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Frequently Asked Questions

It has been proven that having more followers leads to getting more followers. What we mean by this is that often accounts that have a large base of followers tend to grow quicker than accounts that have very little. Therefore, by purchasing Instagram Followers it can help you build your profile at a faster past. This is kind of like a kick start. If you were to come across two accounts that had similar content but one had 10,000 followers and the other had 100 it is likely that you would simply follow the larger of the two accounts. This is because that follower number suggested to you that it likely was the better of the two accounts. We are not at all saying this is fair, but it is unfortunately the reality of the social media world. Mr. Insta has been delivering high quality followers to accounts around the world since 2013. We are also the leading pioneer in giving away free Instagram followers. We are constantly changing and updating our delivery methods as new updates are being rolled out with Instagram. Rest easy knowing that you have entrusted a professional service with years of experience when it comes to growing your Instagram account.
The short answer is within 24 hours, and usually less! The long answer is that it can take 24-72 hours for orders to start on some occasions. We review every order that is placed on Mr. Insta to ensure accuracy and quality. We manually process these orders and strategically spread out orders to ensure the safety and integrity of your account. Larger orders typically take a little bit longer and any purchase that have been made that have any billing discrepancies will be put through additional review to ensure the safety of our clients. You will notice that many “cheaper” services online hardly collect any information and offer you services that are a few bucks. They do this in hopes that even if you don’t get the service, or are not happy with it that you won’t even bother wasting your time complaining about it. Therefore, they get the money regardless. The bottom line is that we will begin delivery of your service as quickly as we possibly can without compromising safety and quality!
Of course not! We have been delivering services since 2013 and are the leaders in Instagram marketing services. We always consider the safety of your account with every service we offer. To ensure your account is safe we continuously modify our delivery techniques as Instagram makes changes and updates. We are the trend setters in the industry and always have been. It is important that you choose a service with a proven reputation. There is not website out there that has a better one than ours.

9 Great Reasons to Buy Instagram Followers

9 Great Reasons to Buy Instagram Followers
Engage, Enlighten, Encourage and especially…just be yourself! Social media is a community effort; everyone is an asset. – Susan Cooper The social media scene is constantly changing. Brand new apps and features seem to pop up overnight, and it’s a mad dash to get on these platforms and start adding and tagging your friends and family. But before you know it, some of these sites are all but forgotten. In 2010, the popular image-sharing platform, Instagram, was created. Though many doubted its long-term popularity, Instagram quickly took center stage as the latest social media craze. It was so well-received in fact, that the social-media-giant, Facebook, bought the site for a mere 1 billion dollars just two years after Instagram took off. Surely Facebook saw the potential of the platform as a means to connect and engage with the world, and with that transaction, it became clear that Instagram was here to stay.
Businesses are now capitalizing on the widespread reach of the application, and since the creation of the Instagram Business Profile in 2016, there are now over 25 million business accounts on Instagram to date. In the eight short years since Instagram was founded, it gathered millions upon millions of users, and as of June 2018, the site reached an amazing 1 billion monthly users; with 500 million daily active users. This puts Instagram in second place behind Facebook’s 1.47 billion daily active users, and right ahead of the declining Snapchat with 191 million daily active users. With all of the hype around Instagram, it only was a matter of time before advertisers began to take notice. Businesses took to Instagram to do more than just promote their products; they started engaging and interacting with their customers on a person to person level. This changed the game for marketers across the industry. Not only were they able to advertise their business on social media—customers would actually seek them out! Nearly 80% of Instagrammers say they have willingly followed a business account. Many of them follow multiple accounts, and look at branded content every day. Since the Instagram Business Profile was created in 2016, over 25 million businesses are active on the site. They are liking, commenting, sharing, and posting alongside of their customers. Even though these business profiles can do virtually anything a personal profile can, with the sheer volume of content on Instagram, it is almost impossible to make their company’s voice stand out. Instagram’s algorithms are constantly shifting and with the latest algorithm update, engagement is the new focal point if you want your content seen by large audiences. So all of those likes, comments, and shares are what you’ll need in order to get your brand in front of consumers.

But how can companies begin to engage with customers if they’re brand new to Instagram, and don’t have anyone following them?

As the importance of engagement becomes impossible to ignore, businesses are choosing to buy Instagram followers. This choice instantly expands their audience, and boosts their engagement rates. Think you may want to buy followers? Read on for 9 great reasons why purchasing followers is the best marketing move for your growing business.

Increased brand visibility

Instagram favors popular profiles. In order to stand out as a business, you need to have a heavy following. The good news is, followers lead to more followers. If you make the choice to buy followers for Instagram, your site immediately is exposed to a much wider audience that is likely to follow you too! Even if another, similar, business page has the same level of engagement as yours, if you have more followers, Instagram will rank your page much higher in searches. This helps your page stand out amongst the rest, and in turn, people start flocking to your page.

Build a following on other social media networks

If you have a strong following on one social media site, it is likely that your popularity will spill over onto other platforms as well. As we already said, Facebook owns Instagram, and it is entirely possible that the company will absorb other social networks in the future as well. Most platforms already work seamlessly together, making it easy to share and send posts to many different sites. The more followers you have on Instagram, the more likely it will be that your audience will share your posts on other platforms, and send your posts to their friends across all networks.

The power of “social proof”

Scientists and psychologists have spent decades studying human behavior, and time and time again they conclude that people look to their friends and peers to learn how to behave. This idea even has a name, it’s called “social proof”. When it comes to social media, this rings true as well. We care about knowing the latest trends and being the first to post that funny GIF in a group chat. Not only do we care about knowing what’s popular, we care about looking popular ourselves. Consider this, when you’re browsing your Instagram or Facebook feed, and you see a post that has been up for a day with very few likes and comments on it, you will likely conclude that the post, and the user, is unpopular. It is exactly the same for businesses. If you are continually posting pictures that don’t get a lot of engagement, the followers you do have won’t think that your business is very likeable, or legitimate, and may even unfollow you. No one wants to be associated with something that is unpopular, but buying Instagram followers is a quick and easy fix for that problem.

Social media is the new Yelp

Social media is not just a tool for staying connected, it has become a tool for rating and commenting about businesses. Having a lot of followers is the equivalent to a bunch of positive reviews on your Yelp or Trip Advisor pages. It goes back to the idea of “social proof” that we were talking about. If a customer sees a lot of people follow and engage with your business, they will think that it is a good idea to follow and engage with your business too. But a low follower count can end the customer’s journey before it really even gets started. Keep your potential clients interested by boosting your ratings, and buying Instagram followers.

Build legitimacy for your business

Today’s consumer is much savvier than previous generations, and desires trustworthy, high-quality products. They want to see that a business knows what it’s doing, has proven experience in its industry, and that it’s legitimate. Whether you’re a small business, or a budding social media influencer, the more followers you have, the more #legit you will appear. If you’re constantly posting about how you have the best burger in town, but have a measly 300 followers, your customers aren’t going to believe you. No matter how big and juicy that double bacon cheese burger looks in that #nofilter post, if you don’t have followers, people will assume your restaurant isn’t any good.

Kick-start your marketing efforts

It’s a marketer’s best-kept secret. You wouldn’t think twice about paying for an ad to run in a magazine or on a website. When you buy followers on Instagram, you are essentially doing the same thing. You’re buying ad space. You’re buying the opportunity to be seen by countless potential customers, and you’re buying the chance to be right in the palm of their hand. That’s better than ad space in a magazine, because social media is much more personally connected to your customers. Think of buying followers like any other marketing expense. You likely already pay to promote posts on either Facebook or Instagram, nowadays, you really do have to pay to play. Sure, boosting a post on these sites may get you some extra likes and follows, but it is unlikely that your profile will gain a significant following overnight. The reality is you will be stuck paying out over and over again to only minimally tip the follower scale. You could spend the same amount of money you would to boost a single post on purchasing Instagram followers, and experience significant results right before your eyes.

Save time and resources

Social media without question is a full-time job. Paying someone to manage your social media accounts can get pricey, according to Sprout Social’s blog, the average social media manager makes well over $50,000 a year. Depending on experience level, they can make nearly $70,000 a year—plus benefits! Many new businesses don’t have the money or resources to employ a full-time social media manager, but they’re stuck with the fact that growing a healthy social media following takes time. When you buy Instagram followers, you are saving yourself the time and attention it would take to build that following organically. Go ahead and check “Build an Instagram following” off of your business’ To Do List, and spend your energy and resources on the important company initiatives that will help to drive your business’s success.

Everybody’s doing it

We’re not telling you to jump off a bridge here. The fact of the matter is that many people are already buying followers for their Instagram accounts. It’s true! Athletes, celebrities, artists, and even politicians all buy Instagram followers for their profiles. In doing so, they’re increasing the legitimacy of their site, and taking part in a marketing tactic that has been around for a while now. Buying Instagram followers will give you the competitive edge you need to make a mark on your industry.

Increase business profits

Every reason to buy followers has been building up to this one. The reason your business is on social media translates to dollars and cents. Once you build your reputation through purchasing followers, those followers will lead to more followers. This will make sure your business profile, and therefore your products, are much more visible to a much larger audience. The more people who see your products, the more likely it is that some of those people will become customers. And what do more customers mean? You guessed it—more money. Buying Instagram followers could be the first step on the road to increasing revenue for your business.

So what does this mean for your brand?

Social media has opened countless doors for businesses, and really changed the way companies market to their customer base. Brands are able to reach their customers in a very personal way, and because of this, the way businesses advertise their products will never be the same. Instagram is a powerful tool for marketers and customers alike who want to stay connected with their community. Remember, it has over 500 million daily active users. That’s 500 million future customers that have the potential to see your business’s page, and learn about your brand. But, getting your business in front of all of those people isn’t as simple as posting good content every day. With all the recent algorithm shifts, it is nearly impossible to grow a real following organically. You have to have regular engagement, and you have to have a healthy following. Making the choice to purchase Instagram followers is the best way to help your business reach a larger audience. An increase in followers means increased brand visibility on not just Instagram, but other social networks too. It makes your business appear to be more legitimate, will kick-start your marketing efforts, save you time and energy, and best of all, make your business money. So now the question is no longer, “Should I buy Instagram followers?”, it’s, “Why haven’t I done this sooner?” Invest those marketing dollars where you’re going to see results. Purchase Instagram “followers” from Mr. Insta, and open the door to increasing your brand’s legitimacy, web presence, and profits.

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