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Best Instagram Styling Tips to Transform Your Feed

Best Instagram Styling Tips To Transform Your Feed

A good Instagram feed is necessary if you want to grow your brand on the social media platform. When potential Instagram followers first land on your profile, your Instagram feed is what they see. A professional, well-curated feed can help you build a strong brand identity, as well as attract real Instagram followers.

Your Instagram feed should have a consistent appeal, and be designed in a way where it’s visually pleasant. As a visual-heavy social media platform, to gain prominence on Instagram, your content should be picture and video heavy.

Why Do You Need a Good Instagram Feed?

Instagram has become a prominent platform that has an influence over consumer purchasing decisions. From influencers who promote sponsored products to actually selling through Instagram itself, the platform is readily used.

If you want to reach a large target audience, attract real Instagram followers and get more Instagram likes, then you’ll need a good Instagram feed. To have a good Instagram feed, you need to maintain a consistent theme throughout your feed.

You can do this is various ways. You can choose a consistent color scheme, aesthetic, borders, typography, and more.

What Makes a Good Instagram Feed?

There’s no one uniform way to make a good Instagram feed. There are various kinds of Instagram feeds, such as monochrome or vibrant. Different influences, artistic choices and ideas lead to different kinds of feeds. What unites them however, is that there ad certain principles used that boost that kind of feed.

In vibrant Instagram feeds for example, nearly every picture will usually have bright, youthful colors. In a pastel aesthetic based feed, the content will tend to appear in softer shades of color. Monochrome feeds don’t feature color. However, aside from the color palette, these feeds also have to be styled so that the feed looks consistently good.

How Do You Style Your Instagram Feed?

When you start using your Instagram account for the first time, you aren’t presented with any set way to design your profile. You can take any visual content you want, edit and add your chosen filter, and then upload your content.

While this is great for normal user profiles, business profiles need to be choosy about their feeds. Brands, influencers and anyone looking to build a following on Instagram needs to consider how they’re presenting themselves on Instagram.

With billions of users and an active community of users, Instagram has successfully established itself as a social media giant. This also makes it a competitive environment, with all kinds of businesses vying for consumer attention on the platform. If you want your profile to stand out, then your Instagram feed is the first place to start.

Remember that it’s the first thing your consumers will see when they land on uour profile. If first impressions matter, then you want to make this one absolutely count.

Here’s what you should know about styling your Instagram feed:

What You Should Know About Styling Your Instagram Feed

1. Choose Your Aesthetic

Your visual aesthetic should be carefully considered. The reason behind this is that it’s going to a be a core part of your visual representation on Instagram. The kind of aesthetic you choose will depend on the kind of brand you own.

Your brand aesthetic is how you want others to perceive and feel about your brand. A brand aesthetic is more than just one aspect of brand design, it’s essentially how you want others to feel about your business. That’s why a profile based around selling cakes will have a different aesthetic to one promoting business values.

To understand what your brand aesthetic is, you’ll need to define your industry and your niche. What kind of brand do you have? Why do you want to build your Instagram feed? Do you want real Instagram followers and Instagram likes? What are the goals that your Instagram feed is supposed to help you achieve?

Say you want more website traffic and you want to use your Instagram profile to achieve website growth. In this case, you can keep updating your Instagram Bio area with new links to the content you want your Instagram followers to view. You can also add captions that point them to your bio to check out your website. If your Instagram account is designed to boost website activity, your aesthetic could be focused on your already established website aesthetic.

However, before you can get an Instagram follower to browse through your content, they need to like your feed. A consistent aesthetic limits what you can do, but gives you a brand identity at the same time.

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2. Choose Your Color Palette

Your aesthetic can inform you about what your overall Instagram feed should look like. But your color palette will help you expand on your aesthetic. What this means is that there can be multiple kinds of Instagram feeds within the same aesthetic.

You can choose a pastel aesthetic for your feed and choose pink and white as your core colors. Another profile can pick the same aesthetic but choose blue and grey as the core colors. This will completely change how their profile appears in comparison to yours. However, both the profiles have similar aesthetic choices.

The colors you choose to represent your brand should reflect your existing brand colors. If you use certain colors often in your branding and collaterals design, consider incorporating them into your Instagram feed. Colors prominently featured in a brand logo should be incorporated as well.

Ideally, your color palette should consist of no more than six colors. Whenever you make a new post, you can refer to your color palette to ensure that your content adheres to your brand colors.

3. Consistent Editing

Instagram is heavily focused on quality visual content. If you want real Instagram followers and Instagram likes, your visual content should be on par as well. Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on an unedited picture to compete against all the heavily edited content on the platform.

You’ll need to ensure that all your pictures have the same vibe and feel to them. They need to appear as if they naturally fit together in your Instagram feed. This consistency can be affected if your editing style changes from picture to picture. What you can do to avoid this is use preset filters and edits before you post your final content.

This ensures that similar edits are made across all the pictures, and ensures that your feed looks consistent.

4. Consider Grid Layouts

Grid layouts refer to how your Instagram feed looks in overall. From block to block, your Instagram feed evolves as you add new content. This keeps your feed fresh and allows users to seamlessly browse from the present to the past across your content.

For business profiles, this needs to appear professional at all levels. And one way to reach that professionalism is through grid layouts. How you design how your profile layout will look depends entirely on you.

You can choose a puzzle layout, rainbow layout, and more. Puzzle layouts are bith common and popular. In this kind of layout, a single pictures split into smaller pictures. Than the smaller pictures are uploaded together to give the appearance of a larger picture. You can do this across two grids, although many brands use the puzzle layout across using nine blocks.

In a rainbow layout, you choose to be more diverse with your color palette. In this layout, you should be changing your color palette after every few pictures, usually nine. You can go from one color to another, such as red based visual content to blue based. You can also make the changes subtle, such as going from red to pink, or violet to purple.

There are other kinds of layouts you can consider as well. A checker board layout uses one dark and one light colored picture alternately.

5. Videos Are Just As Important

To give your Instagram feed more prominence, don’t forget about videos. The right blend of pictorial and video based content can help you attract real Instagram followers and Instagram likes. Growth on Instagram is determined not just by pictures, but by videos as well.

You can upload the videos you create directly to your feed, or you can use them in Stories or Reels. Ideally, to ensure that your Instagram feed has a consistent design, you want your Stories and Reels to reflect that design as well. Creating videos that match your brand aesthetic can help your account stand out more.

Creating Your Instagram Feed

Your Instagram feed should be capable of portraying your brand story. Without even knowing about your brand, a potential Instagram follower should be able to tell what your content is about at a glance. Animal welfare groups post more about animals, while nature conservation groups post about nature.

eCommerce profiles showcase their products, while influencers create content centered around their brand personality. By understanding what you want to portray your brand as and what you hope to get in return, you can style the perfect Instagram feed.

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