How to Create an Instagram Content Feed for a Picky Audience?

For Instagram users, there is no shortage of choices on the platform regarding the variety of content and products available. According to a Statista report, there were more than 25 million active business profiles on Instagram in 2017, and the numbers have only grown since then. With the more excellent options, the Instagram audience also holds greater power in their hands. Instead of impulse buying and consumption, the audience prefers to conduct careful research before interacting with a brand or a content creator. Thus, it has become essential for content creators and brands to provide value to a demanding audience.

The ultimate objective of the audience is to find content that gives them a return on investment (whether it is time or money) and some positive value too. Besides, they have developed an understanding of what authenticity looks like. As the new-age digital audience navigates the world of searching and researching, it rests on the content creators to provide them with something unique. If content creators and brands want a more significant share of the market, they have to look for new content. Since consumers will most likely conduct thorough research before following you, content creators and brands need to research their audience. With the relevant data about the choices and interests of the consumers, you will be able to provide them with better content.

If you are looking for a guide for overhauling your content creation strategy to suit the tastes of the new-age Instagram audience, then you have come to the right place. We will give you tips for designing your Instagram content and creating a better content feed in the following sections.

Instagram Optimization and Hashtags Research
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Design tips for Instagram content

Following are some tips that every content creator, brand, and Instagram business should take into consideration when designing their images for the post:

1. Define a focal point in the image

You want your Instagram post to be compelling the audience to pause and engage with your content. The first step is to set a focal point for the image. If your idea has too many elements, it can look quite busy and confusing to the followers. If your image looks very busy, the audience might move over to something new. For creating a focal point, you can use bold contrast, convergence, isolation, or incorporate something unusual.

2. Remember the Rule of Thirds

You need to divide your image into a 9-part grid in this rule. To execute the rule of thirds, you need to ensure that the most exciting image features are aligned along the intersections of the part. If you want to use a more creative technique, you can align the image to include the focal point in one-third of the picture.

3. Borders and white edges

Another way to make unique Instagram posts is by ensuring that there is some white space left around the borders. This technique can help in making your image more attractive to the audience. By including white edges, in addition to the rule of thirds and setting focal point, you will be able to ensure that your design elements have room to breathe.

4. Contrast and balance

If you want your post to stand out in the sea of similar content, it is essential to include contrasting elements. You can contrast the fonts, colors, scale, shapes, white spaces, light, and exposure. By balancing these different contrasting elements, you will be able to ensure that your image pops out and compels the users to interact with your content.
How to optimize the Instagram content feed

How to optimize the Instagram content feed

Now that you are familiar with the essential design tips, it is necessary to explore how to optimize your content feed. Here are some methods that can help generate the interest of the particular Instagram audience.

1. Behind the scenes

You can give the audience a preview of what goes on behind the scenes when creating content. Businesses on Instagram can also use this technique to show the audience their studio or workplace where all the action takes place. This allows the audience to connect with you on a more personal level.

2. Reviews

There can be instances when some of your followers leave you with a direct message (DM) praising your content or your brand and product. You can post a screenshot of the same on your feed or as a story. You can choose to blur out the sender’s details to protect their privacy. This will allow you to show appreciation to your followers, and it also helps build a brand identity.

3. Supporting social causes

When the Instagram audience can see that you are positively contributing to society, it certainly affects your brand’s image. It positions you as a content creator or business that goes out of its to help others.

4. Hosting giveaway or contest

If you want to generate a buzz on the platform and get the attention of Instagram users, you can consider holding a giveaway contest. To do so, all you would have to do is to create a video that explains the rules of the contest, along with the images of the prizes.

5. Showcase your services/products in action

You can demonstrate how your products or services work through your posts if you own an Instagram business. This helps in creating interest in your products. You can show yourself using the product/service or feature one of your clients. This will ultimately help in turning your followers into loyal customers.

6. Promotional campaign

You can consider running a niche marketing campaign to offer some exclusive deals and discounts to Instagram users. This also piques the interest of the Instagram audience. After all, who doesn’t love a great deal?

7. Seasonal content

If you want to hold the viewers’ attention, it is essential to curate content according to the season. If it is the holiday season, it would be a good idea to come up with holiday-related posts. Similarly, you can alter content according to occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

8. Tutorials and how-to posts

If you want to project yourself as an expert in your field in the eyes of the audience, you can include how-to posts or short tutorials in your content feed. To do so, you can consider making a one-minute video, carousel post, or just an image with step-by-step instructions.

9. Explainer videos

Another way to establish yourself as an expert in your field is through an explainer video. These are one-minute clips through which you can give advice and tips, explain how something works, or impart some helpful information.

10. User-generated content

Including user-generated content in your Insta feed will help you in engaging your followers and also help in highlighting your page to other followers. You can ask your followers to post content related to your brand and tag your account in the caption. You can also encourage them to tag their friends in the post so that your account can be discovered by new followers too.

11. Review products

Product reviews generate a lot of interest on the platform. If you are an expert in a particular industry, you can post reviews of products. This content idea can be a great way to capture the attention of the Instagram audience.

12. Events

One of the best ways to connect with the customer is by hosting events, whether they are online or offline. You can host an event using Instagram live, which can be added to your content feed later. The events can also be in the form of challenges. For example, if you own a publishing business, you can host a ‘write-a-thon’ that will encourage writers on the platform to post their content.

13. Preview of IGTV videos

The IGTV option on Instagram allows you to post long-form video content. However, this content is often abandoned by the new audience. Since the platform functions on the basic premise of holding the viewers’ attention, it would be good to post a one-minute clip from the long IGTV video.

14. Repurpose content

If you post content on blogs or other social networks like Twitter YouTube, it would be a good idea to post it on Instagram. You can repurpose this content to draw in a new Instagram audience.

15. Collaboration

Collaboration is another great way to expose your content to a new audience. Cross-promotion is widely considered to be a win-win situation for everyone involved.


By using the tips above and techniques, you will create content that will undoubtedly get the particular audience’s attention on Instagram. If you are looking to expand your reach on Instagram, you can also consider the Free Instagram Followers service from Mr. Insta. We provide a range of premium services like free Instagram comments, free Instagram followers, and free Instagram likes, which help promote new and organic growth on the platform. Mr. Insta assures 100% safety and privacy with every order. You will be able to see the results within 24-72 hours of placing the order, and the delivery will always be more than you purchase. Contact us today to know more about our services!

Why Gen Z are the Makers or Breakers of Instagram in 2022 & How Brands Can Engage Them

Here’s a fun fact that brands on Instagram will love to know. A whopping 97% of Gen Z cohorts say that social media is their primary inspiration for their shopping. For many, social media is their shopping destination too.

According to a 2021 Pew Research survey, 71% of these new-age social media users heavily use Instagram for content consumption and product purchase needs. Suffice to say that Gen Z is making a significant mark on Instagram – an impact big enough to make or break your company’s efforts.

This article explores why Gen Z is so important for marketers on Instagram and how brands can successfully engage and convert them.

In search of authentic experiences

In 2020, McKinsey & Co researched in partnership with Box1824 to understand the engagement and purchase psychology of Gen Z cohorts. What makes this age group tick, and how is the best way to market to them. The results were intriguing.

One common and resounding refrain that McKinsey and Box1824 received from Gen Z was the desire for genuine and authentic experiences, focusing on individualized expression and a desire to explore their identity and place in the world.

As it turned out, Gen Z cohorts place a significant value on how “real” a product, service, or experience they were consuming. And they were willing to go to great lengths to procure truly authentic products, services, and experiences. This was why McKinsey and Box1824 dubbed Gen Z as the “True Gen” – those more willing to accept diverse perspectives and participate in multi-cultural lifestyles that might be different from their own.

This explains to a large extent why these new-age social media users depend on Instagram and have such a pivotal impact on it.

Instagram Optimization and Hashtags Research
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Gen Z’s relationship with Instagram

The social circumstances determine every cohort’s psychology it grows up. For Baby Boomers, the World War shaped their thrifty attitude. For Gen X, the limitless possibility of wealth creation and status-building opportunities propelled their purchases. When Millennials came around, it was the age of self-centered experience building – where the age of want replaced the age of need.

Finally, we have Gen Z, born into an environment with no shortage of access to information opportunities. This, coupled with the freedom to experience life both on a personal and community/global level, thanks to the reach and pervasiveness of mobile phones and social media platforms.

A Business Insider survey shows that Gen Z has a distinct preference for Instagram compared to other social media channels. Over 65% use Instagram every day compared to just 34% who use Facebook. The reasons are simple:

  • Instagram allows these new-age social media users to get a glimpse into the authentic life experiences of people all over the world. With Instagram, Gen Z gets to discover new products, services, and experiences sold by brands that have a heritage in producing them (as opposed to mass-produced and inauthentic substitutes).
  • Plus, the Instagram aesthetic – designed to make the most mundane moments look spectacularly out-of-this-world – adds an idealized quality to the content. This is highly compelling to Gen Z social media users.
  • Finally, Instagram’s unique shopping ads and carousels allow Gen Z members to add items that catch their fancy to the cart immediately. They can check out with their new purchases right on the app. The ease of acquisition provides instant gratification, another trait of these new-age social media users.

In short, through Instagram, Gen Z social media users discover smaller brands that they may have never heard of but which they know for sure can offer them unique and authentic shopping experiences. They are willing to pay more for the product and often buy more frequently, especially if they are shown that the brand has sustainably sourced and created these offerings.

In this way, they pave the way for smaller, less-known brands (which otherwise may not receive much traction) to get higher engagement and, in turn, higher sales.

How Gen Z could make or mar your marketing efforts

How Gen Z could make or mar your marketing efforts

The current Instagram algorithm suggests content based on engagement level. The higher a user engages with a particular type of content or account, the more often similar content and accounts will be suggested. Any other content that doesn’t receive as much engagement is actively suppressed.

New-age social media users from Gen Z are more conscious and mindful about which brands they interact with and which they don’t. Engagement could be hard to come by if marketers don’t smartly work with Gen Z cohorts on Instagram. A brand that once received immense traffic through social media may find itself ignored and cast aside by not engaging with Gen Z prospects the right way. They might see that Gen Z is chipping away from their market share more quickly than they can acquire them.

Top 4 ways to engage with Gen Z on Instagram

1. Use stories and reels to showcase your products and services

Studies have shown that Gen Z has the shortest attention span to date, at just 8 seconds. Therefore, numerous studies have observed the rise in consumption of short-form content. These predominantly include blog posts or videos that are under 30 seconds long. Some of the best-performing videos are between 10 and 15 seconds long.

Instagram stories and reels allow brands to create super short content pieces to engage with Gen Z. From teasing a new product about to be launched to fast-forwarded unboxings to showing product hacks, a lot can be done to make short videos entertaining and informative.

These days, many Gen Z’ers are also using TikTok on Instagram. Marketers can repurpose the TikTok videos they create and use them to start a trend on Instagram centered around their product or service.

2. Use posts to share about your ethical sourcing and operations

Human interest stories are a massive hit amongst new-age social media users like Gen Z. In fact, you can use this to your advantage by showcasing your behind-the-scenes operations and displaying your ethical and sustainable sourcing techniques. You can share content in your posts, from interviews with the locals to candid shots of your operations to even infographics that make technical product/processing specifications easy to understand.

Gen Z loves to see the farm-to-table story, which strengthens their need for genuine and unique experiences. You can even consider giving them a short glimpse into your complete 360-degrees operations to garner their trust and patronage.

3. Tap into their FOMO

The Fear Of Missing Out is a real threat to Gen Z social media users. Given how busy life is these days, there is nothing more than Gen Z cohorts hate than missing out on a product or service that their peers have already experienced.

One of the best ways to get Gen Z to engage with you actively is to create time-sensitive offers. For example, adding “Offer valid only for 24 hours” to your product listing on Instagram will get you more clicks, site visits, and possibly even purchases, compared to just giving a discount outright. It would help if you made Gen Z fear the prospect of not getting the chance to try your brand, and that’s when they’re likely to engage with you sooner.

4. Get more people to talk about their experiences with your brand

As part of their desire for “real and true” experiences, new-age social media users like Gen Z love to hear from people from around the world. For Gen Z cohorts, getting a native person’s positive confirmation about purchase authenticity makes them more likely to become frequent buyers of a brand.

You’ll often see Gen Z social media users actively scanning the comments on Instagram and engaging with other commenters more often than they do with the brand. There’s a new trend on various social media channels, including Instagram, called “Comment Things Gen Z Would Say,” where the comments written under a post are used as inspiration to create new content and celebrate the quirkiness of Gen Z social media audience.

Marketers can use this trend to connect with their Gen Z audience members personally and develop a more youthful personality. If you are a small brand and don’t have any comments on your post, why use free Instagram comments? These free Instagram comments can help you build brand credibility. When new-age social media users find your brand account on Instagram, they’ll find the presence of comments as proof of your being an authentic and trustworthy brand.

These free Instagram comments are easy to acquire and customized to suit your brand image, marketing objective, and post content. They can quickly jumpstart communication about and around your brand by attracting authentic followers.

Choose Mr. Insta to supercharge your brand engagement with Gen Z today.

Mr. Insta is an Instagram growth platform with immense experience helping companies develop a consistent and memorable brand presence on Instagram. We offer free Instagram comments, views, and likes that can help increase your brand presence while creating a compelling appeal to prospective Gen Z users.

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Soon you’ll see that the free Instagram followers help you attract authentic Gen Z followers (and those of other cohorts), supercharging your way to social media success. Contact us to know more about our services. We discuss your requirements and mindfully deliver these comments, likes, views, and followers depending on your unique marketing goals.

Reasons Your Instagram Followers Are Not Growing And How To Right This Wrong

Instagram isn’t just a social media platform anymore – it’s also a powerful marketing platform for businesses to promote themselves along with their offerings. In recent years, hundreds and thousands of companies of varying sizes have taken to the podium to taste some Instagram success. However, not all businesses have been successful.

If your business has suffered a similar fate, you might be wondering what went wrong and why your Instagram business page has become stagnant. In this article, we’ll take you through all the possible reasons your business’ Instagram page stopped growing. We’ll also share with you some helpful tips to get it back on the path to success. So, without any further delay, let’s get this article going!

Reason #1: Consistency issues

One of the prime reasons for your business’s Instagram page stagnation maybe your inconsistent posting habit. Simply put, Instagram’s algorithm supports pages that post frequently and consistently. So, you’ve got to make it a point to post content relevant to your target audience in a consistent way.

Things get even more challenging when an Instagram business page reaches a 5-digit or 6-digit follower count. At this point, Instagram’s algorithm expects the page to post more content to support the page’s growth. So, all in all, consistency is key on Instagram.

How to right this wrong:

The best way to achieve posting consistency is to create a content calendar and stick to it. This involves a lot of planning and strategizing. However, in the long run, it pays off to get more Instagram followers and ensure the growth of your Instagram business page.

It would help if you also remembered to maintain a balance between quantity and quality. Simply put, your Instagram content’s quality shouldn’t suffer for the sake of posting more videos.

Instagram Optimization and Hashtags Research
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Reason #2: You don’t respond to comments

When an Instagram follower comments on one of your posts, you’re expected to reply to the comment. Sure, answering isn’t compulsory. However, if you fail to respond to comments across all your posts, your followers will probably perceive you as someone who doesn’t care. In such a scenario, it’s quite likely that your page will be unfollowed. Prospective followers may also stop short of following your Instagram page if they see that you barely bother to reply to comments.

At its core, Instagram is still very much a social networking platform. So, even if you’re not a social butterfly in real life, you’ve got to put in some effort to show your Instagram followers that you care about what they have to say.

How to right this wrong:

It’s quite easy to right this wrong – all you have to do is start replying to comments and messages posted by your followers. The more you respond to your followers’ comments, the higher the chances are of your business page being regarded by the Instagram algorithm as one that’s active, engaging, and open to discussion. Eventually, this will result in the algorithm promoting your page ahead of unresponsive pages in your niche.

If you have a lot of followers on Instagram already, it may be hard for you to reply to every comment individually. You could create elaborate posts in such a scenario thanking your followers for leaving their comments. We recommend sparing a few hours once or twice every week to only reply to comments.

Your page's first impression is a bad one

Reason #3: Your page’s first impression is a bad one

Your Instagram business page needs to make the right impression on the minds of your target audience. If it does, your page is guaranteed to get more followers, which is vital for Instagram success. However, if it doesn’t, there’s a high chance your target audience will look for something else. But what creates your page’s first impression on your audience’s minds? The answer to this question lies in what users first see when they visit your Instagram page.

Typically, the elements of your Instagram page that are first visible when a user visits it are:

  • Your page’s profile photo
  • Name and username
  • Bio section

Simply put, if there’s anything off with even one of these elements, it’s bound to create a bad first impression.

How to right this wrong:

The best way to create an excellent first impression is to optimize the elements we just mentioned. Your page’s profile photo should be high-quality and crystal clear, for starters. Remember that Instagram’s profile photos are circular. Your business page should also have an identifiable and unique name.

Last but not least, pay attention to the content in your bio section. While Instagram only allows bio sections to be 150-characters long, there’s a lot you can do within the stipulated limit if you’re competent in composing it. Well-written bios never fail to impress. The bio section also allows you to include clickable links and call-to-action buttons. So, make the most of those features.

Reason #4: You’re not using hashtags

Hashtags play an important role on Instagram. Including them in your posts makes them more likely to be found by users. So, if your Instagram followers aren’t growing, not using hashtags may be one of the reasons behind it.
If you’ve never used a hashtag before in any of your posts, you may feel a bit awkward doing it for the first time. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll eventually master the art of using the right hashtags for all your posts.

How to right this wrong:

By the ‘right’ hashtags, we mean relevant hashtags. Remember, your target audience won’t be impressed if they see that your posts have no connection with the hashtags you’ve used. Some Instagram pages have even been reported for using irrelevant hashtags.

Also, it’s essential to use hashtags so that your posts’ captions don’t appear cramped and congested. Even though Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post, we recommend 3 – 5 hashtags for each post.

Reason #5: You promote too aggressively

Aggressive promotions used to work at one point in time. However, those days are long gone due to the ever-growing use of ad blockers. Nowadays, advertisements are everywhere, even on the internet. In such a scenario, internet users do all they can to steer clear of ads that keep appearing repeatedly.

If you’ve been too aggressive in how you’ve promoted your business and its products and services, it’s time to take a few steps back. Ideally, your promotional strategy on Instagram should be subtle. Make your target audience aware of your business and its offerings, but don’t annoy them.

How to right this wrong:

Subtle promotions require more substance than style. For example, if you’re selling a jacket, you should back up your promotional posts with captions that tell your target audience why they should consider buying it. This is a much more subtle approach as compared to one where you’re in your audience’s face telling them to buy the jacket without including any proper reason for them to do so.
Your promotional posts should also be a bit imaginative. This is likely to make the posts more engaging, which will result in more likes and comments.

Reason #6: Your business page and its posts lack authenticity

For long-term growth on Instagram, your business page has to be authentic. You’ll fail to build an emotional connection with your target audience without authenticity. You can’t expect to get more Instagram followers by pretending to be something you’re not.

To know whether your Instagram page lacks authenticity, you need to ask yourself some questions. For instance, are your captions robotic? Are your photos artificial-looking and overly processed? Have you purchased followers simply to inflate the numbers? If the answers to these questions are in the affirmative, you’ve got to make specific changes.

How to right this wrong:

For starters, your captions need to be organic. You’ve also got to back up your promotional content with photos and videos that offer your followers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes workings of your business. This will connect the authentic side of your business to your target audience, which will make your business seem more trustworthy to them.

It would help if you also steered clear of purchasing followers in the form of bots, as such practices don’t result in long-term Instagram success. You could also face strict action from Instagram’s moderators if they find out that your page is bot-driven.


So, there you have it – 6 reasons your Instagram following has become stagnant. If you want to bring the stagnancy to an end, you should ideally put the corrective methods we’ve mentioned into place as soon as possible.
You could also consider increasing your Instagram following by using a software tool such as MrInsta, allowing users to buy Instagram followers. MrInsta deals in real followers only, which means you have no worries of getting into trouble with Instagram’s moderators. So, if your Instagram page isn’t making much progress in gaining new followers, likes, and comments, MrInsta is the service to consider.

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