How does Instagram Help in Supporting Small and Large Businesses?

Being one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, Instagram is used by roughly 2 billion users every month. The majority of these users follow at least one business profile on Instagram. This makes Instagram the most lucrative space for businesses to increase audience awareness and flourish. Gone are the days when Instagram was a simple photo-sharing application. In the past ten years, it has almost evolved into a full-fledged business activity hub. While browsing through Instagram, you would find many brands (both small and big) running fundraisers, opening their Instagram shops, and employing other methods of Instagram marketing.

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If you are wondering how Instagram helps small and large businesses in building their brand image, this article will tell you everything you need to know. We will also walk you through the process of creating a business page on Instagram. Let’s dive in.

10 ways Instagram benefits small and large businesses

1. Leveraging purchasing power of Instagram users

The majority of Instagram users are those that prefer to shop online for items or services these days. This means that there are many users on Instagram who are waiting to find new brands to interact with. The sheer volume of users on Instagram helps businesses to reach out to more users by way of targeted ads on the basis of their preferences. Thus, Instagram allows small and large businesses to leverage the purchasing power of the users. This allows businesses to grow their consumer base consistently.

2. Targeting and retargeting through advanced targeting algorithm

Ever since the purchase of Instagram by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, the targeting capabilities of Instagram have increased to the level of Facebook. This includes targeting the customers on the basis of their age, social media behavior, location preferences, and other related factors. The first method is “Cold Targeting,” where the customer is shown ads on the basis of their preferences. Here the customers are warmed up to the new businesses they may or may not have heard about before. The second method is “Retargeting,” where the customer is shown ads of the brands with which they may have interacted previously. This makes Instagram a lucrative platform for finding new audiences as well as loyal customers.

3. Tracking of business related metrics

Instagram offers several features which allow the business pages to track various business-related metrics. These features allow the businesses to track the following:

  • The number of people targeted through the ad campaign.
  • The number of people who saw the ad.
  • The number of people who interacted with the ad and visited the website/page of the business.
  • The number of new followers, likes, comments, and shares that the business was able to reel in through the marketing campaigns.

This helps small and large businesses to achieve more for the money, time, and energy they spend on their ad campaigns. It also helps in keeping track of the growth of their business by tracking the various metrics provided by Instagram.

4. Additional marketing features for business pages

Instagram differentiates between personal accounts and business accounts by providing the latter with a host of additional features for marketing. The platform enables the businesses to promote their products and services through:

  • Call-To-Action button for visitors.
  • Promotion of business by using ads.
  • Providing access to business insights.
  • Gives the users a clear understanding that the page is owned by a business.

These marketing features provided by Instagram help businesses achieve their success goals and expand their scope even further.

5. Expansion of customer base

As we have already stated, there are more than 2 billion active monthly users on Instagram. At least 33% of them are making an active purchase decision via Instagram business profiles and ads. Businesses can utilize this opportunity to reach out to new audiences and expand their customer base exponentially. Your Instagram business profile is essentially an extension of your company. Hence, it is important to market your business on Instagram to reap the benefits of this untapped potential.

6. Building brand awareness

One of the biggest advantages of Instagram, other than paid advertisement campaigns, is opportunities for creating organic growth. This is especially important for new businesses which are still in the infant stage. A service provider like Mr. Insta can be useful in this respect. It provides various Instagram services like free Instagram followers, which can eventually help in aiding organic growth. This is very useful for new businesses at the grassroots, as new followers mean more visibility.

7. Building better relationship with followers

Instagram provides many opportunities for increasing the engagement levels of the audience. This can be done by replying to the customers’ comments and queries and engaging them in conversations. The idea behind this is to build a better relationship with the followers. The more a business is engaged and responsive to its followers, the more it builds trust with its followers and potential customers. Better relationships with the followers will eventually lead to more sales which will add to the bottom line of the company.

8. Developing a better understanding of the customers

It is imperative for a business, new or established, to understand the likes and dislikes of the target audience. However, the preferences of the target audience change from time to time. Instagram allows businesses to develop a better understanding of their customers. It is important because the target audience is not just statistical data about age groups or demographics. It comprises real people with varied behaviors. Hence, businesses should strive to understand the same and plan their marketing campaigns accordingly.

9. Photo centricity of the platform

Instagram is primarily a photo/video sharing platform. An average person remembers 80% of what they see. Hence, Instagram has a huge impact on the growth of business as the marketing campaign primarily makes use of photos and videos. And this remains in the memory of the Instagram users much longer, which can, in turn, can convert a follower into a loyal customer.

10. Cross promotion on other marketing channels

The benefit of using Instagram for promoting your business is that you can utilize the business insights for cross-promoting your brand. The traffic generated through Instagram can be utilized on Facebook, Google, etc., to regenerate the same. This helps in extending the reach of your business outside Instagram. This, in turn, creates more touchpoints for your brand.

How to create an Instagram business page?

How to create an Instagram business page?

You can leverage these benefits by creating an Instagram business page in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Download the Instagram app and sign up

The first thing you need to do is download the Instagram app and create an account on the platform if you don’t already have one. For signing up, you would need to provide your company name, business email address, username, and password. If you already have a business account on Facebook, you can use that to sign up on Instagram too. The most important part of this process is to make sure that your username on Instagram is closely related to your business’ name.

Step 2: Switch to a business account

After you have successfully set up your profile, the next thing you need to do is to switch your profile from a personal to a business one. To do this, navigate to the settings menu, which can be found by clicking on the three lines in the top-right corner of your profile page. After that, click on the ‘Account’ option from the Settings menu and choose ‘Switch to Professional Account.’

At this juncture, you will also get the option to make a ‘Creator’ account, which is meant for content creators, influencers, and public figures. If your business sells a service or product, then creating a business account is a better option.

Step 3: Customize your business profile

Before you start with Instagram marketing, it is important to customize your profile. This means choosing a profile photo that can easily be recognized by the audience and filling out the bio section. The bio should include information about your business, like its website, contact information, store hours, etc.

Step 4: Link to Facebook

To use some of the Instagram tools for businesses, it is important to have a Facebook business page too. Linking your Instagram business page to Facebook can be done from the ‘Business’ section in the Settings menu. All you have to do is select ‘Connect a Facebook page.’

Step 5: Start posting content and following people

Before your start with your business promotion, you need to post some introductory content on your Instagram business page. Besides this, you should also start following people and pages connected to your brand to get the ball rolling. Make sure to interact with people, as this will encourage them to visit your profile more often.

Setting up an Instagram business page is just the beginning. To derive all the aforementioned benefits from Instagram, you need to have a good Instagram marketing strategy in place. By employing the right methods, you will be able to see your business scale heights in no time.


Whether you own a large or a small business, effective use of Instagram as a marketing tool can help in building your brand identity and expanding your customer base. For small businesses who are just starting out, it is all the more useful as Instagram provides a ton of marketing opportunities at no cost. If you want targeted and fast growth of your business on Instagram, you can consider availing of the various premium Instagram services offered by Mr. Insta. Buy Instagram Views is one such service that provides you insights into the reach of your posts and the engagement they are able to generate. All the services provided by Mr. Insta are 100% safe and secure, and you would be able to see the results within 24 hours of placing the order. To know more, contact us today!

Is Instagram Planning to Launch Subscription Service?

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms in the world. With an active user base of over 1.38 billion people, it has become an integral part of people’s life. Now, the platform has brought the subscription feature to the app in order to monetize its service.

In early 2021, Instagram released a statement where it said that the platform is currently exploring the idea of a creator subscription. They have been working on developing a feature that will create exclusive Stories visible only to subscriptions. Earlier this year, they launched creator subscriptions into testing. In-app purchase options were added to the app in the US.

Alessandro Paluzzi, the reverse engineer and tipster, released a bunch of tweets informing the public that Instagram is testing the subscribe button, which will appear on the profile of a creator. Fans will be able to subscribe and access exclusive content like live videos and stories. Whenever the subscribers send a direct message to the creator or make a comment on their posts, a special member badge will appear next to their username. Through this badge, the creator will know to make interactions with the subscriber a priority.

All the creators with the subscription service will be able to monitor their active members, expired membership, and approximate earnings. Instagram will also allow the creators to customize the price and subscription name. Fans can cancel their subscription anytime they want.

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How would this work?

Fans who want access to the creator’s exclusive content will have to pay a subscription fee every month. This exclusive content will include Stories and Live videos. Once they have subscribed to the creator, they will receive a purple badge which will appear next to their username. Through this badge, they will be able to stand out from the non-subscribers on the list.
For now, the subscription fee will vary from $0.99 to $0.99 per month, depending on the creator. Every creator will be able to set the subscription fee for their content.

Currently, Instagram is also working on testing Stories redesign where they could be scrolled vertically in the app.

What does the Instagram subscription offer?

On Jan 19, Subscriptions were introduced by Instagram. While Instagram tests subscription service, a few selected content creators can create exclusive content and enable access to it through a monthly subscription fee to their fans. According to Instagram, there will be three forms of content that subscribers will be able to get through Subscriptions:

  1. Subscriber Badges – Every subscriber will get a badge. This badge will appear next to their messages and comments so that they can be identified easily by the creator.
  2. Subscriber Stories – All the content creators will be able to produce exclusive stories for all their subscribers. They will also be able to add interactive stickers to their stories.
  3. Subscriber Lives – Creators will be able to host exclusive lives, just for their subscribers.

Furthermore, Instagram has also stated that no fees will be collected from the creators until 2023. After that, the image and video sharing platform might introduce a revenue share. According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this revenue share is expected to be less than what Apple and others take, which is usually 30%. A similar payment structure was introduced for Facebook subscriptions as well.

Who has been included in the Subscription testing?

Only a small number of influencers and creators in the US have been involved with the Subscription feature testing. After some time, more creators will be added to the testing. Currently, the list includes ten creators, influencers, celebrities, and athletes on Instagram. Here is the list of creators who currently have the subscription option:

Any Instagram user can subscribe to these creators and can cancel their subscriptions at any moment.

What is the Instagram creator account?

What is the Instagram creator account?

In late 2019, the creator account was introduced on Instagram. This was offered as an alternative to the traditional business account. It is tailored more towards the users who want to promote content to the targeted market, work with brands, and build their own community. Any user can easily switch to a creator account from their basic account. However, if they want to introduce monetization, there are certain restrictions that they should know. In order to be allowed to monetize the content, a content creator must have an established presence, promote authentic engagement, and reside in an eligible country. All these factors come into play for monetization.

Since Instagram is still testing the Subscriptions feature, there is not any information on the requirements a creator must have to implement it on their account. Currently, the creators who have been selected for the Subscriptions feature testing had a follower count between 63,600 and 570,000.

Tiktok, which narrowly trails Instagram in terms of users, has also been testing for paid subscribers. However, any details regarding the implementation of the feature are unclear. Experts believe that the subscription feature will affect the platform’s algorithm that provides personalized content on the ‘For You’ page of the user.

Needless to say, subscription offers content creators more control over their viewers and their relationship with them. The challenge creators will be facing is balancing acquisition and retention strategies while determining what to use as subscriber-only content and how to engage their new viewers.

Why is Instagram launching the new Subscription feature?

According to Meta, the owner of Instagram, the main reason behind this move is to ensure that creators are able to earn a stable income on Instagram. In its blog, Instagram stated that Instagram Subscriptions would allow creators to create a deeper connection with followers who are most engaged. At the same time, they will be able to earn a recurring monthly income by providing their subscribers with exclusive content.

This new feature will help content creators earn more by providing benefits to their engaged followers in the form of exclusive Stories and Live videos. In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta-owner and CEO, said that he is excited to build tools for the content creators that help them make a living doing their work and he will be putting these tools soon in more creators’ hands.

According to Instagram, they have been working on the Subscriptions feature for some time now in order to help influencers earn money right on the platform. This will ensure that they are able to make a living through content creation. Before this, the app indicated that it might expand creator tools through subscriptions and NFTs.

How have the creators responded to the Subscription Service?

The Instagram community had mixed feedback on Instagram’s Subscriptions. After the CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced the introduction of the feature, there were thousands of comments on the post from a wide range of content creators and users who had thoughts on the topic. Content creators, especially the ones who had a sizable following and were verified, were enthusiastic and accepting of the feature.

Thanks to the increasing popularity of subscription-based platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon, social media giants have had to look for ways to monetize their content. In 2020, Facebook introduced fan Subscriptions, its very own Subscription feature. Twitter has also released several monetization features that include its subscription service, which was introduced the previous year. Instagram is the latest social media giant to join the ranks.

Like TikTok and now Instagram, through these Subscriptions, content creators are able to collect income from Subscriptions every month. More and more people have shown interest in supporting their favorite creators. This is why the platform introduced fan Subscriptions and Stars and offered them to its creators.

Over the last two few years, the interest in subscription-based services has grown considerably. Platforms understand that it is creators who drive the traffic. As per a survey conducted by Facebook IQ, about 60% of users view content posted by an influencer on Instagram.

The subscription service is a win-win situation for the creators and the social media platforms. It gives the content creators an incentive to post more content and attract more users to the platform. After all, creators create content in order to make a living. A subscription service is the best way to ensure that they have a stable income.

Twitter introduced the ‘Super Follows’ feature through which their users could charge their followers for exclusive content. Through this, they plan on creating an extra conversation level on the platform where the creators could authentically interact with their engaging followers while earning income. However, this feature is only available for people in the US and Canada who are using iOS devices.

Today, social media platforms are focusing on expanding the economy of their creators. The Subscription feature of Instagram will be a gamechanger for creators who have a local following. Even though it is still in infancy mode, it will enable creators to earn a sustainable income right on the platform and won’t have to use another monetization platform. Now is the perfect time to increase your reach on Instagram and take advantage of all the features it has to offer. You can use Mr. Insta service to get free Instagram followers, free Instagram likes, and more. If you have a budget, you can also opt for premium services and buy Instagram followers. You can also buy Instagram views, buy Instagram impressions, and buy IGTV views through Mr. Insta.

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Remix

Early last year, Instagram launched a brand-new feature called Reels Remix, which took the world by storm. Using this feature, people could make super fun Reels in a more collaborative way. It works quite like the Duet feature on TikTok, allowing people to record response videos to any Reel that exists on the platform. This year, Instagram expanded the scope of this Remix feature for all the video content on the platform. This means that the users would be able to create response videos to any public videos available on the app.

The Instagram Remix feature can be great for boosting your video marketing game by making response videos to funny skits, demo videos, product reviews, or any other videos on the platform. If you want to know how to best use this tool for collaborating on the platform, this article will tell you everything you need to know. We will cover everything the Remix feature has to offer, which will allow you to design a great strategy for video marketing.

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What is the Instagram Remix feature?

When the Instagram Reels feature launched in 2020, it quickly became the new favorite tool for Instagram users around the world. Reels allowed people to discover and create short-form entertaining videos on the platform. While Instagram Stories was mostly a social feature, Reels was a tool that mostly catered to entertainment. In April 2021, Instagram launched the Remix feature for Reels, which worked very much like the duet feature in TikTok. With Remix, users could respond to anyone’s public Reels by making their own. This can be in a reaction style format or any other creative way. In the year following that, this feature was extended to all the video content on the platform, and not just Reels.

Any Instagram user can use the Remix feature. The only condition is that the original creator of the Reel should have the Remix option enabled in their profile. The Remix feature was essentially created to encourage collaborations, challenges, and comedic reactions. However, there are various ways business pages can use this to their advantage too. This is what we will focus on in the following sections.

How to Remix an Instagram Reel?

The Instagram Remix feature is quite easy to use. The first thing you need to do is select a Reel you want to create a Remix of. As long as the original creator has Remix enabled, you can create a Remix of any of their public Reels. You can also create a Remix of your own Reels. Here is a step-by-step explanation of the process –

  • Step 1: Tap the three dots on the side after selecting the video. If the Remix feature is enabled for that Reel, you would see an option for ‘Remix this Reel.’
  • Step 2: Record your new response Reel and upload it. You will see that a new video will appear on the right side of the screen. Here, you will have the option to change the speed of the Reel, set the timer, apply effects, and align the Remix Reel according to your requirement.
  • Step 3: The next thing you need to do is edit the Remix video. Instagram gives you the option of drawing or adding text, mixing with audio, or adding a sticker or voiceover.
  • Step 4: Write a caption for the Remix Reel and choose the settings for the video. If you are happy with all the parts, you can click on the Preview option to see how it looks before publishing. The last thing you need to do is choose your cover photo, tags, and caption. Lastly, click the ‘Share’ button to publish the Reel.

You can remix any video on the platform following the same steps. You can create Instagram Remix videos with a maximum length of 60 seconds on the platform.

What makes the Remix feature so great?

What makes the Remix feature so great?

Instagram Remix feature might seem like a simple update; however, it opens up many opportunities for creating exciting and viral content on the platform. Here are some reasons which explain how the Remix feature can be useful –

1. Repurposing pre-existing content quickly and easily

Instagram Remix makes it easy to post new content by repurposing old videos. In this way, you can stay consistent on the platform by churning out new organic content. And the best part is that it is not exclusive to just one form of content. Whether you want to create a comedy Remix or a response to a dance trend, you can create Remix videos for anything and everything.

2. Possibility of going viral

Remix video content has great potential to go viral on the platform. Because of its inherent nature, Remix videos are posted again and again instead of just one time. Whenever anyone tries to Remix the original video, your video will be shown to their followers too, who might be encouraged to post their own Remix video. Thus, your reach on the platform will greatly increase, and you might be able to reel in free Instagram followers. The greater the number of followers, the more will be the opportunities for engagement.

3. Advantage of being a new feature

Whenever you use a new feature on the platform, the algorithm will push that content to new users. This is done so that other users can take advantage of the feature too. Besides Stories and Reels, Remix is the hottest new feature taking over the Instagram world. It would be a good idea to jump on the bandwagon and publish Remix videos to enhance your audience base on the platform.

Tips for Brands Using Remix Feature

Using the Remix feature, you too can enhance the reach of your brand and boost sales if you own a business page. This tool can be great for pushing brand content and engagement as it allows you to create a response video alongside the video of another user. Here are some tips for using the Remix feature to enhance your brand’s reach –

1. Customer Review Remix Videos

If a customer has purchased/availed of any of your products/services and finds them useful, you can encourage them to create a Remix video of any of your marketing videos for the product. This can be a great way to get reviews or feedback in the form of a testimonial video for your brand. Customers who love your product would always want to share their opinion on it. Using Remix videos, you will be able to increase your audience reach to double or triple its size. It will also help in gaining favor from the Instagram algorithm as your Remix reels will also get engagement, besides your original video.

2. Viewer Reaction Remix Videos

You can greatly enhance your marketing strategy through Influencers, and Remix videos can help with that. For this, you need to first post a demo video for your product or service on your Instagram page. You can collaborate with influencers and ask them to post their reaction to the video. In this way, your demo video will be exposed to new audiences, and you will be able to reel in more customers. Reaction videos can be a great part of your video marketing strategy. It can help in generating interest in your brand and increasing the click-through rate for your website.

3. Remix Video to Competitor’s Ad

This can be a great way to increase the reach of your brand and beat your competitors at the same time. If your competitor has posted a video of a product or service that your brand offers too, you can create a Remix video showcasing how your product/service compares to theirs. You need not say what the other product/service lacks. It is important to stay professional when you are employing this strategy. All you have to do is explain the features and highlights of your own product and what makes it better. The viewers would be able to see a comparison of the two and make their own decision.

Instagram Remix FAQs

FAQ #1: How to enable the Remix feature?

Instagram Remix feature can be a great way to enhance your brand’s exposure and open up your brand to a huge number of potential collaborations. For this, you first need to enable this feature in your profile. To do this, you need to open the Settings page and click on the Privacy option. From there, you can choose the ‘Reels’ option, which will present you with a Remix toggle button. You can toggle it on to enable remix. If you want to enable the Remix feature for an individual Reel, you can click on the three dots on the top right of a video. Choose the ‘Enable Remix’ option.

FAQ#2: Which videos can be remixed?

You can remix any video or Reel, which has the Remix is Video option available. This option can be found when you click the three dots located in the upper right corner of the video.

FAQ#3: Can I Remix a video that is already remixed?

For now, there is no option to remix a Remix video; however, there are many video editors online that can help you achieve the same.


With this, we have covered everything there is to know about Instagram Remix. This feature can be great for enhancing the organic reach of your account. As the world of video marketing continues to evolve, it is important to evolve your marketing strategy too. With the tips provided in this article, you will be able to use the Remix feature to your advantage. If you are looking for other ways to get targeted and fast growth, Mr. Insta is your answer. We, at Mr. Insta, provide a range of premium Instagram services like Buy Instagram Likes and Buy Instagram Followers that can help in enhancing the reach of your channel. The best part is that our services are 100% secure and safe. To know more, contact us today!

How Often Does Instagram Change Their Algorithm?

As an aspiring content creator or influencer on Instagram, you might think that the key to success on the platform lies in curating amazing content for your audiences. However, the truth is that it’s the platform’s algorithm that matters most. The Instagram algorithm can be defined as a combination of several factors that the platform takes into consideration to decide on the content to promote.

Quite simply, if your content ticks all the boxes according to the Instagram algorithm, it’s going to be promoted by the platform. However, if it fails to tick even a single box, it’s likely that your content will fade into oblivion.

Over the years, Instagram has changed its algorithm on multiple occasions. In this article, we’ll take you through the evolution of the Instagram algorithm and the changes that have come with it. Additionally, we’ll also shed some light on where it stands in 2022.

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The early years (2010 – 2015)

It was back in 2010 when the world was introduced to Instagram. Back then, the app was an iPhone exclusive, and its purpose was simple – to allow users to add filters to photos and share the edited photos with their friends. Its introduction was stunning, and its download statistics skyrocketed within a matter of months. By June 2011, a whopping 5 million users had already downloaded the app, and by September 2011, the figure had doubled.

Following an update in September 2011, Instagram made its foray into the Android market in April 2012, and its success spiraled to even more dizzying heights. Later in the same month, it was acquired by Facebook in what was, back then, one of the most talked-about business deals. Not long after, in February 2013, it surpassed the 100-million-users milestone. Between 2013 and 2015, a slew of features was added to the platform, such as in-app advertisements and business tools – effectively transforming the platform into something much more than just a place to share photos.

In terms of the algorithm, the 2010 – 2015 period didn’t see much in terms of complexity. The algorithm simply showed posts in chronological order (newest – oldest), and that was that. Also, the lack of ads prior to 2013 didn’t require any major alteration to the algorithm in place. However, in 2016, the algorithmic changes came thick and fast.

Enter 2016: The Instagram algorithm gets more complex

The Instagram feed underwent a transformation in March 2016, and it wasn’t simply a design-oriented thing. Underneath the feed’s appearance, a complex algorithm was now at work, which had ditched the chronological display for ranking posts based on different factors. This was a necessary change, as the introduction of in-app ads back in 2013 made the Instagram landscape more competitive.

The most important factor for ranking posts was content relevance, i.e., users would be shown posts that were prioritized on the basis of how relevant they were based on their personal tastes and preferences. This major change didn’t go down well with many brands that had been using Instagram for marketing themselves. It meant that the content had to be top-notch, i.e., it had to engage users to do well.

In 2016, Instagram also introduced the Stories feature, which allowed users to share temporary photos and videos. The introduction of this feature came with the addition of another algorithm, which was created through Facebook-collected data, with engagement as its primary consideration for ranking Stories posts.

2017 – 2021: The algorithm undergoes subtle changes every year

The 2017 – 2021 period saw subtle changes to the Instagram algorithm. At its core, relevance and engagement remained the primary ranking factors. However, some other factors started to come into play, such as:

  • The time spent by users on posts. Quite simply, a post that generated more watch time stood a better chance of ranking higher than its competitors.
  • The level of connection between different pages. For instance, if your page and another page are connected regularly, you will see each other’s posts more regularly.
  • Direct message (DM) sharing, i.e., posts that are being shared through DMs, are more likely to be ranked higher.
  • Timeliness, i.e., how recent a post is. This factor is related to relevance and allows the algorithm to gauge how recently a post was shared.
  • User’s search history, which determines the interest of an end-user based on accounts searched. In simple terms, a user that often searches for and visits a particular page will be shown posts based on interest.

So, the simple answer to the question ‘how often does Instagram change its algorithm’ is this – it changes the algorithm based on the features it adds. Additionally, the changes are aimed at making the Instagram experience better, not just for brands, content creators, and influencers but also for regular users consuming content on the platform. Now, it’s time to turn our attention to how the Instagram algorithm works in 2022.

The Instagram algorithm in 2022

The major change to have happened to the Instagram algorithm in 2022 involves the ability of end-users to switch between feed styles. Quite simply, users can now decide to revert to the earliest Instagram feed style if they want, i.e., chronological post display.

In terms of Stories posts and the feed, the algorithm ranks content based on a variety of information. Signals such as the user engagement generated by a post and its length (if it’s a video) are important for the algorithm to determine its popularity and relevance. Additionally, the algorithm also looks at the page that posted and how users have interacted with that page in the recent past. The users who have frequented the page and engaged with its previous Instagram posts are more likely to see future posts from the page before others. Overall user activity is assessed as well, which helps in understanding users’ personal content tastes.

The algorithm also affects the way the Explore tab works. When you use the Explore tab, Instagram shows you posts from pages that you aren’t aware of yet. But how does the platform know what posts to suggest? This happens through the algorithm’s understanding of your recent Explore tab activity, i.e., what kind of posts did you engage with through the tab? This information allows the algorithm to suggest similar content when you use the Explore tab in the future.

Even Reels is now driven by the algorithm. Unlike the feed and Stories posts, Reels posts may be suggested to audiences even if the pages posting them are unknown to the audiences. Users’ activity on Instagram, interaction history, and information about the Reels posts and the pages posting them are the key metrics that the algorithm takes into consideration to come up with suggestions.

Tips to be algorithm-friendly on Instagram

Tips to be algorithm-friendly on Instagram

Being algorithm-friendly on Instagram requires your account to do certain things in certain ways. In this section, we’ll take you through all of them so you can earn more Instagram subscribers and, most importantly, keep growing on the platform.

Keep the Community Guidelines in mind

Instagram’s Community Guidelines consist of rules and regulations that all users should adhere to. For instance, posting content that’s controversial or offensive may get you noticed by a lot of users in the short term. However, doing so would result in the violation of the Community Guidelines, and the Instagram algorithm isn’t too kind towards accounts that violate the Guidelines. Typically, accounts flouting the Community Guidelines are severely restricted in terms of visibility. So, before you post anything sensitive, go through the Community Guidelines and make sure you aren’t flouting the rules.

Aim for organic engagement

Organic engagement refers to the engagement between your Instagram page and real users, i.e., living, breathing human beings. Nowadays, there are several services that provide engagement in the form of bot followers that increase comments, likes, and shares. It’s essential that you steer clear of these services, as bot-driven Instagram accounts are typically shadowbanned by Instagram. Instead, it’s better to choose a service like MrInsta, which provides free followers without any shadowbanning risks.

Include hashtags in every post

Hashtags play a very important role on Instagram in terms of making it easier for users to find content. That’s why, whenever you post something, include some hashtags in your caption, be it a regular post, a Reels post, a Stories post, or something else. While Instagram allows 30 hashtags to be included in a single post, our recommendation is to include a maximum of 8 – 10 hashtags. Also, before adding hashtags, educate yourself on banned hashtags, i.e., the hashtags that Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t want you to use. You’ll find plenty of resources about the subject online.

Create amazing content

Last but not least, it’s vital that your content on Instagram is full of quality. Without high-quality content, it’s difficult to make a mark on Instagram – even if you get the other things right. And if you’re just starting out on your Instagram journey, it’s best to go slow initially. Focus on quality, not on quantity. Once you know how you can curate content that engages your target audience, you can shift your attention to creating and posting content more frequently.

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How to Use Instagram’s Product Tagging Feature to Your Advantage?

With over a billion active users, there’s no better platform in the world right now than Instagram when it comes to showcasing your products in front of your target audience. In recent years, Instagram has added numerous nifty features that can be incredibly helpful for businesses – product tagging is one of them. Several brands have used the feature and made the most of it. As a result, their Instagram shop traffic and revenue have shot up.

If you want to know how you can use the product tagging feature on Instagram to your advantage, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about product tags Instagram and how you can use them to reap the rewards for your business. So, sit back, scroll on, and read on!

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What is product tagging on Instagram?

Instagram product tagging refers to the feature that businesses can use to tag their products on their Instagram posts. To use the feature, businesses need to first set up a business account on Instagram. If a user who’s viewing content clicks or taps on the tags (depending on the device used to access Instagram), they redirect users to businesses’ Instagram shops.

This is exclusive for businesses and users in the U.S, and it allows sales to be made from within Instagram and doesn’t require users to visit an external site – a win-win situation for both Instagram and businesses active on the platform.
Businesses outside the U.S. can add their website links to the tags. When users click on these links, they are redirected to the official business websites, where they can complete their purchases.

Instagram product tagging: Why you should consider using the feature

Since Instagram launched the product tagging feature, businesses have taken to it like fish to water, which isn’t surprising when you consider the feature’s following benefits:

  • Built-in reminders: If you tag a particular product in an Instagram post, viewers will be able to see a shopping bag icon in the post’s lower-left corner. Even though this shopping bag icon is small and seemingly insignificant, the fact is that it can serve as a shopping reminder to your target audience. Once users click or tap on the icon, it takes them to an additional page where you can showcase different pictures of your products.
  • Reduction in barriers to purchase: Most online buyers tend to be impatient people, and they want the convenience of being able to buy their favorite products quickly. In such a scenario, they are likely to skip your products if they experience too many barriers to purchase. This is where Instagram product tagging can come in handy. By reducing barriers to purchase, it offers a seamless shopping experience for Instagram users.
  • Gives users the opportunity to start shopping from your bio/highlights: The ‘Shop’ button below your bio/highlights can work wonders in terms of engaging users with high purchase intent levels. Simply by clicking or tapping on the button, users can browse all your posts in which you’ve tagged your products.
  • Notify users about promotions and sales: Is there an exclusive offer or a discount on one of your products? You can notify your target audience about it through a shoppable post. Once you publish the post, users can view it and find out if there are any attractive offers. This eliminates the need to create separate Instagram posts to inform your audiences about promotions.
  • Engage mobile Instagram users: While Instagram can be accessed from desktops and laptops, the majority of the platform’s users access it on their mobile devices. So, if you want your business to create a positive impression in the minds of those who prefer to shop when they’re on the move, there’s nothing better than Instagram product tagging.

The top tips for making the most of Instagram product tagging

The top tips for making the most of Instagram product tagging

Now that you know what the product tagging feature is all about and all the ways in which it can benefit businesses, it’s time to learn how you can leverage the feature to your advantage. At the end of the day, the feature itself can’t generate results if you don’t use it effectively. It can only deliver desired results when you understand how to use it well. In this section, we’ll take you through a variety of tips to tag products on Instagram like a boss. Putting the following tips into practice can accelerate the growth of your business’s sales and revenue through Instagram:

  • Tag products across different types of Instagram posts: The product tagging feature is available across different types of posts on Instagram, which is why it’s important that you mix up your posts. For instance, in regular image posts and in-feed video posts, you have the option of tagging up to 5 products per post. There’s the carousel feature as well, which allows you to add 20 product tags per carousel post. Businesses can also tag products (up to 30) on Instagram Reels posts. Users can look at the tagged products when they tap or click the ‘View Products’ link, which will be present in the caption. You can also tag products across your bio, captions, Stories, IGTV, and live video posts.
  • Use descriptive and relevant hashtags: Hashtags play a critical role on Instagram when it comes to making posts discoverable. If you want your product-tagged posts to show up on the ‘Explore’ page, you have to include descriptive hashtags. Apart from making sure that the hashtags you use are descriptive, you should also ensure that they are relevant. Quite simply, more relevant hashtags increase the chances of your product-tagged posts being discovered by your target audience, i.e., the people who are most likely to purchase products from you.
  • Combine user-generated content (UGC) with product tagging: User-generated content (UGC) has become incredibly effective for brands to showcase their products and/or services through influencers. On Instagram, people look up to influencers and consider them to be experts in their respective niches. So, if you want your product-tagged posts to do well, you should approach an influencer in your niche and collaborate. The influencer can curate unique content for your feed, which will help you showcase your products to your audience in a way that resonates with your Instagram audience.
  • Test, test, test: The same product tagging practices won’t work for every business on Instagram, which is why it’s important to keep experimenting to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Instagram offers analytics tools that you can use for assessing data such as sales conversions and click-through rates. Use these insights to improve your product tagging practices, and over time, you can expect results to come your way.
  • View product-tagged posts from your personal account: One of the best things to do to ensure the quality of your product-tagged posts is to check them out from your personal account. This will allow you to step into the shoes of your target audience and experience your posts from their point of view. If you’re not satisfied with the type of post you’ve created, go back to your business page and give it another shot. Also, when viewing product-tagged posts from your personal account, make sure that the links that you’ve added redirect users to the right products. Doing this will make sure that there are no mistakes in terms of adding the links.
  • Create urgency in the minds of your target audience by including CTAs: The modern-day consumer is reluctant to take action when there’s no encouragement from the brand’s side, and that’s why all your product-tagged posts should include call-to-action (CTA) messages. When incorporating CTA messages, it’s important that you choose messages that create a sense of urgency in the mind of your target audience. This will increase the likelihood of your audience tapping the shopping icon and going ahead with the product purchase.
  • Take a leaf out of the books of successful brands in your niche: If you’re new to Instagram and still aren’t sure of how you can effectively use the product tagging feature, don’t worry. You can always learn a thing or two from brands in your niche who have tasted success by using the feature. Go to these brands’ pages and observe how they’ve curated their product-tagged posts. While we don’t recommend mimicking another brand, we definitely advise learning from the best in your niche and applying their practices across your posts.


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Bad Instagram Trends You Should Not be Following in 2022

When you think of the most popular social media platform in the world, the first name that comes to mind is Instagram. According to a Statista report, the platform has amassed more than 1.4 billion monthly active users as of January 2022. This indicates the widespread reach of the platform and the amount of influence it has on people. It has emerged as the one-stop destination for people, whether it is for shopping, news, or entertainment.

Trends on Instagram have a way of defining what will work on the platform. Posts that are able to generate a lot of buzz from people usually set off a trend. This encourages other users to emulate the content trending on Instagram. Many Instagram trends also help influencers, brands, and businesses in marketing, as they have the potential to make the content viral and increase engagement.

In this article, we will provide you with information and tips for improving your game on Instagram. However, the focus of this article will not be on the things you should do. We will instead focus on the bad trends you should avoid following on the platform. They are not bad in the sense that they are distasteful. These trends are widely considered to be outdated, and including them in your content would not help you accomplish much in terms of increasing engagement. In the following sections, we will discuss some outdated Instagram trends that you should not be following in 2022. Let’s dive in.

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Bad trends on Instagram

1. Photo collages

Posting a collage photo with several different shots is no longer a trend that will get you engagement. This trend, in fact, became outdated when Instagram introduced Carousel Posts in 2015, which allowed users to post multiple images and videos through a single post. Collage photos, no matter how high quality, cannot be viewed properly on the platform. Not to mention, collages can appear quite tacky.

2. ‘Follow me to” style photographs

This trend was first introduced by Russian photographer Murad Osmann, and it went viral sometime around 2012. The ‘Follow me to’ style photographs usually feature a person holding hands with the photographer in a manner that they are guiding the photographer. Over the years, this trend has been copied on multiple occasions and by many people. However, this trend can appear quite cheesy now.

3. Random food pictures

Photographic your food to put it on Instagram is no longer trendy unless you have a food-related channel. Most food-focused channels put a lot of effort into food photography and aim to show the same things in a new light. However, random and unappetizing food pictures will only make the users scroll through your post without giving a second look.

4. OOTD posts

The same goes for out-of-the-day (OOTD) posts. If you do not own a fashion-related account or brand, posting random OOTD pictures is considered quite tacky. You will not be able to generate the kind of engagement you want through these posts. If you are going to take OOTD photos, consider making them interesting by taking them from unconventional angles.

5. Inspirational quotes

Until a few years ago, inspirational quotes were all the rage on social media platforms. You would still find many posts with inspirational phrases and quotes from famous people. However, these posts are not great at generating engagement. If you do want to add inspirational quotes to your profile, consider looking for artistic ways to do that.

6. Extreme hashtagging

This is one of the most important don’t follow trends on Instagram. If you add any post on Instagram, you should try to refrain from adding too many hashtags in the caption. When you add too many hashtags, it has the potential to take the attention away from the post. What you should do instead is keep the hashtags minimal and relevant, and also try to be more creative and thoughtful in composing them.

7. TBT posts

Until 2017, Throwback Thursday (TBT) posts were quite popular on the platform. However, this trend was not only overused in the last few years but used incorrectly, as a result of which it has become outdated. Instead of posting random pictures and tagging them as #TBT, you should consider creating content that the audience would find more relevant.

8. Gym selfie

If you are passionate about working out, then it is an excellent hobby to have; however, posting gym selfies is not. Unless you are a fitness expert providing people advice on Instagram, posting pictures of yourself in the gym is no longer in fashion.

9. Fisheye shots

Fisheye shots help in giving a different perspective to an object, and they were quite popular until a few years ago. However, a lot of new Instagram trends have come since then, which makes random fisheye shots kind of boring. Instead of these, you can consider taking action shots and authentic photos.

What NOT to do on Instagram?

What NOT to do on Instagram?

Now that we have covered the bad Instagram trends, you should also take note of certain practices that you should refrain from if you want to increase audience engagement. Let’s take a look at some of them –

1. Using an awkward username

Instagram’s search function is not as powerful as some of the other social media platforms, which makes it a little difficult for followers to find your account. If you use an obscure username that is difficult to remember, it will make it all the more difficult for your audience to search for you. What you should try doing instead is using your own name or the name of your business as your Instagram handle.

2. Setting the profile to private

If you want to build a network on Instagram, it is important to make your Instagram profile public. Setting your profile to private will prevent the new audience from interacting with your account, as they will not be able to see the kind of content you make. If you want to increase your Instagram followers, you need to make your account accessible to more people.

3. Posting without a caption

Every post you add to your page should always be accompanied by a caption. If you don’t include a caption with your post, you will not be able to get better engagement levels on the platform. Captions allow the users to connect with you and start a discussion around some topic. Try to include something about the photo, ask a question or share a quote in the caption that adds some relevancy to the post.

4. Ignoring the followers’ comments

If you want to increase your engagement levels on the platform, ignoring the followers’ comments will accomplish the opposite for you. If you receive likes, comments, and DMs from your followers, remember to engage back with them. You can also tag their username in the comments to answer their question or thank them for the comment. This will greatly help in improving your relationship with the audience.

5. Stealing content from other users

This practice is a strict ‘no no’ on the platform unless you are holding a user-generated content (UGC) campaign. If you like someone else’s content on the platform, reposting the same on your profile without their consent could lead to a violation. Even when you are adding UGC content, tag the user in the caption or comment to give them the proper attribution.

6. Using generic images

If you find yourself out of content ideas, you might be tempted to post generic images just for the sake of posting. This is usually in the form of an interesting post or a motivational quote. However, this can quickly bring down your engagement levels. If you do not use creativity in your account, the audience will eventually become disinterested.

7. Crowding the followers’ feed

If you think posting content one after the other will get you greater engagement, you are wrong. Posting back-to-back content will lead to crowding in your followers’ feeds, which can often leave them annoyed. If you have a number of posts planned for the day, you should consider posting them with a gap of some hours in between.

8. Auto-sharing content on Facebook

You can consider enabling the option of auto-sharing on Facebook. However, you should refrain from doing this for every post. Some kind of content would only be relevant on a particular platform, and sharing them on other sites will not help in accomplishing much. If you want to encourage cross-promotion, you can share a particular part of your Instagram post on Facebook and ask your followers to view the rest on Instagram.

9. Follow-for-Follow strategy

Follow-for-Follow is widely considered to be a tacky strategy these days. Asking people to follow you and then unfollowing them later is not only rude but also does not help with your engagement levels in the long run. Instagram is essentially a place to build personal relationships with your audience. Deceiving your followers is not a great way to establish your presence on the platform.


Now that you know the things you should refrain from doing on the platform, you will be able to build a better Instagram strategy for promoting your content and increasing engagement. Remember that the key to success on the platform is using innovative techniques rather than blindly following the trends. If you are looking for other ways to enhance your engagement in the form of more Instagram comments, followers, and likes, then Mr. Insta has the solutions for you. We have a range of premium Instagram services, like Buy Instagram Likes and Buy Instagram Impressions and Reach, which can help in boosting your growth on the platform. These services are designed to push you towards the viral effect, and they are also 100% private and safe. Contact us today to know more!

How Many Tags Should You Use on Instagram?

An essential element of every Instagram marketing strategy is the usage of Instagram hashtags. When used correctly, they have the power to enhance the visibility and engagement of your posts. You can generate more buzz around your brand by employing a good hashtag strategy. However, using them incorrectly can come with consequences. Besides running the risk of annoying your followers, you might also end up getting penalized by the algorithm. If you have questions about the right way to use Instagram hashtags, we have you covered. In this article, we will cover everything related to Instagram hashtags, from the right number of tags to use to the correct way of including them in your post.

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What is the purpose of Instagram hashtags?

Hashtags are commonly used to categorize content on social media platforms. They start with a ‘#’ symbol, which is then followed by a combination of numbers, letters, or emojis. Instagram tags are used to make content more discoverable since they are essentially clickable links. Whenever anyone searches for a hashtag or clicks on a hashtag underneath someone’s post, they are taken to an explore page that shows all the posts with the same tag.

Hashtags can greatly help content creators in expanding the reach of their brand and getting the attention of the Instagram audience. Whenever you add a hashtag to your post, it will automatically appear on the explore page for that particular hashtag. Even if you add a hashtag to your Instagram Story, it will make its way to the hashtag page. Many Instagram users follow certain hashtags which deal with their topics of interest. Even if they are not on your following list, they will be able to see your post if you’ve used hashtags they follow. Instagram hashtags are also great for building a community on the platform, as they can motivate people to engage with your brand.

Type of Instagram hashtags

Here is a list of the popular types of tags that can be used on the platform –

1. Product/Service hashtags

These hashtags carry the general theme of your product or service. Some great examples are #shoes #carpentry #contentwriting.

2. Niche hashtags

Niche hashtags show how your content fits in with the rest of the industry. They essentially convey the specificity of your business. Although they are not as popular as industry hashtags, they can certainly help in increasing your Instagram engagement. Some great examples of niche hashtags are #travelvlogger and #foodphotographer.

3. Industry hashtags

Industry hashtags usually come with a lot of competition since they are used by many people. Historically, they have been tagged on millions of posts. Although they come with high competition, they can certainly help in increasing your post’s visibility on the platform. You can combine them with niche hashtags. Some great examples of industry hashtags are #photographer #vlogger #aesthetician #beauty.

4. Community hashtags

Community hashtags can be great for building your tribe on the platform. They are generally more specific than brand or niche hashtags; however, they have the advantage of lesser competition. You can add 3-5 community hashtags in addition to other hashtags to increase your visibility. To research the keywords for community hashtags, all you have to do is determine the hashtags most frequently used by your followers. Some great examples of these hashtags are #mytravelgram #instagood

5. Seasonal or special event hashtag

These hashtags are great if you want to be a part of a larger movement. They are also excellent for generating viral engagement. Seasonal hashtags can refer to holidays like #stpatricksday #nationalicecreamday or events like #superbowl #coachella.

6. Location hashtags

These hashtags are great if you want to increase the visibility of your post in a particular location. Location hashtags come with high specificity and low competition, and they can be used in addition to geotagging. You can combine these with industry and niche hashtags. Some great examples of location hashtags are #NYaesthetician, #NJhairstylist #TexasPhotographer.

7. Daily hashtags

These can be related to daily musings and phrases commonly searched by people like #MondayBlues #TransformationTuesday #SundaySweat etc.

8. Acronym hashtags

These hashtags are based on popular acronyms used by the millennials and GenZ these days. One of the most popular acronym hashtags is #TBT (throwback Thursday). Some other great examples of these hashtags are #OOTD #FBF #YOLO and #TGIF.

9. Relevant phrases

These hashtags combine the elements of multiple hashtag types, including niche hashtags, product hashtags, and community hashtags. They are based on the phrases used by Instagram users to connect with the communities existing on the platform as an insider. Some good examples of relevant phrase hashtags are #shewhowanders and #amwriting.

10. Emoji hashtags

These hashtags feature an emoji attached to a keyword or a phrase, or they can just be simple emoji hashtags.

How many tags should you use on Instagram?

How many tags should you use on Instagram?

Instagram allows users to add a maximum of 30 hashtags on a post and around ten hashtags on an Instagram Story. If you try to include more than 30 hashtags in your post/Story, the platform does not let you post it. Although Instagram allows you to add a fairly large amount of hashtags, the question remains – how many tags are best for increasing engagement?

While some Instagram experts say that using 1 to 3 hashtags is sufficient, others advise that using 11 hashtags is a better strategy. Instagram also recently advised creators to add 3 to 5 hashtags in their posts. This is different from what we have heard about hashtags until now. However, Instagram has been lately focusing on the usage of SEO and keywords. It is also introducing ‘suggest’ feeds, for which it would need an easier method of categorization. Since fewer hashtags are more reliable, we can somewhat understand why they might be advising lesser hashtags.

In purely objective terms, there is no “right” number of hashtags for Instagram. However, we will try to answer whether you should use more hashtags or whether going with just a select few tags is a better option. In an online study conducted on more than 18 million posts, the number of hashtags used in each post was compared with the reach rate of the posts. The reach rate is the reach of an account as a percentage of the follower count. It was found that as the number of hashtags increased, the reach rate also increased. When a greater number of hashtags were used in a post, it saw better results.

The takeaway from this is that using a greater number of hashtags is always the best strategy for increasing engagement and reach on Instagram. However, as Instagram starts rolling out ‘suggested’ feeds, it would be wiser to focus on relevant hashtags in a lesser number.

Hiding Instagram Hashtags

Although hashtags are necessary for finding your target audience, a post or Story filled with a large number of hashtags might appear to be cluttered. There are some easy ways to hide them in your Stories and posts. In the following sections, we will provide step-by-step methods for each of them.

Hiding Instagram Hashtags in the Caption

There are ways to include a large number of hashtags in your post’s caption without them being overtly visible to the audience. Here is how you can hide hashtags in the caption –

  • Step 1: After you have written your caption for the post, click on Enter (or ‘Return’ if you are using iOS).
  • Step 2: Add ellipses or some punctuation marks like a bullet or dash, and click on Enter again.
  • Step 3: Repeat the second step around 3 to 4 times, and then add your hashtags beneath that.

Instagram usually hides any part of the caption that comes after 3 to 4 lines. For viewing the rest of the caption, the user would have to click on ‘more.’ This means that your hashtags will be effectively hidden from the audience. Since they will be visually separated from the caption, they would not distract the audience from your post.

Hiding Instagram Hashtags in the Comment Section

Another way to include hashtags in your post is by burying them in the comment section. Here is how you can do that –

  • Step 1: Add your caption to the Instagram post without any hashtags and publish the post.
  • Step 2: After the post has been published, click on the section where you can add comments.
  • Step 3: Add all the hashtags in the form of a comment and click ‘post,’

When you add the hashtags in the form of a comment, it will not be visible to the audience until they try to view all the comments. On the desktop, however, the comments would be visible as is. Nonetheless, it is a great technique as a majority of the users browse Instagram through their mobiles.

Hiding Hashtags in Instagram Stories

There are ways to hide the hashtags in the Stories too. One way to go about it is by shrinking the size of the hashtags by pinching them to make them small. This way, they will not be as visible. Another way is to change the color of the hashtag sticker background to make it semi-transparent. If you wish to hide your hashtags completely, you can consider pasting a sticker, emoji, or GIF on top of it to hide them.


With this, we have hopefully provided a satisfactory answer about the right number of tags to use on Instagram. Although tag quantity is an important determiner of your marketing success, it is equally important to consider the tag quality. You will not be able to generate greater engagement by only using generic hashtags. It is important to research the right tags for your brand and use a combination of different types of tags to expand your reach. Something that can help you immensely in this respect is the Hashtag Research & Profile Optimization Service provided by Mr. Insta. Using this service, you can obtain niche-specific hashtags for your brand, which have been thoroughly researched by our Instagram experts. We, at Mr. Insta, also offer a host of other premium Instagram services like free Instagram followers, likes, comments, views, and more. If you are interested in boosting your Instagram engagement, contact us today!

Tips & Tricks to Stop Spammers Commenting on Your Instagram Posts

Instagram is a social media platform that content creators simply can’t afford to ignore anymore. The platform has established itself as one of the best in terms of connecting content creators with their target audiences. While Instagram has a diverse array of features to offer along with a variety of advantages, the platform also has certain problems – one of those problems involves the presence of spammers.

In this article, we’ll take you through the reasons why spammers are so rampant on Instagram, along with the top tips and tricks to prevent them from commenting on your posts. So, without any further delay, let’s jump right in.

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Why are spammers a problem on Instagram?

For years, spamming has been a major issue on Instagram. Despite the Facebook-owned platform repeatedly promising that they would deal with the issue, it’s sad to say that they haven’t been able to do much so far. Most of the spam content is generated by bot networks, which are operated by scammers on Instagram. The networks typically resort to spreading their spam content across Instagram users’ comments section.

Even the most high-profile Instagram accounts aren’t spared. For example, if you take a look at posts shared by American hip-hop artist Travis Scott, you’ll find a lot of spam content in the comments. Sometimes, the spam content is harmless. However, sometimes, they’re not. Many Instagram users have registered complaints with the platform regarding spammers backing a particular pyramid scheme who promote it on comments. On many occasions, spam content also targets Instagram users and their audiences through the use of abusive language.

So, if you’re a content creator who wants to establish a popular Instagram account, you can understand how problematic spamming can be. The spam comments can distract your audience from your posts and also trick them into parting with their money – not something you’d want to happen, right? However, thankfully, there are ways that Instagram users can keep spam away from their posts. Read on to know what they are.

1. Control your posts’ comments sections

The folks at Instagram, to be fair to them, have acknowledged that there is a problem with spam content on the platform. While no one knows when they will work something out to prevent spam comments altogether, they have incorporated some features to mitigate the problem to an extent. One of those features is the ability of the users to control their comments sections. It can come in handy for preventing spam from accounts that have posted spam more than once in the past.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, open the ‘Settings’ and head over to the section called ‘Privacy.’
  • On the ‘Privacy’ page, you should see several options – go to ‘Comments.’
  • The ‘Comments’ page offers plenty of options to customize who you want to receive comments from and who you want to block

So, if your Instagram’s comments section is filled with spam content, go through them to identify the accounts that are doing the spamming. Once you’ve identified the accounts, you can block comments from them permanently. However, before we move on, we’d like to tell you that this method isn’t a guarantee to prevent spam comments altogether. It’s only effective to block accounts that have previously posted spam comments on your posts.

2. Prevent comments that contain banned hashtags

A lot of bot networks rely on popular Instagram users’ comments sections to garner new follows and likes for their own accounts. They do this by including certain hashtags that are referred to as ‘banned’ hashtags. This reference is due to the fact that these hashtags are typically used by spammers who post inappropriate content. The following banned words list will take you through all the blocked hashtags from A – Z:

Banned hashtags starting with:

  • A: #addmysc, #abdl, #alone, #adulting, #armparty, #always, #asiangirl, #assday, #ass, #assworship, #assday
  • B: #brain, #boho, #bikinibody, #besties, #beautyblogger
  • C: #curvygirls, #costumes
  • D: #dm, #direct, #desk, #dating, #date
  • E: #elevator, #eggplant, #edm
  • G: #gloves, #girlsonly
  • H: #hustler, #humpday, #hotweather, #hawks, #hardworkpaysoff
  • I: #italiano, #iphonegraphy, #instasport, #ice
  • K: #kissing, #killingit, #kickoff, #kansas
  • M: #mustfollow, #models, #mirrorphoto, #milf, #mileycyrus, #master
  • N: #nudity, #newyearsday, #nasty
  • O: #overnight
  • P: #pushups, #prettygirl, #pornfood, #petite, #parties
  • R: #ravens, #rate
  • S: #shit, #shower, #swole, #sunbathing, #streetphoto, #stranger, #sopretty, #snowstorm, #snapchat, #snap, #skype, #skateboarding, #singlelife, #single, #selfharm, #samelove, #saltwater
  • T: #thought, #teen, #teens, #todayimwearing, #tanlines, #tagsforlikes, #tag4like
  • U: #undies
  • V: #valentinesday
  • W: #workflow
  • Y: #Youngmodel

The ‘Comments’ page allows you to block these hashtags. All you need to do is to mention the hashtags you don’t want appearing in your comments section, and Instagram will handle the rest. You should also remember not to use hashtags from this blocked words list across your posts and the comments you write on others’ posts. In recent years, Instagram has become notorious for shadowbanning accounts, i.e., restricting their exposure to the audiences on the platform. Instagram typically targets accounts that engage in malpractices, which include the use of banned hashtags.

Don't chase free Instagram comments from dubious sites

3. Don’t chase free Instagram comments from dubious sites

The Instagram algorithm tends to favor accounts with high user engagement rates. This has led to Instagram users resorting to dubious services that offer free Instagram commenters. These services typically boost user engagement stats, which is tempting for those who are new to Instagram. Typically, new users find it hard to compete with existing long-term users within the same niche because of Instagram’s fiercely competitive landscape.

However, if you let this temptation get the better of you, you’re likely to encounter a lot of spam in your comments. That’s due to the fact that most of the services offering free comments, followers, and likes are driven by bots. So, when you sign up for these services, the comments sections across all your posts will eventually be filled with irrelevant and meaningless comments.

In the long run, this presents two risks. First, your authentic followers may stop trusting you if they see your comments sections full of spam content. Eventually, they may decide to unfollow you, which will harm your growth on Instagram. Additionally, there’s the risk of your account getting shadowbanned by Instagram. In the worst-case scenario, your account may get permanently suspended as well.

The good thing is that there are several services, like MrInsta, which provide authentic free Instagram likes, followers and comments. So, if you ever consider boosting your Instagram user engagement stats through these services, do your research well. Go through online reviews thoroughly to understand the reliability of these services before signing up for one of them.

4. Remove all fake accounts that are following you

This can be an arduous and time-consuming process. However, it’s well worth it in the long run, as it ensures that only real accounts are following your Instagram page. To remove all the fake accounts that are following you, you need to go to the ‘Followers’ page and use the filter option. Select the ‘Most Recent’ filter, which will allow you to look at the accounts that have recently started following your account.

Next, visit the Instagram pages of those accounts and look at their numbers. Fake accounts are typically known for following a lot of Instagram pages, but they don’t have any followers or posts of their own. Authentic accounts, on the other hand, are bound to have a few followers and posts, at least, even if they’re not very active.

So, once you identify accounts that are fake, start removing them one by one. At this point, you might think that you’re harming your account’s user engagement and following by removing fake followers. However, you need to think logically and understand that having fake followers will do your Instagram page no good in the long run. Sure, they will add to the numbers, but increasingly, the Instagram algorithm is favoring authenticity and not just the statistics. In the long run, it’s the organic engagement that will bring your Instagram account closer to success.


So, these are some of the best tips and tricks you need to put into practice for putting an end to the menace of spammers on Instagram. We also recommend putting these tips into practice periodically, as there still isn’t a method that can completely stop the work of spammers and scammers. For instance, if you’re removing fake followers from your account, do it at least once a month to ensure a consistently authentic following.

We can only hope that the people working behind the scenes at Instagram manage to overcome the menace of spam content sooner rather than later. With more features being added to Instagram every year for diversifying the app, there’s also the risk of the platform being overwhelmed by spam comments.

Before we bid you goodbye this time, we’d like to remind you about the services of Mr. Insta. A service that allows Instagram users to buy Instagram followers, views, comments, and more, Mr. Insta is your ticket to Instagram success. What makes Mr. Insta different from dubious services and websites offering free and paid followers is that Mr. Insta doesn’t jeopardize your Instagram account. So, you don’t need to worry about your account getting shadowbanned or suspended.

Tips to Get More People to Respond to Your Story Question

Many businesses use Instagram to expand their audience reach and engagement levels, and for good reasons. It has been found that the majority of the users on the platform follow a minimum of one business page. Besides this, people also love following influencer accounts to receive genuine reviews about products and services and to find out about the latest trends. Whatever your brand, Instagram is a great way to communicate and engage with your audience.

Over the years, the platform has come up with many different features for increasing engagement and boosting brand awareness. Released in 2016, Instagram Stories was one such feature that shook up the world of social media engagement. It allowed people to share their content by adding a lot of engaging features like GIFs, stickers, music, and links. One of the best additions to the list of Instagram Story features is the question sticker. In this article, we will do an in-depth exploration of the Instagram question feature and the ways it can be used to get more participation from the users.

Instagram Optimization and Hashtags Research
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Instagram question sticker: How does it work?

The question sticker in Instagram Stories was first introduced in July 2018. It essentially allows users to ask questions from their followers or invite the followers to ask questions. When the latter technique is employed, the responses to the followers’ questions can be given in subsequent Stories. The responses from followers can be read in the DM section, which means that they can only be viewed by the user. The user can choose to share the response publicly in their Story; however, the username and photo of the follower will not be shown.

The biggest advantage of the Instagram question sticker is that it can be used to invite followers to engage with you privately. At the same time, it is not as invasive as direct messaging the followers. You can also use the emoji slider or polls sticker to ask questions from the followers. However, the question sticker allows followers to respond in the form of text.

How to use Instagram question sticker?

You can add the Instagram question box sticker in your Story just like you would add any other sticker. After adding an image or video to the Story, all you would have to do is select the sticker icon from the top right corner. From the menu that pops up, you can choose the question box sticker and type out the prompt in that. Once you have completed this, you can place the question sticker wherever you like on the page. You also have the option to change the color of the sticker from the color options. When you post an Instagram Question Story, your followers can send in their responses to it within 24 hours. You will be able to view the followers’ responses in your DMs, and you can choose to respond to them at your leisure. You can also feature chosen responses as an Instagram Story.
How to use the Story Question to get more responses from your followers?

The Instagram Story Question feature is a great feature to enhance engagement, but the question remains – how do we use it most effectively? Here are some great ideas to use the question sticker to increase brand loyalty and connect with a wider audience –

1. Answer FAQs

There must be some questions that your audience tends to ask over and over again, and replying to each of them individually can be quite a task. You can use the question box sticker to ask your followers to submit their questions, which can then be answered publicly through the subsequent stories.

2. Promote your services in the form of mini consultation

If you hold expertise in any area or your business revolves around providing expert advice on certain matters, you can use the question sticker to provide a mini-consultation session to the followers. This will be a great way to promote your services, as your followers will get a taste of the services you provide, and they might be encouraged to hire you.

3. Host a challenge or giveaway

The question sticker can also be used to host challenges and giveaway sessions, which can be great for boosting engagement and giving back some love to the followers. For instance, you can add an image to your stories and then invite your followers to post a caption for it through the question box. The best responses can be featured in the subsequent stories, and you can also use this challenge to do a giveaway.

4. Provide exclusive insight

The question box sticker can also be used to share exclusive information and insights with the audience. This information can pertain to some aspect of your brand or yourself. The followers will be delighted to receive these insights and connect with you on a more personal level.

5. Create interactive games

A creative way to use the question box sticker is by hosting an interactive game through it. Recently, the streaming service provider Netflix held an interactive guessing game with their audience. They invited their followers to guess certain things about popular series, after which the most popular responses were shared publicly. You can also use the question sticker to create interactive games to keep the audience engaged.

6. Share fun facts

The question box sticker can also be used to share fun facts about yourself or your business. People usually are interested in knowing the human behind the brand, and your followers would certainly prefer connecting with your business on a more human level. You can use the question sticker to invite the audience to ask about you, and the responses can be given privately or publicly.

7. Collecting questions

The question box sticker is not just useful for hosting live Q&A sessions. You can also use this feature to collect common questions related to your brand. These can then be answered through a video, image, Instagram Live session, or even a blog post. The audience will certainly appreciate that you took the time out to answer any queries they might have.

8. Invite followers’ recommendations

If you are having a hard time making a decision about your brand or business, you can take the help of your audience. After all, your brand or services are catering to them. You can use the question box sticker to invite your followers to send in their recommendations or crowdsource ideas for an upcoming campaign. You can also increase audience engagement by asking your followers recommendation questions like where to eat, what movie to watch, etc.

9. Promote your business

You can also use the question sticker to share more information about the services and products you provide through your business. There must be certain questions that many of your followers would be asking on a regular basis. You can also invite your followers to send in their questions through the question sticker. As the questions keep coming in, you can add them to your list and prepare the answers for them in detail. These answers can be shared through your website’s FAQ page or through the story highlight section of your Instagram profile. By adding the FAQs to the highlights, future visitors would also be able to look through them. This would be a great way to promote your business while engaging your followers.

10. Ask your followers questions

You can also turn the tables and ask questions from your followers. This can be a great way to engage them in a conversation. As humans, we all love when someone cares enough to ask us genuine questions and is interested in our answers. You can simply ask your followers about any highlight of their day, which can then be built into a conversation. It will allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. You can also ask them questions like –

    · What is something you struggled with in the past?
    · How can we better help you?
    · What was something that made you happy today?


It is important to remember that on social media platforms like Instagram, it is all about getting personal. The Instagram question sticker can be a great way to develop a more personal connection with your followers. With the tips provided in this article, you will be able to invite your followers to engage in a more personal conversation. Your audience will certainly appreciate the time you would take in engaging with them on a deeper level. By using the aforementioned strategies, you will be able to receive more responses to Story questions.

If you are looking for ways to boost your Instagram engagement, then you can consider getting free Instagram views or free Instagram comments from Mr. Insta. When you see the benefits that can be derived from these services, you will be able to see the value in our other premium paid services as well. The process of availing these free services on Mr. Insta is very simple, as you would only have to register and share your post URL. You will see the free views, comments, and followers rolling in. Most important, Mr. Insta provides a 100% safety guarantee, so you can be sure that you are trusting the right service provider. To know more about our premium Instagram services, contact us today!

How to Monetize Your Brand-New Instagram Account?

Have you ever looked at Instagrammers’ stories where they post pictures and cash out and thought to yourself whether you could do that too? Well, we are here to answer this question and help you monetize your brand-new Instagram account.

Just like YouTubers and bloggers, Instagrammers have influence and reach—things that brands struggle with. Together, these offer Instagram creators an opportunity to explore different potential revenue streams.

But, before we tell you how to monetize your Instagram account, let’s start by taking a look at some of the prerequisites.

Instagram Optimization and Hashtags Research
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Before you monetize your account

Whether you are planning to build an empire or just earn some extra money, monetizing Instagram is not a simple task. Having a catchy Instagram username and posting photos might be enough to impress your friends, but you would not be able to gain the much-needed influence. If you are new to Instagram, there are two things that you need to focus on:


Why do companies pay an Instagram content creator for sponsored content? Because they are looking to gain excess to your audience so that they can sell their products to them. Since you have a brand-new Instagram account, you won’t have a ton of followers. This means that you won’t be able to drive any brand’s products by posting sponsored content. What you need to do is focus on organically growing your follower count until it reaches a few thousand Instagram followers. This is when you will start to have influence.

Now, the question is exactly how many followers you need to start making money on Instagram? The answer depends on certain factors:

  • The niche you are in and how it ties to the product category.
  • Whether or not you have engaged followers.
  • The revenue channels you are exploring.

It would be better if you had more engaged followers. The top Instagrammers make over a thousand per post. However, you can start making by having a smaller but engaged following of 1000.

Engaged followers

More followers means more influence, right? Technically, right, but there is more to this. Having a big follower count will increase your chances of appearing in users’ feeds. However, what will be the point of this if your followers won’t engage with your posts? The trick is to create content that satisfies the content needs of your followers. This is not measured by the number of followers but by the number of Instagram likes, comments, and shares. Having engaged followers means that brands will be willing to invest in you.

How can you increase your reach on Instagram?

Now that you know that the basic requirements are for monetizing your Instagram, you might be wondering how you can actually achieve these goals? Here are a few tips to help you get that social reach and increase engagement on your account:

  1. Hashtags To improve the reach and discoverability of your content, you have to use the right hashtags. You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram. However, it is recommended that you use only 10-15. When you are creating sponsored effects, you have to be extra careful and use the right hashtags to create maximum effect. For this, you can use a hashtag generator tool that will do all the groundwork for you. These tools can provide you with a list of popular hashtags based on your niche.
  2. Bio – Whether you are an individual or a business trying to monetize your Instagram account, you have to be wise about the content you post. Your bio can be a valuable asset to your page. Consider this as a pitch for your first-time visitors. It has to be simple, quirky, and crisp that showcases your creativity and tells the users what value you can provide them.
  3. Regular posting – If you want to nurture a relationship with your followers, you have to interact with them regularly. In order to monetize your account, you have to post content and engage with your followers every day. There is a positive correlation between engagement rates and the frequency of posting. To do this, you need a fixed posting schedule that aligns with the time your followers are most active. The more your post, the faster your following will grow. Don’t forget to interact with people who comment on your post. This will show them that you care for them and appreciate them.
  4. Content Quality – There are many content creators on Instagram who are vying for your target audience’s attention. It won’t be easy to stand out in this sea. However, by posting high-quality content, the task will become a bit easier. This includes the captions as well. You need to write captions based on your actual experience with the product so that it appears genuine. Also, don’t forget to leverage the different types of video content opportunities Instagram has to offer, including reels, IGTV, and more.
  5. Connect – An important part of increasing your reach is connecting with other creators from your niche. You can either get in touch with them directly or engage with them through Instagram comments on their comments. You can also collaborate with them and create content together. By running contests and giveaways with other influencers, you can boost your visibility on the platform.

How can you increase your reach on Instagram

So, how can you start making money?

Once you have a respectable number of engaged followers, you can leverage it to start making some money. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:


If you want something that is low investment and high payoff, then teaching what you know is the best option for you. You can teach anything you want, such as card tricks, astrology, anything. You can provide info products to your audience, including audio or video courses, one-off payment courses, e-books, etc. Instagram can help you promote your brand and deliver your knowledge. There are some common posting techniques that you can use, such as “How-to” posts, “Ask Me Anything” sessions, weekly tip series, explainer videos, etc.

These videos will help you gain your audience’s trust. Then, you can direct them to your or your sponsor’s website.

Product placement

This method of monetizing your Instagram account involves a brand paying you to feature their product in your videos. You will be advertising it and earning some money. This is also known as embedded marketing, and it has been around for years. Usually, they are so subtle that they often fly under the radar. For product placements, you can use the following types of video on Instagram:

  • Stories
  • Reels
  • IG Live
  • IGTV

In all of these types of videos, you will either be providing the product insight or interacting with the product.

You can even use the product placement videos to generate another stream of income. For this, you have to enable IGTV Ads, the new monetization feature from Instagram. Another feature that you can use for generating extra revenue is Instagram’s Live Badges. Your followers can use badges to tip you while you are live streaming.

To get started with product placements, you can approach companies with a pitch and present your proposal. However, you also have to be careful and make sure that your placement doesn’t feel like an ad. It might rub some of your followers the wrong way. Try to be genuine in your content.

Sell your own products

For this stream of income, you have two options:

Create your own

You can create physical as well as digital products and sell them on your IG page. Make sure that your content matches your product. But, it is important to know that this will take a lot of work. Apart from dealing with the logistics of creating the products, you also have to market them on Instagram. However, once done right, it can help create a strong image of your brand, get commissioned jobs, generate revenue, and increase brand collaborations.

Try dropshipping

Dropshipping is a setup where businesses arrange for the manufacturer to directly ship to the customer. For a physical product, you can set up a dropshipping store and enlist with a manufacturer. You will be able to bypass the hassles of production, shipping, and inventory storage. There are dropshipping apps that can help you coordinate the process.

If you are unsure about what to sell, you can start by checking out your followers and their interests. With Instagram’s shopping tags, selling has become easier on the platform. You can add the price and the direct link in the photo itself.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has to be one of the best ways of monetizing Instagram. In this, you work as a brand ambassador and sell their services or products in exchange for money or a portion of revenue. For this, you need to sign up as an affiliate and paste the unique code or URL link in your post. You will receive money depending on the number of purchases made through your unique URL or code.

To get started, you can join an affiliate marketplace that will connect you with merchants. You should stick to brands that fit your niche and that you believe in. These products will resonate with your audience.

Video streaming service

This works best for content creators who have been on the platform a while and have a dedicated following. If your followers are hooked on your IG content, you can offer them access to your exclusive video content through paid membership. Through this model, you can expand your brand and design a world of entertainment, inspiration, or education. The best part is that you will be the one in charge and be able to make a consistent income through your hard work.

Hope that this article helped you learn about potential business opportunities on Instagram and how you can monetize your account. Instagram is the biggest game-changer out there, and having a monetized account on the platform can help you take off your business. This is not an easy task, and you need all the help you can get. Mr.Insta can help you get free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes. Once you have the much-needed high follower count, you can get started on building your business. Instagram is currently one of the biggest social media platforms. It continues to launch new, engaging features allowing content creators like you to make money. If you are able to build an engaging audience, there are multiple streams of revenue on Instagram you can give a try.

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