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Best Ideas for Running Remix Videos for Instagram Engagement

Best Ideas For Running Remix Videos For Instagram Engagement

It was back in early 2021 when Instagram, one of the social media juggernauts, announced the addition of a brand new feature called Remix. Initially, the feature was released exclusively for Instagram Reels, which emerged as a competitor to short-form video giants TikTok. Here’s how the feature worked – it allowed Instagram users to create Reels of their own using other users’ Reels. In essence, the feature was quite similar to TikTok Duet. Not surprisingly, the feature turned out to be an instant hit.

Eventually, the skyrocketing popularity of the feature led to Instagram making it available for all videos on the platform in early 2022. What this meant was simple – now, users could use any video on Instagram and ‘remix’ it by adding their own unique twists to proceedings. However, despite the feature’s popularity, there are still many Instagram users who aren’t aware of what Remix on Instagram is. If you’re one of them, you’re at the right place.

Read on to know how you can get started with Remix videos along with some great ideas to make the most of the feature to increase your Instagram engagement. So, without any further delay, let’s get remixing!

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Remixing a video on Instagram: Here’s what you need to do

To get started with the Remix feature on Instagram, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Select any video on Instagram that you want to remix
  • Next, tap on the three-dot menu and then choose the ‘Remix this video’ option
  • Choosing the ‘Remix this video’ option gives you two further options – you can either select a pre-recorded video stored on your smartphone or record a new video using your phone camera in real-time
  • The next step involves trimming the video, as Remix videos can only be a minute long
  • Once you’re done creating your Remix video, feel free to either share it on the explore page of Instagram Reels or to your feed

It’s important to remember that you can only remix an Instagram Reel video or feed video if the account that published it has Remix access enabled. So, if you find a video you like but don’t see the ‘Remix this video’ option after tapping on the three-dot menu, it means that the account holder hasn’t enabled Remix access.

If you want your videos to be used by other Instagram users for creating Remix videos, here’s how you can enable the Remix feature on your account:

  • Go to the Settings page.
  • Next, go to the Privacy page, where you should see an option titled ‘Reels and Remix.’
  • You can toggle this option – if it’s toggled to gray, it’s turned off.

The feature is typically enabled by default for both feed and Reels videos. However, it’s still best to double-check to make sure that it’s turned on.

Best Instagram Remix video ideas for increased user engagement

So, now that you know how you can remix Instagram videos and enable/disable the Remix feature, it’s time to turn our attention to the most effective Remix ideas. These ideas are aimed at increasing user engagement in the form of more Instagram likes and Instagram comments. We recommend experimenting with all the ideas we share with you here, as all of them will have something different to offer to your followers.

  • Idea #1 – Encourage your customers to review your products: If you’ve uploaded marketing-based Reels or feed videos of your products, you should encourage your customers to remix those videos and review the products. Quite simply, if your product quality is top-notch, there’s every chance that the Remix videos created by your followers will speak highly of your product. You can think of these videos as free customer testimonials. Once a customer creates a Remix video review of your product, it will appear on the feeds of the customer’s followers. In this way, the reach of your brand will skyrocket, along with the original video that the customer remixed.
  • Idea #2 – Remix the ads of your competitors: If your brand is competing with several other brands that sell similar products and/or services, you can experiment with remixing their ad videos. Here’s how it works – once a competitor posts a video ad on Instagram, you can remix it and tell your target audience how your products are different and most importantly, better. Don’t worry – there’s nothing unethical about doing this. Of course, you shouldn’t use any indecent language or blatantly put down your competition. If you execute this idea well, the competitor’s Instagram followers are bound to take notice of your Remix video. Who knows? They may even feel motivated enough to try out your products instead of your competitor’s the next time they’re buying.
  • Idea #3 – Viewer reactions to your ads: Whenever you put out a marketing video on Instagram, let your followers know about it and ask them to react to the videos. These reactions can bring out a wide range of emotions among your followers. For instance, some followers may express excitement about the launch of a new product, while others may express their confusion. Irrespective of what emotions your followers put on display in their Remix videos, your brand is bound to get a lot of heat in the process. In terms of increasing brand awareness, viewer reactions can work wonders, as their reactions will be viewed by their respective followers. Even if 10 of your followers with 100 followers each remix your marketing video, it has the chance of reaching 1000 followers within a short span. Now isn’t that awesome?

Things To Remember When Remixing Videos

Things to remember when remixing videos

When you’re remixing a video, there are certain things you should remember. These things will ensure that your Remix videos have a high chance of success:

  • Don’t forget to entertain: At the end of the day, the purpose of the Remix feature is simple – to entertain. So, when you remix a video, do your best to entertain your audience. If you’ve never used the feature before and aren’t a natural entertainer, you might need a few attempts before you manage to amuse people. However, if you keep at it, you’re bound to succeed. To draw some inspiration, go to the explore page on Instagram Reels and watch some Remix videos. Over time, you’re bound to get the hang of it.
  • Always remix videos that are popular: When picking a video to remix, it’s best to go with videos that have a high number of views. This works similarly to how reaction videos work on YouTube. Typically, YouTube reaction channels pick the most popular videos in their niche to react to. Why? The thought is that if the original video has lots of views, the reaction video will also pick up views – and this isn’t too far from the truth. On the other hand, if you decide to remix a video that doesn’t have many views, it’s quite likely that your Remix video will fade into oblivion faster than you can blink.
  • Steer clear of disrespecting competitors: In the previous section, we told you how you can remix marketing videos of your competitors to gain an upper hand. Well, when you’re doing this, there’s always the temptation of bad-mouthing your competitors just to appear superior in front of your followers. We advise you to steer clear of this practice. Sure, you can do it, but why would you want to alienate the loyal customers of your competitors – aren’t they part of your target audience too? The trick is to prove that your brand is better by using facts, humor, and wit. Once you manage to tell the world why your brand has more to offer than your competitors, even their most loyal customers will feel inclined to give your brand a try.
  • Pick trending videos to remix for better engagement: You can dig up the past and remix an old video. However, if the video is too old and has become irrelevant, there’s a high chance that your Remix video will be left to bite the dust. If you’re only just beginning to use the Remix feature, we recommend remixing trending videos, as these videos tend to be popular in the here and now. Once you publish a Remix video of a trending video, more viewers will feel like checking out your Remix to see your take on the original video.
  • Always put your own spin on things: A lot of Instagram users tend to think that if the original video is entertaining enough, they don’t have to work hard when remixing the original video. However, the fact is that when people watch a Remix video, they don’t really care much about the original video. What they care about is the reaction, which has to be unique. So, don’t be afraid to let your true colors come to the fore in your Remix videos. Only then can you expect your audience to respect you for what you truly are.


To conclude this article, we can say that the Remix feature is one of the potent features on Instagram right now for increasing user engagement. So, if you haven’t used the feature yet, it’s about time you got started.

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Best Ideas for Running Remix Videos for Instagram Engagement by Mr. Insta Team,
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Best Ideas For Running Remix Videos For Instagram Engagement

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It was back in early 2021 when Instagram, one of the social media juggernauts, announced the addition of a brand new feature called Remix. Initially, the feature was released exclusively for Instagram Reels, which emerged…

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