Using IGTV Series to Grow Your Audience & Sell Your Products

Over the last few years, Instagram has become the leading social media platform for business marketing. Through Instagram, companies, and brands can reach more than 1 billion active users of the platform. Since the market is huge and the competition is intense, it is easy to reach this wide audience. To help marketers and businesses reach their potential customers, Instagram regularly launches new tools and updates. One of them is IGTV or Instagram TV.

What is IGTV, and how can it help businesses

Instagram launched the feature of IGTV in 2018 that paved the way for new opportunities for business growth. Through IGTV, users can create and upload videos of longer duration that were earlier not allowed on Instagram. The video length can be from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. It can also extend up to 60 minutes, but this feature is available only on larger or verified accounts.

IGTV offers numerous benefits to brands. Some of them are

1. Increased visibility of products and services:

Through IGTV, businesses got an opportunity to create Instagram videos for a longer duration. This gave them more chances to generate traffic on their profiles and websites. Consequently, their product and service visibility also increased significantly. Since online viewership is growing over time, using IGTV is a great way to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

2. Source of education and entertainment for viewers:

Researchers opine that the most popular kinds of video content are tutorials and demonstrations. Obviously, both tutorials and demonstrations cannot be shown within a minute. The announcement of IGTV removed this barrier. It allowed marketers to educate their potential customers about their products and services in detail. Therefore, by creating engaging IGTV videos, marketers can educate and entertain the audience at the same time. This is undoubtedly the best way to market your products and services online.

3. Creates opportunities for higher engagement:

Video marketing has emerged as one the most effective marketing tools over the years. Using IGTV, businesses can leverage the benefits of both video marketing and the wide user base of Instagram. It is a wonderful way for growing engagement organically. The higher the engagement level, the greater is the probability of getting more conversions.

What is IGTV series?

Recently, Instagram upgraded IGTV by launching IGTV series. The announcement again created excitement among brands who could not wait to explore the potential here. IGTV series are similar to the playlists function on YouTube. It allows creators to group similar content together. Users can watch series both on IGTV app and your Instagram profile.

Why you should use IGTV series is that this feature encourages your audience to watch similar videos. This enhances engagement on your other video content as well. More engagement equals to more reach and higher growth on Instagram. In short, IGTV series can help you capture the interest of the viewers, drive traffic to your profile, and increase your visibility on the social media platform. Additionally, grouping related content in the form of series makes your profile look highly organized and streamlined.

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How is IGTV series created?

If you are thinking of starting your own IGTV series, here are some steps that can help you out:

1. Plan the content:

Planning video content for IGTV series is different from creating a regular one. To make videos for the series, you need to first think about the whole concept and theme of your IGTV series. As each series include similar content, you will have to plan out your videos such that multiple videos can be created under the same theme. Another factor to take care of when preparing content for IGTV series is that even though the videos will have a repeatable theme, the viewers should find them engaging.

Here, you need to research what your audience wants to see and how can you frame such content in an episodic format. You will also have to consider the budget, resources, schedule, video length, and other details.

2. Develop a storyline and create a script:

While preparing your IGTV series, it is better to plan out the basic content of all the videos that you will be including in a particular series. For this, create a storyline. Identify what exactly the flow of the videos will be and how you plan to achieve it. You have to take into consideration the camera angles, lighting, the people involved, and so on.

To save time and enhance the quality of your videos, script all the videos. It is also recommended to prepare captions and subtitles to increase reach.

3. Film the series:

Once all the base work is done, the fun part begins. Film the series as per your budget. You do not always need to have high-quality cameras, equipment, and videographers to create engaging videos. If the content of your videos is unique and entertaining, the viewers will get attracted to you and support you.

4. Upload the video:

Uploading an IGTV series is super easy and quick. After your video content is ready, upload it on the IGTV app. When you do so, you will be asked to select or upload a cover image for the video. Once this is done, move forward to the next screen, you will see the options for writing caption, adding location, tagging people, sharing on other social media sites, and so on. Among these options, you will also find a title called “IGTV series.” Underneath that select “Add to series.”

When you click on this option, you will have a choice to either add the video to an existing series or create a new one. If you are forming a new series, you must give it a title and a small description explaining what the series is all about. It is advisable to keep the title and the description as short as possible. Now that you have created an IGTV series, you can regularly upload and share videos on the same.

How is IGTV series created?

How to use IGTV series for business growth?

There are numerous ways through which you can grow your business using IGTV Series. Let us look at some of them.

1. Collaborate with Influencers:

Collaborating with influencers is perhaps the most popular way of growing engagement on Instagram. You can think of creative ways of creating IGTV series content with influencers. For instance, if your company deals in clothing, you can send your products to influencers and celebrities and ask them to make 5-10 minute videos informing their followers about the products. Each of these videos can be grouped under a series. Such an IGTV series will build trust and credibility among the audience for your brand.

2. Create Tutorial Videos:

Tutorial videos are the most-watched videos across the internet. They work well both in the case of marketing products and services. Various brands dealing in cosmetics create tutorial videos to increase their viewership. Companies selling technical or unique products also make tutorial videos to educate their audience about the correct method of using their products. In the field of services, fitness videos such as the correct way to do squats or lunges are some examples.

3. Create behind-the-scenes videos:

People love to watch what goes behind the making of a product or delivering a service. For example, if you are a fast-food company, you can create a video series showing the processes that go into making a single burger or a pizza.

4. Stories of Customers and Testimonials:

You can create a separate series covering the testimonials of real customers. This again increases the credibility of your brand in the eyes of the viewers. Thus, it helps in building customer loyalty.

Tips for creating engaging IGTV series

To create a highly effective IGTV series, take care of the following:

  1. Maintain a consistent or similar aesthetic for all the videos in your series. This makes it very appealing and attractive to viewers.
  2. Promote your IGTV series regularly not only on Instagram but also on other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This is necessary to earn more views and followers.
  3. Create SEO-rich video content. When it comes to digital marketing, SEO is the utmost priority. Use proper keywords and relevant hashtags that will help people discover your content.
  4. Measure your IGTV performance regularly using Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights is a free tool that lays out the performance metrics of your content on Instagram. Some metrics are views, saves, likes, comments, and so forth.
  5. The attention span of viewers is short. Consequently, to hold them till the end, you must make the first 10 seconds of your videos highly engaging and attention-grabbing. It is best to clearly explain what the video is about and what you will be doing in this duration.
  6. Carefully select your cover image, as this is the first thing that your audience will see. This must again be eye-catchy.

If leveraged properly, IGTV series can result in a lot of benefits for your business. Make the best use of this feature by applying the tactics mentioned above!

Top Ways to Get More People to Comment on Your Instagram Posts

Instagram is the most used social media platform after Facebook. With algorithms constantly on the mend, it’s important that social media marketers and influencers keep up, so they don’t get lost in the change of the tides. Find a strategy that works for you and keep updating it as Instagram updates its algorithm. Your strategy needs to bring you more Instagram followers, increase your engagement, and liven up your comments section. Simply put, the more engagement you receive on a post, the more Instagram recognizes and promotes you.

Explaining the New Algorithm

Ever since it moved away from the well-known and much-loved chronological feed, the Instagram algorithm has raised many questions and concerns among influencers and users alike.

  • Instagram shows people what it thinks they’re most interested in seeing. The more Instagram thinks a user will interact with your post, the higher it will appear on their feed. When you post regularly, your content is more likely to gain more engagement. The level of user engagement tells Instagram that people are interested in what you’re putting out. It sends positive signals to the algorithm, boosting your visibility and giving you more opportunities for interaction.
  • Instagram favors timeliness. It looks for the latest, most interesting post to show users. You can hack this by looking at your insights. Find the best time to post with reference to audience engagement and most active hours. If you post at a time when most of your followers are online, you give your content a fighting chance at being interacted with.
  • Instagram gives preference to users who give them more screen time. As the social media platform that runs on visibility, Instagram will want to boost your presence if your posts urge users to spend more time on the platform.

Instagram comments are the most important form of engagement as far as the new algorithm is concerned. The comment section is how you get to connect with your followers and even get them to promote your products. Interaction matters a lot when it comes to building a relationship with your followers, and as such, gain their trust.

The Instagram comments section is one of the worthiest platforms that you can use to engage and interact with your audience. Besides, a visibly engaging comment section also serves as proof that you have real Instagram followers. With the new algorithm going strong, simply posting every day is not nearly enough to stay relevant in the social sphere. If engagement is what you’re after, you’ll need to adopt some new habits while posting on your feed. Here are a few tips you can use to navigate the new algorithm and stay relevant while also gaining new followers.

Before diving into the strategies to attract more comments, let’s look at a few things you need to do first to increase your own visibility:

  • Switch to a public account.
    New users can only find your content if your profile is set to public.
  • Enable push notifications.
    These notifications will help you quickly reply to interactions you receive on your post. Remember that you can only maintain your followers when you engage with them.
  • Curate engaging content.
    People won’t comment on content that’s not of any interest to them. Keep your feed interesting and fresh.
  • Develop an editorial calendar.
    Pick your posting time wisely. Timeliness is a big factor in the new algorithm. Look into insights and audience activity before posting.
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Strategies that Attract More Comments

Let’s jump into strategies that boost your comments:

1. Respond to Comments

Responding to comments is not only polite, but it also opens the door for more comments and as such, more engagement. The higher the number of comments on your post, the likelier an average user is to stop by your post and interact with the post, even adding a comment of their own. Responding to comments also lets you create a conversation between you and the commentor. This makes you appear personable while driving engagement up.

2. Host a Contest or Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway is a fun way to get followers to comment on your posts. Your next posts should promote the giveaway, and ask followers to enter by commenting and tagging their friends. Not only will this increase the number of comments on your post, but it will also drive new users to your profile. You can decide the rules of your giveaway. A smart way to host is to make the contest about your users. Ask them to recreate an image, or post something on their profile and tag or mention you. This makes your followers feel involved while the focus remains on you.

Strategies that Attract More Instagram Comments

3. Host an Instagram Takeover

Instagram takeovers are a great way to collaborate with friends and fellow influencers. Takeovers introduce fresh content to your profile, attracting new users and generating more engagement. Especially if your preferred guest already has a vibrant and active following of their own. An Instagram takeover involves one user taking charge of your feed for a predetermined amount of time. This could be for an hour, a day, or even a week. Takeovers generate more comments and engage the followers from both profiles.

4. Creatively Ask People to Engage in the Comments

An easy way to get more comments is to ask for more comments. You could do this with the classic prompt, “leave a comment!” or choose to get more creative. The content you post on Instagram should be shareable and engaging enough to interact with. Increase the intrigue by asking questions in your captions. This motivates users to respond with their own thoughts and opinions. A simple question of ‘Would you agree?’ or ‘What’s your opinion?’ would suffice. You could make it more interesting by posting a photo followed by a ‘Caption This!’ prompt.

5. Post Something Provocative, Funny, or Surprising

The most viral internet moments come from content that provokes high-arousal emotions like anticipation, surprise, curiosity, and uncertainty. Your followers will interact with the posts that they find most curious and thought-provoking. Which in most cases, is something funny, surprising, unconventional, or provocative. Among these viral moments were also posts inciting feelings of joy. Make sure your posts inspire emotion – so much so that your followers are compelled to add their own thoughts about it in the comments section. These kinds of posts don’t particularly have to be specific to your brand. Content that’s enjoyable for a broader audience is more likely to attract more comments.

6. Up your Hashtag Game

Niche hashtags are a good way to build a community that identifies with your brand. This also generates relevant Instagram comments. Using hashtags specific to your content will also help you rank higher, letting people find you with more ease using the hashtag browser. When you use relevant hashtags, your post has that much more chances of appearing in the explore tab, allowing new potential followers to discover you. Influencers and users will feel inspired to comment on posts that they identify with and are interested in. Ask your followers how they celebrated their #SundayFunday, post a #TBT (Throwback Thursday) every Thursday or a #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) on Wednesdays. When you start using hashtags the right way, your options are endless.

7. Post Videos

2016 saw an increase of 40% in the number of people watching videos on Instagram. Post engaging videos to get followers to stop and immerse themselves in your content. Make sure your video is intriguing and something that inspires emotion. Videos are most likely to garner comments when it comes to social media content.

8. Make Use of Instagram Stories

Stories are an easy way to interact with your audience. Since stories were implemented, users have taken to them like moths to the flame. When you post a story, your followers will feel inclined to click on your image at the top of their Instagram feed to fulfil their curiosity. Stories also allow you to interact directly with your followers using polls, quizzes, choose which buttons, ask and answer questions etc. Stories are a simple way to build a strong community of loyal followers. Stories also show up on the hashtag browser and explore page. Moreover, you can repost your posts on stories and tag them with an interesting question. This increases visibility while also increasing the likelihood of a flooded comments section in the shared post.

9. Tag Brands, People, and Locations

By tagging other users in your post, you attract their attention, having your content pop up in many new and different places. This increases your chances of being discovered by new users and their friends. Tagging locations can help people in that area find you. This becomes increasingly important if you’re running a local business. When you tag other brands or influencers, you might even get reposted by the accounts you tagged. This showcases you to a whole new set of followers.

Think engagement first. As a social media personality, marketer, or influencer, you have to keep honing your strategy according to the changes in the algorithm. Schedule your posts at prime time, make use of stories, tag popular personalities and brands, utilize the location tag etc. Keep checking Instagram analytics and your default insights tool to expand your perspective on when, how, and what to post.

What are Custom Instagram AR Filters & How to Use Them to Build Your Brand Presence & Visibility 

If your business/brand is on Instagram, you must have seen people posting stories about what they are doing multiple times a day. It is a great way of engaging directly with your audience and getting feedback on your product and services. When used correctly a story can bring one on one contact into your customer’s unity.

Most of the people who use stories are on the younger side of the spectrum. If you want to market something to them it is best that you include Instagram stories in your portfolio too. Its interactive things like questions, polling, and Instagram AR filters makes it a fun little storytelling device.

AR means augmented reality and though it might sound complicated and uber futuristic it has been in use since 2017. Instagram’s AR filters can make you stand out in a sea of companies and many major brands like Coca-Cola and Gucci have used filters to great effect. They are very easy to make and can be made in a few hours in Spark AR Studio. You can now create your own unique AR filter which lets your brand be seen by many more people and drive engagement. 

What are Instagram AR filters?

These AR filters are some computer generated effects that can be layered over a live image from your camera. They alter the image that is being displayed by your front camera or back camera. You can compare them to Instagram’s face filters that can be found on many stories. 

For example, the dog filter superimposes an image of the dog’s ears. The AR filters make your animated face have a tongue that comes on screen only when you open your mouth. 

The “Hello-2020” filter is also a great example of an AR filter. You must also note the fact that AR filters are very different from the preset Instagram filters that can be put on your images. They are far more interactive and made with the notion of making the stories more fun or sending a message across. 

Can anyone make them?

In the “F8 conference” in 2019 Facebook said that anyone that has the Spark AR software can make an AR filter. You can make new AR filters from the comfort of your home that lets people interact and increase the brand awareness of your business. Since Facebook and Instagram are now part of the same company these filters work on all the platforms provided by both Instagram and Facebook.

Before it was made public only a select few people could make filters with the Spark AR app. Now, most people can download the software and make a filter for their business. This is part of the technological democracy that most of the tech companies are trying to introduce in the world. With the power of creation in the hands of as many people as possible, it has become easier to get widespread publicity for your creations. 

AR filters are easy to find and anyone can find them on your profile. You can also find these filters in the Effect Gallery option when you try to make a story. 

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Why create one for your brand?

While it is a great tool for people who are active on Instagram and use it on a daily basis it might not be for all. If your business appeals to a younger crowd then we would highly suggest using these filters.

They are trendy among young people and give your business an edge over your competitors with ingenious marketing. Many brands have become popular again due to these filters and challenges as they increase visibility. With more and more people having purchasing power this is the new way to market to them in 2021. 

According to research most people who watch stories belong to businesses only. It is a great way to show off your brand’s unique persona and how in sync you are with youth culture. 

They reflect how your brand operates and what tone you want to set for your products and services. They also reflect your brand’s environment and how you do things in your own world.

It gives people a signature of what you are capable of doing and also helps them identify. A unique identity goes a long way when it comes to social media and you should invest time and money into making one that sticks out.  

Over 500 million accounts engage with stories on a daily basis and 60% of the Instagram stories have this interactive AR element in them. These filters are not very common and not many brands use them. You can get ahead of everyone else and sway things in your favor with these AR filters. 

A feature on the app allows you to focus more on your Instagram marketing strategy and gets you good traffic too. These stories have great organic reach and can also help your brand visibility. 

Fashion companies have made AR filters that help people virtually try on the thing that they are trying to sell. This makes people see for themselves how the clothing will look on them and whether they should buy it or not. This makes the interactive filter more useful and creates a buzz around the new product too. 

You can always incorporate your brand’s mascot or logo into the filter and people will start to recognize that it is you. This makes for a fine Instagram marketing strategy and increases your brand awareness at the same time. This is the modern-day equivalent of word of mouth. People like what you are doing and people share it. Their followers see it and if they like it they also share it forward. It sets off a chain reaction and makes your brand even more popular than before. This increased engagement and visibility will definitely lead to conversion. 

What are Instagram AR filters

How to make an AR filter?

Now that you know that it is a great tool to appeal to the users active on Instagram daily, it is time to make one. It is very simple and can be done by anyone all you have to do is

  • Download Spark AR Studio
  • Download this software on your pc or mobile phone.
  • Get used to it

Like any app, there is a bit of a learning curve to the Spark AR app. Make sure you are familiar with most of the things in the app and how you can get the best results. Go through a few lessons and tutorials on Youtube and make yourself familiar with the app. 

There are a lot of nice lessons on the Learning Centre too which makes the app an in-house powerhouse. For exercise download the sample folder and make an AR filter using that.

Start Your Project

You can use the existing templates to start your project if you feel a bit overwhelmed. The Stimulator is another great app that lets you test out your AR filters before you release them. 

Edit your filter as such so that most of the screens can handle them. If you make them too big they won’t fit on a mobile screen and if you make them too small they will look weird. 

Test It

Send the file to Instagram and Facebook and see how it looks. You must do this step only when you are satisfied with your mock-up. Now you can try and use the filter on Insta or Facebook and have a first-hand feel as to how it looks. 

Once you are done press the upload button and “test on device”. The AR filter will be published only after it clears the Spark AR’s guidelines and community standards. 

Don’t Stop

Maybe your new filter did not catch on or it wasn’t the best in the biz. But that is okay there is always room for improvement. Make more filters and research how other businesses are using these. Up your filter game with face or hand-tracking enabled filters. You can also incorporate audio or aesthetics into your filter to give it a more wholesome feel. 

Social Media platforms are growing and the popular ones are becoming more and more a part of our lives. They have become the new advertising medium for the younger generations and you popularize them using these tools. 

Whether AR driven or not these apps will continue to grow and it is in your best interests to keep up with these developments. Having a good handle on trending things will make you stand out from the crowd but also more relatable to the younger audiences. These are impressionable people who are entering the workforce and you can capitalize on that. 

They are a perfect audience for businesses as they have a great amount of purchasing power right off the bat. The younger generation is looking for fun marketing strategies that are worthy of sharing on their social media feed. If you can make your marketing fun and inclusive you will have a booming business in this decade. With trends and challenges taking over the social media landscape keeping up with the youth will definitely help your business. 

Using IGTV Series to Grow Your Audience & Sell Your Products

Instagram has been the go-to social media app for most people in recent years. You can share pics and videos there and have a growing audience day by day. Instagram was founded with the purpose of capturing the moment but as a business, you can use it to expand your reach and create brand awareness. 

The new “IGTV” feature is the long-form video format that Instagram uses. This was to keep users on the app for longer and have much more content on the app itself. The one-minute time limit can be rather limiting and the 30s reels even more.

With the onset of IGTV, many people say it is the most complete app in recent times. It opens up avenues for topics that could not be discussed in a short form. 

Here are few reasons why you should have an IGTV Channel

Increase Visibility

Instagram is the biggest social media platform with the most active users in the world. As with all social media, it is great for businesses to promote themselves and constantly be in the public eye. 

You can get more converts and traffic to your brands and sell a multitude of products with your IGTV Channel. With online viewership growing every year at an alarming rate it is best you use this boom to your gains. 


Educating and entertaining your audience at the same time is the best way to engage them in a long video. Not only you can tell them more about your product but also tell them about how it is better than the rest.

Edutainment has a rise in its popularity and is a sibling of the infotainment category. People are entertained and at the same time get their doubts cleared about the subject at hand. This is the reason that most of the video marketing campaigns in the 90s and 80s were so effective. 

People are interested in knowing how your products can make their life easier or how they incorporate them into their lives. If you are able to send this message across they will be lining up to buy your products or services. 

More Engagement

A new platform being released means that its organic reach right now would be off the charts. Hop onto this trend and you can get many more conversions with your IGTV videos. 

Video marketing has been the “King of Marketing” for a long time and this does translate to IGTV as well. You now have more creativity and can show your audiences how your product/service works in real-time itself. It is definitely a tool you want to use to engage with your audience and see how they react to you and your business. 

More engagement means more conversion- it is as simple as that. Most people interacting with the videos will not buy your service outright but it is important that you leave a lasting impression. Because when they need a product or service that you provide the first name to come to their minds would be yours. 

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Community Building

If you want to be in business for a long time then it is important to note that your customers are like a community. If they are satisfied with your work they will come back to you again and again because you have made a community of people that they trust. 

This trust and credibility play a huge part in sales and how the public views your business. The connections that you build in the community play a vital role in referral marketing. 

Combining the best of Instagram videos and Youtube, IGTV is going to be a very beneficial platform for businesses and influencers alike. The long-form keeps the users engaged for a longer time but also clears all of their doubts at the same time. 

IGTV Series

IGTV series is a great way to make educational videos that cater to a variety of people. A series detailing what you are selling makes you look more credible and you can explain what you will be doing for them in great depth. 

They are like playlists that have related videos together in one folder. It makes your brand look more organized and streamlined and anyone needing in-depth can find the info easily. 

An IGTV series can be a regular occurrence on your channel which people can follow like a television program. This keeps you users engaged and excited for something that will be uploaded or part of a bigger picture. 

IGTV Series

Here is how you create an IGTV series

It is very easy and quick to make an IGTV series, all you have to do is upload the video that you want to share to Instagram TV. Then you will have to either upload a pic for the thumbnail or use one of the frames in the videos. 

On the next screen, you can see the “Add to Series” option. Here you can either add the video to an already existing series or make a new one altogether. 

After this, all you need to do is feed in the name of these series and a short description of it. The title needs to be short yet catchy and describe the essence of the series in a few words. It is best that you work with a copywriter on this to maximize the impact of the video. 

Here are few tips for creating a high impact IGTV Series

These are few simple points that may seem obvious but will help you in the long run in creating high performing series.

Cohesiveness is Key

Your series will be a mess if they are not connected to each other. You will need a strategy in place so that people can come and watch your videos regularly without feeling lost. For example, if the videos are connected to each other and have a recap of the last video then people will be more comfortable with them.

Your audio and video should be done well but it does not mean it should be very formal. People have embraced the informal or casual side of things and it makes your business more relatable too. Great narration helps too and keeps the people engaged. Make the videos in such a way that you cover a lot of depth but also give examples of how it might be beneficial to people watching. 

You will have to treat these videos like a T.V. series season and give them something to root for. Break the videos down into small and digestible chunks so that people can watch them at any time and any place. 


Getting views cannot be left on organic reach itself. You will have to promote your videos whether you like it or not. Promotion does not mean that you are running ads on the platform it can simply mean putting up a story on Instagram itself. 

Sending to various influencers and asking them for a shout out is also a good marketing strategy. If someone shares your story to their stories section it is good practice to reshare that. It brings credibility and openness to your brand image.

You can just share a preview of the video and let people go to the video from there. Or you can share the video across your various social media and link it back to your IGTV channel. 

Get their Attention

Share a screenshot of the video where it gets interesting or where there is some great information. In the age of social media, people have very small attention spans and if you do not get their attention in a moment you have lost them. 

Look up some IGTV series covers by popular brands and businesses and take notes. Most of them are bright and very eye catchy. You will instantly see what the video will be about and how the brand is associated with it. Bright covers will do well on almost every platform. Take inspiration from people and businesses around you and implement it into your own videos.

Be wary of the length of the video

Just because you have a long-form video format available does not mean that you max out the time limit every time. Even though the video is long, it should be precise and to the point. This way you get real Instagram followers and your growth will be steep. 

Filler content will chase away your audience and it will be hard to regain them. Make the videos as long as they need to be. Be prepared and always have everything planned when you are on video. 

Instagram followers and Instagram likes have gained a new meaning in these modern times and can be said to be the new currency. Having them on your side will increase the chances of you becoming more recognized and trusted by the public. 

IGTV series gives you the opportunity to maximize your conversion and get the customer that you have been looking for. Follow our tips and you will see an increase in your stats immediately. 

Best Instagram Styling Tips to Transform Your Feed

A good Instagram feed is necessary if you want to grow your brand on the social media platform. When potential Instagram followers first land on your profile, your Instagram feed is what they see. A professional, well-curated feed can help you build a strong brand identity, as well as attract real Instagram followers.

Your Instagram feed should have a consistent appeal, and be designed in a way where it’s visually pleasant. As a visual-heavy social media platform, to gain prominence on Instagram, your content should be picture and video heavy.

Why Do You Need a Good Instagram Feed?

Instagram has become a prominent platform that has an influence over consumer purchasing decisions. From influencers who promote sponsored products to actually selling through Instagram itself, the platform is readily used.

If you want to reach a large target audience, attract real Instagram followers and get more Instagram likes, then you’ll need a good Instagram feed. To have a good Instagram feed, you need to maintain a consistent theme throughout your feed.

You can do this is various ways. You can choose a consistent color scheme, aesthetic, borders, typography, and more.

What Makes a Good Instagram Feed?

There’s no one uniform way to make a good Instagram feed. There are various kinds of Instagram feeds, such as monochrome or vibrant. Different influences, artistic choices and ideas lead to different kinds of feeds. What unites them however, is that there ad certain principles used that boost that kind of feed.

In vibrant Instagram feeds for example, nearly every picture will usually have bright, youthful colors. In a pastel aesthetic based feed, the content will tend to appear in softer shades of color. Monochrome feeds don’t feature color. However, aside from the color palette, these feeds also have to be styled so that the feed looks consistently good.

How Do You Style Your Instagram Feed?

When you start using your Instagram account for the first time, you aren’t presented with any set way to design your profile. You can take any visual content you want, edit and add your chosen filter, and then upload your content.

While this is great for normal user profiles, business profiles need to be choosy about their feeds. Brands, influencers and anyone looking to build a following on Instagram needs to consider how they’re presenting themselves on Instagram.

With billions of users and an active community of users, Instagram has successfully established itself as a social media giant. This also makes it a competitive environment, with all kinds of businesses vying for consumer attention on the platform. If you want your profile to stand out, then your Instagram feed is the first place to start.

Remember that it’s the first thing your consumers will see when they land on uour profile. If first impressions matter, then you want to make this one absolutely count.

Here’s what you should know about styling your Instagram feed:

what you should know about styling your Instagram feed

1. Choose Your Aesthetic

Your visual aesthetic should be carefully considered. The reason behind this is that it’s going to a be a core part of your visual representation on Instagram. The kind of aesthetic you choose will depend on the kind of brand you own.

Your brand aesthetic is how you want others to perceive and feel about your brand. A brand aesthetic is more than just one aspect of brand design, it’s essentially how you want others to feel about your business. That’s why a profile based around selling cakes will have a different aesthetic to one promoting business values.

To understand what your brand aesthetic is, you’ll need to define your industry and your niche. What kind of brand do you have? Why do you want to build your Instagram feed? Do you want real Instagram followers and Instagram likes? What are the goals that your Instagram feed is supposed to help you achieve?

Say you want more website traffic and you want to use your Instagram profile to achieve website growth. In this case, you can keep updating your Instagram Bio area with new links to the content you want your Instagram followers to view. You can also add captions that point them to your bio to check out your website. If your Instagram account is designed to boost website activity, your aesthetic could be focused on your already established website aesthetic.

However, before you can get an Instagram follower to browse through your content, they need to like your feed. A consistent aesthetic limits what you can do, but gives you a brand identity at the same time.

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2. Choose Your Color Palette

Your aesthetic can inform you about what your overall Instagram feed should look like. But your color palette will help you expand on your aesthetic. What this means is that there can be multiple kinds of Instagram feeds within the same aesthetic.

You can choose a pastel aesthetic for your feed and choose pink and white as your core colors. Another profile can pick the same aesthetic but choose blue and grey as the core colors. This will completely change how their profile appears in comparison to yours. However, both the profiles have similar aesthetic choices.

The colors you choose to represent your brand should reflect your existing brand colors. If you use certain colors often in your branding and collaterals design, consider incorporating them into your Instagram feed. Colors prominently featured in a brand logo should be incorporated as well.

Ideally, your color palette should consist of no more than six colors. Whenever you make a new post, you can refer to your color palette to ensure that your content adheres to your brand colors.

3. Consistent Editing

Instagram is heavily focused on quality visual content. If you want real Instagram followers and Instagram likes, your visual content should be on par as well. Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on an unedited picture to compete against all the heavily edited content on the platform.

You’ll need to ensure that all your pictures have the same vibe and feel to them. They need to appear as if they naturally fit together in your Instagram feed. This consistency can be affected if your editing style changes from picture to picture. What you can do to avoid this is use preset filters and edits before you post your final content.

This ensures that similar edits are made across all the pictures, and ensures that your feed looks consistent.

4. Consider Grid Layouts

Grid layouts refer to how your Instagram feed looks in overall. From block to block, your Instagram feed evolves as you add new content. This keeps your feed fresh and allows users to seamlessly browse from the present to the past across your content.

For business profiles, this needs to appear professional at all levels. And one way to reach that professionalism is through grid layouts. How you design how your profile layout will look depends entirely on you.

You can choose a puzzle layout, rainbow layout, and more. Puzzle layouts are bith common and popular. In this kind of layout, a single pictures split into smaller pictures. Than the smaller pictures are uploaded together to give the appearance of a larger picture. You can do this across two grids, although many brands use the puzzle layout across using nine blocks.

In a rainbow layout, you choose to be more diverse with your color palette. In this layout, you should be changing your color palette after every few pictures, usually nine. You can go from one color to another, such as red based visual content to blue based. You can also make the changes subtle, such as going from red to pink, or violet to purple.

There are other kinds of layouts you can consider as well. A checker board layout uses one dark and one light colored picture alternately.

5. Videos Are Just As Important

To give your Instagram feed more prominence, don’t forget about videos. The right blend of pictorial and video based content can help you attract real Instagram followers and Instagram likes. Growth on Instagram is determined not just by pictures, but by videos as well.

You can upload the videos you create directly to your feed, or you can use them in Stories or Reels. Ideally, to ensure that your Instagram feed has a consistent design, you want your Stories and Reels to reflect that design as well. Creating videos that match your brand aesthetic can help your account stand out more.

Creating Your Instagram Feed

Your Instagram feed should be capable of portraying your brand story. Without even knowing about your brand, a potential Instagram follower should be able to tell what your content is about at a glance. Animal welfare groups post more about animals, while nature conservation groups post about nature.

eCommerce profiles showcase their products, while influencers create content centered around their brand personality. By understanding what you want to portray your brand as and what you hope to get in return, you can style the perfect Instagram feed.

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