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How to Create an Instagram Content Feed for a Picky Audience?

How To Create An Instagram Content Feed For A Picky Audience?

For Instagram users, there is no shortage of choices on the platform regarding the variety of content and products available. According to a Statista report, there were more than 25 million active business profiles on Instagram in 2017, and the numbers have only grown since then. With the more excellent options, the Instagram audience also holds greater power in their hands. Instead of impulse buying and consumption, the audience prefers to conduct careful research before interacting with a brand or a content creator. Thus, it has become essential for content creators and brands to provide value to a demanding audience.

The ultimate objective of the audience is to find content that gives them a return on investment (whether it is time or money) and some positive value too. Besides, they have developed an understanding of what authenticity looks like. As the new-age digital audience navigates the world of searching and researching, it rests on the content creators to provide them with something unique. If content creators and brands want a more significant share of the market, they have to look for new content. Since consumers will most likely conduct thorough research before following you, content creators and brands need to research their audience. With the relevant data about the choices and interests of the consumers, you will be able to provide them with better content.

If you are looking for a guide for overhauling your content creation strategy to suit the tastes of the new-age Instagram audience, then you have come to the right place. We will give you tips for designing your Instagram content and creating a better content feed in the following sections.

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Design tips for Instagram content

Following are some tips that every content creator, brand, and Instagram business should take into consideration when designing their images for the post:

1. Define a focal point in the image

You want your Instagram post to be compelling the audience to pause and engage with your content. The first step is to set a focal point for the image. If your idea has too many elements, it can look quite busy and confusing to the followers. If your image looks very busy, the audience might move over to something new. For creating a focal point, you can use bold contrast, convergence, isolation, or incorporate something unusual.

2. Remember the Rule of Thirds

You need to divide your image into a 9-part grid in this rule. To execute the rule of thirds, you need to ensure that the most exciting image features are aligned along the intersections of the part. If you want to use a more creative technique, you can align the image to include the focal point in one-third of the picture.

3. Borders and white edges

Another way to make unique Instagram posts is by ensuring that there is some white space left around the borders. This technique can help in making your image more attractive to the audience. By including white edges, in addition to the rule of thirds and setting focal point, you will be able to ensure that your design elements have room to breathe.

4. Contrast and balance

If you want your post to stand out in the sea of similar content, it is essential to include contrasting elements. You can contrast the fonts, colors, scale, shapes, white spaces, light, and exposure. By balancing these different contrasting elements, you will be able to ensure that your image pops out and compels the users to interact with your content.
How To Optimize The Instagram Content Feed

How to optimize the Instagram content feed

Now that you are familiar with the essential design tips, it is necessary to explore how to optimize your content feed. Here are some methods that can help generate the interest of the particular Instagram audience.

1. Behind the scenes

You can give the audience a preview of what goes on behind the scenes when creating content. Businesses on Instagram can also use this technique to show the audience their studio or workplace where all the action takes place. This allows the audience to connect with you on a more personal level.

2. Reviews

There can be instances when some of your followers leave you with a direct message (DM) praising your content or your brand and product. You can post a screenshot of the same on your feed or as a story. You can choose to blur out the sender’s details to protect their privacy. This will allow you to show appreciation to your followers, and it also helps build a brand identity.

3. Supporting social causes

When the Instagram audience can see that you are positively contributing to society, it certainly affects your brand’s image. It positions you as a content creator or business that goes out of its to help others.

4. Hosting giveaway or contest

If you want to generate a buzz on the platform and get the attention of Instagram users, you can consider holding a giveaway contest. To do so, all you would have to do is to create a video that explains the rules of the contest, along with the images of the prizes.

5. Showcase your services/products in action

You can demonstrate how your products or services work through your posts if you own an Instagram business. This helps in creating interest in your products. You can show yourself using the product/service or feature one of your clients. This will ultimately help in turning your followers into loyal customers.

6. Promotional campaign

You can consider running a niche marketing campaign to offer some exclusive deals and discounts to Instagram users. This also piques the interest of the Instagram audience. After all, who doesn’t love a great deal?

7. Seasonal content

If you want to hold the viewers’ attention, it is essential to curate content according to the season. If it is the holiday season, it would be a good idea to come up with holiday-related posts. Similarly, you can alter content according to occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

8. Tutorials and how-to posts

If you want to project yourself as an expert in your field in the eyes of the audience, you can include how-to posts or short tutorials in your content feed. To do so, you can consider making a one-minute video, carousel post, or just an image with step-by-step instructions.

9. Explainer videos

Another way to establish yourself as an expert in your field is through an explainer video. These are one-minute clips through which you can give advice and tips, explain how something works, or impart some helpful information.

10. User-generated content

Including user-generated content in your Insta feed will help you in engaging your followers and also help in highlighting your page to other followers. You can ask your followers to post content related to your brand and tag your account in the caption. You can also encourage them to tag their friends in the post so that your account can be discovered by new followers too.

11. Review products

Product reviews generate a lot of interest on the platform. If you are an expert in a particular industry, you can post reviews of products. This content idea can be a great way to capture the attention of the Instagram audience.

12. Events

One of the best ways to connect with the customer is by hosting events, whether they are online or offline. You can host an event using Instagram live, which can be added to your content feed later. The events can also be in the form of challenges. For example, if you own a publishing business, you can host a ‘write-a-thon’ that will encourage writers on the platform to post their content.

13. Preview of IGTV videos

The IGTV option on Instagram allows you to post long-form video content. However, this content is often abandoned by the new audience. Since the platform functions on the basic premise of holding the viewers’ attention, it would be good to post a one-minute clip from the long IGTV video.

14. Repurpose content

If you post content on blogs or other social networks like Twitter YouTube, it would be a good idea to post it on Instagram. You can repurpose this content to draw in a new Instagram audience.

15. Collaboration

Collaboration is another great way to expose your content to a new audience. Cross-promotion is widely considered to be a win-win situation for everyone involved.


By using the tips above and techniques, you will create content that will undoubtedly get the particular audience’s attention on Instagram. If you are looking to expand your reach on Instagram, you can also consider the Free Instagram Followers service from Mr. Insta. We provide a range of premium services like free Instagram comments, free Instagram followers, and free Instagram likes, which help promote new and organic growth on the platform. Mr. Insta assures 100% safety and privacy with every order. You will be able to see the results within 24-72 hours of placing the order, and the delivery will always be more than you purchase. Contact us today to know more about our services!

How to Create an Instagram Content Feed for a Picky Audience? by Mr. Insta Team,
Instagram Optimization and Hashtags Research
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