Instagram App For PC

The Best Instagram Apps for PC

29th April 2019 Change the way you share your moments with an Instagram app for PC The most beloved social media network of the present times is undoubtedly Instagram - the Facebook-owned photo and video sharing app that’s making the world go gaga over it for quite some time now. But the social network has made things a [...]
Worst Mistakes Rookie Instagrammers Make

The Worst Mistakes Rookie Instagrammers Make and How to Avoid Them

18th April 2019 You may be aware that Instagram is a leading photo and video sharing social network, and individuals and brand marketers are leaving no stone unturned to reach the 500 million daily active users. Instagram has been an active part of the digital world since 2010, but many of you are new to the platform. As [...]
Expert Instagram Post Tips

10 Essential Steps to Write an Outstanding Instagram Post

8th April 2019

When you want to be able to use your Instagram to grow your brand, there’s a lot more to it than posting an image and getting a million followers. In fact, with thousands of posts being added every second, you need to work smarter than ever before to stand out on social media. Let’s take […]

Download Instagram Stories

Easy Ways to Download Instagram Stories

4th April 2019 It’s the world’s favorite social media platform for a reason! Close to one billion people are active on Instagram every month while more than 500 million access the visual platform every day. Instagram beats WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter in terms of monthly active users. On average, Instagram users upload 95 million photos and an [...]
Instagram Verified Badge

How to get an Instagram Verified Badge for FREE

7th December 2018 Instagram is so popular nowadays that it’s hard to remember what we used to do without it. We had to pick up the phone and actually call our friends and family to find out what they’re up to—weird right? It goes without saying that Instagram is an amazing platform for connecting with people and sharing [...]
Planning My Instagram Feed

My 5 Essential Steps To Planning My Instagram Feed

22nd November 2018 There are more than 8 million accounts on Instagram using business profiles. So, all these businesses are using social media platforms to get in touch with their target audience, engage potential customers, and strengthen their brands’ reputation on the market. What is more, more than a half of the Instagram users are between 18 – [...]