What Hashtags Can Get You the Highest Instagram Likes & Followers Quickly

No Instagram marketing strategy is complete without hashtags. However, the fact that you need to include hashtags for a successful marketing strategy on Instagram doesn’t mean that you can use any hashtag you want. Using the wrong set of hashtags can be disastrous. On the other hand, if you select the right hashtag, it can go a long way towards guaranteeing success for your marketing strategy, and an increase in Instagram followers.

In this article, we’ll give you all the information you could want about the use of hashtags on Instagram. From understanding how hashtags work on Insta to actually using them for your strategy – we’ll cover it all here. So, read on!

Insta hashtags – what are they and why you should use them

Hashtags on Insta work just like they work anywhere else, and their purpose is simple – to make content more easily discoverable by categorizing it. All hashtags start with the # symbol, which is followed by letters and/or numbers. For e.g. #photooftheday. All hashtags are clickable, and once you click on a hashtag, it will show you all the posts where the hashtag has been used.

In terms of why you should be using hashtags across all your Instagram posts, the reason is greater reach and the expansion of your audience on Instagram. A lot of Insta users primarily follow hashtags. So if you use a hashtag in a post and someone who’s not your follower follows that hashtag, your post will be visible to that Insta user. You can also use hashtags on Instagram Stories.

The use of hashtags consistently will help you build an identity for your brand and a community around it, which will motivate others to engage with it as well. Ultimately, correct use of hashtags will lead to more free Instagram followers, which will cement your brand’s place on the platform.

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Using popular hashtags – is it a good idea?

#love and #instagood are two of Insta’s most popular hashtags. Using these hashtags is a double-edged sword. On one hand, these hashtags are the most followed and searched for. So, including them in your Insta posts might seem like a good way to get found by new audiences. On the other hand, because they are searched for the most, it’s quite possible that your post will be like a drop in an ocean.

Ideally, you should include a mix of hashtags – some popular and some niche. This combination will increase the chances of your posts being seen not just by a wider audience, but also by your target audience specific to your niche.
How many hashtags should you use per post?

Instagram allows users to add up to 30 hashtags per post. If you’re posting a story, you can include up to 10 hashtags in it. However, just because you can include 30 hashtags doesn’t mean that it’s a great idea to use all 30. If you observe the handles of some of the world’s most well-known brands, you’ll typically see that for every post, the number of hashtags range from 3 – 11.
Ultimately, it’s all down to the identity of your brand that you’re trying to build. You should also ensure that you’re using hashtags that are relevant to your business. For example, just because #love is the most popular Instagram hashtag doesn’t mean that you should include it in your posts, especially if your business has absolutely nothing to do with love.

In recent years, Insta’s moderators have become quite strict, and pages using an excess of irrelevant hashtags have been punished through ‘shadow bans’. So, it’s essential that you use relevant hashtags only and don’t resort to using too many hashtags just for the sake of expanding the reach of your posts. Insta moderators also tend to take a tough stance on hashtags like #like4like and #follow4follow – hashtags that are simply meant for garnering more Instagram likes and follows.

Finding the most trending Insta hashtags

Finding the most trending Insta hashtags

When it comes to finding out what the most trending hashtags are, Twitter offers users a list of the latest hashtags that are trending. However, Instagram doesn’t do that. If you want to find out what the most trending hashtags on Insta are, here’s what you need to do:

  • On your mobile device, enter the hashtag you want to search for and tap the ‘Tags’ option. If you’re accessing Insta from your desktop, go to the search box and enter the hashtag. For both mobile and desktop, you must enter the # symbol before anything else.
  • Once you hit the search button, Instagram will show you the most trending hashtags, which will keep changing from one moment to the next.

While it’s definitely quite tempting to include a trending Instagram hashtag, you should stick to the ‘use-it-only-if-it’s-relevant’ policy.

Types of hashtags on Instagram

All in all, there are 9 different types of hashtags that you can use on Instagram. Let’s take a closer look at them in this section.

  • Service or product hashtags: These are the most basic types of hashtags you can use on Instagram. Including these hashtags are vital, particularly if you have a product or service to sell. For example, #smartphone and #laptop.
  • Insta community hashtags: Insta community hashtags allow users to become part of hashtag communities. For example, #artistsofinstagram and #musiciansofinstagram. If you want your posts to be found by a wider audience, this is the type of hashtag that you must use.
  • Niche hashtags: Niche hashtags are probably the most important hashtags to use on Instagram. By using these hashtags, you can help users understand the niche you operate in. For example, #foodblogger and #travelvlogger.
  • Location hashtags: Location hashtags aren’t all that important to include in your Insta posts, especially if you’ve already geo-tagged them. However, if people are searching for location-specific hashtags, these hashtags will make it significantly easier for your posts to be found. For example, #londoneats and #incredibleindia.
  • Seasonal or special event hashtags: If your post is dedicated to a particular season or a special event, using these hashtags would be a great idea. For example, #worldmusicday and #winterdays.
  • Relevant phrase hashtags: Relevant phrase hashtags typically feature a combination of niche, community, and product hashtags. People tend to use these hashtags for joining existing Insta communities.
  • Daily hashtags: If you’re posting content daily on Instagram, using daily hashtags such as #FridayNightFever or #SaturdayBlues would be a great idea.
  • Emoji hashtags: Emoji hashtags don’t really serve a major purpose. People mostly create them and make them trend for fun.
  • Acronym hashtags: Acronym hashtags such as #YOLO (you only live once) and #TBT (throwback Thursday) have been quite popular in Insta circles since the use of hashtags on the platform became a norm.

Tips to find hashtags relevant for your brand

Now that you’ve taken in a lot of information about Instagram hashtags, it’s time we told you about some tips and tricks to find relevant hashtags that make sense for your brand.

  • Monitor your target audience’s hashtag usage: If a particular hashtag is all the rage among your target audience, then it’s quite likely that many others are using it as well. You should make a note of the hashtags that are most commonly used by your target audience and use them across all your posts. This will allow your posts to be visible in front of large Instagram communities, which is good for finding people who may be interested in the products and/or services that you have to offer.
  • Create alternative hashtags to stand out from the competition: No matter what your niche is, there’s a high chance that your competitors are using a few common hashtags. If the competition is already well-established and you’re only starting out, the best idea would be to slightly spice up those existing hashtags and create something alternative – something of your own. This would help your brand both belong to an Instagram community and stand out from the rest of the competition.
  • Branded hashtags are the best for raising brand awareness: If you want people to be aware of your brand through hashtags, then you have no option but to create a branded hashtag. This branded hashtag would be consistently used across all your posts. Over time, this would lead to people developing awareness of your brand, which is vital if you want your Instagram presence to expand in the long run.
  • Turn to the Related Hashtags feature for targeting specific audiences: On an Instagram hashtag page, you’ll see two tabs – ‘Top’ and ‘Recent’. Above these tabs, you will see a few related hashtags, which you can explore if you swipe left. These related hashtags are slightly more niche compared to regular keyword-based hashtags. However, these work wonders when it comes to reaching out to a particular audience. These hashtags also tend to have low competition.
  • Steer clear of hashtags banned by Instagram: Instagram has banned several hashtags because of their association with inappropriate content that’s clearly in breach of Insta’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. To know whether a hashtag is banned or not, it’s best to search for it before you actually use it in your posts. If a certain hashtag is banned, Instagram will notify you once the search results appear.


So, there you have it – all the information you could want to know about the use of hashtags on Insta. Before we conclude this article, we’d like to tell you about Mr. Insta and its services. At Mr. Insta, you can buy Instagram followers, views, and likes for the rapid growth of your Instagram page.

How to Stop Instagram Scam Accounts from Stealing Your Clients

As Instagram grows more popular, the activities of scam artists on the platform are bound to become more rampant. The most vulnerable accounts are the ones that represent successful businesses, as scammers can infiltrate and take control of these accounts through phishing. If they do, the clients of the businesses will be targeted, either for their money or their personal information. Either way, the businesses stand to temporarily lose out on their clients and potentially, a lot of money in the process. The Instagram accounts of your clients may come under threat as well, as the scammers may try to steal their personal information or spread malware to them as well.

However, the good thing is that even if business accounts on Instagram are hacked, there are ways of minimizing the damage. So, if you have a business account on Instagram, read on to know how you can put a stop to the activities of a fake Instagram account pretending to represent your business.

1. Report the fake account

The easiest thing to do would be to report the fake business account on Instagram as soon as you find out about it. Also, you should reach out to your clients using other social media platforms to inform them about what’s happened and ask them to report it as well. When multiple Instagram accounts report a fake account, Instagram typically takes little time to block the activities of the account.
Sure, some damage might already have been done. However, once Instagram blocks the account, you can be sure that there won’t be further attempts to steal your clients from that account. Remember, this doesn’t mean that any future Instagram account you create for your business will be safe, which brings us to the next point.

2. Set challenging and unique passwords

It’s a hassle to remember a ton of different passwords, and it’s this inconvenience that leads people into setting similar passwords across all their social media accounts. However, the convenience of having similar passwords comes at a cost. If you’re someone who uses the same passwords across all your personal and professional social media accounts, you’re at great risk of having multiple accounts hacked. That’s why it’s important to set unique and challenging passwords for all your accounts.

To do away with the inconvenience of the process, you could keep a note of all the passwords in a notebook. We recommend not storing them on your phone as they may be compromised if your phone is hacked. If you have to store them digitally, we recommend using secure password manager software.

3. Make sure that your debit and credit cards are blocked

If Instagram scammers extract your debit or credit card information, you’ll be at risk of losing out on all your money. However, most scammers on the platform typically don’t drain funds at one go. Most of the time, they keep making smaller purchases. To keep track of any suspicious purchases or activities using your debit or credit card information, keep monitoring the financial statements provided by your bank.

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Sure, keep an eye out for suspicious purchases that involve a lot of money. However, also be on the lookout for smaller transactions that look odd. As soon as you detect anything out of the ordinary on your financial statements, reach out to your bank and request them to block your debit and/or credit card.

4. Check your credit scores

Once scammers on Instagram get a hold of your personal information, they can use it for the creation of multiple bank accounts. In next to no time, the scammers’ activities may result you incurring a lot of debt. So, if you get even the slightest hint that scammers have infiltrated your account and stolen your personal information, check your credit scores as soon as possible.

For example, if you’re a resident of the USA, you should ideally check credit scores across all three major institutions – Equifax, Experion, and TransUnion. If you live somewhere else, you should seek out information on the platforms of your country’s institutions. You could also freeze your credit, which will prevent scammers from making further purchases in your name.

5. Rely on ID theft checker software

ID theft checker software allow users to monitor and track suspicious activities that scammers may engage in using personal information or bank-related information.

We recommend you to start using such software as soon as possible. You can use it to track ID thefts in real-time, which will make it possible for you to take action at short notice without facing too much damage.

Tips to prevent phishing on Instagram

6. Security software is a must across all your devices

Irrespective of the number of devices you use to access your business account on Instagram, all of them should have security software. We recommend installing software that provides paid services, as they would include multiple security features.

Also, make sure that auto-updates are turned on for the security software across all your devices. Scammers are continuously finding innovative ways to infiltrate accounts through new types of attacks. The latest updates will keep your devices secure from the newest forms of cybercriminal attacks.

7. Keep a backup of all your critical data

You should keep a backup of all critical data including personal information and bank account details on an external hard drive or the cloud. You must ensure that the backed up data isn’t in any way connected to the network you use at home or at office.

Don’t forget to keep a backup of all the data on your phone too. This will allow you to fall back on the backed-up data if the data connected to your home or office network is breached by scammers.

8. Enable multi-factor authentication

Instagram, along with most other prominent social media apps and websites provide multi-factor authentication facilities. Multi-factor authentication is a great way for these apps and websites to verify your identity. It works like this – after you enter your login credentials, a text message or an email will be sent to you. The message or email will either contain a one-time password or a link that will verify that it’s indeed you who’s logging into your account.

Biometric authentication is also a great multi-factor authentication feature that relies on facial, fingerprint, or retinal scans to determine the identity of the individual attempting to log in. By default, this Instagram verification feature is turned off. So, make sure you turn it on before proceeding with any more activities on Instagram.

How your account may be controlled by scammers

Scammers typically use one of two methods to control Instagram accounts – Owning or Ninja mode.

Owning mode involves the scammers completely owning an Instagram account. If a scammer uses this method to control your Insta account, there’s a high chance that critical information will be either deleted or altered. The altered or deleted details can make it incredibly difficult for you to recover your account. In such a scenario, the scammer can sell followers for a small fortune. It can also result in your followers’ accounts being hacked by the scammer. Typically, it’s not very hard for scammers to impersonate an individual or a business once they have hacked into an account. So, it makes it quite easy for them to target the account’s followers for extracting more information from them.

Ninja mode doesn’t involve stealing accounts or changing passwords. A scammer using this method to target Instagram accounts typically track the activities of the accounts on a daily basis, doing so while being completely undetected. After observing the Instagram account activity for a long time, the scammer is able to impersonate the individual or business and target the account’s followers. Instagram allows users to delete conversations and unsend messages. While these features are quite helpful when used the right way, they also provide an advantage to hackers and scammers whose only purpose is to extract users’ personal information.

Tips to prevent phishing on Instagram

Prevention is better than cure, and the best way to prevent phishing on Instagram is to put the following tips into practice:

  • If an app asks for permission to access your Instagram profile, don’t allow it permission unless the app has been developed by a reputed and trusted developer. Ideally, you should only give permission to apps that have been marked either as Top Developer or Editor’s Choice. Also, it’s important that you read all permissions carefully. Many apps have poorly-developed security features, and scammers may try and make their way into your Instagram account through these apps.
  • Don’t click on links sent from unknown accounts. These links may be sent to you along with a tempting offer such as a giveaway or exclusive discounts or more Instagram followers. Before you click on any of these links, you must ensure that they’ve come from verified sources. Many fraudulent pages send such offers to Instagram users along with the clickable links. If you click on these links, you might end up sharing your personal information with scammers and fraudsters.

So, proceed with caution on Instagram. While the platform promises a lot of profits, there are pitfalls along the way that you must avoid. If you want to grow your Instagram channel rapidly without compromising on security, choose mrinsta.com to buy Instagram followers.

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting the Best Instagram Giveaways to Generate More Followers

When it comes to Instagram events, giveaways are a great way to quickly increase follower count. Many successful Instagrammers have hosted giveaways in the past and they will continue to do so in an attempt to scale the Insta ladder.

However, it’s one thing to host a giveaway (which is simple enough) and another thing completely to make the most of it. So, if you’re an Instagrammer who’s on the lookout for more Instagram views and followers, read on. In this article, we’re going to discuss all the ways you can use giveaways on Instagram to increase your follower count and become bigger on one of the world’s biggest social media platforms.

1. Focus on the reason why you want to host a giveaway in the first place

Hosting a giveaway without a goal will in all likelihood result in a failure to increase views and/or followers. If you’re active on other social media platforms as well, you could also tap into Instagram giveaways to increase followers on those platforms. For example, if your Facebook page lacks following compared to your Insta page, you could host a giveaway with the goal of directing the participants to your Facebook page.

If your priority is to sell your products or services, the best thing to do is to focus on growing the number of your email subscribers. Typically, influencers are able to do much more in terms of selling when they reach out to their audiences over email. This is due to the fact that emails can be made to include more value, which will provide more information to your audiences about your products and/or services. So, the first thing you need to do before hosting an Instagram giveaway is to decide on why you’ll be hosting it in the first place.

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2. Pick the prize

Once you’ve identified the reasons behind hosting the giveaway, it’s time to select the prize that you’re going to giveaway. The prize you choose is completely up to you, but it’s best to make it one that’s relevant to your audience. For example, if you’re a fashion and lifestyle influencer, you could choose an appropriate product based on your niche. If you’re merely an influencer and don’t have any products of your own to sell, it’s best to collaborate with a brand in your niche. By giving away the brand’s products, you’ll be helping it to reach new audiences as well.

However, if you have products to sell, it’s best to give away samples of those products to the winners. For example, if you’re about to launch a new product, you could host a giveaway and offer samples of the about-to-be-launched product as prizes. This will encourage your followers and target audiences who aren’t following you yet to participate in the giveaway. The winners will also get to try out your products for free. If the product is a high-quality one, it’s sure to cement your brand’s reputation as one that can be trusted.

Choose the method of participation

3. Choose the method of participation

So, now you’ve picked your prize as well, and at this juncture, you have to choose the method through which your followers get to participate in your Instagram competition. If you want the giveaway to increase Instagram views, you could ask your followers to tag one of their friends in the comments and like the post. This tactic is typically used to raise brand awareness quickly. You could also feature a question on your website or blog if your primary purpose is to increase viewership on platforms other than Instagram. However, in this situation, you need to tell the participants to provide the answers to the question on Instagram itself.

If you’re hosting a giveaway in collaboration with a brand, you could ask the participants to like the brand’s Instagram page. The prize in this situation could be one of the brand’s products.

4. Decide on the time limit

There are giveaways on Instagram that last for an entire week, and at the same time, there are giveaways that last only for 24 hours. Simply put, the shorter the duration of the giveaway, the greater the sense of urgency that’s created among willing participants. Ideally, your giveaway shouldn’t last for more than a week, and it’s best to choose 3 – 4 days as the duration of the giveaway.

If you stretch the giveaway beyond the 3 – 7 days limit, it’s very likely that the urgency will fizzle out in a few days. Once it does, there’s simply no point of going on with the giveaway, as you’ll have to keep putting in a lot of effort to promote it.

5. Create the post for announcing the giveaway

The blueprint of your Instagram competition is done and dusted, and now it’s time to compile the post that announces the giveaway to your followers. You should make the post as inviting as possible, but remember to keep the language simple and easy to understand. After all, English may be your native language, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all your followers on Instagram are well-versed in the language.

Also, remember to include all instructions related to the rules of participation. Ideally, we’d recommend keeping the rules simple. Being too elaborate may put off your followers and stop them from taking part in your Instagram events. Remember to create a campaign hashtag for your giveaway as well. Hashtag campaigns will allow news of your giveaway to spread like wildfire, making it more likely for the campaigns to be discovered and your page to be liked by new Insta users and brands.

6. Promote the giveaway

So, now that you’ve created the post and published it on Instagram, it’s time to promote the giveaway. This is where you have to put in the most effort because if you don’t promote Instagram giveaways, it’s very likely that they won’t make the sort of impact that you want them to. When it comes to big brands with hundreds and thousands of followers, it’s not very difficult for the giveaway post to be seen and shared. However, for Instagram pages with only a handful of followers, the task at hand is quite hard.

However, there are ways you can implement to ensure that the giveaway is promoted as much as possible. For starters, you should give your followers a slight hint regarding an upcoming giveaway. This will ensure that your followers are glued to your Instagram feed to check for routine updates, making it more likely for them to come across the giveaway. Instagram also has a very potent feature called Stories. You should use this feature as much as possible to promote the giveaway and not just during the contest, but before and after it as well. You can also send emails to all your existing followers. Who knows? They might spread the word about the giveaway and do some promoting on your behalf. Also share the news of your giveaway on all your other social media pages across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

7. Choose the winner

Once your giveaway comes to a close, it’s time to pick a winner out of all the entries. If there are hundreds of entries you can pick multiple winners. However, if the number of entries is on the lower side, it’s best to pick a single winner. Ultimately, the choice is yours as to how many winners you want to pick. There’s a variety of ways through which you can choose the winner. The most time-consuming method is to use a random name generator. Using such a generator would require you to enter the names of all the participants manually. Once all the names have been entered into the generator, you only need to click a button for the generator to randomly come up with a name.

If you want to pick the winner without putting in a lot of effort, you can use Google’s random number generator as well. To use it, simply enter 1 as the minimum number and the total amount of entries as the maximum. Next, click on ‘Generate’, following which Google will give you a random number. If your giveaway is based on participants leaving comments on the post, this method is ideal for choosing the winner. Once you have the number, simply browse through the comments until you find the winner. For example, if the random number generated by Google is 26, the user who wrote the 26th comment on the post of your giveaway will be the winner.


So, that’s about it for this post. We’ve given you all the information that you could want to know about hosting a giveaway on Instagram. Before you host an Instagram giveaway, it’s important that you have at least a few hundred followers.

If your existing follower count on Insta is low, why not consider the services of Mr. Insta? Mr. Insta is a service that allows Instagrammers to get free Instagram followers and likes. So, if you’re interested in increasing your Instagram follower count rapidly, Mr. Insta is a service that you should definitely consider.

Tips for Safeguarding Your Instagram Account from Scam Artists

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world right now. What started out as a simple photo-sharing app has now become a profitable option for social media influencers operating across a diverse array of niches. Unfortunately, the money that Instagram influencers are making has attracted the attention of many malicious scam artists. Users who aren’t aware of the prevalent scams on the platform are prone to getting their accounts hacked, and in the worst case scenario, their money stolen.

Why you should be worried about Instagram scams?

There are several Instagram scams that are primarily about gaining likes and followers. While these scams are fraudulent, the only bad thing that comes out of them is that the scammers’ pages become more credible. In the long run, these scams don’t do a lot of damage to users. However, there are many other scams whose sole objective is to steal people’s personal information. Compared to the former scams, these scams are far more dangerous. Once users’ personal information is stolen, the scammers can use that information to indulge in illegal activities without the users’ knowledge.

Instagram also allows financial transactions these days, which makes it possible for scammers to steal details of credit cards, debit cards, and digital payment wallets. Even though the folks at Facebook do everything possible to make Instagram secure, users can still fall prey to scammers if they aren’t careful.

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The top safeguarding tips

The scammers may take their own sweet time to build rapports with users, and then trap them when they are at their most vulnerable. However, there are a few ways through which Instagram users can safeguard their accounts. So, if you’re an Instagram user who relies on the platform for your livelihood, read on to know the most helpful tips for safeguarding your Insta account from scammers.

1. Only respond to messages that come from verified accounts

Verified accounts on Instagram have blue ticks next to their usernames, but Instagram fake accounts don’t. So, if you receive a message from an unverified account, don’t respond to it. Simply put, the blue ticks reflect the authenticity of users and brands. You can also conduct a background check on a suspicious brand or user by searching for their official websites. If the brand has an official Instagram account, it’ll be clearly mentioned on their website. However, if it doesn’t have one, you’ve probably received a message from a scammer pretending to be the brand.

2. Monitor your followers

On Instagram, both users and brands are always on the lookout to increase the count of their followers. More Instagram followers means more prominence and the potential to strike more lucrative deals. However, when you allow strangers to follow your Instagram account, you raise the risks of being scammed. Be particularly on the lookout for strangers who are trying to build relationships or gain your trust. If you get a hint of anything suspicious, waste no time in blocking strangers. Also, it’s wise to be wary of strangers who don’t have any mutual followers in common with you.

3. Be careful when responding to strange messages from known followers

Your followers’ Instagram accounts are as likely to fall prey to scams as yours. So, if you receive a suspicious message from followers that you know personally, it’s time to exercise caution. In such a scenario, your best bet would be to reach out to the followers directly and ask them to confirm whether it was them who sent the suspicious messages. If they don’t recall sending those messages, you should ask them to take action immediately. They could report their respective accounts alongside warning the users and brands that follow them and the ones that are followed by them.

Why you should be worried about Instagram scams

4. Don’t log into your Insta account through messages

One of the most popular Instagram account phishing methods is to send links to users asking them to log into their accounts by clicking on the links. If you see a lucrative offer in the message, you’d be tempted to click on the link. However, chances are that clicking on this link will hand over your login credentials to a scammer. So, whenever you have to log into your Instagram account, use the official app or URL. We recommend sticking to the same practice for logging into all your social media and email accounts.

5. Enable multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication is an impressive security feature that’s available across most major social media websites. However, it’s typically not enabled by default. The feature works by authenticating account logins through a secondary checkpoint. For example, you may be required to enter a one-time password (OTP) sent to your phone after you enter your login credentials. This ensures that the individual logging into your account is no one but you. Most apps and websites offer a number of multi-factor authentication options such as email, text message, biometrics, and in-app prompts. So you can choose the most convenient option at your disposal.

6. Block accounts that ask for personal information

If you suddenly receive a message that says you’ll get something special in exchange of personal information, you should block the account that sent it. Irrespective of how enticing the offer might feel, giving into such advances will almost inevitably lead you down a slippery slope. Don’t even bother to get a conversation going with such individuals, because if the first thing they ask for is your bank account details, the only thing they really want is your money. You may also encounter some messages that ask you to pay for a product or service. Before parting with your critical information, make sure that both the product and the seller are genuine.

7. Use premium anti-virus

This might be the most obvious point on this list of tips, but you’d be surprised to know there are many users who access the internet without a high-quality anti-virus software. While there are loads of free options on offer, we recommend purchasing a premium anti-virus software. Its security features would help you steer clear of trouble, especially if you accidentally end up clicking on a link with malware embedded in it. These days, many anti-virus software developers are also offering subscription-based services. So, if you want a pocket-friendly option, these subscription-based services are the way to go.

Types of Instagram scams to be aware of

Apart from Instagram account phishing, where scammers extract personal information from users and their followers, there are some other scams that have surfaced on Instagram. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Investment scams: Fake investment schemes on Instagram target users by asking them to invest in fake services and products. The scammers typically ask users to invest a few hundred dollars or pounds. They claim that this money will be used for stock market trading. However, the scammers disappear once users invest their hard-earned money, and in all likelihood, the users won’t get their money back.
  • Brand accounts: A fake brand account will typically advertise counterfeit fashion and lifestyle products, promising discounts that are simply too good to be true. The money that a user pays for these products is used by the scammers to purchase followers and likes, which adds further credibility to the business scam.
  • Giveaways: Not all giveaways on Instagram are fake. However, some are, and they typically promise non-existent prizes to users who engage with their posts through comments or likes, or follow their pages. The true goal of these scammers is to increase Instagram engagement on their pages, which they exploit to make their scams seem credible on the surface. Giveaways are often combined with phishing scams for stealing personal information.
  • Fake lotteries: Fake lottery scams work somewhat like this – the scammers reach out to users claiming that they’ve won a big reward. However, the users are requested by the scammers to cough up a fee for getting the rewards. Once the scammers collect the fee from the users, they disappear.
  • Fake subscription offers: The rise of subscription-based services has resulted in numerous fraudulent subscription offers. Scammers lead users into thinking that they’re subscribing for movie or music streaming services. They tend to offer incredible discounts, which tempt users into parting with their money. Once the subscription fees are collected, the users are left high and dry.
  • Fraudulent loan schemes: Instagram users who are desperately in need of money are most likely to fall for these fake loan schemes. These schemes involve scammers approaching users with claims of providing instant loans upon the payment of a small fee. However, they don’t provide any load and instead, disappear with the money.

So, now that you know all about the various types of scams that are prevalent on Instagram, we hope you tread the Instagram waters with caution. To conclude this post, we’d like to tell you about the services we offer at mrinsta.com. At mrinsta.com, you can find tools that will allow you to grow your Instagram page through free Instagram likes and followers. So, if you harbor some serious ambitions regarding your journey as an Insta influencer, you can count on us for tangible results.

How to Ensure Your Instagram Comment Section Doesn’t Look Spammy After Buying Instagram Followers

If you’re an individual who’s looking to make it big as an influencer, you’ve got to tap into the massive potential of Instagram. However, starting from scratch on Instagram is a tough task. Even if you post content daily, it’s still going to take a lot of time and effort for you to amass a following that’s strong enough to give you fame and fortune. That’s why a lot of aspiring influencers are choosing to buy Instagram followers these days.

Buying followers on Instagram is one of the best ways to quickly scale the Instagram ladder. One of the problems that comes with buying followers on Insta is that a lot of spam appears in the comments section. In this article, we’re going to advise you on how you can steer clear of the spam even if you do purchase followers on Instagram.

1. Prevent random accounts from following you

A lot of Instagram spam comes from random accounts that follow you. When you buy followers on Insta, there’s a high chance that a lot of random Insta accounts will start following you. While some of these accounts may belong to real individuals, others may be bots, and it’s the bots that do the spamming more often than not. Typically, such accounts post abusive and inappropriate content, but there are ways through which you can put their activities on your page to bed for good.

For starters, you should change the privacy settings of your account and make your account a private one. After you do this, you will get follow requests every time another account or page wants to follow you. You can check out these pages individually to figure out the pages that are genuine and the ones that are fake. By doing this, you have total control over the pages you want as your Instagram followers.

You should also turn off follow suggestions on the platforms. Follow suggestions work like this – your account, along with other accounts from similar niches, will be shown to people who may be interested in what you’ve got to offer. While keeping follow suggestions enabled may grant your page more exposure, it also increases the chances of random accounts following you and leaving spam comments across your posts. So, we recommend turning off your follow suggestions to steer clear of accounts that are likely to spam your Instagram feed.

Another option you have to prevent spam followers from leaving their mark is to report them and block the accounts. When you hit the ‘Report’ option on Insta, a dialog box opens up asking you the reason why you’ve reported the account. If you’re reporting an account primarily because of spamming, choose the ‘It’s spam’ option in the dialog box. The moderators at Instagram will check the reported account, and if other accounts have reported it as well, they will block it within a few days.

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2. Put an end to spam likes

Accounts that are notorious for spamming are also likely to leave spam likes across your posts. While spam likes won’t do as much damage as spam comments, it’s still wise to do away with them for good. Again, the answer lies in stopping spam followers from following you in the first place using the steps we mentioned in the previous point.

However, if you’d like to keep your account public but still want to avoid spam likes, you’ll have to identify the spam accounts. Once you’ve identified the accounts, you should report them. If you have a lot of spam followers, this will be a time-consuming process. However, at the end of the day, it would be worth it as it would help you to steer clear of spam likes and comments in the long run.

Stop your followers from posting spam comments

3. Stop your followers from posting spam comments

Now that you know how to avoid Instagram spam likes and followers, it’s time to take a look at what you can do to steer clear of spam comments.

  • First, open the ‘Settings’ page and head to the ‘Privacy’ section.
  • Next, go to ‘Comments’.
  • In the ‘Comments’ page, you’ll come across plenty of comment customization options. For instance, you can block certain users from commenting on your posts. There are comment filtration options as well, which you can use to avoid comments containing inappropriate or abusive content.

The comment filtration options are particularly beneficial for Instagram business pages. Spam accounts often follow Insta business pages and promote their own dubious businesses through spam comments. You can filter such comments so that no other business can advertise its products and/or services across your posts.

4. Avoid spam mentions and tags

Spam mentions and tags may also make things difficult for you on Instagram. However, there are ways through which you can deal with spam mentions and tags as well. If you don’t want your page mentioned and/or tagged in spam posts, you can do the following:

  • Open the ‘Settings’ page and go to the ‘Privacy’ section.
  • Next, open the ‘Tags’ page.
  • On the ‘Tags’ page, you can choose the accounts that can mention or tag your account.
  • You can also turn on manual tag approval, i.e. if another account wants to tag your page, it will have to first be approved by you.

You can also make changes to existing tags. For example, if the manual tag approval setting is turned off and your page is mentioned or tagged in a post that isn’t to your liking, you can remove the tags or hide them depending on your preference.

5. Steer clear of spam DMs

There are many Instagram spammers who use the platform’s DM feature to spam other pages. The messages typically feature content that requests other pages to become their brand ambassadors or to like and/or follow their content and pages. Once again, Instagram provides some helpful features that allow users to put a stop to spam DMs for good. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go the ‘Privacy’ page from your Insta Settings
  • Next, head on over to the ‘Messages’ section.
  • Proceed by choosing to receive DMs only from the pages you follow.

It’s also important that you keep an eye out for the pages that you decide to follow. For example, if you’re following an Instagram page which is notorious for spamming, you’ll still get DMs from it even after you’ve blocked dubious Instagram followers. So, in such a scenario, you should first unfollow the spam page and then make changes to your DM settings.

Types of Insta spammers and how spamming can affect your Insta page

When spamming first started on Insta, it was relatively simple and there wasn’t much in terms of variation. However, as Insta got bigger and bigger, spammers started to find more innovative ways than before for spamming other users of the app. In this section, we’d like to tell you about the types of spammers that you can expect to encounter on Instagram, and how their activities can affect your page. There are roughly three types of Insta spammers:

  • Those who spam aggressively: These types of spammers typically display a lot of aggression in their behavior. They typically start following you and immediately start sending DMs, posting spam comments, and tagging and mentioning your page on their posts. Occasionally, such spammers also encourage users to click on certain links while claiming that clicking on those links will generate more Instagram likes and/or followers.
  • Those who spam passively: Passive spammers are harder to identify as they maintain quite a low-profile so as not to arouse any suspicious. Typically, these spammers have profiles without profile pictures, and if they do have them, the pictures are typically seductive. Through these seductive images, they hope to gain more likes and followers. They also tend to make use of Insta’s Stories feature more than the other features of the platform. Their stories typically feature links to dubious services that claim that they can increase users’ engagement on Insta.
  • Those who reciprocate: These spammers are in the business of trading likes and followers on Insta. They typically work by posting a comment such as ‘like for like’ or ‘follow for follow’, i.e. if you like and/or follow their posts and pages, they’ll follow yours. These spammers typically don’t do much harm. However, if you don’t weed them out at the earliest, the comments sections across all your posts may end up looking really spammy.

So, now that you know about the different types of spammers on Insta, it’s time to talk about why spamming on Insta can be bad for your page. Well, for starters, if your posts are full of spam comments, a lot of genuine followers will be distracted by them and they won’t pay attention to your posts anymore. The folks at Instagram also make frequent changes to the platform’s algorithm, putting stricter restrictions on spammers. So, if you have a lot of spam followers, there’s a high chance that your growth won’t be considered as organic by Instagram.


So, at the end of the day, it’s best to stay away from spam followers and instead grow your Insta page organically. If you have a brand and are on Instagram, promote it on the platform by getting a large number of organic followers. If you do have to buy followers, it’s best to choose a service such as Mr. Insta, which allows Insta pages to grow rapidly without any long-term issues.

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