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How To Align Your Instagram Marketing To Your Pinterest Marketing

How To Align Your Instagram Marketing To Your Pinterest Marketing

Instagram is a global photo and video sharing platform used by individuals and businesses alike. People use it to enjoy access to unlimited visual content from creators all over the world, while businesses and companies use it to expand their markets and increase profits.

The platform has now become the most important destination for social media marketing, and naturally, anyone would want to make the most out of it. Successful businesses and influencers with a huge number of real Instagram followers understand this and thereby utilize another platform available to them. The second platform is Pinterest, and it is incredibly important to align your Instagram digital marketing strategy with your Pinterest account.

Importance of Instagram marketing and growth

Getting followers on Instagram is not as easy as it once was. This does not mean that it’s impossible, but it does mean that the increasing competition on the app cannot be ignored. No matter the niche of your content, there will be competing businesses or content creators in the field.

However, using the right tools and being smart about the decisions you make can have a lasting impact on your Instagram growth.

Your brand depends on it

Whether you’re a small business or an individual creator, you’re a brand on Instagram whose content and products are consumed by your followers. How well your brand performs, how much of a following you garner, and how effectively you sell your products – all are deciding factors in how your brand is faring.

It boils down to having a reliable Instagram marketing strategy and using it to the fullest. Marketing strategies and businesses go hand in hand, and being on an online platform does not make your brand an exception to it. On the contrary, it becomes that much more important for you to have a clear view of your strategy.

More reach and bigger profits

Every business on Instagram constantly strives to expand into a larger audience and make their followers desire their product or content. When you know your strategy, you’ll also have a clear view of what you need to do in order to reach a new audience while keeping the old and long-time followers invested.

Your products will be consumed by followers who have been following you for a long time and who trust your quality. They will also be bought by new customers who want to give it a try. Once you gain more followers, the number of new consumers will also increase proportionally.

Why align with Pinterest marketing

Pinterest is another huge visual platform, and here’s why you need it to further your Instagram visions and goals.

Expand into a Wider Audience

There is always scope of reaching new followers, and Pinterest will do so by introducing your content to the prospective customer.

Exponential Scope of Growth

Your Instagram will have the advantage of gaining followers through Pinterest.

Link-Friendly Platform

The pins made on Pinterest can be further linked to your specific Instagram post. If a user finds the pin interesting, they may choose to click on the attributed link and visit your Instagram page.

High Referral Traffic

With its ability to send a follower directly to your Instagram, the traffic on your page gradually increases. With time, your engagement levels and following will also spike.

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Ways to align your Instagram marketing with Pinterest marketing

Now you know why it is important to identify the role that Pinterest can play in your Instagram growth. Once you know and understand the importance, you’ll be able to use these tricks of the trade that will help you achieve your goal.

Utilize Search Engine Tools

SEO is the best friend of anyone who wishes to put out their content on social media and gain a respectable reach or exposure. At its most basic level, Pinterest is simply a visual search engine visited by millions of people every day. What you want to do is take advantage of these daily visitation statistics.

Using target keywords specific to your product or content in your descriptive text will allow the content a chance to be viewed by potential customers or followers. Optimized content is the best way you can ensure that people to whom this niche is relevant can find you on Pinterest and subsequently on Instagram.

Why Align With Pinterest Marketing

Claim Your IG Account

Perhaps the most crucial step in aligning both your Instagram and Pinterest accounts is to first claim your IG account. What this basically means is that your Pinterest and Instagram accounts will now be linked and, any posts pinned from your Instagram account will be attributed to you.

This works even if someone else pins your Instagram content. A “Follow” button will appear under the pin, and you can easily get traffic, and Instagram likes when the audience clicks on the pin.

Claimed accounts also get additional stats on the pins made, and everyone knows how instrumental they are in online marketing and growth.

Pin Content you Published on Instagram

Make it a point to first publish a post on Instagram and then use its URL to pin it on Pinterest. Once you’ve copied the link and chosen a relevant board for the post, pin it and wait for the traffic to roll in. With your final aim as an increase in your following or more Instagram comments, it is only natural that you should first post there.

After publishing and then using the link for Pinterest, the post automatically gets attributed to you. It is therefore extremely important that this step must not be skipped.

Focus on Quality

When you want your audience to click on a pin, you have to make sure that your content quality makes them want to do so. Pinterest is all about aesthetics and visuals, and your visual content must be able to push your followers into clicking on that Instagram link.

It is not just the picture resolution that is of use in this situation, you must also be mindful of the theme of your post and which board you’re tagging it in. Ask yourself whether your content provides value to your followers and what kind of content would make you click on it if you were a part of your audience.

When you have these answers, you’ll know what you need to post. Brainstorming and coming up with original ideas always pays back on social media. The more unique your content is, the more it will be shared. You don’t have to come up with something outrageous that has never been done before, you can simply be a part of your niche in your own unique way.

Use Hashtags Wisely

Like Instagram, Pinterest also uses hashtags. The trick lies in using a few hashtags that are extremely relevant to your account or the particular post. When you combine a description that has the ideal keywords with a few hashtags that bolster the text, you’ll attract organic traffic to your pin.

As your pins get pinned to the boards of other Pinterest users, you’ll slowly but surely notice an increase in your Instagram visit stats as well. Good pins ensure that your content plays the long run and stays in the game even when your Instagram post has become old news.

Catchy Titles Make All the Difference

Since Pinterest is basically a search engine, it is only natural that it should also have a title that catches the eye of a prospective follower. After a good quality photo, your pin title is what makes the user decide to stay and read what you have to offer.

If your title is boring and does not particularly appeal to the follower, they might save the pin but getting a click-through to your Instagram account would be difficult. This is where SEO plays a key role. You should know what your followers want and what would attract new followers.

Re-share Your IGTV or Reels Video Content and Pin Stories

Even though Pinterest is largely used to share visual content in the form of pictures, it also has video-sharing as another option. Now businesses are using IGTV and Reels to give their customer base even more information and get them more invested in their brand.

Like your photo posts, you can also repurpose your video content to Pinterest. From DIYs and life hacks to tutorial videos, you can post anything that you deem of value to your general audience. If an IGTV video or a short reel performed well on Instagram, there is no reason why it wouldn’t do the same on Pinterest.

Both Instagram and Pinterest have their own unique algorithms, and understandably, their marketing strategies vary as well. However, aligning your strategy for both platforms can make a huge difference in your online presence and brand exposure. The rules for achieving your online goals are not set in stone. The secret lies in knowing the basics and using trial and error to get the hang of what works the best for you. Once you have that figured out, growth will be a stone’s throw away.

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