Making the Most of Instagram’s Swipe Up Feature

Most people today have an Instagram account, and with more than 500 million people using the platform on a daily basis, Instagram marketing has become an extremely important focus for most businesses. Business growth can be boosted with content on Instagram that helps you get more Instagram followers and Instagram likes.

One drawback of the platform is that it doesn’t allow for the addition of clickable links in places other than the bio.

The problem with Instagram’s link in bio feature

Brands and individuals are free to add clickable links in their bio, but this isn’t enough because:

  • You’ll have to change the link each time there’s some new content you want to direct your real Instagram followers to.
  • You’ll have to make use of a tool like to direct your Instagram followers to several pages on your website.

The biggest drawback of the link in bio feature is that it’s inconvenient for your Instagram followers. In today’s fast-paced world, people have short attention spans and want things done quickly. A post or story that directs them to the “link in bio” will require them to exit what they’re currently doing, go to your profile, click on the link, and then view your content. That’s a lot for today’s consumers, and it lowers your click-through rates.

The Swipe Up feature is a game-changer for businesses today.

What is the Swipe Up feature on Instagram?

The Swipe Up feature on Instagram is a way for you to add clickable links to your Stories on Instagram that can direct your real Instagram followers to the content you want to show them. This way, your Instagram followers no longer have to exit your story and go to the link in your bio to see what you’re directing them to. You’ll be able to direct them to your website, the latest products they can shop for, event links, and even give them more details about your latest promotions.

It’s a great way to boost brand growth because it makes it easy for your Instagram followers to interact with your business and take action on what you post. This feature, however, is only available if:

  • You have a Business account on Instagram with more than 10000 Instagram followers.
  • Your Instagram account is verified (even if you have less than 10000 Instagram followers).

If you haven’t got 10000 Instagram followers as yet, work on building your following so that you can use this feature. If you already have 10000 or more Instagram followers, read on to find out how you can make the best use of this feature.

How to add a Swipe Up link to your Instagram Stories

  • If you’re eligible to use the Swipe Up feature, go to your Instagram Stories by clicking on the camera icon on the left-hand side at the top of your screen.
  • Take a photo, video, or Boomerang to add to your Story or select something from your camera roll that you want to post to your Instagram Story.
  • Select the link icon on the top right-hand side of your screen (fourth from the right). You’ll see the option to either link to IGTV video or a URL. Enter the URL of your choice that you want to direct your Instagram followers to. This can be a page on your website, product landing page, or even your latest blog post.
  • After doing this, Android users can tap the green check-mark while iOS users can click “Done”.
  • Make sure your Story is “Linked” with the top right side hyperlink icon being white.
  • Include a call to action asking your Instagram followers to Swipe Up. This can be done through the use of a GIF or even just plain text that will draw their attention.
  • The only thing left to do after this is to upload your Story.

How to add a Swipe Up link to your Instagram Stories

Ways to make the most of the Swipe Up feature

Product promotions

The Swipe Up feature is a great addition to your Instagram Story if you want to feature images or videos of your products and direct your Instagram followers to your product page so that they can make a purchase. You can even create product categories and showcase a specific product category by including the link to the product category in your Story. This way, those who like what they see on your Story won’t have to waste time visiting your profile and trying to find your website link to go to your product page. They’ll automatically get directed to it with one quick swipe. This can help boost sales for your business.

Promotion of blog posts

If you just uploaded a new blog and want your Instagram followers to read it, direct them to your blog with the help of the Swipe Up feature on Instagram. You’ll have to create an attractive graphic for your Story that complements your brand image. Designing it with colors and fonts representative of your brand will also improve brand recognition and make it easier for your audience to identify your brand. Just make sure the graphic you design follows the size specifications of Instagram.

Cross platform promotions

Your brand probably operates on multiple social media platforms, and the Swipe Up feature can be a great way to engage in cross-platform promotions to boost business growth. Using Instagram’s Swipe Up feature, you’ll be able to direct your audience to your Facebook post or latest video on YouTube. Just make sure you add a catchy thumbnail to make it even more exciting for your Instagram followers to swipe up.

Promotion of landing pages

Landing pages may be informational, sales, or service pages that serve as transactional pages. The main goal of such pages is to get visitors to buy something or sign up for something. It’s very important for businesses to expose potential customers to their landing pages, and with Instagram’s Swipe Up feature, this is easily possible by including a link to the landing page.

Increasing registration for your virtual events

If you’re hosting a virtual event and want to invite more people to register for it, you can do this by including a quick and easy to fill up sign up form for the event as a link on your Instagram Story. Create hype around your event by adding the promotional poster for your event and ask your Instagram followers to swipe up to sign up for it. You can even share a post about the virtual event from your feed to your Story and include the sign up link. This will not just get people to register for the event, but it can also direct more people to your feed post.

Lead magnet promotion

Making use of email lists is important for any business. With the Swipe Up feature on Instagram, you’ll be able to encourage email list sign-ups for the promotion of lead magnets that will help your business grow.

Raising funds for causes

Another way that brands can make use of the Swipe Up feature on Instagram is by supporting a charity for a cause they believe in. Links that direct Instagram followers to donation pages of charities can be added to Stories. Apart from helping to raise funds for a good cause, this also helps to increase goodwill of the company, which is very important for long-run success of the business.

Tips for better audience engagement with the Swipe Up feature on Instagram

Engage your audience

Let your Instagram followers know that there’s more to your Story than just what they see on it. Make a clear call to action for them to swipe up using text that stands out or attractive GIFs. Make sure the graphics you use in your Story are also eye-catching and resonate with the overall image you want to create for your brand.

Post consistently

If you want your Story to appear early on for your Instagram followers, you need to commit to a consistent posting schedule. Consistent posts will make your audience more interested in what you have to say and keep you relevant with Instagram’s algorithm.

Keep track of Instagram Insights

You can check how many of your real Instagram followers actually swiped up on your Story by viewing your Instagram Insights. This will give you an idea of the kind of content your audience is engaging with more and enable you to tailor your content based on what is working better for your Instagram followers. You’ll also get an idea of what not to do when posting to your Stories.

Make it worth it

Make sure that whatever you’re directing your Instagram followers to is worth it. Whether it’s a product page, a blog piece, or details about an upcoming event, your Instagram followers must feel like it adds value to their life.


The Swipe Up feature offers brands a distinct advantage when it comes to marketing their products and services. The use of clickable links in your Instagram Stories makes it possible for you to encourage your Instagram followers to take some action in a way that wasn’t possible before. If you’re serious about boosting business growth through Instagram, you need to leverage the benefits of this feature wisely and give yourself an edge over your competition.

The Best Insta Marketing Campaigns From 2017 – 2019 and What You Can Learn From Them

It’s hard to believe that Instagram, which turned ten years old in 2020, was once just a fun app for posting photos. Its growth over the last decade has seen it become not just one of the most widely used social media platforms globally but also a potent marketing tool for both established and emerging brands.

Instagram has over 1080 million active users worldwide and its greatest strength lies in its simplicity. Unlike some other social media platforms, Insta is more about visuals and less about text, which makes it the ideal platform for brands to get creative and reach out to their target audiences to showcase their latest products.

Over the years, Insta has played host to marketing campaigns launched by hundreds and thousands of brands and in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best ones from 2017 – 2019. If you’re on Instagram and want to use the platform as one to promote your brand and garner a lot of Instagram likes, read on because we’ll also be focusing on what you can learn from the campaigns that we’ll cover.

1. John Mayer (2017)

In 2017, iconic American singer-songwriter John Mayer released The Search for Everything, his seventh studio album, and he took to Instagram to promote the album in the most organic way possible. Of course, his marketing team launched several campaigns on Insta and other platforms to hype up the album and boost sales, but what Mayer himself did was far more effective in getting people to listen to the album.

He used Instagram’s Live feature to play some of his songs from the album along with some of his older hits. As expected, thousands of his Instagram followers tuned in to the live stream and showered him with love and adulation. Mayer also took as many questions as he could from his fans and this genuine interaction was later rewarded when the album hit the stores, as it debuted on the US Billboard 200 at number two and the US Billboard Top Rock Albums at number one.

The lesson to be learned here is simple; you can focus all you want in creating attractive visuals to promote your products, but there’s nothing in this world that can replace organic engagement and interaction with followers.

2. Airbnb (2017)

Airbnb’s #WeAccept campaign was one of 2017’s most lauded Instagram campaigns, as it addressed two issues, out of which one was internal and the other, political. The internal issue was from 2016 when the brand faced severe backlash from several guests, who accused it of discrimination based on race, sex, and religion. As a result of the backlash, Airbnb drafted a new “Community Commitment” policy, assuring guests of the brand’s non-discriminatory attitude.

However, not long after, the announcement of a flight ban came from the U.S. government and the ban targeted countries that had Muslim majorities. People were up in arms, as they believed that the policy was a result of prejudice. Airbnb felt that it was the most opportune time to convince its followers regarding its stance against discrimination and prejudice, and #WeAccept was born. The visuals showed people from various racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds with the tagline ‘we all belong’.

The campaign was a resounding success and it proved that it’s not always a bad idea to create campaigns around relevant social and political issues. Combined with its “Community Commitment” policy, the campaign’s timing turned out to be perfect and it even went on to win a Shorty Award.

3. Stella Artois (2018)

Stella Artois, the internationally acclaimed beer brand from Belgium, received a lot of plaudits in 2018 for their #GiveThemTimeBack campaign, which was a combination of a digital marketing campaign and an attempt to raise awareness regarding one of the most important issues across under-developed and developing nations; water.

Through the campaign, Stella Artois promoted its Limited-Edition Chalice. The message to its ardent followers was simple; the money generated from every single purchase would help give clean water to someone in a developing or under-developing nation for 5 years. To help boost sales, the brand partnered with co-founder and Hollywood star Matt Damon, who featured in a number of talking-head videos, encouraging other individuals and brands to show their support for the cause.

This campaign’s takeaway is simple; if you are associated with any charitable organization, make that association known on Instagram. Create campaigns by combining the promotion of your products with awareness about the charity’s cause. Through such campaigns, not only would you be putting your name out there, but you’d also be raising awareness regarding important issues and encouraging people to take action.

4. Swiggy (2018)

Online food ordering and delivery platforms have witnessed a rapid rise in popularity in recent years and in 2018, the largest such platform in India, Swiggy, took to Instagram for an Instagram Stories-based campaign to expand its reach and also increase installations of its mobile app.

The brand was clever in using Instagram’s Stories feature for their campaign and showcased slo-mo imagery of some mouthwatering delicacies. Also included were CTAs such as “Install Now” and messages to make existing and prospective users of the app aware of incentives such as “33% off”.

The campaign lasted for three months and the results were incredible, as the brand managed to increase its app installations by 17% and also lowered its marketing costs per app install by 30%. Swiggy also saw a rapid increase in their website traffic, which 30% soared thanks to the campaign. In terms of increasing its customer base, Swiggy effectively increased its presence in 15 cities across India’s length and breadth.

If you’re in the food business, this campaign has a lot to teach, as it showcases how effective images of food can be in motivating enthusiasts to take action, particularly if the images are complemented with attractive discounts and offers.

5. Mothercare (2019)

Mothercare, the UK’s number one baby care retailer, launched its #BodyProudMums campaign in 2019 and it revolved around mothers not bowing down to social pressure of getting back into shape after giving birth.

The campaign was a success in not just the UK but also around the world, with new mothers proudly showing their post-pregnancy bodies and their babies, with the #BodyProudMums hashtag. Mothercare’s official Insta handle shared some of the best photographs shared using the hashtag.

Of course, talking about a social issue that people are aware of but don’t like to speak of can invite criticism, and some critics were not too impressed with the campaign. However, all in all, the campaign’s success can teach aspiring Insta marketers that if you want the attention of your real Instagram followers, it can be effective to create a campaign around a social issue. The stories that came in from mothers worldwide also emphasize the need for keeping campaigns organic.

6. Gillette (2019)

In January 2019, Gillette launched their #thebestamancanbe campaign and it was the men’s grooming brand’s way of responding to the ever-growing support for the feminist #metoo movement. The #metoo movement was instrumental in encouraging female voices around the globe to be heard, particularly regarding instances of abuse.

Gillette’s response centered around toxic masculinity. This was yet another example of how taking a stance on a prominent and pertinent social issue can promote a brand’s core values and ethics. The campaign had a great impact as it came from a brand whose products are all intended for use by men.

Even though the campaign received stinging criticism from those against the #metoo movement, overall, the campaign’s reception was favorable. The hashtag was used more than a million times within the 24 hours that followed its release.

Following the campaign, more and more marketers on Insta took to showcasing their opinions through their respective brands. While firm opinions regarding sensitive social issues may polarize audiences, it ultimately goes a long way in establishing a brand’s identity.

We’re slowly moving towards the end of 2020 and the campaigns that we’ve covered here have undoubtedly had big roles to play in the Insta campaigns that have made waves and turned heads this year. As we go into 2021, you can expect more brands and businesses, both big and small, to come up with more innovative ideas to engage with target audiences.

As we conclude this post, we have to say that never has Instagram been as potent as a marketing tool than it is today. As a marketer, you have to learn from the best in the business and your campaign on Insta will only be successful when you’re able to employ Insta’s in-built features and ideas from top brands together to create campaigns that will be memorable. We hope that you can learn a lot from the campaigns we’ve covered in this post and that you can take leaves out of their respective books to ensure growth for your brand and greater demand for its products.

Critical Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs on Instagram

Instagram, the Facebook-owned social media platform, is now home to more than 300 million active users, making it one of the focal points of digital marketing today. Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has only gotten bigger and bigger, and businesses of all sizes are now using the platform to share attractive visuals about their products and services with followers.

However, the marketing efforts put in by businesses and influencers on Instagram don’t always bear fruit, mostly owing to certain mistakes that can ultimately derail marketing strategies. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the critical marketing mistakes that you need to avoid on Instagram so that you can keep gaining more Instagram followers and make your marketing strategies successful in the long run. So, without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

1. Ignoring the bio

People who don’t know about you or your business will first head over to your Instagram bio to see what you’re all about. However, it would surprise you to know that a lot of businesses don’t take the time out to fill up their Insta bio sections with relevant, meaningful information.

While there are numerous ways in which you can craft your Instagram bio, the following steps are the most effective:

  • Keep your Insta bio crisp and concise. Include enough information to tell people what they need to know about your business but don’t fill it up with too many words, as people simply don’t have the patience to read up a full-blown biography.
  • Include emojis to give your Insta bio a colorful look. A bio devoid of colors can look boring and dull, while one that is colorful can immediately capture a user’s attention.
  • Include links to your business’ official website or relevant pages and include calls to action so that viewers feel encouraged to visit them to know more about your products and services. Apart from including links to your official website, you can also add additional links such as those that re-direct users to your YouTube channel, Facebook profile, etc.

2. Keeping business profiles private

Privacy is a key concern as far as personal Insta profiles are concerned, but the same doesn’t apply for business profiles. If your business profile is private, you are losing out on numerous potential followers, and Instagram likes, which is not really going to help your business expand its reach, right?

Instagram users can’t view pictures and stories uploaded by private profiles, which is why you need to ensure that your business profile is public. To do this, open your profile page and tap on the ‘Edit your profile’ button. Next, scroll down and ensure that the ‘Photos are private’ option is unchecked.

3. Not interacting with followers

The point of being active on any social media profile is to be social and the same goes for Instagram. If you are not interacting with your followers, it creates a bad impression in their minds, and they’ll be quick to unfollow you and look for an alternative.

Remember that every time a follower is taking his time out to leave a comment on one of your posts, it is a sign that he wants to engage with your brand. To help build a sense of faith and trust in the follower’s heart, you need to reply promptly and in a humble manner. Even if a comment is critical, be accepting of it and promise to improve in the future.

If a user wants to know more about a certain product and/or service that you’re offering, reply with in-depth information so that it clears any confusion or doubt. Not replying to your followers is often seen as disrespectful and uncaring, which are not characteristics that you’d want your followers to associate with your brand, right?

4. Not using hashtags

Old-schoolers may not be too comfortable when it comes to using hashtags, but the fact is that they matter a lot on Insta. After all, Instagram allows users to include up to 30 hashtags for each post and there’s a reason for that. Most Insta users, particularly those from the younger generations, use hashtags to search for relevant content. If you’re sharing posts from your Insta business profile without hashtags, your posts may be missing out on a lot of potential viewers.

The best way to know what hashtags to include for a specific post is to conduct some research regarding the hashtags that are trending in your business niche. The easiest way to do this is to look at popular competitors’ Insta pages and check out their hashtags. The more relevant hashtags you use for your target audience, the more chances your posts have of being discovered, liked, and shared.

5. Not posting high-resolution images

The image resolution is a matter of great importance on Instagram, particularly for business profiles. While you can get away with posting low-quality images on your personal profile, the results aren’t so forgiving as far as your business profile is concerned. If you’re the one capturing the photos to be uploaded on Insta, consider investing in a high-quality camera and also don’t be shy of using editing software to finetune the photographs before uploading them.

If you’re using a stock photo, ensure that you download a high-resolution version and again, experiment with editing software to make sure that the image leaves a good impression on the real Instagram followers. Instagram has several filters of its own for users to experiment with, so even if you’re not confident regarding editing software, apply Insta filters for some truly stunning results.

6. Not using Instagram Stories

To ensure that all your Insta followers are aware of your latest post, there’s no better feature on Insta than Instagram Stories. Each Instagram story lasts for 24 hours and it’s a great way for you to promote your latest post without spamming your followers. Not using this feature can make many of your posts go under the radar, particularly if you have followers who are also following a dozen or more other profiles.

Instagram also offers users numerous options to make their stories colorful and attractive, so use your imagination and creativity to make your story stand out and be sure to include a call to action to draw your followers’ attention to your recent post(s).

7. Being inconsistent with your posts

Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, every social media platform today rewards consistency with growth and punishes inconsistency by pushing visibility down. That’s why you must be consistent with your Instagram content posting. You can’t have an erratic posting schedule where you’re posting photos for five consecutive days and then not posting anything for two days.

To make your Instagram posting more consistent, you should have a strategy in place, and you should stick to it no matter what happens. For example, you could create a posting schedule where you’re uploading content every Monday and Wednesday. Once you create a posting schedule, you can also keep your followers informed about when to expect your next post. For example, you could include a line such as ‘New posts every Monday and Wednesday’ in every post’s caption.

You need to find your own balance between under posting and overposting, and unless you experiment with different posting schedules, you won’t be able to figure out what works best for you and your brand.

8. Uploading posts that look unprofessional

All human beings make mistakes, but when you make silly mistakes across your social media posts, it will automatically bring down your reputation in the minds of existing followers and turn off potential followers. All it takes to avoid grammatical mistakes and spelling errors is some proofreading. Thanks to software like Grammarly, you can verify your posts’ grammatical proficiency before you upload them and make changes if required.

If you’re unsure about the kind of captions to write for your Insta posts, you could also consider hiring a professional content developer. However, if you’re low on budget, it’s best to use the wide variety of free tools available online. Also, remember to steer clear of plagiarism.

9. Repetition leads to stagnancy

Naturally, you want your older posts to get as much attention as your newer posts. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll post the same thing over and over again, as this practice can feel like spamming to many of your followers. Instead of repeating the same posts, try and find innovative and more subtle ways of drawing attention to your older posts.

For example, you could add a link to your bio along with a call to action to encourage your followers to take a look at an older post. Repeating the same posts ultimately leads to stagnancy, as it gives off the impression that you don’t have anything new to share, which is why you’re resorting to posting older content.

By avoiding these marketing mistakes on Instagram, your business profile will carry much more weight, and more Insta users will feel compelled to follow you.

What You Should Know about Instagram’s Latest Feature: Instagram Reels

As a platform that’s popular among users, Instagram is constantly working on coming up with new features that can drive engagement on the platform. With more businesses using Instagram marketing today, it’s imperative to take advantage of Instagram’s latest features to boost business growth and gain more Instagram followers. Instagram Reels is the latest addition to the pool of features that Instagram offers and this guide will take you through all you need to know about this exciting feature.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels makes use of a content format through which you can make and share 15 second videos on a new dedicated feed as well as Explore tab. Reels is an attempt by Facebook to compete with TikTok’s popularity. This short video format is great especially to connect with Gen-Z.

Although initially launched in Brazil in 2019, Instagram Reels is now available in more than 50 other countries on iOS and Android. Here, users can record up to 15 seconds multi-clips using a variety of creative features that will make content more engaging and increase the possibility of getting more Instagram likes.

Just as TikTok has a “For You” page, Instagram Reels has a dedicated feed at the top of the Explore tab. When you tap on the first Reel, you’ll be able to see other Reels from trending Instagram accounts.

The primary objective of both Instagram Reels and TikTok videos are the same: to create short, engaging content that will engage users. The two differ on some aspects though, which are as follows:

  • Reels is a new feature within Instagram while TikTok is a platform.
  • In Instagram Reels, users can create 15 second videos only but on TikTok, the limit is 1 minute.
  • Any Instagram Reels shared to Instagram Stories will disappear in 24 hours but TikTok videos remain on the platform.
  • Instagram Reels doesn’t currently support duet & local file upload but on TikTok, users can duet and upload content on the app.

Why should your business use Instagram Reels?

Instagram’s latest Reels feature, inspired by Tiktok’s popularity, is worth using if you want to boost business growth and gain more real Instagram followers. Instagram Reels have several editing tools that can help you create engaging content for your Instagram followers. Reels also have a dedicated landing spot on the Explore tab that can help you reach a wider audience. You can also share Reels to your Stories or post it in your feed. Because of the dedicated space they appear on within the Instagram platform, you’ll have access to a lot more people and can get more Instagram likes and improve the visibility of your brand.

You’ll also get attributed for any original audio recorded and video customisation will be possible using music without any copyright restrictions. Videos tend to engage Instagram followers a lot more than other types of content and can be effectively used to communicate any message that will further increase brand popularity.

How can you make use of Instagram Reels?

Knowing what Instagram Reels is isn’t enough. You need to know how to be able to use it. Read ahead to find out how you can create and share Reels and how Reels can be applied for business purposes.

Logging in to Reels

To log in to Reels, open Instagram Stories and choose Reels. This is where you’ll have to work to create a Reel.

Creating Instagram Reels

You can either create a Reel by pressing and holding the camera record button or uploading a video from your camera roll and editing it. You can either record a series of clips 1 at a time or all at once.

  • Tap the Reels button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Make use of the tools provided to create your footage. The following tools can be used:
    • Audio – you can add audio from your library or record your own, in which case, others will be able to “Use audio” from your Reel if you have a public account.
    • Speed – you can either speed up your video or slow it down to create the effect of your choice.
    • Effects – special effects can be added from the range of options provided.
    • Timer – you can establish a timer so that your video may be recorded hands free. A 3-2-1 countdown will occur before your video is recorded for the time period you’ve selected.
    • Align – this will help you line up content from different clips to create seamless changes that are helpful when you want to record outfit changes or change the music used.

Once you’ve recorded your content, you can add drawings, stickers, and text to make edits to your Reel.

Sharing Instagram Reels

Sharing your Reels with your real Instagram followers is necessary for you to have a wide reach. Once you’ve created your Reel, you’ll see the Share page where you can add a video thumbnail to your Reel and write a caption.

With a public account, you’ll be able to share the Reel to the dedicated spot in the Explore tab where you can reach more Instagram followers and get more Instagram likes. You can also post it to your Feed. A Reel that has a specific song, hashtag, or special effect can also be viewed by Instagram followers who click on that particular song, hashtag, or special effect.

Private account holders can share Reels to their feed without anyone else being able to access their Reels or use original audio, unless they’re Instagram followers. As a business, your profile will be public so you’ll be able to share Reels that can reach a much wider audience.

You can even share Reels to your Instagram Story but they’ll disappear in 24 hours.

Just like IGTV, there’s a separate Reels tab on your profile where your real Instagram followers will be able to find the Reels you’ve posted.

Watching Instagram Reels

There are different ways that Reels can be found and watched. Reels can be seen on your Instagram followers’ feed or the Explore tab. Some Reels on the Explore tab that have the featured label are those that have been chosen by Instagram. Reels can also be found by searching for specific audio or hashtags on the Instagram platform.

You’ll be able to see comments, Instagram likes and mentions on your Reels as well as get notified if your Reel is selected as a featured Reel by Instagram for the Explore tab.

Applying Instagram Reels for business purposes

Businesses can benefit from using Instagram Reels through several ways:

Reuse old TikTok videos

If you’ve posted content to TikTok, reuse those videos on your Instagram Reels. This will enable you to reach out to an audience on a different social media platform and make it possible for you to engage the platform’s users with your content.

Flaunt products

Users love video content and videos can do a better job of showcasing your products. The fact that Instagram Reels appear on the Explore tab means that a lot more people will be able to view them even if they aren’t your current Instagram followers. This is a massive opportunity for you to wow your viewers by flaunting your products and their uses. If you run an apparel company, for example, you can create seamless transitions between different outfits and give your viewers an idea of just how good your products look when put on. This can create a more lasting impression on your viewers and get them excited about your brand.

Announce sales

Have a special offer or upcoming sales plan that you want to announce? Why not do it through Instagram Reels. You can give your Instagram followers all the information they need in a short 15 seconds video. Tell them what the offer is and how they can benefit from it or what they can do to take advantage of your next sales.

Post educational content

Content that educates your viewers about your brand and several related topics within the field is a great way to engage your audience more. Viewers are more likely to retain the information you put across through such videos because they’re visually appealing and short which means they’re not mentally taxing to sit through.

Share behind the scenes footage

Instagram Reels can be a great way for you to share behind the scenes footage so that your Instagram followers get to know you better. Consumers today are looking for brands that they can connect with on a more personal level. Sharing behind the scenes footage will help you showcase your brand’s personality and create that personal connect with your viewers. You need to come across as an authentic voice for consumers to trust you and develop loyalty towards your brand. Through Instagram Reels, you can share the process of procuring raw materials or manufacturing your product. You can even depict a regular day at the workplace, highlight employee stories, or even communicate your brand story.


If you want to boost business growth through Instagram marketing, taking advantage of the new Reels feature can be a great way to help you achieve your goals. Just remember to keep it authentic and focus on creating quality content that your Instagram followers can connect with.

How To Set Up An Instagram Business Account Optimally

Until 2016 came around, Instagram was considered a fun social media platform for individuals, but as far as businesses were concerned, the platform didn’t have much use. However, the addition of business profiles to the platform in 2016 proved to be a game-changing decision. Fast forward to 2020, and in the US alone, over 75% of businesses of all scales and sizes have set up business accounts on Instagram and are reaping the rewards of a platform that’s getting bigger with each passing day.

What’s more? Instagram’s business accounts feature is not just meant for conventional businesses. Some of the biggest social media influencers, with hundreds and thousands of Instagram followers, have been blessed with its benefits as well, and you too stand to gain a lot if you make the right moves. In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of how you can set up your very own Insta business account and what you can do to optimize it in a step-by-step manner.

Step 1: The profile picture

Instagram is a photo and video-based platform, which is why the profile picture is the most important element of your business account. While companies generally go with their official logos, influencers tend to choose their photos as their profile pictures; photos that people see and come to know immediately what they’re all about.

For example, if you’re a photographer, you should include a smart picture of yourself holding your camera. If you’re a musician, a picture of yourself with the musical instrument you play would be ideal.

Remember to choose a high-quality photo as your profile picture. There shouldn’t be any pixelation in the picture, and it should look good across all devices. Uploading a larger picture is recommended, as Instagram offers bigger dimensions across desktops. If someone views your Insta business account from a mobile device, the platform will automatically resize the picture and bring it down to 110 x 100 pixels.

Apart from your Insta business account, you should try and use the same profile picture across all your social media profiles, because it manages to establish a certain degree of consistency.

Step 2: The bio

If you’re looking at Instagram as a business platform, you need to pay attention to the bio and create one that manages to tell viewers all about who you are and what you do without over-elaborating.

It all starts with your name, and keep in mind that your name and your username are two separate entities. When you’re setting up your Insta business account, choose the name that you want people to use to search for you. You could also add certain things, such as your location to your name. To add a dash of color to proceedings, separate your name from your location by using an emoji. Adding details like location to your name can work wonders, particularly if you’re trying to reach out to an audience based in a specific location. Including a keyword specific to your target audience is also a great idea when you’re setting up your profile, as it improves Instagram searchability.

Next up, head to the ‘bio’ section, which you should use to tell your audience about all your skills. Instead of writing elaborate sentences, just use the words that describe your skills the best. Apart from your skills, you could also include your hobbies, which would help in showing off both your personal and professional side.

The best way to incorporate both your skills and hobbies in the bio is through the use of targeted keywords. To determine the right keywords for your Insta business profile, you should think about your target audience and the keywords they would probably use to search for what you have to offer.

However, you need to remember that using keywords in the ‘bio’ section won’t make any difference to your Instagram searchability; their sole purpose is to help you earn real Instagram followers who are genuinely interested in the content you’re putting out.

Finish creating your bio by entering the link to your website or blog in the ‘website’ section and don’t forget to share your email ID as well. If there’s too much engagement with your Instagram profile, it can be hard for you to keep up with all the direct messages, in which case your email ID will come in handy.

Step 3: Creativity

Despite the fact that Instagram has become one of the world’s biggest social media platforms and ranks among the most potent marketing platforms, it’s still very much light-hearted at its core. Its casual and colorful vibes give you the freedom to get as creative as you want when you’re setting up your business account.

Apart from using emojis in the ‘Name’ field, as mentioned in the previous step, you can use them in the ‘Bio’ section as well. Some tools allow users to use special fonts on Instagram as well, and even though the trend of using special fonts isn’t as big as it once was, it’s still something you could try to spice up your profile.

Remember also to create a branded hashtag that you’ll use consistently across all your posts on Instagram. Hashtags have become key brand identity elements, especially on Instagram and a memorable hashtag won’t just make your brand stand out from the competition, but also encourage your followers to use it.

Coming up with a creative call-to-action (CTA) is imperative as well, as it will encourage more viewers across Instagram to engage with your profile and the content that you share. With a quality CTA that manages to persuade people to interact with your Insta profile, you can expect more Instagram likes across all your posts on the platform.

With an optimally set up business account on Instagram, you can go places. However, simply setting up a great business account isn’t enough. You have to complement your well-crafted account with certain practices that we’ll cover in the next section.

Practices to turn your business account into something big

  • Create a content posting plan and stick to it: Content is what will ultimately determine the fate of your Instagram business account, and you must post content that’s relevant for your target audience from day one.

    To ensure that what you post gets as much attention from your followers as possible, you should take the time of posting seriously. Thanks to Instagram Insights, an in-built analytics tool, you can understand exactly when your followers are online and most active on the platform. Use this information to post your content at fixed times, and you’ll be sure to experience a significant improvement in user engagement.

    Once your business account earns a decent following, you should draft a content posting plan that you’ll stick to. As part of the plan, you can decide on what content you’re going to post in advance so that nothing’s left until the last minute.

  • Be visually consistent: We talked about your business account’s profile picture at great length before and why it’s important to choose one that helps connect your target audience to your brand. The same goes for the overall visual look and feel of your Insta business profile, and it’s up to you to create visual consistency through your posts.

    Even if two posts contain radically different imagery, you can still incorporate an element that connects the two in terms of look and feel. You need to look no further than photo filters to make your work easier. Numerous Instagram influencers have created their signature styles simply based on the filters they’ve used to spice up the images they’ve posted.

    To create your unique style, you should experiment as much as you can with Instagram’s built-in filters and decide on two or three filters that you are going to use consistently across all your posts. You could also go beyond Instagram and try your hand at editing your photos and videos with dedicated editing software.

  • Use the Instagram Stories feature to your advantage: Every day, the Instagram Stories feature experiences more than 400 million users, and among them, many use the feature to promote themselves along with their skills/products/services.

    As the Instagram Stories feature can be used to post content that automatically disappears from your followers’ feeds after 24 hours, it is the ultimate way for up and coming brands to take creative risks by posting photos and videos that are colorful, vibrant, and most importantly, attention-grabbing.

    The feature is a world of its own, and once you’ve successfully uploaded your first Instagram story, make it a point to post stories regularly. The aim of posting stories every day is to get your followers into the groove of viewing them. If your content manages to capture the attention of viewers, you can expect your stories to contribute immensely to the growth of your Insta business profile.

    So, if you’re an avid Instagram user, why not consider turning your use of the platform into something more productive by setting up a business account?

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