Your Guide to Rebranding Your Instagram Business Account

You are looking at your Instagram and realize that you do not have as many followers as you would like. You like your content, but it is not engaging many viewers. You hope to achieve growth in your business using social media, and decide that you want to take a different approach. In this article, we shall look at some ways in which you can rebrand your Instagram so that you can get the maximum number of Instagram likes and followers for your brand.

Why should you use Instagram for business?

Research suggests that there are more than 25 million Instagram business accounts in existence. In 2019, brands spent almost $7 billion in advertising on Instagram, which is much less than what they are spending this year. Contrary to what most people think, every organization or business can benefit from advertising on Instagram. Strategic organizing and creative input helps gather most Instagram followers, which boosts engagement between businesses and their audience.

Having an Instagram account can be influential in many ways. Most young clientele tend to search for organizations on social media channels to learn more about them. Establishing an account lets people know you exist and are open to doing business with them. Ideally, an Instagram channel interested in growing quickly should post at least five to 10 times each week. Even if you are unable to post content consistently, you should at least have a profile picture, your business name, contact information, and some photos to showcase your brand. Not having such information may lead your potential clients to seek your competitors instead.

When your users know that you are on Instagram, it generates credibility and trust. People will know that you are a genuine organization and consider you valuable. Likewise, offering good quality products and prompt service might motivate people to tag you on Instagram and give you a shining review. When people hear from other buyers about you, that will make them trust you more and try your products.

Instagram can also help you sell your products better. While sharing content, tag your offerings and use hashtags. You can also generate more traffic for your website by directing users using the toggle sharing option on Facebook or Twitter. Being authentic and consistently sharing content helps build your online reputation and improve your search engine optimization ranking.

You can also use Instagram for building a professional network. Know your competitors by following their content and forming collaborations with them over time. This is also a great platform to attract new talent who can learn more about your work through your social media presence.

Factors that can enhance the appeal of your Instagram account

Now that we understand the impact Instagram can have in promoting growth for your brand, let us look at some of the features that you should specifically focus on. The first element is the theme which serves as the foundation for your Instagram presence. Developing a theme separates your Instagram account from those of your competitors. It also gives your brand a unique voice.

You may find it challenging to post content which resonates with your theme every time. You can overcome this inhibition by focusing on the big picture and developing content which has some resemblance to each other. Use one filter for all content or adopt the same editing technique for each post. You could also incorporate a consistent color or photo frame. In this manner, your Instagram will start to feel more like an extension of your brand.

Once you have decided on a theme, selecting content becomes easier. Envision how you want others to see your brand and what you can do in social media to achieve that. Make a list of photos and videos that you want to show your target audience and think of how you can make it appealing to them. For inspiration, look at the Instagram pages of your competitors and other organizations that have achieved millions of followers.

Within your content, the voice that communicates the message needs to be consistent. Having a specific tone and style of saying things will enable your audience to know and relate to your brand. Think of what your audience expects from you, and choose the voice that you think will connect with them the best.

Steps for rebranding your Instagram

Social media has a huge proximity to people unlike traditional advertising channels. The success of any social media account used for business depends on using a carefully constructed narrative consistently. Customers may be dissuaded from following a certain brand if it fails to connect with them in an authentic manner.

Though rebranding may seem daunting to many at first, those who wish to achieve success in social media marketing will benefit from using Instagram. Here is a list of steps that can make the Instagram rebranding process more organized and effective:

Steps for rebranding your Instagram

  • Develop a plan: When trying to give your business a new direction, it is helpful to develop a strategic outline of what you want to accomplish and how you plan to get there. For an Instagram rebranding project, design a PR strategy mentioning your new vision. Formulate a daily content schedule listing the information that you want to share each day. Articulate goals that you want to attain such as the number of real Instagram followers or Instagram likes within a specific time frame and try to achieve these goals to the best of your capabilities.
  • Implement a visual space virtually: Visual brand boarding is arguably one of the most helpful techniques that allows you to rethink how you can bring a brand alive visually. Even organizations that are unable to invest in a graphic designer can benefit from thinking about this concept strategically. The best way to do this is to engage in an exercise where you look at the various logo elements your brand currently has and sort them into various combinations. For instance, choose specific colors and language and brainstorm ways to use them differently.

    The initial visuals which you can create will speak the most about your rebranding and reveal the new direction which you are giving to your Instagram account. Tools like Photoshop, Illustrator or Canva can help you develop these visuals. Implement them on other platforms first to see how your audience responds to them.

  • Establish a re-brand tone: As a brand, you can continue to experiment with your previous visual content after launching the rebranding. This will help you to gather and build on your marketing collateral which you can use to showcase your new branding efforts. Use new creative elements and interesting captions to establish your tone.

    A survey revealed that 93% marketing professionals found a new customer after posting a video on social media but nearly 75% of them are reluctant to post a video again. Creative materials like YouTube videos are popular across all generations and can help communicate information in meaningful ways. Sharing them on your Instagram feed can also help with building customer loyalty thereby making videos great assets for rebranding.

  • Interact with your audience: With any rebranding project, it is usual for your regular audience to feel perplexed at first. There is no reason to worry–your audience will gradually get used to your new social media presence. Remember that in your initial rebranding phase, you may receive many questions from audiences. It is important to stay engaged so that your audience continues to trust you. Respond to every comment, email, DM, and text. Be sure to thank your followers for their Instagram likes. The more interactions you have with your audience, the more likely it is that they will like and share your content.
  • Introduce changes gradually: A crucial thing to remember about human behavior is that most people usually do not like change. Updates to your logo, profile picture, and the aesthetic of your Instagram feed may draw concerns or even criticism. In such cases, do not hesitate to move forward with your rebranding goals in a gradual manner. Your audiences will eventually learn to adapt with your new style and Instagram persona.

    A challenge with rebranding that you may encounter is your engagement level could begin lowering at first and people may be unfollowing you. This can be highly discouraging and it might make you think that you are probably not doing things correctly. However, remind yourself the reason for rebranding in the first place, and that the decision to change things was conscious and purposeful. You are attempting to create a special niche which would allow you to connect with your target demographic. The disappearing followers will eventually reappear as long as you are being consistent and intentional with your marketing efforts.

  • Connect with influencers and other established organizations: Social media is mainly about interacting with others and building a community. There exists an online community that is relevant for you since it comprises your target audience. You can locate this community by engaging with people and brands that they are following.

    Monitor relevant hashtags, like and comment on appropriate Instagram posts. Follow individuals who are participating in online discussions. You will start getting noticed by these individuals who may have an interest in your content. Further, you could partner with an influencer whose followers may be interested in your brand. You can adopt this approach even with a small budget by connecting with someone who could represent your brand and advertise it among a diverse clientele. This could help build the credibility of your brand and, gradually, its popularity.

Instagram Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

There are more than 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram. This reach has made Instagram the best platform for growing your brand and setting up credibility. Over the past few years, top brands, smart entrepreneurs, social media influencers and celebrities have used Instagram to their advantage. So, why haven’t you?

Instagram allows you to create a business profile and promote your brand for free on Instagram. With just a few simple steps, you can make your account accessible to interested users. Seems easy, right?

It will be – once you understand how to avoid the common Instagram marketing mistakes and achieve your target market goal. In this article, we will be discussing these marketing mistakes:

Buying Instagram followers

It will be best for your business to gain real Instagram followers organically, instead of choosing the unnatural way of buying followers. If you don’t want to harm your business, you need to be extremely careful. Buying followers is among the most artificial strategies for building long-term relationships with your followers. When you buy followers from non-reputable sources, it leads to the following:

  • Less engagement – If you are buying followers, you are getting involved with people who are not attracted to your brand and don’t want to engage with it. You will be paying for numbers that will include several fake accounts.
  • Loss of reputation and integrity – In this world that we live in, every person has a different perception of ethics. So, defining ethics is trickier than you would think. Some people won’t find out that you have purchased followers. But, if you go from 100 to 100,000 followers in just a couple of days, people will start to get suspicious and question your integrity.

Having a private account

The Instagram community is interested in what you can offer. If you set your account to private, those opportunities will be limited. You are creating a wall between your brand and your audience and will end up being the fastest and most common reason behind losing your followers. There are two main reasons behind it:

  • If you have a private account, you will have to approve the request of followers. This makes your brand cumbersome and complicated.
  • Since people won’t be able to see your profile, they will lose interest in your business.

It is crucial that you have a public account. To make your account public, visit the privacy settings and change the account settings to open. It will lead to a quick increase in your follower count.

Your personal account can be private. However, making your business account private doesn’t make any sense. It should be accessible to the public. By doing so, you are increasing your chances of reaching out to larger audiences and pulling out potentials.

If the people who are interested in your business or product see that your account is set to private, they will think that you don’t want followers. They might even assume that they will have to wait until you login to your account and accept their request. Users often steer clear of private accounts. Make sure that you don’t make the same mistake by double-checking your account status.

Posting too much or not posting enough

If you have been using Instagram for a while, you must know that posting too much on Instagram is considered to be a big no-no. Your constant posting habit can annoy your followers. However, if you are not posting enough, your followers might forget about you or think that you have been neglecting your account. That is why it is important that before you post anything on Instagram, you develop a strategy that decides the right interval between your posts.

Remember that timing is everything. The interval between the posts should be created to craft the expectations of your audience of how your account conducts itself. Just like a store doesn’t change its open hours on a weekly basis, you shouldn’t change yours. Don’t overload your Instagram with the same content and mess up your account. Don’t post anything that is not relevant to your business or brand.

Your aim should be to post regularly. You can use social media scheduling tools that help in posting content 2 to 3 times a day. It is crucial to focus on quality and not on quantity.

Not using hashtags or using them incorrectly

Not using hashtags or using them incorrectly

Hashtags are an important element of Instagram marketing. You can use them for organizing and promoting your brand’s name. If you have used them correctly, customers interested in your services and products will be able to find you easily. Don’t ignore hashtags. This is a common mistake that many brands and businesses make. Hashtags are a way for potential customers to find you and follow your posts.

When it comes to getting your posts discovered on Instagram, hashtags play an important role. However, people often make mistakes while using them. They either don’t use them at all or use improper ones. Hashtags must be short, relevant, and easily searchable. Search for the hashtags that are popular in your forte and use them in your posts. By doing this, you will be grabbing the attention of the user to your brand or business. People use hashtags for discovering new things on the platform. So, the more relevant hashtags you use in your posts, the more your content will show up on people’s feeds and drive traffic to your account. There is a correlation between the post engagement and the number of hashtags included in the post.

You can add a maximum of 30 hashtags to one post on Instagram. If you want to make them effective, you need to use each one of them correctly. Tag the relevant audience so that they can identify the posts with the brand’s name. The idea behind this is to include hashtags that are searchable. Using incorrect hashtags or overusing them can harm your business.

You cannot follow a single strategy and expect to increase your follower count. What you need is a plan. You have to check the performance of the hashtags constantly and track the ones that bring more audience and increase engagement. Keep it simple and be specific.

Ignoring Analytics

If you don’t use Instagram Analytics, you are missing out on a ton of information that can help you in planning future campaigns. With these analytics, you can check what posts are getting results and what are wasting your resources. Also, it helps you get a better understanding of your customers. When you know the interests, online purchasing behavior, and demographics of your followers, you can create content that engages better with your followers. Your Instagram Analytics gives you the knowledge to give your followers the attention they deserve.

Not engaging with your followers

If you want a huge number of followers, you will have to respond to your followers. Engaging with your followers will ensure that your popularity is expanded. It shows that your brand is willing to serve their followers properly. Not responding to them is only going to harm your brand and business.

When someone comments on your post regarding your brand or product, take some time to respond to it. Even if they are making some suggestion or criticizing your services, accept it, and respond very modestly. Also, when a follower or customer needs assistance in terms of your services or products, you have to provide them with genuine customer service. In some cases, you will have to address personalized concerns by providing the option to email you directly so that you can handle the issue. This way, you are building a relationship with your customers. Exchanging messages with your followers is a great method of incorporating value into your brand.

Engaging with your followers will lead to retention and growth. Through engagement, the audience can understand and know your brand better. You, on the other hand, will know what your customers need and expect from you.

While you are responding to your customers, it is important to be creative. It will work way better than simply posting content that looks like an advertisement.

Instagram likes and comments on the post means that the followers are interested in your brand. So, every time you respond, it will make them feel like their contribution has been recognized. Even if they make a positive or negative comment, you must respond. Take any negative comment as an opportunity to grow. By replying to them, you are showing that you are ready for a discussion. If they don’t get a response, they won’t post anything again. As a business account, you need followers who can promote your brand name and improve the growth of your business.

So, if you are guilty of making some or all of the above-mentioned Instagram Marketing mistakes, it’s time to change your strategy. It’s never too late to get back on the right track. Just make sure that you don’t make these mistakes, and you will have a well-run Instagram business account.

Instagram Ads and Why You Need Them

With the increasing popularity of Instagram, it’s no surprise that brands are coming up with ways to boost business growth through the platform. Nearly one third of the most viewed stories on Instagram come from businesses with 60% of people discovering new products on Instagram. 75% of Instagram users tend to take action after drawing inspiration from a post. The potential of the platform to move Instagram followers to take action is huge. That’s why you need to ensure you’re making the most of it. Instagram Ads can help you do just this.

What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads may in the form of posts or stories that appear on Instagram users’ feeds. They’re paid for by the business and differ from regular posts and stories because of their “Sponsored” label. The Instagram Ads feature was launched in 2015 and allows businesses to reach users that aren’t already their Instagram followers.

Instagram ads may be of different types and can include a call to action such as “Learn more” or “Shop now” depending on the objective decided upon. The cost of such ads depends on factors like targeting, ad format, ad placement, as well as time of the year. Regardless of what your budget is, you’ll be able to get more Instagram likes, increase the number of real Instagram followers you have, and achieve your business goals using Instagram Ads.

What types of Instagram Ads exist?

There are many ad formats available on Instagram that can fetch you more Instagram likes and real Instagram followers. Each of these ad types serve different objectives and can be used with call to action buttons that help to achieve the specific objective. The types of Instagram Ads are:

Stories ads

These are full screen ads that appear in between stories of Instagram users in a way that resembles regular stories, offering users a seamless experience. With 500 million users checking out stories each day, this offers massive potential to reach out to your target audience. This can be used to realize the objective of increasing reach and conversions, generating leads, traffic, and more video views, and even for building brand awareness. Call to action button typically use the “Swipe up” feature, requiring users to “Subscribe”, “Learn more”, “Sign up”, “Get offer”, or “Shop now”. Story images need to be 1080 x 1920 pixels, having an aspect ratio of 9:16. Story videos can be up to 15 seconds long, with a video ratio of 9:16 maximum and video resolution of at least 1080 x 1920 pixels. 4GB is the maximum file size for videos.

Photo ads

Such ads can be used to showcase products and services using eye catching images. These can either be in landscape or square format. Landscape images need to be of 1200 x 628 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 1.9:1. Square images must have a ratio of 1:1, and be of 1080 x 1080 pixels. Vertical images must be of 600 x 750 pixels, and have an aspect ratio of 4:5. The call to action must be carefully chosen keeping in mind the growth requirements of the business. Files must be of JPG or PNG type with maximum file size being 30MB and 600 pixels being the minimum image width. 4:5 is the minimum image ratio and 16:9 is the maximum.

Video ads

Video ads make use of visually appealing content to capture the attention of viewers and fetch you more real Instagram followers. These can be up to 1 minute long although shorter video ads are often more successful in achieving business objectives and getting more Instagram likes. Video resolution of at least 1080×1080 pixels and maximum file size of 4GB is needed for videos. Video ratio needs to be 4:5 minimum and 16:9 maximum.

Carousel ads

Such ads make it possible for your targeted users to swipe through several images or videos in a single post before taking action based on your chosen call to action button. With this, you’ll be able to highlight several products, share a multi-part story, or even elaborate on one particular product or service offering in up to 10 photos or videos. The same video and image requirements apply to carousel ads you want to post for your business.

Collection ads

Collection ads give Instagram followers the option to buy a product directly from the ad. Such an ad offers an eCommerce feature for marketers where users click on the ad and are automatically directed to an Instagram Instant Experience Storefront. Such ads can help you achieve growth in catalogue sales, traffic, and conversions, offering viewers the option to either learn more or make a direct purchase.

Explore ads

The Explore screen on Instagram allows for the discovery of new accounts and content on Instagram. Explore ads don’t directly appear on the topic channels or the Explore grid. These ads are shown to viewers who click on a specific photo or video in the Explore tab.

IGTV ads

IGTV ads are the latest addition to Instagram’s ad format options, with creators receiving 55% of the revenue generated through the use of such ads.

Instagram Shopping ads

Shoppable posts can be used on Instagram in the form of Instagram shopping ads. With this, the shopping experience is made easier for Instagram followers who can directly go to a product description page in the Instagram app and make a purchase. This way, you can increase sales and boost conversions for your brand while offering your Instagram followers a seamless shopping experience.

Choose an ad type based on your SMART business goals and pair it with the right call to action.

Why should you make use of Instagram Ads

Why should you make use of Instagram Ads?

Growth of your audience

Instagram ads make it possible for you to reach out to a much larger audience beyond just your Instagram followers. When you pay for an ad on Instagram, the platform ensures that your content is placed in front of several potential customers so that they can respond to your call to action. With more people getting smartphones every day and making accounts on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Instagram ads can help you reach out to an audience you wouldn’t have had access to via traditional marketing.


With the tools available on the platform, you’ll be able to use Instagram ads to target the right audience. You can target individuals on the basis of the region, city, or country of their location; demographic details such as gender, age, and languages; and even audiences that are similar to the current customers you have. You can also target ads to individuals based on their behaviours on and off Facebook as well as Instagram.

You can also cater ads to people based on their interests, the accounts they follow, as well as known customers through their saved phone numbers and email ids. The platform also offers automated targeting so that you get access to others who may be interested in your brand and can target such individuals. Efficient and specific targeting can help expose the right groups to your message so that there are higher chances of conversions.

Intention and attention

Platforms such as Instagram are able to capture the attention of users more easily today than other forms of marketing. We live in a digital world where almost everyone has access to a smartphone and is capable of navigating the web. With so much information online, there’s a possibility of information overload. Instagram stands out in this regard because it offers users access to visually appealing content that grabs their attention. You’re likely to get more Instagram likes on a visually appealing post offering viewers with value. This can translate into more Instagram followers.

Users on the platform also intend to make purchases and learn about new businesses and offerings. This makes it possible for you to reach out to a receptive audience to further your business goals.


You shouldn’t be doing something if it doesn’t fetch you results, no matter how many people are talking about it. Luckily though, that’s not something you need to worry about when it comes to using Instagram ads. Regardless of what your business objective is, Instagram ads have time and again been used by businesses because they deliver results. Want to increase brand awareness or get more people to download your app? Want to increase your reach and generate more leads? Want to boost website traffic or see a growth in sales? You can do it all through the use of Instagram ads. All you have to do is make sure you use the right call to action with your ad and wait to see the results it generates.


Instagram ads offer you a unique advantage over other forms of advertising and marketing because it gives you access to an online audience that is witnessing growth every day. There are many types of ads that can be used on the platform, but you need to choose a type based on your carefully selected business goals to achieve the desired results.

What Not to Do on Instagram for Your Business

Ever since its launch in October 2010, Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular social media marketing platforms for individuals as well as brands. What started off as a photo-sharing platform has witnessed massive growth over the years. Today, Instagram offers so many more options for marketers other than just mere photo sharing. The number of people using the platform today has resulted in Instagram marketing being a crucial aspect of business marketing strategy.

With so much competition on the platform, it’s important to know how you can ensure your business stands out for the right reasons. There are many ways to boost business growth and gain more Instagram followers, but some mistakes could cost you. Here’s a guide on what not to do for your Instagram marketing strategy.

Failing to establish a clear goal

Instagram is a fun platform but boosting business growth on the platform requires a lot more than just posting high-quality photos. You need to have a clear goal in mind when planning your Instagram marketing strategy. Are you looking to gain more real Instagram followers? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Are you looking to boost sales from your marketing strategy? Without having a clear goal in mind, you’re going to be wasting time doing things that don’t produce the desired results. Lack of a clear goal will also mean that you won’t be able to measure key performance indicators for your profile.

Keeping an incomplete Instagram bio

An incomplete bio won’t give your Instagram followers the information they need about your brand and its products or services. You need to make sure your bio has short but relevant information for your new Instagram followers to get an idea of exactly what your brand does. It’s one way to showcase what your brand stands for, so don’t leave it incomplete.

Not including a clickable link in your bio is another Instagram marketing mistake to avoid on Instagram. Links on Instagram can only be added in the bio, although accounts with more Instagram followers have other options. Smaller businesses need to capitalize on the link in bio feature to include clickable links to websites, product pages, or landing pages. Failing to do this will cost you potential customers.

Keeping a private profile

Private profiles allow only approved Instagram followers to view their content. Most people end up going back to scrolling through Instagram when they come across a private profile. This means you’ll end up losing potential Instagram followers and Instagram likes. A private profile also means that people who don’t follow you won’t be able to view your content shared by others. This significantly limits the reach of your posts, giving you access to a much smaller audience.

Failing to double-check your content for errors before posting

Coming up with high-quality content takes a fair bit of time. You don’t want your efforts to go to waste just because you failed to correct a last-minute error. Grammar and spelling mistakes, faulty punctuation, and other typos can make you appear very unprofessional on Instagram and cost you Instagram followers. You need to have a certain level of professionalism if you want your Instagram followers to take you seriously, so ensure you double-check your content before posting it. Proofread everything so that you’re putting out content that doesn’t have any mistakes in it.

Posting duplicate content

Sometimes, it’s okay to bring up previously posted content and post it again for emphasis while trying to make a point. Throwbacks work well for this reason, but posting duplicate content from the past often will bore your Instagram followers and cause them to move on from your brand. Instagram users are looking to be inspired to engage with your brand and duplicating old content only shows them that you don’t care enough to be original and give them something new.

Failing to remain consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to Instagram marketing. You need to create anticipation among your Instagram followers and you can do this well by sticking to a consistent posting schedule. You don’t want to post 5 posts in a week and then go missing for the next 3 weeks. Maintaining consistency in the number of posts you make on a daily or weekly basis will keep the activity levels up on your profile. Doing so ensures that your Instagram followers eagerly await your next post. You must make sure you’re not posting too much or too little.

Posting without a caption

You can have a high-quality picture or video ready for posting but doing this without a good caption to go with it is a big mistake. Captions are crucial to engage your audience. They can help you communicate your brand personality and even ask your Instagram followers certain questions for them to respond to in the comments section. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, you can add a different layer to your post entirely with the right caption.

Failing to engage and interact with your audience

If you want more real Instagram followers, you’re going to have to show them you care. This means creating engaging content for them, taking their feedback into consideration, and interacting with them. Instagram offers many tools that make this possible. You need to ensure you respond to the comments of users and acknowledge them. You can use features like polls, questions, and a lot more on Stories to gain insight on what your Instagram followers think. Without engaging them, you’re giving off the message that you don’t care about your audience, which is something no brand wants.

Failing to post videos

Failing to post videos

While photos are extremely important on the platform, there are many video tools like IGTV, Reels, and even the option to post videos to your feed or Stories on Instagram. Videos can help you create visually engaging content for your Instagram followers that’s much easier to retain. You can post a tutorial video, an outfit change video, an educational video, or even answer some frequently asked questions in the form of a video for your Instagram followers. The high engagement rate of videos means that you’ll also get more Instagram likes, so you’re missing out on a big advantage if you’re not using Instagram videos.

Prioritizing quantity at the cost of quality

The number of posts you make on Instagram is definitely important but it shouldn’t come at the cost of quality. Posting one high-quality image or video is much better than posting ten different poor-quality videos or photos to your Instagram profile. Because Instagram is a visual platform, high-quality images and videos will fetch you a lot more Instagram likes and real Instagram followers, helping to boost business growth on the platform.

Failing to showcase your brand personality

People today will connect more with brands that they can resonate with. While you may offer great products and services, you’re more likely to gain more real Instagram followers if you have a strong brand personality that speaks to your audience. You may be including the right hashtags and using Story polls, but if you fail to communicate your brand’s personality through your posts, you may end up creating a disconnect with your Instagram followers.

Being too promotional with your content

Storytelling is important in today’s world of marketing and establishing a personal connection with your audience is necessary to boost brand growth. Content that’s too promotional just appears salesy and puts profit at the center of all marketing efforts. It fails to engage your audience in a personal manner. Nobody likes to feel like they’re always being sold something. Overly promotional content can irritate your audience and cost you Instagram followers.

Misusing hashtags

Hashtags are important for users to be able to find your content when they look for similar content. You shouldn’t avoid using hashtags as they can significantly increase the reach of your posts and put your content before a larger audience.
Just because you aren’t avoiding them, doesn’t mean you’re using them right either. You can use up to 30 hashtags in your feed posts, but using hashtags just for the sake of it won’t do you any good. Using around 7 or 10 relevant and well-researched hashtags will do a lot more for your posts than 15 or 20 randomly chosen hashtags. You want to make sure you keep the hashtags relevant to your industry or niche so that you’re reaching out to your target audience. Using too many hashtags can come across as desperate and that’s far from what you want.

Not paying attention to analytics

Ignoring your analytics is a big mistake when you’re trying to successfully market your business on Instagram. When you review your analytics, you’ll be able to access details about the demographics of your Instagram followers, their geographical spread, what times are best for posting, which posts are doing well, and so much more. Such details will help you identify what’s working and what isn’t so that you can make changes to your marketing strategy on Instagram.


Boosting business growth on Instagram isn’t easy, but by avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll be in a better position to achieve business success through your efforts.

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