, such spammers also encourage users to click on certain links while claiming that clicking on those links will generate more Instagram likes and/or followers.
  • Those who spam passively: Passive spammers are harder to identify as they maintain quite a low-profile so as not to arouse any suspicious. Typically, these spammers have profiles without profile pictures, and if they do have them, the pictures are typically seductive. Through these seductive images, they hope to gain more likes and followers. They also tend to make use of Insta’s Stories feature more than the other features of the platform. Their stories typically feature links to dubious services that claim that they can increase users’ engagement on Insta.
  • Those who reciprocate: These spammers are in the business of trading likes and followers on Insta. They typically work by posting a comment such as ‘like for like’ or ‘follow for follow’, i.e. if you like and/or follow their posts and pages, they’ll follow yours. These spammers typically don’t do much harm. However, if you don’t weed them out at the earliest, the comments sections across all your posts may end up looking really spammy.

So, now that you know about the different types of spammers on Insta, it’s time to talk about why spamming on Insta can be bad for your page. Well, for starters, if your posts are full of spam comments, a lot of genuine followers will be distracted by them and they won’t pay attention to your posts anymore. The folks at Instagram also make frequent changes to the platform’s algorithm, putting stricter restrictions on spammers. So, if you have a lot of spam followers, there’s a high chance that your growth won’t be considered as organic by Instagram.


So, at the end of the day, it’s best to stay away from spam followers and instead grow your Insta page organically. If you have a brand and are on Instagram, promote it on the platform by getting a large number of organic followers. If you do have to buy followers, it’s best to choose a service such as Mr. Insta, which allows Insta pages to grow rapidly without any long-term issues.

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