Give Your Instagram Photos an Edge with these Photo Editing Apps

Instagram is a visual platform, so it comes as no surprise that photographers all over the world make use of it to share their photos of high quality. If you want to experience business growth and see a rise in the number of Instagram followers you have, editing your photos is a crucial aspect of the Instagram marketing process you simply can’t miss out on.

Instagram has a basic photo editor for users, but if you really want your pictures to stand out, making use of some popular photo editing apps can help give your photos an edge over the competition, allowing you to get more Instagram likes and thereby attract more real Instagram followers.

With the help of a photo editing app, you can resize your photos to meet Instagram’s square specifications without compromising on the quality of the photo. You can even adjust design and display elements, create flipbooks and infographics, add text captions, as well as overlays. Effects including changing of hue, saturation, colour, and so much more can be added with the right photo editing app to help set your pictures apart from the rest.

Here are some photo editing apps you can benefit from using as part of your Instagram marketing strategy.


This free app is available for iOS and Android users. Using Snapseed, you can enrich the colors in your photo, double up on the attractive factor on your selfies, and even smoothly get rid of people in the background of your pictures. It’s super easy to use, so even if you’re not a pro at editing, you won’t have a difficult time with it. You can add filters and special effects to your photos, as well as make use of white balance, tonal contrast, and lens blur to make the pictures stand out. If you’re a pro at photo editing, you’ll really enjoy using the HDR Scape, Perspective tools, and Double Exposure features to give your photos a professional look that can help you gain more real Instagram followers who are interested in your content.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC, the free photo editing app available on iOS and Android is one of the best photo editing apps created. With it, you can take pictures or record videos, and you also get to make use of its HDR mode, which extends the exposure scope of your pictures automatically. You can make use of its editing tools like tone curve with which you can adjust color, contrast, and exposure. You can also run a bulk edit of your photos by copying the same editing across several photos to give them a consistent style. You can even edit just a portion of the picture to try it out. It has a Premium feature known as Adobe Sensei, which can auto-tag your photos by making use of artificial intelligence.


Also available on iOS and Android, VSCO is a free app that’ll give you full control over your photo editing. You can take your photos with your phone’s front or rear camera with VSCO and make use of its advanced camera features while adjusting white balance, exposure, and other aspects of your photo. You can even edit photos on your desktop and receive the same results on your phone. With VSCO installed on your smartphone, you’ll also be part of a larger creative community of photographers that you can connect with to learn more about improving your photography skills.


With Afterlight, you can add beautiful filters to your photos and make your Instagram followers want to see more of your content. Although the app is freely available on Android and iOS, it does include some in-app purchases, but the good news is – they’re well worth it. The Instant Film Pack or the Wander Pack available through Afterlight costs just $0.99. on the free version of the app. With this, you’ll have access to numerous filters,, as well as textures that you can apply to your photos with the ease of a tap. Afterlight offers users the option of 15 free cropping pre-sets that can allow you to create photos to match the aspect ratio of photos on Instagram easily.


As the top paid app in 121 countries, Enlight has a lot to offer. You can be sure to get more Instagram likes on your photos by making use of the features of this app. It is priced at $2.99 and is available on iOS. With Enlight, you can create breath-taking black and white photos, create collages, and give your pictures an artistic touch. The built-in masking feature for each tool the app offers makes sure that the editing blends into your photos seamlessly. Once you’re done editing your photos, you can share them directly to your Instagram account and impress your Instagram followers.


If you want to post a great selfie or portrait, you’re going to have to put in a little more effort than just posing for a photo. Using Facetune can help you produce selfies and portraits that are sure to draw attention to your account. Available on Android and iOS, Facetune is priced between $3.99 and $4.59. You can work on editing various details of a face using Facetune, make use of its customizable filters, change colors, and remove any perceived imperfections from the photo. If you want, you can change your hairstyle, make your smile wider, or even accentuate your eyes to create a photo you’ll be happy to post for your Instagram followers.


The free app, PicStitch is available on Android and iOS and allows users to put photos together with more than 300 options for layouts. With PicStitch, you can perform several editing tasks, including the application of photo effects, mirror effects, or rotation of images. You can combine numerous photos into framed photos without spending too much time on it and export these photos in 15 aspect ratios. Although the basic version of PicStitch is available for free, you will need to make in-app purchases to be able to use all the features of the app.


The last thing you want is for your photo to be ruined with the wrong type of text. Text and photo combinations can be tricky, but with an app like Typic, you can easily add text to your photos to grab the attention of your Instagram followers. The app is available on iOS and costs $3.99. It offers 165 fonts, more than 500 design elements, and almost 100 filters so that you can create a mind-blowing post for your Instagram account. Using Typic, you can manually adjust RGB colors on your photos and export them in any of these formats: square, landscape, or portrait.


With this free app that’s available on Android and iOS, you can create portraits that your Instagram followers are sure to call flawless. There are over 200 pre-set styles that you can apply to a photo, along with available color options to help you to achieve high aesthetic standards. The app offers shadow, lipstick, and teeth whitening features, among many others, that can help you achieve the perfect look. While numerous features of the app are free to use, there are some features that need to be purchased if you want to make use of them within the app.


BLACK is a photo editing app freely available on iOS that will give your Instagram followers a blast from the past by helping you create black and white photos. With filters like AGFA apx 400 or Kodak TRI-x 400 available through the BLACK app, you can create stunning photos and post them to your Instagram account. Using the fade, curves, or vignette features of the app, you can achieve the look you want and create posts that will make your Instagram followers think that you used a professional camera.


Priced between $1.53 and $1.99, SKRWT is a lens and perspective correction app that is available for iOS and Android users. While it doesn’t allow you to take photos using the app or offer any other photo editing features, you can correct any lens imperfection for your photos easily. The app works best when used to enhance the photos taken using GoPro cameras and wide-angle lenses that usually curve the objects displayed in a photo. There are some extensions offered on the SKRWT app that help to provide more photo editing capabilities, but these need to be bought for $0.99.


Mextures is a great app for editing your Instagram photos, and it’s available for iOS users at $1.99. Using Mextures, you can choose from more than 150 textures, make your own filters, and select from almost 30 photo editing pre-sets. You can add several filters and effects to your photos since the app permits the use of infinite layers to create the photo that you want. You won’t have to struggle with it – this easy to use app is great even for beginners to create quality posts on Instagram.

With all these options, you may be wondering which one you should choose for your business. The choice of which app to use depends on your budget considerations, compatibility of apps with your device, ease of use, and most importantly, the type of editing you want to do using the app. Trying out different apps is a great way to get a feel of what works well for you so that you can make a decision and start boosting your business’ growth with photos that stand out.

Instagram DM and How it Can Help Your Business

Getting real Instagram followers isn’t an easy task for a business. If you want a loyal base of Instagram followers who can give you more Instagram likes on your posts and increase engagement rates, you have to utilize various features of the platform in the best manner possible. Instagram DM is one such feature you should be making use of. While Direct Messages (DM) may seem simple and straightforward, they make it possible to reach out to a much larger audience and engage with them in a more targeted way.

If you use Instagram as part of your social media marketing strategy and are looking to experience business growth, making use of Instagram Direct Messages is a great step to take. Here’s your guide to using Instagram DM to grow your business.

What can be sent/received via Instagram DM?

Through Instagram DM, you can send as well as receive:

  • Messages – individually or to as many as 15 people in a thread
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Voice messages
  • Video calls
  • Create or be in a group chat

How can you use Instagram DM for your business?

To reward top Instagram followers

If you’ve managed to gain some real Instagram followers, you’ll realize how valuable they are to your business. They help to drive up engagement rates for your brand’s account by constantly engaging with your content. They also contribute to more Instagram likes on your posts, regularly share your posts, and also offer support/feedback in the form of comments on your posts. They’re likely to be the ones helping to spread the word regarding your company by advocating for your brand. Instagram DM can be a great way of getting in touch with them and letting them know how much you appreciate their support. Through Instagram DM, you can send photos, coupons, promo codes, or even request for their mailing address that you can send their coupons to.

While you’re at it, though, make sure you remember to send links separately for users to easily access the link since you won’t be able to embed any clickable link into your Instagram DM.

To get in touch with influencers from the industry

Influencer marketing is a great way for you to promote the growth of your brand. An influencer promoting, featuring, or reviewing your brand’s products can help to boost your sales and increase brand awareness. Influencers, however, may be difficult to get in touch with via Instagram DM since many people may be reaching out to them through DMs. You need to set yourself apart from the rest by offering them some value. Try to establish a connection by giving them a reason to want to collaborate with you. Get familiar with their accounts as well as the type of content they usually post – both on Instagram and their other social media platforms. Once you understand their interests, values, and writing style, you can pitch something that’s in line with what they resonate with. This way, you’ll also be in their good books by showing them that you value them enough to do your homework before approaching them. Getting them interested in collaborating with you can help you reach out to the large number of Instagram followers they have.

To give exclusive updates

Behind the scenes, footage can help personalize the experience for your Instagram followers and make them connect with your brand at a more personal level because they feel special. Instagram DM can help you do the same. If you plan to launch a new product/service, you can use Instagram DM to let a select group of your Instagram followers know about it. They can get an exclusive look at what’s in store and can even benefit from early offers. If you’re doing this though, you’ll want to give them clarity on what can be shared, especially when it comes to promo codes or passwords. Using Instagram DM to give exclusive updates can be a show of appreciation for your Instagram followers, which encourages them to continue supporting your brand.

To run competitions

There are many creative ways that you can use Instagram DM to run competitions and boost engagement:

  • Post a photo describing the competition and mention code. Give a coupon/discount/prize to the 15 people who DM you first, mentioning the code.
  • Send a coupon code/details on entering a drawing via DM to the 15 people who first comment on a photo you post.
  • Request that participants send you a DM with reasons for why they should win along with a picture or video that can be posted by you later.

To generate leads

There’s so much happening on Instagram all the time. How can you make the best use of the platform to generate leads for your business? Well, Instagram DM can help you there, but you need to do your research well first. Search through hashtags, trends, and location tags to identify people who could be potentially interested in your business. They can be interested in a similar area that you work in or may even be facing an issue that you can help offer a solution for. Getting in touch with them via Instagram DM with relevant information can help to create a personal experience and generate leads to promote your business growth.

To make use of user generated content

Happy customers may use Instagram to post reviews of your products. Their review is worth much more to your business than any claim you make about your product simply because other potential buyers are likely to trust them more since they don’t have any motive to promote your products. In these situations, you can reach out to such customers using Instagram DM and ask for their permission to be able to use their comment/photo in the form of testimonials or case studies for commercial purposes of your business. They’re easy and quick, without adding to an additional step over email, such as opening a link or downloading an attachment of the post in question.

To request reviews of your products/services

If you come across an Instagram follower or user who has posted something positive about your products or services on the platform, you can always get in touch with them via Instagram DM by linking your page on the review site and requesting them to leave a review there.

Ultimately, regardless of what you use Instagram DM for, the aim is to nurture long lasting relationships with your Instagram followers and provide better customer care that can lead to higher sales conversions in the future and promote business growth.

Tips when using Instagram DM for your business

Tips when using Instagram DM for your business

Keep your notifications on

If you want to connect at a more personal level with your Instagram followers, it’s important that you’re accessible to them and present in the chat. Reply promptly and maintain consistency in order to drive engagement and nurture long-lasting relationships.

Avoid group messaging

The whole point of using Instagram DM for your business is to establish a more personal connect with your Instagram followers. The purpose is defeated if you send out the same message to a group as people aren’t likely to feel valued. Group messages also make it possible for people to see each other’s responses and this may prevent individuals from freely expressing themselves, especially if they don’t know the others in the group.

Autoresponders are a bad idea

While Instagram does allow you to set up autoresponders so that you can thank new Instagram followers and welcome them, using them is a bad idea as they lack the personal touch of a genuine message.

Make a personal connect

Although this seems obvious, it’s important to remember that just contacting someone via Instagram DM doesn’t mean it’s personal. Get to know your recipient before you DM them. It can help you reach out to them in a way that’ll sustain their attention and result in a fruitful connection.

Show some consideration

Reach out only when it’s absolutely essential. You don’t want to end up just crowding up your recipient’s inbox with your DM.

Selling is overkill

People may like to buy new products but that doesn’t mean they enjoy being sold things. Pitch your products only if you’re specifically asked to do so. Otherwise, stick to emphasizing how both parties can benefit and how you’ve reached out because you value the recipient’s opinion, knowledge, feedback, or support.

Don’t cold message

While Instagram DM can be used to reach out to anyone, it’s best to stick to people you’ve already had an encounter with, or those who are engaging with your content on Instagram or on other social media platforms. By doing this, you’re raising the likelihood of your message being received more warmly.

The seemingly simple Instagram DM can be used to do a lot more than just send a message. It can serve as a means for you to connect with new Instagram followers, maintain relations with old ones, as well as deepen connections to help you grow your business. It’s up to you to decide how you want to use it – just be sure to bear in mind the tips mentioned above.

Instagram Growth Tools To Use In 2020

Did you know that every day over 200 million Instagram users visit a business profile in search of product/service related information? This indicates the huge potential for business growth and revenue generation.

But the fact is, business growth is possible only when companies take mindful decisions to leverage such a favorable situation.

Luckily for us, there are tools available that help companies grow their visibility and reach. Using these tools, brands can effectively monitor their Instagram campaigns and make the right decisions that ensure conversions and profits.

The top 8 Instagram growth tools to use for your campaigns

Instagram growth tools are designed to help brands implement Instagram marketing strategies the right way and secure engagement, leads, and conversions. Here, we give you the list of the eight best tools every marketer needs to use to ensure a successful Instagram campaign:

1. Mr. Insta

Brands that have a large number of buyers and social media accounts that have a large number of followers are found appealing by the masses. The belief behind this is simple – “If so many people like it, it must be good.”

That’s why one of the keys to growing on Instagram is to build your follower base. But it can take a really long time to organically generate an audience and followership—time which brands don’t have given the intense competition.

This is where Mr. Insta comes in. This is a social media growth tool that delivers highly-targeted free Instagram followers to brands of all sizes and from across industries. Once you register with them, Mr. Insta will give you a steady list of qualified and genuine followers who are the most relevant to your brand. A list of followers is shared every day for the duration of your plan. In fact, Mr. Insta sends a higher number of followers than paid for to its clients, to ensure that the promised number of followers are delivered to you, even if potential unfollows happen. The tool has a massive Instagram profile base, and it filters out relevant profiles based on their interests, Instagram posting preferences, and past buying experiences on the platform.

Not just followers, you can also purchase Instagram likes from Mr. Insta. The tool has both free and paid packages; plus, they have premium services that deliver subscribers, likes, comments, and more for other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, and more.

2. Hashtagsforlikes

It’s been found that using 1 hashtag in a post will increase the number of likes a post receives by 70%. So, it’s safe to say that hashtags are really important on Instagram. But, how do we know if the hashtag we plan to use is the right one? After all, hundreds of hashtags trend each day. The tag will be effective only if it is relevant to the audience, and it’s been used the right way.

This is where Hashtagsforlikes comes in. It is a hashtag tracker, and it tracks each hashtag to determine its usage rate on Instagram. The trending hashtags, relevant to the user’s industry, are then shared, and companies can use this information to create posts that will have the widest reach, visibility, and engagement.

The biggest benefit of Hashtagsforlikes is that it updates its list of trending hashtags every time a new tag trends. So, you’ll receive suggestions that are up-to-date. You also benefit from analytics reports that tell you which tag is trending in which geography, allowing you to customize your Instagram marketing campaigns accordingly.

3. Shorby

Great backlinks help educate and entertain your audience. They speak of your subject matter authority over your industry. This is why you need to include premium-quality links in your Instagram posts.

Shorby is the go-to tool in this instance. It is a link generation tool that allows users to create clickable Instagram links and messages which can be sent to users. This is a great tool, since it helps you sidestep Instagram’s limiting rule of 1 link per Bio.

Once you create your Shorby account, you can create unique links for each of your blogs, web pages, messengers, social profiles, and more. This link can be pasted on your Instagram bio. When a follower clicks on the link, they will be re-directed to your Shorby account, where the relevant post will appear in a list of all your posts that have a Shorby link. So, by using one link, you can showcase your entire content repository within seconds. Visitors can navigate to your other pages/platforms using these links.

4. Easil

Did you know that Instagram stories have an 85% completion rate? This means, 85% of all brand stories posted on Instagram are watched fully, start-to-finish by viewers. This speaks volumes about the importance of stories to a company’s Instagram campaigns.

Easil is a video creation tool that specializes in the creation of Instagram stories and IGTV videos. The tool comes loaded with thousands of single image and multi-image templates for Instagram brand stories. The tool also has a built-in editor which you can use to load and edit images and videos stored in your device.

Easil also has a dedicated text effects feature which you can use to type text and design it to suit your story’s needs. Each set of templates is industry-tailored and you can find templates for numerous industries.

The best feature of the tool is team sharing. Now you can collaborate with your design team to develop engaging Instagram stories for your marketing campaigns. Easil also facilitates the creation of brand kits and style guides.

5. Google Forms

Customer feedback is incredibly important in ensuring brand growth. When you seek audience feedback, you gain clarity about the effectiveness of your Instagram campaigns. You can use this information to make the necessary changes to your campaign and make the prospect’s journey more enjoyable.

There’s no better tool to help you in your journey to seek feedback, than Google Forms. Capable of supporting an unlimited number of surveys and an unlimited number of respondents, Google Forms will not only collate data, but will map the data onto a survey sheet and analyze the results for you. Backed by Google’s state-of-the-art research analytics tools, Google Forms will give you in-depth insights about the brand perceptions, needs and preferences of your Instagram followers.

You can customize each form with your company’s logo and add images and videos for greater effect. The tool allows you to insert & share the survey link across platforms.

But, the best thing about this tool is that it offers all these features completely free-of-charge.

Mr.Insta Free Instagram Followers

6. Crowdfire

Consistency is an admirable quality. Especially so for brands posting on social media.

For example, imagine you post every Friday at 8 PM GMT. You do so for months. Your viewers and followers expect the content from you at that time. They may even wait for your content each week. Imagine if you one day stop posting like usual. You publish your content on a random day and at random times. This can be irritating to your audience and soon, you may find yourself losing followers.

This is where a tool like Crowdfire helps.

Crowdfire is a social media scheduling tool that helps you plan the posting calendar and automate the publishing of your posts. You can either directly share content from your other websites/platforms or use the content discovery tool on Crowdfire.

The tool is very helpful in customizing posts for different social media platforms. So if you see a Facebook/LinkedIn post that you’d love to share on Instagram, Crowdfire can help you customize the post.

Crowdfire comes built with an analytics tool that helps you track the performance of each published post.

7. Social Blade

Almost 90% of marketers confirm that influencer marketing generates the highest level of ROI compared to other marketing channels. And Instagram happens to be the number 1 choice of platform for influencers. In fact, most of the branded content consumed on Instagram today is created by influencers.

One way to increase your followership and grow your business on Instagram is to partner with influencers. Social Blade is a tool that is immensely helpful in bringing together brands with influencers who are most relevant to them.

Social Blade is a massive repository of influencers and reputed content creators from across the world. Once you log onto the Social Blade website, you can see the Top 50 and Top 100 content creators by platform, country, industry, genre, uploads, views, shares/streams, etc. This way, you can find and select the influencer who is most suited to your brand’s requirements.

Once you partner with the influencers of your choice, you can easily communicate with them through the tool, share project details, collaborate on post creation, and track the engagement received by post on publication.

8. Keyhole

Just implementing the Instagram campaign isn’t sufficient to ensure business growth. True growth comes when you review the performance of these campaigns, identify the problems, and make the required improvements. This is where a tool like Keyhole comes in.

Keyhole is an Instagram analytics & reporting tool that provides comprehensive insights about the performance of the brand’s various Instagram campaigns – this includes influencer campaigns and hashtag campaigns. The tool helps you measure every aspect of engagement – views, likes, comments, shares/streams, follows, and unfollows. You can get insights both for your regular Instagram posts, as well as your stories.

Keyhole has a built-in dashboard that is plugged-into platform APIs and this provides real-time insights about your Instagram posts. This helps you course-correct on-the-go. The tool provides highly-detailed and automated reports that can be shared in PDF format.

Keyhole allows you to fill-in 5 years’ worth of metrics in its database. You can use this to calculate the performance and ROI of long-term Instagram campaigns.

Wrapping up

Instagram growth tools can increase the reach and effectiveness of your campaigns. Use the above tools and pave the way to roaring Instagram marketing success.

All You Need to Know about Instagram Monetization

Ever since it launched in 2010, Instagram has undergone several changes and has added many new features that have resulted in the growth of the platform. Businesses have started to use it as a marketing platform and have even started to earn from it. There are plenty of ways that you can monetize your brand’s Instagram account and benefit from it, but it’s not going to be a piece of cake. With Instagram’s growing popularity, a lot of brands are looking to cash in, so there’s already competition on the platform. In order to benefit from monetization, you’re going to have to grow the number of Instagram followers you have so that you can get more Instagram likes, attract more real Instagram followers, and make money using the platform. Apart from that, you’ll also need to have a solid monetization strategy for your business so that you can benefit.

First things first: Instagram followers

Hitting the 10,000 mark for Instagram followers is a good idea before you start with the monetization of your Instagram account. While the number of Instagram followers is definitely essential, engagement rate is the true driving force of your account popularity. When you have more engaged Instagram followers, your feed is going to be worth a lot more.

With 10,000 Instagram followers, you’ll be able to:

  • Reach many more people and sell to them
  • Benefit from greater ROI
  • Receive feedback from your real Instagram followers about products/services you should showcase
  • Utilize functions such as link sharing in Stories – a feature that isn’t available for accounts with less than 10,000 Instagram followers

If you’re already at the 10,000 Instagram followers mark, get ready to start monetizing. Still, if you aren’t, you’ll be better off growing your following and building your brand so that it’s easier for you to monetize your Instagram.

Here are some quick pointers as to how you can build a following that’s worth monetizing.

Build a following that’s worth monetizing

  • Fill out your profile fully and professionally
  • Focus on a niche
  • Post consistently
  • Post high-quality videos
  • Get people to engage with your content
  • Watermark your content
  • Use the right hashtags
  • Cross-promote on your other social media platforms
  • Tag other accounts

While Instagram’s algorithm works on your posts by monitoring interest, frequency/timeliness of posts, usage, following, and relationship with your Instagram followers, engagement is the biggest contributor that can help you to see a growth in your follower count organically by making your content optimized for search engines. So, work on growing your following if you haven’t already, and once you have, you can monetize your Instagram for your business by using some of the methods described below.

Methods for Instagram monetization

Monetization Platforms on Instagram & Instagram Shopping

On Instagram, you don’t have the option of adding links to captions on your feed posts and have to manually change the link in the bio each time you put up a post. This can work well for current posts but think about it. What are your Instagram followers supposed to do if they’re looking for content that was featured in an old post? Where do they go to find the link?

Monetization platforms such as Like2Buy and Have2Have.It help to solve this problem. With these, a special link is generated that maintains a shoppable model of your feed posts so that users can easily browse the products in your posts. You can use such platforms to link to content as well as landing pages. In this way, your Instagram followers will be able to shop easily on your profile and growth in conversions means you end up making more money.

With Instagram Shopping made possible through feed posts, carousel posts, and Stories, you can create a virtual shopfront for your audience, drive higher engagement rates, and ease the shopping experience for your Instagram followers. Product tags, shoppable stories, shopping in the explore tab, as well as setting up an Instagram Shop tab can help you to earn more money when you use the platform for your marketing efforts.

In order to utilize this for the growth of your business, keep a close watch on your profile, and pay attention to what your Instagram followers want. Optimize your posts and include CTAs that can direct your followers to what they’re looking for.

Instagram ads

With Instagram ads, you can easily make money from your target audience by reaching relevant groups in terms of demographic details, habits, and more. Instagram ads can help you direct your Instagram followers to where you want, including:

Landing pages

These work best when used for product launches or when customers need more details before they decide to buy your product. Detailing the benefits of using your product and getting email addresses through forms can help you with email marketing campaigns later.


Ads can be a great way to give audiences a preview of what’s in store and get them excited about it.


You can also use Instagram ads to directly send your Instagram followers to your product page through targeted marketing efforts.

Before making use of Instagram ads, here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure you’re clear about your goals
  • Don’t make it too promotional
  • Choose the right format for your ad – photo/video / carousel, depending on what will work best with your brand
  • Make sure the imagery is excellent
  • Make sure the image & caption are clear
  • Carefully select your target audience
  • Test your Instagram ads through many variations so that you know what works best with your Instagram followers
  • Track your ROI

If you do it right, the amount you’ll be spending on Instagram ads will be nothing compared to how much money you can make from them.

  • Contests & promotions
  • Hashtag contests

With contests such a hashtag contests, your brand will benefit from a growth in engagement rates as well as follower count and greater product sales. Winners of such contests can become brand advocates and even secondary winners can contribute to a greater number of conversions, helping you make more money. You also benefit from lots of user-generated content.

To do this right, select a unique hashtag, work on extending your reach by requiring your Instagram followers to tag others. Give relevant prizes away to winners, but try to ensure that everyone who participates benefits in some way – either via a sticker/discount code.

Methods for Instagram monetization

Coupons / discounts

Offering your Instagram followers discounts or coupons can give them a little extra nudge needed to buy your brand’s products. To do this,

  • You can come up with a discount code to feature in your posts either as part of the caption or the photo.
  • You can also distribute coupons via DM to gain more Instagram followers.
  • You can also direct audiences to a landing page through links and give coupons to gain their email address.

Such incentives can help you stay in touch with your audience and encourage them to buy, thereby helping you make more money.

Clearly define the goals you want from your promotional efforts. Contests can help you drive more engagement and gather user-generated content which can help you to see a growth in your sales in the long term, allowing you to make money. With coupons / discounts, you get to benefit from an increase in sales immediately by targeting those who have a high intent to purchase.

Influencer Marketing

Whether it’s sponsored content, product placements in videos, or affiliate marketing, making use of Instagram influencers can be a great way to tap into their engaged Instagram followers which can lead to you making more money for your business. Make sure you choose the right influencers for your brand by keeping up to date with the latest industry trends. Reach out personally to the influencer chosen after evaluating existing partnerships as well as brand fit. Influencer marketing is a great way to monetize your Instagram account to help boost your business. There are many ways to benefit from influencer marketing:

Featured posts

In such posts, influencers publish content on their profiles endorsing your brand and since they already have an engaged audience that people look up to, you can benefit from a growth in sales when an influencer features your products.

Discount / affiliate codes

When you manage to get an influencer to promote your products using a discount/affiliate code, their Instagram followers are likely to get more excited about it, especially if a sense of urgency accompanies such posts. This translates into more sales for your business as their Instagram followers will be more encouraged to buy your products.

Host a partnered giveaway

Hosting a partnered giveaway with an influencer can help you gain entry into another section of your target market. You can also get access to some lead information in the process and follow up with them to drive future conversions.

Sell prints of Instagram pictures

If you’ve got incredible artwork from your brand and are willing to sell it, you can do so by giving non-exclusive rights to your pictures as stock pictures or even selling your pictures for the purpose of advertising.

With all these different monetization options available, you can start making money from your content on Instagram and experience business growth.

What Your Brand Can Learn From These Popular Instagram Accounts

Gaining more Instagram followers and Instagram likes for the content you post is an objective worth working towards as a business. With new features added to the platform often, there’s a whole range of options you can choose from, which can assist you with creating interesting content that drives engagement and business growth. Captivating the attention of Instagram users with your content would, in turn, increase the number of real Instagram followers you have.

Devising great content is a necessity, and to give you an idea of how you can go about it, here are some business accounts on Instagram across industries that have experienced tremendous growth with their efforts.

Food & restaurant brands

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers (@freddysusa)

While the Instagram feed of this restaurant chain features the delicious food they serve, what sets them apart is their highlighting of the owner, Freddy. Such a strategy gives authenticity to the brand and brings about a community feeling.

Highlighting the important people in your business, whether the owner, CEO, founder, or even employees who keep the business going, is a great way to help others connect to your business at a personal level. It also is a great opportunity to showcase your business’ culture. Having a Story Highlight for official parties, celebrations, and outings certainly adds to the personal touch element.

Sprouts Farmers Market (@sprouts)

Sprouts Farmers Market doesn’t shy away from portraying their produce in a feed filled with rainbow hues. As a grocery store committed to healthy eating, it does a great job of using colour and patterns for content.

One shade is typically used by them for over six to nine posts before moving onto the next colour in the sequence. The result is a visual celebration for users who end up on their feed, which automatically intrigues users and fetches more Instagram followers.

Take advantage of colour to set your feed apart from the rest. One or two hues that represent your main theme can be included in posts so that the photo posted stands out when viewed. Utilise grid previews to verify if your vision would come to life through your grid before deciding to publish.

Matt Adlard – Topless Baker (@mattadlard)

Previously called Topless Baker, Matt Adlard is Instagram’s baking influencer whose desserts are only made more beautiful through the use of incredible thumbnails. His stories keep his Instagram followers interested, while his bio draws attention for describing himself as a self-taught baker who constantly learns new recipes.

The authenticity in his stories comes through as he records the whole process of trying a new recipe and sharing the journey as well as results – even if it’s a massive fail. His success is driven, in part, by the fact that his creations look spectacular. Moreover, although he seems like a pro at baking anything on the first try, his Stories humanise him and help his Instagram followers connect at a more personal level.

Humanise your brand through your content and share behind-the-scenes content that encourages real Instagram followers to stay on your page.

Chipotle (@chipotle)

Food pictures are a big win on Instagram, but Chipotle has managed to take it up a notch through posts of screenshots as well as their own memes that showcase the personality of their brand as well as their food appeal.

If your brand has a humorous and light personality, your posts should represent it too. Instead of just concentrating on the visual appeal of your uploads, add some personality through the use of memes, funny photos or videos, or even screenshots from Twitter.

Beauty & fashion brands

Lush Cosmetics (@lushcosmetics)

Lush is popular not just for its products but also for its efforts towards environmental conservation. They don’t shy away from showcasing eco-friendly products and production processes and also tying up with charities that empower sustainable lifestyle choices.

Consumers today are motivated to support socially-conscious businesses, so use Instagram as a platform to depict how your brand is helping out local and global movements as well as charities and NGOs. It’s sure to get more Instagram followers interested in you.

Teva (@teva)

Teva benefits from posting user-generated content to showcase their all-terrain sandals. Doing so also throws light on all the different places where people are wearing sandals without having to spend a lot on content creation efforts.
Come up with a hashtag that your customers can use, and request them to tag your brand in pictures taken with your products. You’ll easily get access to a library of user-generated content, and you can select the posts that are well lit for your own feed. Posting user-generated content also holds more credibility since it shows others that users love your product.

Ring Concierge (@ringconcierge)

Ring Concierge, a diamond jewellery brand, does a lot more than just illuminating its gorgeous diamonds to grab attention and get more Instagram followers. They make use of Instagram’s shopping features to the fullest by tagging available products in every photo. Users even get to see the different usages of products tagged multiple times and buy what catches their attention.

Utilise Instagram’s Shopping tool to showcase your products, ease the shopping experience for your Instagram followers, and kickstart your growth in terms of sales volumes.

Health & fitness brands

9Round (@9roundofficial)

9Round, a kickboxing gym with numerous franchise locations, gets more Instagram followers by posting blogs as well as pictures of people making use of their exercise centers. The call-to-action in their bio is great as it mentions how the fist workout at the gym is free, which allows people to try it out before joining kickboxing. There’s also a link included that directs users to a contact form for them to sign up for the free session.

Links in bios that direct users to deals, offers, and incentives are a great way to pull people in and get them to take action instantly through clicks as well as sign-ups. So leverage them to the fullest to get the most out of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Lululemon (@lululemon)

Lululemon, a workout apparel company, aims at inspiring people to exercise through their feed by showcasing their products through groups. Such a strategy lies in their favour and gets their Instagram followers to think about how their products can be used in daily activities.

Showcasing products in action is a great way to inspire Instagram followers to buy them as they make for more interesting posts when compared to a simple image that features just the product.

Interior design & home decor brands

IKEA (@ikeausa)

IKEA has gained popularity over the years for its products as well as arrows directing customers to showcase rooms, giving them the experience of a mini road trip. On Instagram, it portrays its creations through pictures, with the last sentence of the caption reading, “Shop our Instagram pictures,” which directs users to a link. Their landing page has links for all these images and can guide visitors to the specific product page on their website.

Make use of tools to add links in bios and create landing pages for your offerings instead of just linking to your brand’s website. Specific product links to the relevant website page can help users get in touch directly with what they see in your Instagram feed and ease the user experience.

West Elm (@westelm)

West Elm, a furniture store with multiple locations, uses user-generated content, IGTV, visually-appealing photos, as well as Story highlights to drive engagement and promote business growth. Their Story highlights boast home tours, vertical tutorial videos, and swipe-up links directing viewers to full tours included on their website.

Use Highlights to save your most critical stories so that your Instagram followers can also view them and take advantage of features such as IGTV to make quality videos that attract your target audience. Incorporate tutorials so that users get a detailed how-to video break-up of your products and are motivated to use them.

Travel brands

Expedia (@expedia)

Expedia, a travel service website, makes use of user-generated content and stock photos of places around the world in their feed. They also encourage contests and major giveaways through their Instagram, thereby driving audience engagement.

Contests and giveaways are a great way to draw the attention of your Instagram followers and promote business growth. Entry requirements such as liking, following, as well as tagging friends in your posts can help you gain more real Instagram followers, gather maximum Instagram likes, and build brand awareness.

JetBlue (@jetblue)

JetBlue shares flying snapshots as an airline company and uses the hashtag #WingCrushWednesday to share user-generated content every Wednesday, which includes a portion of the JetBlue airplane wing. Besides involving customers in this strategy, they also benefit from greater brand recognition.

Coming up with a hashtag that enables you to post recurring content will ease the process of content creation since there’s a theme being followed. Further, it’ll also keep your audience interested and guessing about what you’re about to post next.

You can utilise tips from their efforts and adapt them to suit the needs of your business to maximise growth.

Foolproof Strategies to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram, an application that was started as a way to share photos is not one among the top social media platforms in the world. Launched in 2010, it shot up to fame with one billion monthly users in 2018 and continued to experience a growing trend. In the past decade, Instagram has grown from one million users to more than a billion and has become the ultimate app for communication and entertainment. The growth was pretty impressive, which showed how well people responded to visual content.

The fact that people responded well to visual content on Instagram was a vital factor that marketers considered, which made them committed to serving the audience through great content. By building a following, offering great content, and running attractive ads to sell products and services, marketers developed strategies to generate income. This became the most apparent strategy to make money online. Sounds clichéd right? Have you heard of anyone who made money on Instagram?

Some people who made money on Instagram!

Have you heard of Theresa Nguyen? She was just a teenager when she started making money on Instagram. She makes videos of homemade slime that attract a lot of attention and likes from thousands of Instagram followers. A clever CTA drives her real Instagram followers to her online slime shop where you can order colorful and attractive slime from a teenager. Interested? Theresa Nguyen is not the only teenager; Sara Y. and Rachel Albus have thousands of followers as well, with which they make decent money.

Next on the list of people who made money on Instagram includes Sara Tasker, a speech therapist who became a micro-influencer with more than 170 thousand followers. But if you think that you can make money only if you have followers, think again! Jeena Farmer, a qualified nutritional therapist has approximately 3,500 followers. But several brands pay her for mentioning them on her page. There are many others on Instagram who are making decent money within the comforts of their home. All you need to do is understand how!

How to make money on Instagram?

Instagram has gained so much popularity now that there are billions of users who constantly use it to share visual content and communicate with others. People are on it day and night, spending money rather than earning it. There are three major ways in which you can earn money on Instagram.

  • Be an influencer
  • Be an affiliate marketer
  • Be an entrepreneur

Instagram is a gigantic social networking site that has immense opportunities for everyone. You must ensure that you choose the right path for you to make money.

How to make money being an influencer?

Instagram is a platform wherein a lot of established influencers like celebrities are already actively posting photos and videos. Additionally, there are five hundred thousand influencers already active on Instagram. With so many influencers, why would Instagram pay you?

Did you know that brands pay you a good amount of money just to promote them? All you need is a good number of followers. If you are a person who can gain a stranger’s trust and convince them to follow you, then you are all-set. You don’t need an e-commerce site to generate money. But beware, there are several scammers out there who maliciously target ambitious influencers for their personal benefit.

What should you do?

You will start by getting as many Instagram followers as you possibly can. If you have sufficient followers, you can just about be yourself and post amazing, positive visual content about a brand, a product, or service. To get started as an influencer, you must –

  • Choose a niche: While choosing a niche, make sure that you have studied your personal brand well enough to understand the target market, whether your real Instagram followers match with the target market, if you have the potential to influence others into trusting you and your brand, and so on. Many brands prefer micro-influencers as they are perceived to have a real connection with the audience. It only means that the more specific you get, the better chance you have of earning.
  • Grow your audience by building trust: Trust is not easy to build, but your growth depends on how well you influence others into trusting you and what you promote. You can start by committing to post consistently and post content that your audience prefers.
  • Partner with brands that you would want to promote: You can partner with a brand by contacting the brands you pitch and offering them compelling details of your audience, or sign-up with an influencer and let the brands find you. The plus is, brands are eager to find influencers.
  • Be transparent with your posts: Did you know that you are legally obligated to be very clear and transparent when you are posting an ad? To ensure that you are not breaking any law, use the #ad hashtag in the first three lines of your sponsorship.

Now you are all set to be an influencer!

How to make money being an affiliate marketer?

Affiliate marketing is more to do with sales, and less to do with marketing a product, service, or a brand. In this strategy, you will only make money if your followers buy something and a meagre ad# hashtag and Instagram like is not sufficient. The plus is that you don’t need to stress out about fulfilling orders or producing the product, but you will need a strong strategy to grow without annoying your followers.

What should you do?

Affiliate marketing is associated with scams and has a bad reputation. But if you have an ethical approach, it is an ideal way to earn good money. As Instagram rolls out product tags, you are not limited to mentioning ‘link in bio’, and customers can approach you directly and carry out the purchase on Instagram. To become an affiliate marketer on Instagram, you must –

  • Choose a niche that you feel is most suitable for you. You can start as a product reviewer and extend your audience. The niche market you choose must be specific to your followers as well as your expertise.
  • Once you choose a niche, find merchants you can affiliate with. You can either be affiliates with brands directly or join an affiliate network, or both. Affiliate networks offer a huge range of products to choose from.
  • Post about the product. Just like influencers, you must ensure that you are transparent with your post and clear about the nature of your relationship with the product.

You can offer discounts, free products, and such to ramp up your chances of establishing yourself as an affiliate marketer. But remember, you must keep up with the promises you make.

How to make money being an entrepreneur Instagram

How to make money being an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur on Instagram to earn money is nothing short of starting your own business. It goes beyond the realms of marketing, and right into the jaws of e-commerce. Unlike affiliate marketing, which uses other’s brands to sell, you will be selling your own product, service, and brand. If you already own a business, then it is high time you start marketing it on Instagram and make some money.

If you do not own a business, and yet you want to make money being an entrepreneur on Instagram, then you must –

  • Decide what your product or service will be. You may be a small-scale producer of handmade items, or offering a service of tutoring, or even a painter who wants to sell them. Define what your business is.
  • Build your product and keep them ready to be supplied.
  • Take advantage of the Instagram shopping-focused features such as product tags, explore tab, shoppable Stories, shoppable posts, and Instagram Checkout, and set up your account. Please note that you need to have a business account to enjoy the benefits offered by Instagram.
  • Set-up a website that offers more information on the products and services offered by you. You can also run a few ads to build customer awareness, but make sure you keep audience experience in mind while doing so.
  • Post your products on Instagram, and with the Instagram analytic tool, measure your success.
  • The most vital step is to fulfill customer orders. You can either take help from third-party logistics companies or handle inventory yourself.

Remember, if your customers trust you, you will have more followers. This is possible only if you are more realistic.

How about some tips for earning money through Instagram?

You may be tempted to try any one of the above strategies to earn money on Instagram. If you do, make sure that you follow only the best practice and be realistic. Some of the tips to grow yourself and earn decent money on Instagram include –

  • Understanding what you are actually worth and having realistic expectations
  • Make good use of social media monitoring and keep a tab on your competitors.
  • Make sure that you respond to a customer query on time.
  • Professionalism will take you a long way and influence your success.
  • Beware of fake Instagram followers, as they can hinder your growth.
  • Promote yourself or your product, service, or brand on other channels for more exposure.

Instagram is a great social media platform that offers opportunities to earn some money. There are other ways in which you can earn money on Instagram as well, but the three major strategies focused above are considered the best. Remember, the competition is fierce, but the possibility of success is huge if you are realistic and true.

Your Guide to Influencer Marketing on Instagram

With more than 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is the new go-to social networking platform for brands to reach their targeted audience, and influencer marketing offers just the way to do that. An influencer on Instagram is one who can convince their Instagram followers because of their credibility.
Influencers on Instagram already have an engaged audience of real Instagram followers, and they can get their Instagram followers interested in your brand. It’s a great way for brands to build brand awareness, increase sales, and accelerate business growth. Using influencer marketing, you can see a growth in the number of Instagram followers and Instagram likes your brand receives simply because the source is a trusted one, and the interaction happens on a genuine, casual platform such as Instagram.
Instead of spending heavily on conventional ads and marketing campaigns, you can get a lot more engagement through the use of engaging as well as authentic influencer’s voice to target the right users.

Pros of influencer marketing on Instagram

It’s a niche

Instagram followers can connect with niche content that’s in their interest area through hashtags, the Explore page, and thanks to the functioning of the Instagram algorithm. Branded hashtags for raising awareness or certain campaigns can help users to connect with what interests them while helping you experience business growth. Getting onto the Explore page with the help of an influencer can help you gain more Instagram followers and raise awareness for your own brand. The algorithm on Instagram ensures users see content that they’re more likely to be interested in, and since an influencer generally tends to work within a particular niche, it’s a great way for your brand to get noticed.

It provides an organic platform

With Stories, Live, and feed posts of high quality, Instagram followers have an organic way to engage with the content posted by influencers. Shoppable posts, product tags, and links for certain accounts have made it possible to experience growth in sales through Instagram posts.

It’s personal

The biggest advantage of influencer marketing is that you get to tap into the influencer’s Instagram followers purely based on the personal relationship created between them. Getting recommended by an influencer provides a stamp of approval to all their Instagram followers for your brand, and that kind of loyalty is hard to replicate through traditional advertising.

Types of Instagram influencers

Knowing about the different types of influencers on Instagram can help you make decisions about your marketing strategy based on their relevance, your budget, and your brand’s requirement.


Nano-influencers are those who have fewer than 10,000 Instagram followers and may resemble people like your friends and family. They offer authenticity in their interactions with their following, which may be a small but niche community. They’re also more cost-effective, which means you’ll get greater ROI.


Micro-influencers are those with less than 100,000 Instagram followers and they tend to be industry experts or topic specialists for a particular niche, giving you access to a focused audience.


Macro-influencers are those with Instagram followers between 100,000 and 1 million whose full-time job may be influencer marketing.


Mega-influencers, generally celebrities and public figures, have over 1 million Instagram followers.

Getting ready for influencer marketing on Instagram

Specify your goals and KPIs

Knowing what you want your influencer marketing efforts to result in is crucial before you get started, as everything about the rest of your campaign should be determined based on the goal you want to achieve. Even the performance metrics you will be used depending on the goals you decide upon at the beginning of your campaign efforts. You may have different goals for your brand depending on how it’s currently performing, which may include:

  • Boosting reach and brand visibility
  • Growing your base of Instagram followers
  • Driving brand engagement
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Promoting new product launches
  • Promoting growth in sales

Setting KPIs will provide you with a means to keep a check on how your campaign is performing.

Aspects to consider when selecting the right influencer

Brand fit

In order for the influencer to be a credible and authentic voice for your brand, they need to fit well with your brand. Spend time on figuring out their niche from their posts and stories, while also checking out the comments section of their posts to see the type of conversations that results from their content.


Choosing the right influencer based on their reach depends on your goals. If you just want to create brand awareness, a top tier influencer would be the best choice, but if your goal is to drive engagement for your brand, a micro influencer will work better.


Real Instagram followers help to drive up engagement rates, so be sure to check engagement rates on posts of potential influencers so that you can ensure greater ROI.


What personality do you want to be associated with your brand? Are you looking for an influencer with a more serious voice, or a casual / friendly voice? Do you want an influencer who can pack in a good sense of humor? Select an influencer based on the voice you think would best suit your brand.

Sponsors in the past

When you look into who an influencer has partnered with in the past, you’ll get a better understanding of how those campaigns performed, which will help you get an idea of what partnering with them will be like for your brand.

Love for your brand

Influencers who genuinely love your brand are likely to be more convincing in promoting your products to their Instagram followers than those who are doing it just because of an agreement.

Of course, you’ll also have to keep budget considerations in mind when selecting the right influencer for your brand.

Tools to find the right influencer

Some great influencer marketing tools that you can use to find relevant influencers include:

  • BuzzWeb
  • Ninja Outreach
  • BuzzSumo
  • CreatorIQ
  • Awario
  • Klear
  • BuzzStream
  • Traackr
  • Upfluence
  • Hypr
  • rewardStyle
  • AspireIQ
  • Julius
  • Collectively
  • NeoReach
  • Open Influence
  • Scrunch
  • Hypetap
  • Dovetale
  • Takumi
  • Onalytica
  • Tapinfluence
  • Tribe
  • Famebit

Deciding a collaboration structure

Deciding a collaboration structure

  • Deadlines for the campaign timeframe must be clearly communicated.
  • Specify the kind of content you want them to produce and where on Instagram you want them to promote your brand (Stories, feed posts).
  • Be clear about content usage rights if you’re planning to use the content for your social media posts or website testimonials, with the influencer retaining ownership.
  • Make sure compensation has been clearly communicated to them, which may be in the form of free product compensation, paid compensation, or affiliate compensation. Clearly specify if a flat rate will be paid per post or payment will be based on the performance of the post. Compensation decisions need to take into consideration the level of complexity involved in the production, agency fees, travel expenses, as well as usage rights.
  • Make sure you and the influencer you’re working with follow the FTC regulations for sponsored posts through a proper disclosure of all sponsored posts.

Choose the best type of campaign

Once you’ve decided on everything else up until this point, you need to choose the best type of campaign that can work for your brand and Instagram influencer from among the following:

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts require you to pay an influencer to promote a particular product, followed by the hashtag #sponsored. Influencers can either feature your product through their content or even use it to tell a full story, depending on the agreement made.

Branded content

Branded content aims at subtly, including your product as part of the normal content of the influencer without coming across as pushy. You can also include influencers in your branded content which is created and published by you. Using branded content is a great idea when you want to target a new audience or promote the launch of a new product.


Sending products to an influencer to run giveaways is great for engaging a new audience, building awareness of your brand, and gaining more Instagram followers and Instagram likes.

Product reviews

If you want to build trust, see growth in conversion rates, or build awareness for your brand, getting an influencer to review your products is the best way to go. Unbiased, objective reviews of your products can help to build trust in your brand and help you gain more Instagram followers.

Influencer takeovers

Influencer takeovers of your account for 24 hours can get Instagram followers excited about the content being posted and drive up engagement rates for your brand.

Brand rep programs

You can even provide influencers with a code or custom discount link to share with their audience and pay a percentage from the conversions they help to generate. Such a campaign is helpful in building brand awareness and increase sales conversions.

Tracking campaign results

You need to check if your campaign has achieved its objective by tracking the outcome from the campaign. Metrics that you’ll have to track to measure campaign success include:

  • Engagement – Instagram likes, shares, comments
  • Brand sentiment
  • Website traffic generated from the campaign
  • Sales – conversions and revenues
  • Effect on the number of Instagram followers

Besides tracking metrics, assess the relationship of working with the influencer to determine if a future partnership is worth it.

You can now go about planning your influencer marketing campaign to ensure your brand receives maximum benefit from it.

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