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How to Curate Your Feed to Build a Consistent Viewer Base on Instagram?

How To Curate Your Feed To Build A Consistent Viewer Base On Instagram?

If you want more Instagram views, you’ve got to take a look at your feed and make changes if necessary. Many brands and influencers over the years have enjoyed success on the platform by curating their feeds. But what does a curated Instagram feed mean? What are its benefits? And how can you curate your feed for building a consistent viewer base on the platform? If you want to know the answers to these questions, you’re at the right place. So, sit back and keep reading, as we give you all the vital information on how you can go about curating your Instagram feed.

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A curated feed on Instagram: What does it mean?

Have you ever visited a feed on Instagram where you’ve experienced a certain degree of consistency regarding certain elements such as:

  • Style and mood of the posts
  • Color palette
  • Lighting
  • Subject matter
  • Use of other people’s content

If you have, then you already have a rough idea of what a curated feed on Instagram is. Quite simply, Instagram users curate their feeds to achieve cohesion, which ensures that their feeds are aligned to their respective brand sensibilities and personalities. Typically, once an Instagram feed is curated, the individual or group of individuals responsible for operating the feed don’t deviate from it. Over time, this leads to consistency, and followers begin to know what to expect from the feed.

What are the benefits of a curated feed on Instagram?

Curating feed on Instagram is a time-consuming process, and it takes a lot of effort as well. But why do so many brands and influencers on the platform curate their feeds? Well, the answer is simple – curating Instagram feed results in a variety of long-term benefits such as:

  • Brands can learn more about their audiences: For a brand that’s active on Instagram, it’s vital to understand what its target audience wants. Through content curation, brands can experiment with a wide variety of ideas, themes, and topics to determine the content that truly captivates their respective audiences. This knowledge can allow brands to become more imaginative over time when it comes to creating their own content.
  • Curated feeds look visually appealing: By nature, human beings are drawn to things that look good, and it’s no different for your Instagram feed. When you curate your feed on Instagram, you achieve consistency in the use of lighting and color palette. This contributes to the feed looking visually spectacular, which is bound to increase viewership.
  • More knowledge about the niche: One of the major challenges of curating Instagram feeds involves reading up about the latest trends and happenings not just in the niche your brand operates in, but also in other niches related to your brand. However, it’s important to remember that every challenge that comes your way is also an opportunity. Quite simply, when you have more knowledge about what’s happening in your niches and other related niches, you can spot developing trends faster than competitors.
  • Positions your brand as a thought leader: Content curation on Instagram feeds are heavily reliant on using others’ content. However, it’s not only about using others’ content – if you want to curate content properly, you should also add your opinions and thoughts. When you do this consistently, your brand is likely to be seen by people as a thought leader in your niche. Eventually, this will make it easier for your brand to connect and collaborate with other thought leaders from a variety of other niches.

How You Can Curate A Killer Instagram Feed

How you can curate a killer Instagram feed

So, now you know what a curated Instagram feed is and what its benefits are. Now, it’s time to go through all the steps you can take to curate an impressive Instagram feed that’s perfect for building a consistent viewer base.

  • Find the right posting frequency: Posting frequently on Instagram can work wonders – that’s common knowledge. But the word ‘frequently’ means different things for different brands. For example, some brands can post 10 times a day, with each post offering high-quality images and information to your audiences. For others, twice a day works well. So, the trick is to find the posting frequency that works for your brand. Quite simply, when it comes to posting frequency, you shouldn’t compare yourself with other brands. The best way to go about it is to prioritize quality over quantity. Even if you post once per day, it should be fine as long as you’re providing quality to your target audience.
  • Establish image cohesion by using a grid system: On Instagram feeds, images appear stacked, i.e. one on top of another. If you’re aiming for image cohesion, it can be difficult to imagine images that complement each other the way they appear within a typical Instagram feed. What we recommend is to create a grid and place the images within the grid. In a grid system, the images will appear right next to each other in rows and columns, and you can find out whether or not they complement each other. If they do, they’re a perfect fit for your curated fit. If they don’t, remove the images that don’t go with the overarching themes and go again.
  • Stick to a single filter: Instagram offers you a diverse array of filters to spice up those images. For casual users, this means a lot of stuff to experiment with. However, for brands, it’s important to test different filters and find out one that really brings their respective personalities to the fore. Again, the aim of doing this is to achieve image cohesion. If you’re continuously applying different filters to different images, you’ll only end up confusing the viewers.
  • Focus on building a relationship with your target audience: Many brands fail to make a mark on Instagram because they mistake Instagram for a purely selling platform. Sure, Instagram is undoubtedly an incredible place to market your products and services. However, most importantly, it’s a place to build a relationship with your target audience. Once a solid relationship is built between you and your target audience, your Instagram followers will naturally want to buy from you. So, don’t go overboard trying to sell on Instagram – focus on relationship-building, and the sales will happen automatically. Also, don’t try to badmouth the competition for the sake of appearing superior – this tactic seldom works.
  • Add a dash of variety to your posts without compromising on consistency: This is easier said than done, but it’s important that you do it because if your viewers see the same types of posts on an everyday basis, they’re bound to get bored. For instance, you could post an image followed by an infographic whose color palette is similar to the previously-posted image. This will ensure that there’s a certain degree of diversity in your posts, which will keep your viewers engaged and hungry for more.
  • Speak to your audience through well-written captions: High-quality images are undoubtedly important for success on Instagram, but you’ve got to back those images up with high-quality captions as well. Too many brands focus exclusively on images and end up with posts that feature below-par captions – that’s not something you’d want to do. Once you’ve decided on an image that you want to post, spare some time to write a caption that complements the image. Also, the caption should capture your brand voice, i.e. how your brand would sound if it were a living, breathing human being.
  • Think beyond the feed: While this article is exclusively about the Instagram feed, the fact is that as a business, you simply can’t think only about your feed. Over the years, the folks at Instagram have continued to improve the platform with a variety of interesting features. Ideally, you should explore all these features to share content with your followers in different ways. For instance, you can use the Instagram Stories feature for temporary posts to share the latest announcements and news about your brand. You can take to Instagram Reels as well for entertaining audiences through cleverly-created short-form video content. There’s the Remix video editing feature too, which allows brands to react to other videos. All in all, there’s a lot to do on Instagram apart from maintaining your curated feet – so, you better do them all!


If reading this article overwhelmed you, let us reassure you – it’s not all that difficult once you get down to it and be a bit persistent. Of course, if you’re new to the Instagram scene, it’ll take you some time to find your footing on the platform. But the key to Instagram success is in persevering and continuously improving.

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