Awesome Tips to Run Instagram Giveaways that Inspire

One of the best ways to drive Instagram engagement and increase visibility on the platform is by hosting a giveaway campaign. Given the high level of competition on Instagram, it can be quite difficult to boost awareness about your brand. Giveaways have proved themselves to be an effective marketing strategy time and again for not only delighting your current followers but also for attracting new ones. The basic premise of an Instagram giveaway is that the followers are given something free in exchange for some pre-determined requirements.

Why should you consider hosting a giveaway?

An Instagram giveaway event that is well planned can potentially help you in growing your audience. It can also increase the loyalty of your followers and drive a better brand engagement. Giveaway events are excellent for jump-starting more personal relationships with your followers

  • Building stronger relationships: Hosting giveaways helps in fostering a more intimate and emotional connection with the audience.
  • Attracts new followers: Hosting Instagram giveaways can help you gain new followers very quickly. It has been found that a single contest can increase the follower count by almost 70 per cent.
  • Developing brand image: Giveaway can help in establishing your brand image. A contest can be held to giveaway some upcoming product or feature. This will allow the followers to share the brand content and submit user-generated content.

How to host a successful Instagram Giveaway?

There is a certain amount of planning that goes into running an Instagram giveaway that inspires people. One needs to have a clear understanding of the result they wish to achieve with the giveaway. It is important to tie every decision regarding the giveaway to your business goals to attain the best results. Following are some of the steps involved in the process.

1. Choosing the giveaway prize

The first and foremost step of the process is choosing the product, experience or service that you wish to include as a prize. This product should be chosen depending on the goal you want to achieve out of this event. If it is brand promotion then a product can be used as a giveaway. Alternatively, you can offer experiences in the form of a meetup, vacation or spa day. The key is choosing a giveaway that your audience will love.

The prize needs to be enticing for the audience to drive Instagram engagement for the brand. It is best to offer something that is not just on-brand but also valuable. The best way to determine this is by a method known as interest targeting. In this, you can inspect the Instagram Insights which can provide you with an insight into the kind of content which is more relevant to your followers.

2. Determine the goal of the Instagram contest

You can develop an effective strategy for hosting the giveaway contest only after you have determined the goal of the event. The goal for hosting a giveaway can be anything, from increasing the follower count to boosting sales or increasing website traffic.

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3. Setting the criteria for entry

There are a myriad of ways in which you can set the entry criteria for your giveaway. This is also dependent on your ultimate goal. One of the ways to increase your followers is by asking your current followers to tag the name of their friends to receive the giveaway. In case you have partnered with some brand to host the giveaway, then you can ask your audience to follow the brand page in exchange for the giveaway item.

How to host a successful Instagram Giveaway?

4. Incorporate Instagram’s guidelines in creating your giveaway

To ensure that your giveaway event runs smoothly it is best to follow the guidelines set by Instagram in this regard. Following are certain things you should keep in mind while organizing the giveaway contest-

  • List down the rules of the giveaway in clear precise terms
  • Determine the eligibility criteria
  • Don’t forget to add information about any kind of regulation, whether related to age, nationality, etc.

This information should ideally be incorporated in the caption or comment section of the post.

5. Brand partnership

Partnering with a brand for hosting a giveaway event comes with many benefits. It can be a great way to drive traffic to one’s account and also offers an opportunity to align with new partners and peer brands. Even new brands can partner with each other to boost their respective brand images.

6. Include hashtags

Incorporating hashtags in the giveaway post can help in increasing its visibility on the platform. Compelling and creative hashtags which make your account feature on the explore channel can help in creating awareness about the giveaway.

7. Include a time limit

Setting a time limit for the giveaway is extremely important as it helps in creating a sense of urgency among the followers. It also provides them with an incentive to enter the contest quickly. You can include the time limit in the caption of the giveaway post or in stories. After the specified time limit has passed you can create a post announcing the closure of the contest.

8. Promoting the giveaway contest

You can use other social media platforms to promote the giveaway by linking them back to the Instagram post. The best way to ensure that the post is seen by majority of the people is by planning the launch at specific times when the users are most likely to engage with the content. You can also use the ad feature on Instagram to make a larger audience aware of the giveaway contest. It is important to include the details about how easy it is to enter the contest. The goal is not only attracting the audience but also making sure the post is reaching those who are most likely to sign up.

9. Tracking of Results

After the giveaway contest is over and the winner has been chosen, it is time to re-evaluate the success of the event. By observing the impact of the giveaway process on the pre-determined goal, you can design a better and more successful giveaway Instagram campaign in the future. You can evaluate the success of the event by looking at the Instagram Insights, which give information in the Discovery and Interaction reports.

Common Instagram Giveaway Ideas

Once the goal of your giveaway has been decided, you can pick many ways to host the Instagram giveaway contest. Generally, the participants are required to complete some action in order to enter the contest. Following are some of the ideas for these actions-

  • Like-to-win: One of the most common ways to hold a giveaway, a like-to-win contest, requires the followers to like a particular post to gain a chance of entering into the contest. This will eventually help you in boosting engagement.
  • Tag a friend: In this method, you can ask your followers to tag a friend in the comment section of the giveaway post. By doing so they will be eligible to participate in the contest, while you will have gained new followers in the form of people who were tagged.
  • Like and share: Another way to host a giveaway is by asking the followers to like and then repost the giveaway post. With this, you will be able to enhance the visibility of your page.
  • Follow-to-win: This popular tactic only asks your audience to follow the brand page in exchange for a chance to win the giveaway prize. It is one of the easiest ways to increase the number of followers.
  • Photo contest: This is one of the most creative ways to host a giveaway. You can ask the followers to contribute a photo of themselves using some specific product or service that you want to promote. You can ask the followers to include hashtags related to your brand in order to increase its visibility across the platform.
  • ‘Caption this’: The newest trend on social media platforms is ‘Caption this’. In this, the caption related to some post is left empty and the users provide suggestions for the caption in the comments. You can try a ‘caption this to win’ giveaway to drive engagement with your followers.

Tools for Instagram Giveaways

There are several tools in the market these days which can help you in planning and executing the Instagram giveaway. Some of them are-

  • Woorise: This allows you to run the Instagram campaign on both Instagram and your website.
  • SweepWidget: You can promote the giveaway on the SweepWidget landing page. It has more than 90 entry methods and can connect to over 30 social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook.
  • Gleam: Makes it easier to create contests and track them in real-time.
  • Wishpond: Automates the giveaways and contests and generates better leads.
  • Shortstack: All-in-one tool to run the whole giveaway contest, from planning to the execution stage
  • Vyper: This has been designed specifically for managing referral campaigns and running giveaway contests
  • Viral Loops: This has many features like pre-launch waitlist, email campaigns and referral tools for hosting giveaways.

You can start hosting Instagram giveaways to encourage the growth of your brand. By following the framework and the tips given in this article, you will be able to successfully run a giveaway contest that will inspire people.

Using Instagram Guides To Increase Brand Engagement: Tips & Tricks

There is a new format for sharing curated content on Instagram, by the name of Instagram Guides. It is one of the latest features introduced by the app in 2020. It allows users to consume and share recommendations and tips in an uncomplicated format that is easy to understand. Initially, the Instagram Guide was rolled out for some of the health and wellness advocates at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it has now been rolled out for all users.

A cross between a blog post and an Instagram carousel, the Instagram Guides can be made by using pre-published posts, product listings or places. Every Instagram guide consists of a title, cover image, introduction, and optional descriptions for entries, which allows the users to navigate through a curated flow of posts. These posts are often accompanied with commentary, as a result of which they work very well as step-by-step guides, recommendations and tips.

The Three Types of Instagram Guides: For Products, Places and Posts

Anyone can create an Instagram Guide, regardless of their account size or industry. When you open your profile on Instagram, the guide feature can be found in the options that pop up when you press the plus sign in the upper-right corner. From there, one can choose between the three guide formats to see which one is most suitable for your brand.

  • Places: This option allows one to create an Instagram Guide about some specific place one would want to share the information about. One can use their pre-published posts, or search up to five photos or videos of a specific place with the help of a geotag. Thereafter, a Guide title is added, along with a description to give some context about the places. The same process can be used to add all the places in the guide, after which it can be published.
  • Products: One can use the Instagram shop option to highlight the products of their brand or their partners. It can be done in a few simple steps, starting with searching for the product listing one wants to include. It is important to note that only the products available on the Instagram shop can be used. A single entry can contain multiple posts, which will then be displayed like a carousel. Choose around 5 of the most vibrant images and videos for each product, and then add the title, cover image, descriptions and other miscellaneous information. You can repeat these steps to add multiple products in the same way.
  • Posts: Brands can also use their existing posts to create an Instagram guide. You can curate specific posts, and then customize them under a guide, with a title and description, besides other relevant information. The process is pretty much the same, and it can be repeated for multiple posts until the guide is completed.

How to Use Instagram Guides to Increase Brand Engagement?

1. Your Brand Story

There is a story behind the inception of every brand. Instagram Guide can be a great tool for familiarising the consumers with the journey of a brand, the reason one may have launched and the meaning behind the brand’s mission. This unique narrative can be built using insightful posts in the Instagram Guide, which becomes an excellent marketing tool for reeling in new users and for keeping the present users engaged. The guide will present your brand story in a way that will hold the interest of users and prevent them from clicking away.

If the brand is still fairly new, and their story is underway, you can keep adding the new information to your guide from time to time. This information can be taken from relevant posts or from some entries in the Instagram shop. You can also use the places option to weave a brand story around the location that is specific to the brand. The content of the brand story can consist of striking images from other creators, besides your own pre-published posts. The captions can be used to highlight the personality of the brand.

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2. New Product or Service Promotion

There are times when we have tried all the ways to promote our brand, and exhausted every marketing strategy to get brand engagement. One of the best ways to promote a new service or product from your brand is with the help of an Instagram Guide. The guide presents itself as an excellent avenue to launch new products and services in the form of a portfolio. After you have chosen the specific products to create the launch-focused guide, a call to action can be added to the product description. The guide can be further highlighted to generate more engagement and interest by sharing it in the Instagram story or reels. Even after the completion of the promotion of a new product, the launch-focused guide could serve as a story of your efforts. The users can continue to use guides as a reference when they navigate through your products.

How to Use Instagram Guides to Increase Brand Engagement?

3. Create Product Highlights

Instagram Guides are excellent tools for curating, organizing and highlighting products for your followers. If you have certain relevant products regarding an upcoming event like a holiday, or your product or service provides a range of solutions to certain problems, then this can be used to create a comprehensive guide. In such a guide, the products or services can be organized on the basis of categories, bestsellers, new releases, demographics, or any other such categories.

The first step of the process is selecting the theme for the guide which will feature a list of products having some commonality. Captions can be then added to these posts to familiarize the users with the highlight of the range of products or services. The sales process is also streamlined in the process as the users have an option to click certain products they are interested in purchasing. Each item in such a guide can link to an Instagram post or the Instagram shop, which will drive up organic engagement and generate sales. These guides can be further highlighted by sharing them in the Instagram stories.

4. Create Gift Guides

Curated gift guides are an excellent solution when it comes to driving up your sales. A holiday-themed guide that consists of products centred around specific themes can familiarise the followers with the purpose of certain products. Description can be added in the caption so that users can get some unique gift ideas, and also explore similar gifts from the Instagram shop tab. The gift guides can be categorized into different themes like ‘Home’, ‘Accessories’, ‘Wellness’ and others in a roundup, which is a mix of carousel and standard posts along with links to products. Another good tip is offering promo codes for featured products in these gift guides to incentivise your sales with discounts. Be sure to add make the description eye-catching by adding interesting titles, emojis and pricing of the products.

5. Create How-to Guides

With the help of Instagram guides, brands can create an in-depth guide about certain issues or an extensive list of tips and tricks. This is a creative way of using Instagram guides, which allows brands to add general information relating to some product or service. Since stories can be quite limited in terms of creating a full-fledged list, the Instagram Guides can be quite helpful in this regard. The added advantage is that the guide is available forever under the guides tab of the brand profile. It does not only inspire the followers, but also increases engagement in the past content, which significantly affects the algorithm thereby increasing brand engagement.

6. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a small or large business, there is always a huge influx of DMs regarding queries about the brand and its products and services. And since answering to each and every query can be tasking, an Instagram Guide can be created for answering the frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding a topic. The first step in the process is drawing up the common questions the brand needs to address.

Thereafter, one can decide which of the options among the posts, products and places in the Instagram Guide can be used for creating the FAQ. The questions and their answers can be typed in the title feed, and the captions can be used to add to the context of the queries.

The content in these FAQs can link to certain products in your catalog, which would allow the users to make their decision easily. After the FAQ section has been created, the brand can redirect the followers to it every time they ask a common question regarding the brand. This helps in saving the time, and also makes things quite easy for the consumers.


Instagram Guides are a great tool for a variety of purposes as they can significantly boost organic engagement for a brand. Whether yours is a small or large business, the Instagram Guides can maximize the shelf life of your content, making it evergreen. The users can always check out your old products and services too, which often get buried in the feed. They are a great alternative to blog posts as they are more shareable since it does not require any external linking.

What Are “Promote It @” Comments & How To Get Rid Of Them From Your Posts?

If you regularly use your Instagram account, then chances are that you’ve already encountered a few ‘Promote it @’ comments. It can seem surprising at first, especially as the trend seems to be taking off. The answer to your question lies in the Instagram algorithm.

With the way the Instagram algorithm works right now, it’s easier to get discovered by real Instagram followers when you post on other people’s content. They may or may not be people you follow. While many people are turning to leaving comments on as many posts as they can, you should be careful. Using this strategy excessively can turn you into an Instagram spammer.

When you get Instagram notifications and you go to check, you typically expect the comment to come from your family or friends. You might not even be surprised by a comment from a random person who came across your account. However, if you keep coming across comments that appear to be spam – what do you do?

People often get annoyed with Instagram spammers that leave ‘Promote it @’ comments then? This is due to the fact that it bears no relevance to their profile, or the kind of content they are posting. The comments are left sporadically, and often are used to promote other content creators instead.

What Are the ‘Promote it @’ Comments That You Keep Seeing?

The way people promote themselves on Instagram is directly related to how the algorithm provides exposure. This means that if people are aware that using certain tips can skew the favor of the Instagram algorithm toward them, they are likely to use those tips.

So when brands and influencers learnt that they could gain exposure by getting people to comment on their posts, their priority was user engagement. However, the algorithm now focuses on personal connections over businesses. This is as a part of Instagram’s drive to push real connections on their platform.

What this means is that the people who comment in your posts will be given priority by the algorithm. This applies especially to the kind of content that you and your followers see. On top of this, when it comes to the top two comments shown, the algorithm prioritizes comments from verified profiles. This could be the case even if you used the platform to communicate regularly with another close friend or faily member on a regular basis. These comments, known as ‘sticky comments’, are prime real estate for businesses and brands that want to expand their real Instagram followers.
But it isn’t just big brands and verified profiles that are posting ‘Promote it @’ comments on Instagram. Fake Instagram accounts are also using these comments to boost their Instagram engagement.

These profiles are typically often run by bots and follow each other en masse to get large numbers of followers. If you click on their content, you’ll consistently discover that their engagement rate is low, if there at all.

Another category of Instagram spammers you should be aware of are the Instagram pod groups. These accounts aren’t necessarily fake, but they’re often run for the sole purposes of getting Instagram followers.

But is there anything you can do to protect yourself from the ‘Promote it @’ comments? Or should you simply allow users to comment spam on your posts? If you want to delete their comments or are looking for a way to permanently disable ‘Promote it @’ comments from your Instagram, then you’re in the right place.

How Can You Remove Those ‘Promote It @’ Comments on Instagram?

Instagram gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to controlling who can comment on your posts. This is a necessary step not just to stop online spammers and scammers, but also a way to deter issues like cyberbullying.

There are various steps you can take, that may or may not be effective, depending on your particular scenario. Let’s look at all these cases one by one:

How Can You Remove Those 'Promote It @' Comments on Instagram?

1. Delete the Comment

You can delete the comment that you don’t like, and you’ll never have to think about it again. Simply click on the comment and keep pressing down until the pop up appears. Then choose from your options to delete.

However, this only gets rid of the specific comment you deleted. The comment creator can still come back and leave behind a ‘Promote it @’ post at any time. Deleting the comment also doesn’t stop similar comments from other fake Instagram accounts from appearing on your post’s comments section.

2. Turn Off Commenting for the Post

You can also turn off commenting for the post altogether. To do this, you’ll need to first click on the three dots on the top corner of the piece of content in question. Then when the drop-down menu appears, simply choose ‘Turn Off Commenting’.

This is a very subtle way of ensuring that ‘Promote it @’ comments can’t appear on your post. However, this also means that no one will be able to comment on your post anymore.

So if you only want to get rid of a certain sort of comment, then this isn’t the ideal solution for you.

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3. Block Their Profile

If you come across an Instagram spammer who you want to stop from commenting on your posts, then you can block their profile. While this is an extreme step, it does ensure that you won’t be bothered by that Instagram spammer ever again.

Similarly, you also won’t be able to prevent other users from leaving similar comments on your posts. You will have to keep individually blocking them every time leave a ‘Promote It @’ comment on your post. .

4. Use Instagram Privacy Settings

There is one way you can get exactly what you want by preventing such accounts from leaving comments on your posts altogether. You will need to turn to the Instagram privacy settings to find a way to block certain people, or groups of people, from commenting on your posts.

First you’ll need to go to Comment Controls. This can be reached by clicking on the gear shaped wheel on your profile. This will take you to an option called ‘Edit Profile’. From here, you’ll be presented with three choices on the kinds of people that can comment on your posts. These include:

  • People you follow on Instagram, and the people who follow you back
  • Only the people you follow on Instagram
  • Only the people who follow you on Instagram

You can choose from of these three. To stop ‘Promote it @’ comments, you should choose the ‘Only People You Follow’ option. This lets you directly monitor who can comment on your posts, and who can’t.

When it comes to the other two options, they both make it very easy for Instagram spammers and fake Instagram accounts to keep commenting on your posts. Instead, opt to allow only the people you follow to comment on your posts.

Follow your close family and friends. Then you can rest assured that the people in your circle can continue to like and comment on your posts.

Why is it Necessary to Disable ‘Promote it @’ Comments?

There’s no penalty if you don’t get rid of the ‘Promote it @’ comments on your post. However, unless you delete them, everyone who encounters your post will find the spam content. In a visually-oriented platform like Instagram, it’s important to pay careful attention to how you present your profile.

On top of that, you also risk exposing your loved ones to content that could potentially harm them. Remember that many of these fake Instagram accounts are run by people that have an agenda behind creating their profile. A friend or a relative who clicks on a post from a scammer could end up losing money, as an example.


Remember that on Instagram, it’s only business profiles that can promote their profiles in this way. At the same time, you should also avoid making similar self promotional posts in Instagram. If you own your own Instagram business and want to get real Instagram followers, then you’ll need to focus on your content.
By creating quality content, you already skew the algorithm in your favor. Then, you need to consider going out of your way to do research on both celebrities and your audience, who may be interested in your brand. Then, leave authentic comments on their posts and wait to hear back from them.

Writing an interesting or a witty comment that invites a response is a much better strategy for gaining momentum and growth on Instagram. If you want to be a successful Instagram influencer, then you’ll need to be able to reach out to people in this way.

As long as you follow the advice given in this list, you’ll be able to handle those promotional comments in no time. If you want to ensure that everyone you care about can still comment, then just remember to follow them.

Your Guide To Creating A Photo Collage On Instagram Stories

Gone are the days when people clicked pictures using a digital camera and preserved them in physical photo albums. In a world driven by social media, clicking and sharing images has never been easier. The social media platform of Instagram is particularly booming currently with more than 500 million daily users. Using features such as Instagram stories, posts, reels, IGTV, etc., users can share their special moments with all their family and friends in seconds.

Although sharing images as Instagram posts is convenient, you might still miss the process of curating photographs of a particular event in a photo album. If you do feel so, do not worry! Instagram stories can help you with that too!

What are Instagram Stories?

If you are an active user of Instagram, Instagram stories would not be a novel feature for you. Launched in 2016, Instagram Stories allows users to post photos and videos on their accounts. However, these stories remain live only for 24 hours but you have the option to keep them for a longer period by adding them to highlights. The combined features of Instagram Stories and highlights can help you create the perfect collage or photo album for any special occasion or event. Before we address how you can create a collage using Instagram stories, let’s first discuss what exactly Instagram collage means.

What is an Instagram Photo Collage?

An Instagram photo collage is a great way of expressing and sharing your photographs and videos more creatively. When you arrange two or more photos and share them as a single image or video, it is known as a collage. A well-designed Instagram photo collage can attract new Instagram followers to your account, organise your content properly, and boost engagement. At the same time, you will be able to share your stories with all your loved ones easily. You can even apply your own creative ideas to create a unique Instagram photo collage.

Although the possibility of creating a collage on Instagram was always present, it has become a trend in recent years. As more and more influencers and celebrities adopt this medium to attract real Instagram followers, normal Instagram users are also accepting the same. It is for this reason numerous apps have been developed with the sole purpose of making your Instagram stories more attractive and visually appealing.

Why should you use Instagram stories?

The reasons why you should use Instagram stories to create an Instagram photo collage are many. Some of them are:

  1. It allows you to post unlimited photos and videos and organise them as highlights. These highlights appear on your profile with the relevant title. For instance, you may categorise all your wedding pics under the highlight titled “My Wedding.”
  2. Numerous features are available on Instagram stories that can make your stories more informative and engaging. You can use various filters, add text to describe a certain image, add location, use hashtags, tag people present in the image, and so on.
  3. You might also want to share your images and videos with only a certain group of people rather than all your followers. For such occasions, Instagram allows you to post stories in the close friends’ section. Only people who are added in the close friends can view those stories. This feature is not available for Instagram posts that are visible to all followers.
  4. Instagram stories also have a layout feature where you can directly create a photo collage using multiple images and upload it as a single story.
  5. Various other apps help in creating aesthetic story layouts for Instagram.

From the above points, it is clear that you can make use of Instagram stories in numerous ways to create the desired photo collage. Find out below the steps to make beautiful Instagram slides for your stories.

How to make an Instagram Photo Collage?

How to make an Instagram Photo Collage?

Making a photo collage on Instagram is very easy. It can be done in several ways. The steps for the first one is mentioned below:

  1. Click a picture using your iOS or Android phone. Upload it on Instagram stories. Add filters to enhance the image if you like.
  2. Resize the photo as you want. You can also change background colours by tapping the airbrush for a second and selecting the required colour.
  3. Next, open the gallery on your phone.
  4. Select the image you want to add to the same Instagram story. In the share icon, you will find an option to copy the image. Click on Copy.
  5. Open your Instagram story again. When you do so, a new sticker will emerge with the copied photo giving you an option to “add a sticker.”
  6. Add the sticker to the story. You will now see the copied photo along with the original one, in the same story.
  7. Repeat the steps as many times as you like to add more photos.

This is a quick and easy hack available on most smartphones. There are other means of adding a photo collage as well. Check them below.

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How to make an Instagram Photo Collage using the Layout Mode on Instagram Stories?

Noticing the rising preference for Instagram photo collages, Instagram launched its own app to assist users in the same. This app is known as Layout. It enables users to create and upload photo collages directly through their Instagram stories. The steps to use the Layout feature are:

  1. Open Instagram stories on your Instagram account.
  2. Swipe left. Many options will be visible for your camera such as Create, Boomerang, Layout, Multi-Capture, etc.
  3. Select Layout.
  4. Several grid options would appear. Choose the grid option that you like the most.
  5. Either capture photos straight away or select images from your gallery.
  6. Once the Instagram collage is ready, you can enhance it using normal story features (filters, text, effects, etc.)

Are there any third-party apps for creating Instagram photo collages?

Apart from the above two methods, many third-party apps can help you create aesthetic Instagram collages. While the previously covered methods are easy and quick ways of making a photo collage, they do not provide as many creative options as third-party apps. Some of the most popular apps for creating Instagram photo collages are:


Canva is the most popular graphic design app suitable for beginners and professionals alike. With a wide range of free templates, Canva allows you to create beautiful photos not just for Instagram stories but also for other purposes. It has a variety of options for layout and text along with filters and photo editing tools. It is easy to use and its huge inventory of templates and other features enables you to create the perfect collage for your Instagram.


With the growth in video marketing, InShot has also become a popular app among influencers and Instagram users. There are a number of things you can do with this video and photo editing app. Its offerings include myriads of design features, options to trim, split, crop, and merge videos, add music to videos and photos, and so on. It also has filters, text, overlays, effects, and animations to enhance the quality of your content. In addition, it allows you to increase or decrease the speed of your videos. Overall, this app has everything that you would require to create attractive Instagram stories including a collage maker.


If you are someone who prefers minimalistic, classy, and elegant content, use the Unfold app. It has a variety of free and premium templates that are perfect for creating aesthetic stories and collages. It supports both images and videos.


PhotoGrid is another wonderful app for making image and video collages for stories on Instagram. It also has many templates and design features specifically made for Instagram stories. It also offers photo editing features like removing the background or adding another one. Beautifying effects for adding or removing makeup are also present. You can even add GIFs to the stories.

Adobe Spark

This app is highly recommended for creating Instagram stories. Adobe Spark is easy to use and can be used by beginners as well. There are a number of design and theme options available for the users to choose from. You can also add music and sound to photos and videos.

Other popular third-party apps are StoryArt, Typorama, Microsoft Hyperlapse, CutStory, etc.

To summarise, through an Instagram collage, you will be able to fulfill all the tasks that you used to when you added photographs to your physical photo album. In fact, you can do much more. You can add relevant captions looking at which you will be reminded of the fun incidents that had happened at the time the photo was clicked. The best way to make a collage is by narrating a tale through Instagram stories. This helps in building engagement and thus, getting more Instagram likes. Make use of the plethora of features that Instagram offers to make your stories more engaging and meaningful. Do not forget to save them as highlights so that you and your Instagram followers could visit them as and when they like!

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