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How Does ‘Instagram Live Badges’ Help Influencers?

How Does 'Instagram Live Badges' Help Influencers?

The year 2020 saw a lot of ups and downs, with the pandemic affecting the whole world. The digital world saw an upsurge in the number of users as people began to depend more and more on it for everything, from education to livelihood and entertainment. While the real world came to a halt, the digital world experienced growth like never before.

Instagram has become a rave and has constantly been growing. With an increasing database of users, the social media platform has constantly been updating to offer the best services to all users. One such update or feature is the ‘Instagram Live Badges’ that was introduced in May 2020 to help the creators and influencers, in particular, make money.

What is Instagram Live Badge?

Instagram users all over the world started using the social media platform for several reasons. While for some Instagram followers, the purpose was entertainment; for others, it was for their livelihood. Influencers on the platform are offered an opportunity to make more money, and the Instagram Live Badge is a feature that will support them immensely.

The creators have always been the core of the Instagram community. They have inspired people around the world with their talent as they have built their personal brand from the ground up. Instagram Live Badge is a feature or monetization concept that allows users to make money through live streaming. Instagram has rolled out the feature to nearly fifty thousand creators. The feature lets the users monetize their streaming with fan badges. The concept is similar to Twitch and TikTok and allows real Instagram followers to ‘tip’ the creators and influencers during their live stream.

Creators are committed to turning their passion into a livelihood, and Instagram is committed to the creators because they believe that every creator is unique. To offer a mix of monetization tools to passionate Instagram users and to influence more to emerge, the social media platform introduced Instagram live Badges. It was introduced by Instagram as a way for its users to make a monetary contribution directly to their favorite creators. Users who contribute receive a badge in exchange, which is displayed next to their name when they comment on a live stream.

How do the badges work?

Instagram felt the need to improve the lives of creators and offer them a tool they can benefit from. Given the uncertain circumstances faced by many people around the world, a monetary tool would help creators make a decent living. Instagram announced the introduction of Instagram Live Badges as a new way for their creators to grow revenue on Instagram live and IGTV.

Creators have embraced Instagram Live, and their dedication saw an upsurge in the usage of this platform. The increase in the views was influenced by creators such as dancers, fitness instructors, chefs, artists, and more. Instagram Live helped these creators as well as businesses to stay connected with their followers, and the badges helped them generate income.

Did you know that fans who have contributed to the purchase of the badges on Instagram Live will stand out in the comments throughout the live video? Purchasers can also access additional features that include placement on the creator’s list and a special heart. They also receive a thank you for contributing to the creator’s work. It is vital to note that there is no obligation towards Instagram users to contribute to view the content. Only those who choose to contribute to the content are rewarded with a badge.

The Instagram Live Badges are available in three different levels, and it is based on the number of hearts that are available to purchase. In addition to Instagram likes, Instagram followers will see three different options to purchase a badge. These options are available during the live streaming of creator content. The three options include the following.

  • 1 heart for $0.99
  • 2 hearts for $1.99
  • 3 hearts for $4.99

It is reported that creators will receive 100% of the contribution made towards them. They will also be able to see how many hearts a real Instagram follower has purchased and who is supporting them, thanks to the visual icon in the chat stream.

How can you get Instagram Live Badges?

Not every person in the world is given an opportunity to turn their passion into a profession. It is a rare opportunity that many fail to experience. Everyone needs to make money and a profession aids in their livelihood. To sustain as a creator or an influencer on Instagram, and continue their passion, monetary benefits was the rightful path. That’s exactly why Instagram created the badges.

In the initial stages, Instagram rolled out the badges only to a selected few creator, and they continued to roll it out to creators. The feature was tested using a small group of creators after which it was offered to a group of 50,000 creators. Instagram users all across the world are eagerly waiting for Instagram Live Badges. It is believed that Instagram Live Badges will be offered to the US, UK, Brazil, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, and Spain markets first. If you are a resident of any of these countries, you may be the lucky one to be one of the firsts to experience this feature on Instagram.

The Instagram Live Badges feature could have been a part of your Instagram account sooner than now. Most creators who filled in a form were offered the badges when it rolled out. You can get early access to other new beneficial features of Instagram by filling out a form on the social media platform. The monetization opportunity is the newest feature on Instagram and an opportunity for influencers on the platform.

Why Is Instagram Live Badges Good For The Influencers?

Why is Instagram Live Badges good for the influencers?

Gone are the days when Instagram likes, and comments were the only signs that an influencer has made a mark on, or positively impacted the followers. With the increased number of users, the social media platform has experienced growth and has added new features to help the users stay connected, at the same time feel appreciated. The Instagram Live Badges was one of them.

Once the feature Instagram Live Badges was rolled out on trial, the social media platform experienced a 70% increase in views within a month. The creators were already creating content to be posted on the platform with or without Instagram live Badges, and the feature helped them create revenue for their stream with the content they already had.

The feature helps creators and Instagram followers stay connected as well. It not only helps them generate revenue with their content, it also aids in bringing them closer to their real Instagram followers. While most people believe that staying connected and generating money are not the only benefits offered by the badges, it doesn’t just stop there.

Did you know that when influencers stream on Instagram, they do it with a purpose? The connection between them and their Instagram followers is personal. They create a strong bond wherein their followers trust them and the brands they promote. The badges can offer them exclusivity on the social media platform, and in turn, create a sense of pride.

As much as it is believed that badges were introduced to support creators, how does it support the influencers? Influencers are a huge part of Instagram. There are people like us who, with their talent, have a huge impact on our lives. These influencers can be anyone, from a professional dancer to a home chef, a mother, and more. Influencers on Instagram have built trust among users. They play an important role in the lives of their Instagram followers who believe in them.

There is no restriction imposed on the influencers. They can promote any brand they believe in. In fact, they are the brand ambassadors on the platform, and their followers see them as someone they can trust which gives them a feeling of success. Indeed, there are mega-influencers or celebrities, public figures on the platform as well who tend to take the limelight. But when you talk about real Instagram followers, they tend to be dedicated towards the influencers as they can easily trust them to be one of their own. The followers can use Instagram Life Badges and show their support to the influencers, which will also help to build a sense of a VIP community.

Instagram Life Badges plays a huge role in the lives of the creators. Once this feature is rolled out to all users, it can positively influence the lives of influencers as well. Influencers, especially those who promote small scale businesses, can enjoy the monetary benefits and promote businesses that cannot invest in promotional activities.

Instagram Life Badges can influence and support more than just the creators. A lot of businesses can benefit from it as well. It can also help the social media platform grow as it is the single best place in the digital world that lets users tell their story, grow their audience, and make a decent living.

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