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Give Your Instagram Photos an Edge with these Photo Editing Apps

Give Your Instagram Photos An Edge With These Photo Editing Apps

Instagram is a visual platform, so it comes as no surprise that photographers all over the world make use of it to share their photos of high quality. If you want to experience business growth and see a rise in the number of Instagram followers you have, editing your photos is a crucial aspect of the Instagram marketing process you simply can’t miss out on.

Instagram has a basic photo editor for users, but if you really want your pictures to stand out, making use of some popular photo editing apps can help give your photos an edge over the competition, allowing you to get more Instagram likes and thereby attract more real Instagram followers.

With the help of a photo editing app, you can resize your photos to meet Instagram’s square specifications without compromising on the quality of the photo. You can even adjust design and display elements, create flipbooks and infographics, add text captions, as well as overlays. Effects including changing of hue, saturation, colour, and so much more can be added with the right photo editing app to help set your pictures apart from the rest.

Here are some photo editing apps you can benefit from using as part of your Instagram marketing strategy.


This free app is available for iOS and Android users. Using Snapseed, you can enrich the colors in your photo, double up on the attractive factor on your selfies, and even smoothly get rid of people in the background of your pictures. It’s super easy to use, so even if you’re not a pro at editing, you won’t have a difficult time with it. You can add filters and special effects to your photos, as well as make use of white balance, tonal contrast, and lens blur to make the pictures stand out. If you’re a pro at photo editing, you’ll really enjoy using the HDR Scape, Perspective tools, and Double Exposure features to give your photos a professional look that can help you gain more real Instagram followers who are interested in your content.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC, the free photo editing app available on iOS and Android is one of the best photo editing apps created. With it, you can take pictures or record videos, and you also get to make use of its HDR mode, which extends the exposure scope of your pictures automatically. You can make use of its editing tools like tone curve with which you can adjust color, contrast, and exposure. You can also run a bulk edit of your photos by copying the same editing across several photos to give them a consistent style. You can even edit just a portion of the picture to try it out. It has a Premium feature known as Adobe Sensei, which can auto-tag your photos by making use of artificial intelligence.


Also available on iOS and Android, VSCO is a free app that’ll give you full control over your photo editing. You can take your photos with your phone’s front or rear camera with VSCO and make use of its advanced camera features while adjusting white balance, exposure, and other aspects of your photo. You can even edit photos on your desktop and receive the same results on your phone. With VSCO installed on your smartphone, you’ll also be part of a larger creative community of photographers that you can connect with to learn more about improving your photography skills.


With Afterlight, you can add beautiful filters to your photos and make your Instagram followers want to see more of your content. Although the app is freely available on Android and iOS, it does include some in-app purchases, but the good news is – they’re well worth it. The Instant Film Pack or the Wander Pack available through Afterlight costs just $0.99. on the free version of the app. With this, you’ll have access to numerous filters,, as well as textures that you can apply to your photos with the ease of a tap. Afterlight offers users the option of 15 free cropping pre-sets that can allow you to create photos to match the aspect ratio of photos on Instagram easily.


As the top paid app in 121 countries, Enlight has a lot to offer. You can be sure to get more Instagram likes on your photos by making use of the features of this app. It is priced at $2.99 and is available on iOS. With Enlight, you can create breath-taking black and white photos, create collages, and give your pictures an artistic touch. The built-in masking feature for each tool the app offers makes sure that the editing blends into your photos seamlessly. Once you’re done editing your photos, you can share them directly to your Instagram account and impress your Instagram followers.


If you want to post a great selfie or portrait, you’re going to have to put in a little more effort than just posing for a photo. Using Facetune can help you produce selfies and portraits that are sure to draw attention to your account. Available on Android and iOS, Facetune is priced between $3.99 and $4.59. You can work on editing various details of a face using Facetune, make use of its customizable filters, change colors, and remove any perceived imperfections from the photo. If you want, you can change your hairstyle, make your smile wider, or even accentuate your eyes to create a photo you’ll be happy to post for your Instagram followers.


The free app, PicStitch is available on Android and iOS and allows users to put photos together with more than 300 options for layouts. With PicStitch, you can perform several editing tasks, including the application of photo effects, mirror effects, or rotation of images. You can combine numerous photos into framed photos without spending too much time on it and export these photos in 15 aspect ratios. Although the basic version of PicStitch is available for free, you will need to make in-app purchases to be able to use all the features of the app.


The last thing you want is for your photo to be ruined with the wrong type of text. Text and photo combinations can be tricky, but with an app like Typic, you can easily add text to your photos to grab the attention of your Instagram followers. The app is available on iOS and costs $3.99. It offers 165 fonts, more than 500 design elements, and almost 100 filters so that you can create a mind-blowing post for your Instagram account. Using Typic, you can manually adjust RGB colors on your photos and export them in any of these formats: square, landscape, or portrait.


With this free app that’s available on Android and iOS, you can create portraits that your Instagram followers are sure to call flawless. There are over 200 pre-set styles that you can apply to a photo, along with available color options to help you to achieve high aesthetic standards. The app offers shadow, lipstick, and teeth whitening features, among many others, that can help you achieve the perfect look. While numerous features of the app are free to use, there are some features that need to be purchased if you want to make use of them within the app.


BLACK is a photo editing app freely available on iOS that will give your Instagram followers a blast from the past by helping you create black and white photos. With filters like AGFA apx 400 or Kodak TRI-x 400 available through the BLACK app, you can create stunning photos and post them to your Instagram account. Using the fade, curves, or vignette features of the app, you can achieve the look you want and create posts that will make your Instagram followers think that you used a professional camera.


Priced between $1.53 and $1.99, SKRWT is a lens and perspective correction app that is available for iOS and Android users. While it doesn’t allow you to take photos using the app or offer any other photo editing features, you can correct any lens imperfection for your photos easily. The app works best when used to enhance the photos taken using GoPro cameras and wide-angle lenses that usually curve the objects displayed in a photo. There are some extensions offered on the SKRWT app that help to provide more photo editing capabilities, but these need to be bought for $0.99.


Mextures is a great app for editing your Instagram photos, and it’s available for iOS users at $1.99. Using Mextures, you can choose from more than 150 textures, make your own filters, and select from almost 30 photo editing pre-sets. You can add several filters and effects to your photos since the app permits the use of infinite layers to create the photo that you want. You won’t have to struggle with it – this easy to use app is great even for beginners to create quality posts on Instagram.

With all these options, you may be wondering which one you should choose for your business. The choice of which app to use depends on your budget considerations, compatibility of apps with your device, ease of use, and most importantly, the type of editing you want to do using the app. Trying out different apps is a great way to get a feel of what works well for you so that you can make a decision and start boosting your business’ growth with photos that stand out.

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